Cheating Freaks: Chapter 3: Her Turn to Cum

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So we just get out of the shower. Both our asses feeling good after we’ve finger fucked each others. My dick taking a break after I’ve dumped another load down your throat this time while you had 3 fingers buried deep in my ass. You get to the bed and you flop down on your back. The anticipation is killing you. You know what’s next. We’ve been planning this for weeks and this is the part you’ve been most excited for. You’ve gotten me off twice now but have barely received any attention yourself and it’s finally your turn. Your pussy is aching for attention.

Your so wet your hand subconsciously slides down to touch your throbbing clit as I come out of the bathroom. I walk up to you lying on the bed legs hanging off the end. I get right between your spread legs grab your hand and suck your fingers clean of your sweet juices. I grab one of your big melons with one hand and start sucking the other as I roll your nipple between my fingers. I take my other hand and slowly start rubbing the inside of your thigh while sucking on your big nipple.

My hand brushes ever so lightly over your entire twat. You expect me to dive right in with as rough as I’ve been so far but I take my time and start sucking your other nipple. I keep brushing gently over your twat slowly, sensually, applying a little more pressure each time. Your pussy is swelling with anticipation. I can feel your lips growing and separating further and further with each stroke exposing your aching clit more and more by the second. Finally I allow a single finger to gently brush over your throbbing clit. You buck into my hand wanting more but I refuse to give more to you and continue sucking on your big titties and kocaeli escort slowly stroking your wet pussy up and down. I give your nipple a lil bite and you buck again just dying in the ecstasy and wanting me to let loose and savagely take you. With every stroke I allow you more but slowly.

I start to to circle your aching fuck hole but refuse to enter. You hump at the air trying to force me inside you as you want it so bad. I move my finger back up stroking your clit some more. Finally I line my finger up and slowly enter you. God your so wet. I only go a knuckle deep before sliding back out and up to your clit. I go back down and go to the second knuckle this time and slide back up to your clit. I give your nipple one last nibble as I pull away to watch me fully enter your gushing pussy.

I love to watch a pussy get opened up and yours will be gaping by the time I’m done with you. I slide all the way in and out a few times and it’s pretty clear your ready for another finger. My second finger slides in with ease. Your wet pussy devouring my fingers wanting more so bad. I go around and around and in and out sliding up to rub your clit some before delving back inside you. Watching your pussy eat my fingers is so hot. I start kissing the inside of your thigh as I continue fingering you. You tense up in anticipation. It’s finally going to happen.

I kiss up your leg and move to the other side. I then start kissing the out side of your lips as my two fingers slide in and out. I stop. You can sense I am inches away from licking you. You can feel my breath on your pussy. I have my tongue out and slowly lick your soaking wet kocaeli escort bayan pussy from bottom to top. Oh my do you moan and fuck do you taste good. I continue to finger you and deeply kiss your clit. Sucking and licking and fingering.

I easily add another finger to the fray as I don’t miss a beat licking up your sweet juices. I lick faster and faster finger fucking you harder and harder. I reach up and give one of those hard nipples a good tweak. You can feel it building and you start humping my face as I eat your pussy. You reach down and grab the back of my head pushing me deeper into your pussy as you get closer and closer to cumming. Finally you can’t take it and let out a scream bucking sporadicly mashing my face against your pussy and I don’t stop. I ride your pussy drinking up your juices and continue fingering you hard.

You finally settle back down and hand me a bottle of lube and your big black dong. I lather up my hand and your pussy sliding in that awkward fourth finger. After getting you stretched out a little more I lube up your dildo and slide it up and down your pussy before penetrating your already opened hole. I watch as I fuck you with your toy dick before sliding a finger in your ass. I love watching me dp you and go down on your clit. I pull everything out and tell you to roll over and get on your hands and knees on the bed. I plunge your dong down to the hilt back in your fuck hole as I watch your ass squirm. I give that ass a few good slaps as your getting fucked by your toy.

I pull it out and shove my tongue into your gaping hole. I slide your toy back in as I turn around and get yahya kaptan escort underneath you to eat some more as I continue to fuck you. You slowly start lowering yourself lower and lower as you start to grind my face. Before you know it your fully grinding my tongue and fucking your dildo just wanting more. Out of nowhere another orgasm hits you and your grinding my face hard. You lift up and I turn around and tongue your gape some more. I get some more lube and drench my hand and your pussy up some more. I fuck u with three fingers no problem. I slide a forth in with ease going down to the biggest part of my hand. I go slow and methodical and in circles in and out.

I start kissing your cheeks as I continue to work your pussy more and more. Your so sexy on your hands and knees ass in the air. I pull my hand out of your pussy and lick you clit to cunt across your taint and across your ass hole. I start tongueing your ass and slide my hand back in your stretched out pussy. I run my tongue around in circles shoving it in deeper. My tongue is buried in your ass as deep as I can when I get my thumb to slide in your pussy as well. I twist my hand around back and forth stretching you bit by bit and bury my face in your fat ass.

My fist is so close to fitting. I pull it out and start tongueing your your beautiful gape. Before you start to close back up i shove my five fingers back in you and continue eating your ass hole. I twist and wiggle gently but firmly and with an audible plop my entire fist is buried inside you. You’ve never felt so full in your life. I go around in circles and start rubbing your clit with my other hand while licking your puckered lil ass hole. Almost instantaneously to come again almost crushing my hand with the force of your convulsions. You scream in pure ecstasy experiencing possibly the hardest orgasm of your life. I slowly pull my sore hand out and what’s staring at me is the most amazing gape that’s screaming FUCK ME!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32