Check Please!

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As Kevin was calling for the check, I found myself lost in an enticing fantasy I wasn’t interested in leaving yet. I tried to keep my facial expression neutral as I became aware that his attention had returned to me. The two of us were on a date, seated side by side with our respective custom crafted cocktails. I felt a bit rude at that moment allowing my mind to wander in such a manner while on the date but, I had become distracted by our captivating female server.

“What are you thinking?” I heard Kevin’s voice in my ear over the loud music playing in the dimly lit bar we were in. I looked over at him, finding his gaze following mine.

I grinned and leaned in close close to him, so close that I could smell the lingering scent of his aftershave. In a low whisper I purred: “I’m thinking about that girl, naked, in my bed.” I slowly nodded in the direction of the tall, willowy young woman taking an order not too far from our table. The small amount of light shining above her head made her long brown hair gleam, giving it a satiny finish. The plunging neckline of her black dress both exposed and framed the creamy skin of her chest. I couldn’t help but notice the slight curve of her petite breasts and was delighted at the sight of the outline of pert, hard, nipples.

I watched Kevin look her up and down before meeting my eyes. “Our server?”

I nodded, my lips turning inward so I could wet them with the tip of my tongue. I had not yet informed Kevin of my bisexual leanings. Feeling emboldened by the alcohol that I had imbibed, I moved closer to him, a hand resting on his thigh, and whispered in his ear. “I’d like to elaborate more on what I’m thinking about our pretty little server.”

Kevin leaned in toward my mouth to hear my words over the noise of the bar. Enveloped in a slim booth, and accompanied by dim lighting, we seemed enclosed in my developing fantasy.

“Please do.” he murmured, adjusting his hips to accommodate room for his growing erection.

I quickly began to expound upon the unfolding visual display I had in my mind. I saw myself clad in tight jeans and a sweater that casually hung off one shoulder. As I lead Mary up the narrow, staircase of my three-flat apartment. The silky black thong I was wearing under my jeans was already wet with anticipation of her.

“I’d take her hand, lead her inside my bedroom, quickly growing eager to touch her, and taste all the delicate, intricate places of her body,” I said in Kevin’s ear while keeping an eye on Mary. She sauntered to the bar to retrieve a round of drinks for a table that several twenty-somethings inhabited. I greedily watched her graceful body outlined in the dim light. She glanced up as she served the last of the drinks, her eyes meeting mine and I felt my stomach flutter. I lowered my eyes and allowed my hand to meander up the remainder of Kevin’s thigh finding his stiff cock. I gave it a gentle squeeze before I carefully unzipped his black slacks, and slipped my hand inside. His eyes lit up in surprise, “Samantha, I don’t think…” he began, but I cut him off.

“Shh. No one can see.” I assured him as I reached for my cocktail with my free hand. I took a little sip before continuing the evening’s entertainment. “Now where were we?” I smirked.

I delved back into my fantasy: Mary sancaktepe escort and I were facing each other, finally inside my postage stamp sized bedroom. I watched her delicate fingers tuck some of her hair behind her ear, her olive green eyes never leaving mine. I stepped closer to her, feeling the warmth of her body, my heart racing. Standing here in front of her I found her much taller than my 5’2 frame. She had at least six inches on me. My hands trembled as they reached out for her slender hips then steadied as I felt her beneath my skin. She leaned in to press her lips to mine. I felt her hands briefly cup my face before moving downwards to grasp my body and pull me into her. Electricity ran down the length of my spine as I opened my mouth a little wider, and slipped my tongue into her mouth. Mary tasted of spice cake, sweet with a hint of something exotic. Our tongues danced against each other as my hands traveled up her long torso, stopping just beneath her breasts. I pushed my taut thigh between her legs; the fabric of her dress ensnared my limb. The motion of her hips was barely detectable as she gingerly rocked against me.

My lips left hers to place kisses like juicy gumdrops along the length of her delicate neck, inhaling the faded scent of her perfume. I kissed all the way down to her collarbone examining the protruding clavicle and the hollow crevice it created just behind it. I imagined filling this empty space with marbles or drops of water, like dew on rose petals.

Mary’s hands slid down the front of my body taking a hold of my ample breasts. I felt my nipples perk up and stiffen. Pure, unabashed lust flooded my entire being. I wanted to consume her as she peeled my sweater up and over my head. She unhooked my bra, my breasts spilling out for her hands to envelop. She smiled at the sight of me before leaning forward to wrap her soft lips around a hardened nipple. I exhaled forcefully, raking my fingers through her hair as she licked and sucked me. Her free hand went to work on the other nipple , squeezing the soft flesh of my breast before pinching the stiff little bead. Her eyes met mine for a fleeting second while her lips and hands switched places so she could lavish attention on my other nipple.

Kevin’s body began to heat up as my words teased him into a more than excited state. He was left with little choice but to remain still as my hand slid up and down his cock. As I spoke, I saw a light sheen of sweat make an appearance along his forehead. “Should I stop?”?” I asked, despite having no intention of stopping for my pussy was already drenched.

A grin spread across his face. For a moment I thought he’d want to finish this escapade elsewhere but he replied with, “Please continue”, as he glanced over at Mary standing at the bar, waiting for another round of drinks.

My hand began working a little harder as I whispered into his ear, “She pushes me toward the bed until I relent, laying back, opening my legs for her…”

Mary’s slender body made its way between my thighs, hovering above my torso. I propped myself up on my elbows, her mouth melting into mine. I reached towards her chest, roaming over her slight breasts, caressing her hardened nipples as I did this. I pulled the fabric sarıyer escort of her dress away from her breasts exposing them. She craned forward as I leaned my head in a little, taking her nipple into my mouth. I employed the flat of my tongue to delicately lap at her erect flesh. Closing my lips around her areola, I sucked gently, noticing a soft moan escaped her throat.

As I began licking her other nipple she carefully wiggled out of her dress. I took in the sight of her naked form. She wasn’t encumbered by a bra or underwear. A tiny triangle of silky hair, the color of brown sugar led the way to a secret place I was very curious to explore. She noticed me watching her and her cheeks flushed a little.

“You’re beautiful.” I whispered before she leaned towards me and kissed my mouth.

Mary remained propped on all fours as my hand gingerly made its way down her torso into the space where her waist curved in, then over to the front of her body. Butterflies tickled the inside of my stomach as I hesitated to feel the delicate skin that awaited me.

Her mouth never left mine as I traced her body. She leaned to one side, freeing up a hand to knead and squeeze my breasts, stopping every so often to pinch a nipple. My hand pushed further down, sliding carefully over her pubic bone until I was cupping her slight pussy. She emitted a little gasp as my middle finger pressed against her, tenderly splitting her open like a ripe fruit.

“Too much?” I asked.

“Not at all.” She reached down between her legs, pressing my hand against her. Slowly, she rotated my hand in small circles against her slippery pussy. She removed her hand from mine eventually and her hips began working in that same circular motion, pressing against my palm. I watched her close her eyes, her features relaxing as she enjoyed the feel of my hand. The skin on my fingertips began to get soaked with her delectable juice as her hips continued to grind against me. Minutes later an orgasm escaped her. The sound of her her voice rang out, bouncing off the walls of the bedroom. I watched her convulse, shake and shudder to a stop.

We grinned at each other as I slowly pulled away from her dripping cunt and she pushed me all the way back on to the bed. She hooked her thumbs into the waist of my thong and pulled it down. I watched her take in the sight of my bald pussy before straddling my legs and sprinkling kisses along the inner parts of my hip bone. As she moved down, I felt her palm push against my plump, eager pussy. I raised my hips to press harder into her hand as her lips continued to graze my hips. A moment later her hand abandoned my cunt; only for her mouth to take its place.

I felt her lips on my pubic bone first and my hips tightened with anticipation. Her hand pushed my knees further apart while watching my pussy blossom for her. She pressed her tongue against me, lapping at my clit with the center of her warm tongue.

The familiar rise of heat ran from the center of my body all the way down to the balls of my feet. My perineum tightened at the feel of her mouth. My pussy responded by expelling its sweetness for her to taste. She alternated her slow licking for tender little flicks of the tip of her tongue. My hips rose sefaköy escort to meet her mouth pushing myself against her pretty face. All my nerve endings stood at attention. Her fingers roamed upwards across my stomach stopping to pinch a taut nipple. My thighs twitched, feeling an orgasm was on its way. My hips pushed up higher. Mary figured out what I was after and pressed her tongue against my clit. Harder and harder she lapped at me. I felt my legs pull farther apart as my hips opened wide, the tightness they once held, dissolved. I inhaled sharply before crying out as my orgasm arrived. The explosion flooded me, ballooning my entire being with rolling waves of intense sensations. The muscles around my soaked cunt tightened and slacked with the waves that shook my core.

I’d never experienced an orgasm from oral sex and said as much as Mary crawled up to my face, grinning. She pressed her lips to mine, running her fingers through my hair. I worked the sweetbread-like taste of my body off of her tongue as I kissed her.

“My turn,” she said against my lips lips and continued crawling up my torso until her pussy was situated over my face.

She leaned forward gracefully, her hands resting on my headboard. I looked up at her little tits hovering over me as I ran my tongue from her perineum all the way to the top of her clit. I wanted to taste every bit of her as I inhaled her delicious scent, and dipped my tongue back into her opened honey pot. The yeasty smell of sex with a hint of berry permeated my nostrils. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of my tongue as it pleasured her soft, wet pussy. I could hear her take long deep breaths as I licked at her. My hands slid over her juicy little ass giving it a squeeze before I gripped her hips. I pushed my tongue harder against her clit, rubbing it in the way she rubbed mine, and then sucked it slightly before plunging its length inside of her. Mary’s moaning started up then. I gingerly flicked my tongue back and forth while still inside of her. I felt her knees spread a little wider which allowed me more access to her clit. I took advantage of this widening and lapped eagerly at her. My hand slid around behind her and squeezed her ass again before my middle finger slipped into her crevice. I opened my eyes to watch her face as my finger tip reached her tight little asshole. I saw only a twitch of surprise pass briefly over her features as I simply pressed against this sensitive place, testing for a reaction.

Mary’s hips began slowly moving in rhythm with my tongue. I decided to press my finger into that tight space. Her body jolted and she gasped as I pushed my tongue harder against her body. She practically fucked my face as my finger slipped in and out of her. She came, loudly, her body convulsing until her orgasm completed itself and she relaxed, dismounting my face.

“You still with me Kevin?” I asked upon witnessing the glazed expression on his face.

“Fuck yeah. I need to get you home before I come all over myself.”

“We wouldn’t want that now.” I teased and gripped his dick a little harder.

Mary made her way over to us, holding what looked to be our check, a tiny smirk on her face that had me feeling she knew exactly what we were up to. She leaned forward just enough to allow us a peek down her dress and asked if she could get us anything else.

“Just… the check please!” Kevin stammered right before I felt hot liquid burst from his dick, soaking the front of his pants.

Mary placed our check on the table, seemingly unaware of Kevin’s explosion. “I’ll take it when you’re ready. No rush.” she said as she winked at me and sauntered off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32