Cheating the Test Pt. 02

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It had been a whole day since I had my encounter with professor Dunes, with her fine ass. Greg had asked me no less than five times what happened. I told him if he would have been on his job and not fucking off he would have known what happened. Even more so, he left me stranded after he got me jammed up. That was a fuck nigga move, but I couldn’t be mad though. The outcome of the whole incident still had my dick hard as I thought about it. I wonder if professor Dunes was thinking of me like I was thinking of her. Regardless today we would see each other as chemistry and more importantly, calculus was on the plate today.

Chemistry was a breeze, we just reviewed for the looming final that was fast approaching next week. Carla sat next to me like she had the whole semester. She was a surprise smash. I hadn’t even told Greg about her. We had worked on a few projects together before mid-terms. We had a cool vibe or whatever, from when we met the first day so it was natural we partnered on projects. She was really smart, which was a turn on to begin with but getting a chance to see her out of class and off campus presented a different side of her. She had an apartment off campus and she suggested that we use her spot to work on our project. The first project was really successful I think we got a 93 on that one. The aimless stares by both parties was noticeable. I was surprised by her natural beauty. I mean I thought she was cute in class but this was on some different type shit. In class she always had her hair up and in a ponytail that fell a few inches past her shoulders. She wore glasses and dressed rather modest for a campus in Orlando, FL. She had the prototypical nerd look to me. She always wore rather lose jeans and graphic tees. Never could really tell what she was concealing, body wise.

The second time I came over, she let me in and directed me to the couch. She darted to the back and I had a seat. Her spot solidified the geekiness she portrayed. Her coffee table was littered with comics and anime DVDs. I grabbed a comic book and started flipping through some of the pages. I actually saw a character I wasn’t familiar with. I began to read about him. Turns out it was The Black Panther. I was familiar with the Marvel movies and I quite fancied them. The Hulk was my favorite character though. It’s rare to see a marvel super hero that was black. I was reading when Carla emerged from the back. The sounds of her approaching tore my eyes from the book. I looked up and she had on a tank top wonder woman shirt, and some basketball shorts. I didn’t put the book down I just peered over top of it as she went in to the kitchen.

“You want a drink?” she asked. “I have water, apple juice, and orange-peach-mango.”

“Let me have a cup of that last one please.” I responded.


“Yes ma’am.”

She came out and I took a closer look at her, she was gorgeous. Light skin little thing, pretty eyes, deceptive subtle curves, her hair (which was down now) and longer than I imagined. I wondered if she knew how beautiful she was. That low key unsuspecting sexy shit really turned me on. I grabbed the cup of juice she handed me and sipped. She sat next to me and I pulled the laptop up. We had to do a presentation on greenhouse gasses. So this was the research phase of things. She gave me a few suggestions of things to pullup, and I tapped our good friend google on the shoulder for answers. We went thru this whole spill for about thirty minutes. All the while our eyes would meet every so often. I continued to read off information for her to take notes. I came to a stopping point, before we began to look up a few more sites for info.

“Are you into anime?” Carla randomly questioned.

“Naw, Şerifali Escort not really.” I said not looking up from

“Really why not?”

“I mean the closet thing I got to that was Pokémon and Dragon Ball-Z. I never really got into the hardcore anime though. Why what’s up?”

“I was just asking and maybe I can put you on to something new.” Carla disclaimed.

“Hmph, maybe I’ll take you up on that offer.” Fact of the matter was I wanted to be around her. Each time it was like a layer was peeled back, exposing more of her true self. We finished up that study session around 8 p.m. that night. We ended up walking to Sonics, where I got her a slush and a quick bite. I got my normal lemon-berry with nerd candy and she got an ocean water slush. We sat out in the little patio dining area and watched as the car-hop rolled over to us with our food.

“I don’t think I can do that job.” I said to her.

“Why is that?”

“Man I’m way too clumsy to skate people their food. Knowing me, the food and I would both end up on somebody’s hood.” We both broke out into laughter. We ate and gabbed more about life, and this and that. She shocked the fuck out of me when she seized my slush and went for it. So I did the same with hers. That was a mistake though as she held mine for hostage as she liked mine better. I didn’t even fight it, I just let her creep my drink. But that only put in my head the thoughts of what her lips may have taste like. She caught me staring off and nudged me.

“You want your drink back big head?” she probed.

“Oh naw, you good.” I stated.

“Well why you looking like that.”

“I’m just thinking is all.”


“Touch your nose, nosey.”

“Oh really, like that?” She hit me. And I grabbed her. We were face to face, I hesitated and went for it. I plated my lips upon hers and she jumped and I pulled back.

“I… I’m sorry Carla. I don’t know what I was thinking. Damn… Ummm…” She was quiet. I felt horrible. I jumped the gun. I read the play all wrong. “Let me walk you home, if that’s ok with you.” She nodded timidly. We walked back across the street to her apartment in silence. As she opened the door we made eye contact for the umpteen time. “Hey, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make shit weird. I hope you can forgive me.”

“It’s ok Spence. It just took me by surprise is all.” I looked away in shame. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I left feeling like straight trash that night. I purposely bucked chemistry that following day as I couldn’t even face her. She was different than everyone else. She had no clue either. But that was weeks ago and now we were at finals time and we had another presentation as our exam. Again she chose me as her partner. I hope shit would be awkward.

Sorry I’m long winded at times but I had to tell yall about Carla. Greg was still clueless about her. It was time for Cal. And honestly there was a little anxiety about it. Last time I was here, my face was drenched. Class started and all was well but I swear every formula we went over in the review I felt like she was looking and teaching right at me. I know I was probably just tripping though. But the shit felt weird. I muscled through class and in the waning moments I started to gather my shit so I could dart out of the door. She dismissed class and I bolted for the exit.

“Mr. Fletcher, can I see you please. I turned slowly and my heart began to race. Greg made eye contact with me and mouthed “Oh Shit” as I passed him. I didn’t even acknowledge him. I didn’t know what to expect when she called me. Was she on to my original plan? Did she want to discuss what happened last class? I had no clue. All I know is, I was a Şerifali Escort Bayan nervous.

“How’s goes it?” she raised her head.

“Umm, it’s going.”

“Listen I’m not going to sugar coat shit. I want your face between my thighs. The thought of me squirting all over your precious little face again has had my pussy saturated. And when you walked in, I liked to squirt on myself right then and there.” She looked the room over once more to make sure everyone had filed out. She grabbed my hand slid it under her dress and pressed it against her clearly damp panties. No lie, that woke my dick up a little even though I was still a bit uneasy. “Go shut and lock my door.” I hesitated… “Now” she commanded. Moseyed over and locked the door, I paused as I saw Greg through the tiny glass pane. He didn’t see me though. I turned back to professor Dunes. “Hit the lights Mr. Fletcher?” I complied and made my way back to her desk.

“So what now?” I inquired.

“Come sit in my chair, and pull it up to my desk.” As I sat down, she scooted up on her desk, legs cocked wide open. “Pull my panties off” she directed. “That’s it nice and easy.” I was nervously turned on by this woman. I knew she had to be way more experienced than me so I didn’t want to fuck up. Plus if I did a good job I’m sure I’d pass her class with an A. I was hell bent on being attentive and following directions. I saw strings of moisture from her pussy lips to her panties. I was mid-way down her thighs before the last sting broke. Her pussy was sopping. “Roll that chair up and lay your head right here” she patted her right thigh which was to my left. I moved in closer and slid my head along her thigh just above her knee cap. I stopped half way up her thigh and her hand fondled my waves before traveling to her mound. I watched as she parted her flooded pussy lips. They were already smacking and sounding off. My dick was pulsating in my shorts. “How does my pussy look Spencer?” she sounded so damn seductive.

“Oh professor Dunes, it looks good.” I said trance-like just above a whisper. Her fingers slipped along the folds of her flower. I could feel myself salivating, and I wasn’t even that big on eating pussy yet. My professor was about to turn me out, I could feel it. Her finger tips good and glazed over and they hadn’t even entered her pussy. The sheer wetness u was witnessing sent a chill down my spine. She made want to be nasty and I wasn’t even sure I knew how to be nasty with a grown ass woman, because she was indeed a grown as woman let me tell you. Her pussy was clean shaven with just a patch above her clit. I think they call that like a landing strip if I’m not mistaken, but her kitty was pristine. I had this obsession, I’ll confess I like watching girl on girl porn. Don’t raise you eyebrow at me, listen. Like the way they were so passionate and sensual when it came to eating, hell pleasing each other, I only dreamed of achieving that one day with a woman. Her scent permeated my nostrils, setting my hormones a blaze with desire. It took everything in me not to inch closer. I liked my lips out of instinct and she seized the moment and slipped her index finger onto my pallet. I didn’t stop her as she added a second digit into my mouth. I slurped them clean and watched as they moved back to her pussy. This time her fingers seem to work with more urgency, only stripping me of my inhibitions and hesitance.

I started to lick up her thighs getting closer to her mound. Her pitch went up a tad in her moan, the anticipation of my arrival was evident. Her fingers moved closer to her clit as my tongue landed at the base of her slit. I was tonguing that little spot right where the ass and the pussy meet. I wasn’t Escort Şerifali on the ass eating level yet so that’s as far south as my tongue was going. I began ascending up toward her fingers slowly as her moans steady built. Slithering my tongue along her plump lips I could feel her legs tense up. Her hand went from her clit to my head as she caressed it and encouraged my efforts. I cross over like A.I. to the other lip, she coos louder under my maneuver. I work there for a second, before heading a tad farther north. She pulled the hood back exposing her pink pearl. I swallowed hard and dove in. Her legs locked around my neck as she leaned back more on her desk. I could hear papers being shuffled around and some maybe hitting the floor. Her legs squeezed me tight. I was scared I was going to pass out, but I was determined to eat this pussy like a grown man. I continued sucking and slurping on her clit, but had to stop as my mouth was flooded. With her legs lock around my neck it was either drink or drown, so on my grown man B.I. I drank.

“Fuck I wanted to cum on your dick so I could suck it off.” She said coming down off her high.

“Damn Professor Dunes, I love how you taste and I could only imagine how she feels.” I had been pre-cumming in my jeans the last 15 minutes and he was begging to be touched. I wanted to fill her pussy something serious. She released her death grip of my neck and I welcomed my first unlabored breath. I stood grabbing at my aching hard dick, face still glazed over and gazing at her pretty pussy.

“You want to put that dick in me don’t you?” She grilled.

“Yes… I do.” I said

“Well let me see what you working with.” I didn’t hesitate in doing so. I unzipped my pants and pulled him out. Professor Dunes licked her lips and raised her eyebrow. I began stroking him lightly, eyes still locked to her sopping cat. It was still glistening, hell still dripping to be honest. I wasn’t like mandingo long, but I wasn’t small bay any stretch. I was still oozing a little pre-cum. She leaned upon the desk she looked down at her wrist watch.

“You going to make me late for my work shop, but fuck it I need to feel this dick inside me.” She grabbed me by my dick and pulled me close. Her thumb grazed my coated dick head, she took it straight to her mouth; swirling her tongue around it. She then reached down into the drawer on her desk retrieving a condom. “What kind of professor would I be if we didn’t do this the safe way?” I tore the wrapper off as quickly as she handed it over to me. I rolled the rubber back over my dick and Professor Dunes pulled me close with her long legs. My stiffness met her wetness, which made us both moan. “Fuck me.” She encouraged. I knew I was on time restrictions so I threw my dick I her pussy hard and quick. “Damn baby” she stammered between moans. “Oh you dick feels good as fuck. I’m about to cum already.” I was steady pounding, trying to meet her climax. Her oohs and ahhs only urged my efforts. “Damn Baby I’m about to cum all over you. Yes right there, OHHH SHITTTTT.” Her panting had me on the verge of reaching a crest. “OHHHHHH BABY I’M BOUT TO WET YOU UP.” She shot four streams up my dick on to my pelvis. That was all I could handle.

“P…P…Pro… I’m cumming.” She pushed out of her hole and quickly slid the condom off my dick kneeling in front of me. The first spurt had already found the floor, but the ensuing ropes found her mouth as she sucked me dry. She had me cooing as she continued slurping me well past my climax. “Fuck,” I said as she finally released my meat. “Oh my God, Professor Dunes that… that was amazing.” I was still trying to catch my breath.

“MMM… you doing summer school?” she asked standing and wiping her mouth clean.

“I wasn’t, but shit I might now.” We both laughed. She ended up walking me out gabbing my ass before we made it to the was evident she wanted me to be her boy toy. I was totally game. There was only one thing that made me have a slight hesitation… Carla.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32