Chat Sessions Ch. 05

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The next day I went to school and struggled through my classes. Spring break was coming up and I couldn’t wait. After school I went by the coffee shop where Julie and I had met, but she wasn’t there. I went home and found mom making a big dinner. She seemed happier, but still avoided direct eye contact whenever possible. We talked about the weather and school and then Rhonda got home just as mom put the food on the table. Mom and Julie drank most of a bottle of wine and I had a couple of beers. Mom kept most of the conversation light and fun. There were a few awkward silences, but overall, we joked and talked like we used to do. It was comforting to me and I could tell it helped Rhonda immensely.

Back in my room, I looked for 1HotTigress with no luck. I sent her an off-line message asking if everything was okay and waited for several minutes to see if she would respond, but she never did. Julie was on-line and we chatted for a little bit and asked me again about Friday. I promised her I would be over. She asked me if I had thought more about the backseat of her SUV and I told her I had. Truth was I had jerked off thinking about it the night before. She said she was very anxious to have my cock inside her again. She turned on her web cam and flashed me her tits and asked me if she should get a stud for her tongue. I told her her tongue was fine without one, but that it was up to her. Looking at her tits and talking about blow jobs I got all excited and jerked off into a t-shirt. She seemed quite happy that she was able to get me so excited.

Friday came and I stopped by a local watering hole with one of my old high school friends. My afternoon was free, so we had a few beers then I went home. It was a warm day and mom had the front and back door open with the screens up on the screen doors. Upstairs, my bedroom door was open. I walked carefully into my room and saw mom had come in and opened the window. I stepped on a t-shrit on the floor and realized it was one I had cum in the other night. I wondered if mom had seen it. Then I turned and saw my lap top was turned on. The laptop was password protected, but I definitely remembered turning it off before I left for the day. Had mom been checking out my room? Had she tried to get online and see where I had been surfing?

Mom was out back drinking a beer and taking in some sun. I asked how she was doing and she said “Fine.” She then said she had ordered a couple of pizza’s and thought that she might go out for a bit after we ate. She didn’t look at me, she kind of spoke toward the house, but she never really looked at me. Rhonda came home just about the time the pizzas came. She grabbed a couple of slices, changed clothes and took off again. Mom left the house about seven and I went to see Julie. I had about six condoms in my room and I took five with me.

Julie wasn’t feeling great and hinted that she was getting her period. So, we watched a movie and then she gave me a hand job. It was her idea and she insisted that she at least do that for me. After the hand job she said I should go and that we’d get together on Sunday. I left, feeling a bit uncertain and more than a little awkward, but Julie assured me it was just he approaching period. We talked on Saturday and on Sunday, but we didn’t get together. She said by Wednesday she’d be over her issues and then we would be able to have more fun.

Mom seemed to avoid Rhonda and I and the house all together. I didn’t see her all weekend. On Sunday morning when mom left the house, Rhonda came running into my room naked and jumped on me. In no time at all we were both naked and I was inside of her. Rhonda was nearly screaming about needing sex. I worried the neighbors would hear, but she didn’t care.

Afterwards, we laid side by bursa escort side, both of us staring at the ceiling of my bedroom. Finally I said, “We have to be careful. I think mom’s spying on me.”

“You too?” My sister said then groaned, “I’d kill for a cigarette right now.”

“I didn’t think you smoked.”

Rhonda shrugged, “Sometimes. Especially when I’m tense.”

“I thought that was what the sex was for. To relax.” I replied.

Rhonda smiled, “Yeah, that took the edge off.” She elbowed me, “Some girl’s gonna marry you for that cock of yours.”

I grinned, a little embarrassed, then thought about what Rhonda had said. “Mom’s spying on you?”

“Yeah. She had gone through my room about a week ago. Said she was looking for her hair brush.”

“You confronted her on it?”

Rhonda sat up in bed, “I fucking caught her. She was looking at my laptop and digging in my desk.”

“She was in my room, turned my laptop on.”

Rhonda laid back down. “She’s confused about things. I really think I need to talk to her.”

“About sex?”

“About everything. Dad, sex, her feelings, her desires; she’s got too many hangups.”

“Maybe that’s why dad left.”

“You mean, you think she was a prude?”

I looked at my sister, she looked young again, younger than me at that moment. Kind of wide-eyed and wistful looking. “I found a couple of dad’s old VHS tapes when I was in high school. I think he was looking for someone who’d be more adventurous.”

Rhonda sat up again. “It wasn’t like kinky stuff, was it?” She shuddered.

“No. Threesomes, some light bondage, anal sex. Stuff like that.”

Rhonda sighed, “Mom wouldn’t have been up for that. I think she was the straight, missionary position and maybe a blowjob type of wife.”

“A long time ago, I remember dad and mom fighting over something that happened and dad said that if she could use her mouth for sucking like she used for talking, she’d be a pro.”

Rhonda stood up from the bed and picked up one of my t-shirts. She pulled the t-shirt on, it hung down to her thighs. “Mom was inexperienced. Dad’s a prick.”

I didn’t know what to think. I rolled to my stomach and into the wet spot on the bed. “Seems like she’s been trying to ‘loosen up’ with those movies she’s got.” I stood up and picked up the cum t-shirt from the floor and wiped the cum and pussy juice off of my cock and thigh.

“She’s still –” Rhonda moaned. “She’s just such a — a stick in the mud. If she’d just loosen up. If she’d let me eat her pussy or let someone eat her pussy she’d be better off.”

I looked at my sister, her nipples standing out through the t-shirt. She looked pretty damn hot. “She’ not you, Rhonda. She’s not going to change.” I moved closer to my sister and hugged her. “God, we’re such a fucked up family.”

Rhonda nuzzled her face into my neck, “You’re horny again.”

I pulled back and looked at her, “What do you expect? We’re talking about sex, you’re standing her looking like — like you’re so — fuckable.”

“You’re funny.” Rhonda pushed me back. I fell back on the bed. Rhonda pulled the t-shirt off. “I was going to get some breakfast, but…”

I dropped the cum t-shirt and Rhonda dropped to her knees in front of me. She took my cock in her hand and started stroking it. “Bet you’d like to see me and mom sixty-nine each other, wouldn’t you?”

I nodded. “I’ve always wanted to have two women at once.”

Rhonda licked my cock. “That’s what every guy wants. How many can say they’ve had their sister and their mom at the same time.”

My cock was fully hard again. I put my hand on the back of Rhonda’s head and pushed her face down to my cock. “Just suck me, sis.”

Rhonda slurped on bursa escort my cock then pulled back and looked up at me, “You like that idea, don’t you! It turns you on to think about me and mom fucking one another.” She smiled.

I pushed her head back down. “It turns me on to think about you licking mom’s clit while she sucks my cock.”

“Mmmmmm.” Rhonda moaned and pulled off just long enough to say, “That would be so cool.”

“Especially, if she was sucking your pussy juices off my cock.” I said with heavy breath.

Rhonda pulled back and stood over me. “Now my pussy is really wet. You’re going to have to fuck me again.” She had a wild look in her eye as she lowered herself down on to me and started fucking me. Rhonda kissed me hard and then whispered in my ear. “I want to kiss you with mom’s pussy juices on my lips. I want it. I want it.” Rhonda rode me like a crazy woman, “I want to make her cum”. She screamed, continued to ride me until I came shortly after her and then she collapsed on top of me. We laid like that for several minutes, then we heard the front door open. Rhonda jumped off of me and ran out of the room. I got up and shut my bedroom door quietly and crawled back into bed. A few minutes later, I heard mom and Rhonda talking, just a quick conversation then Rhonda was in the shower.

When I went downstairs mom was making breakfast and talking on her cell phone to a friend. It seemed that once again, Rhonda and I had escaped detection. Mom smiled at me and continued what she was doing. Rhonda came down the stairs a few minutes later and said she was going shopping before she went to work. I thought about the conversation Rhonda and I had had regarding mom. I watched her move about the kitchen, her hair tied up with a ribbon, her eyes bright, she had a bounce in her step. It was the first time in a long time that I had seen her seem so carefree. I went into the living room and turned on the television, that conversation seemed so crazy now.

That night Julie was in the full throws of her period and didn’t want to see me. I went for a drive that night and came home around dinner time. Mom was gone, Rhonda was working, I had the house to myself. I got online and searched for the Tigress, but knew I wouldn’t find her. I turned the laptop off just as mom got home. Apparently, she had been out on a date. I heard the guy at the front door asking if he could come in, but she said no. I went to the top of the stairs and saw the guy lean in and kiss mom full on the mouth. As they kissed, his hand came up and massaged her breast. Mom pulled back. “Let’s go slow, Tom.” He leaned in again to kiss her, but she put a hand on his chest and pushed him back. He said something to her, she laughed and shook her head, no. They said goodnight, she gave him a kiss on the cheek and then closed the door.

I came down the stairs. “A date?”

Mom smiled and looked shyly away. “Yes, just a dinner date.”

“He likes you.”

“How much did you see?” She stopped and looked at me as I descended the stairs.

“I just saw you kiss him goodbye and close the door.”

Mom nodded as if that was okay then headed back to the kitchen. “He wanted to come in.”

I looked mom over, she was dressed in a long skirt and a sleeveless top. She looked great. “He must really like you.”

“Yeah, I suppose.”

I followed her into the kitchen. She pulled a bottle of chardonnay out of the refrigerator and poured herself a glass. I grabbed a beer. “It must be tough dating again.” I said.

She nodded and sipped the wine. “It’s odd.”

I leaned against the counter and looked her over again, she was wearing a push up bra that caused the tops of her tits to stick out of the v-neck bursa eskort top. “You’ll get the hang of it. It’s good you’re getting out there. I don’t think there’s a lot of good looking women your age out there.”

Mom blushed and gulped her wine. “And you? Are you dating?” She looked away.

“Yeah,” I shrugged, “There’s a girl I met.”

“Good.” Mom looked out the kitchen window. “You can’t just study and stay home all the time.” She looked back at me as if she was going to ask a question then sipped her wine and looked out the window again. “I actually met Tom at the grocery store — I knew him from years ago. I never had to use that website thing.”

“Well, I met Julie in a chat room.”

Mom turned toward me, “Chat room? You met her in a chat room?” Her words were almost an accusation.

I shrunk back, “Yeah, no big deal. Everyone uses them.”

Mom looked down into her wine glass. She seemed suddenly flustered. “Which chat room do you use?”

I gave her the name of one of the basic chat rooms and thought about the fact that she had used chat rooms as well. “It’s a site that a lot of college students go on.” I lied.

She continued to look down into her glass. “You – you have to be careful with those sites, you know.”

“I’m safe. It’s not like I’m using it to — well, to just ‘hook up’.” I lied again.

Mom downed the rest of her wine. “That’s good.” She poured herself a fresh glass keeping her back to me. “I’ve heard stories that people go on there — just for that. To ‘hook up’.”

I looked away, “Yeah, I know. It’s all cool.”

“You know, honey,” mom said softly, “We all do things we’re not exactly proud of, but sometimes we do things because we’re trying to find our way. We’re trying to find what we want and who we are.”

I looked at her oddly, “I suppose.”

“I know I’ve been…out of sorts lately and quiet. I’m just figuring things out. I’m just finding — finding me.” She reached out and patted me on the shoulder, “So, you know, if I’m different or if I seem different or do different things, I’m just trying to… figure things out. Okay?”

I nodded, “Sure mom.” Though, truth was I didn’t know what she was saying. Then mom came closer and hugged me hard.

“I love you, Rick.” She kissed my cheek.

I hugged her back, “I love you, too, mom.”

She pulled away and drank a little wine. “I just…” Her eyes seemed to zero in on my waist. “You just have to live and – and be happy, right?”

Mom and I looked at each other, her eyes were full of questions. Just then Rhonda came through the front door. Mom seemed to breathe a sigh of relief for the intrusion. Rhonda hurried into the kitchen and dug through the refrigerator searching for the left over pizza. Mom and I watched Rhonda inhale a piece of pizza and drink some of mom’s chardonnay right out of the bottle. We did the obligatory small talk, then mom excused herself and poured the remainder of the wine into her glass and went off to her bedroom.

As mom disappeared up the stairs, Rhonda looked to me, “What’s up? How’s she doing?”

“She had a date.”

Rhonda smiled devilishly, “She get laid?”

“He wanted it, but she kind of brushed him off.” I whispered.

Rhonda smiled more, “Good. I don’t want her just jumping into bed with just anyone.”

I considered this for a moment, “I don’t think you have to worry about that. How’s she been? I’ve hardly seen her.”

Rhonda opened the refrigerator again and looked inside, “Good, I guess. She’s been good.”

Something seemed strange, mom’s odd words to me and her avoiding looking me in the eyes, now Rhonda was awkward. “Did you guys talk? Did you clear the air?”

Rhonda moved a couple of things around in the fridge then came out with a couple of pieces of celery and a beer. “Yeah, we’re good.”

“Really?” I asked. I wondered how that conversation went. “I mean, you apologized or talked about everything?”

Rhonda opened the beer, “Yeah, yeah, we talked. It’s all good.”

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