Chasing Chelsea

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story contains gay, straight and lesbian sexual activity.

# # #

Every Thursday night three of my good friends would come over to my dorm room to pregame before going out to the bars. We chose Thursday nights because none of us had class on Fridays and we usually did different stuff on the weekends, so Thursday was our night to catch up and have fun. Our pregames were typically pretty tame. Laura would bring vodka-soaked gummy bears, Miranda would bring snacks, and Chelsea would bring herself.

Chelsea was a total spoiled diva; she didn’t work, her parents were rich and gave her money for anything she wanted, and she liked to have everything done for her. And I wanted her like crazy. She may have been a total spoiled diva, but she was also damn sexy and tons of fun. Even though she had way more money than me, I gladly bought her fruity-flavored vodka because she didn’t drink anything else. Laura and I were completely platonic, Miranda had a fuck buddy, and I knew that I wasn’t Chelsea’s type, but I refused to accept that I was in the friendzone. We danced in the bar sometimes, and although it never went further than that, I still believed that I could close the deal.

The Thursday before spring break changed my relationship with Chelsea – and my life – forever.

The girls arrived at my dorm room around 8 p.m. I poured everyone drinks and we immediately began our pregame. We sat down on the floor, and I made sure to sit next to Chelsea. The first game we played was “Kings.” My roommate, Kevin, also joined us, so we had five people to play. I put a can of beer in the middle of our circle and fanned the deck of cards around it. I selected the first card; 5: Guys. Kevin and I clinked our beers and each took a drink. Miranda, sitting on my right, picked the next card; a 4. We all reached for the floor, except for Chelsea; she was terrible at Kings, never paid attention. But she always followed the rules when it came to drinking. Next up was Laura, who picked up an Ace: Waterfall. The waterfall lasted about 30 seconds, and when it was over I noticed that Chelsea had drank nearly all of the vodka and orange juice that I had made for her.

“You want another drink?” I asked her.

“Yes, please,” she said, finishing her cup with one final gulp. “Thank you, Scotty!”

I got up to fix her another drink, and when I got back I sat down a shade closer to her than before. It took us more than an hour to make it through the whole deck. Kevin had left by then (he was off to some party with his own group of friends), so it was just me and the three girls. All four of were sufficiently drunk and ready to hit the bars. By the end of the game, my and Chelsea’s legs were touching, and she kept leaning into me while we were playing. I was pretty confident that tonight would be the night I finally closed the deal. We were just about to get up when Miranda got a text.

“It’s Damon,” she said. “He wants to know what we’re doing.”

“Tell him we’re about to leave for the bar,” Laura said.

Miranda sent the text and got another one quickly in return.

“Damon says all the bars are lame tonight. He wants to know if there’s anywhere else we can drink.”

“Tell him to come here,” Chelsea said. Then she turned to me: “Do you mind?”

“No, of course not,” I said. But I did mind. I wasn’t thrilled about having some other guy show up and possibly ruin the vibe I had going with Chelsea. But I also didn’t want to be the party pooper, so I played along.

“All right. He’s on his way over,” Miranda said.

Realizing I probably wasn’t going to seal the deal with Chelsea, I cracked open a beer and collapsed into my favorite chair, a cheap-but-comfy wooden armchair from Ikea. I had just put my feet up on the ottoman when Chelsea started blasting “Drunk In Love,” which had just been released and was Chelsea’s new favorite song.

“Scotty!” She called out. “Come dance with me!”

Maybe tonight wasn’t such a bust, after all. I happily obliged and got up to dance. We weren’t grinding, but we were close together, and I gave her a few spins before the song was over. A couple more songs like that and I’m in business. We were listening to Calvin Harris’ “I Need Your Love” when I spun her around and brought her close to me, but her phone buzzed just as I began grinding on her, and she pulled away to look at her phone.

“Damon is here!”

I tried to not let the disappointment show on my face as I went to the door to let him in.

Damon was about the same height as me – 5’9″ – but the similarities ended there. Where I was slim, he was muscular. His broad chest was nearly twice the size of mine, and he had massive arms compared to my average ones. I wasn’t scrawny or twig-like, but next to him I was horribly mediocre. I wasn’t gay – or even sexually attracted to men – but I couldn’t help but admire and respect Damon’s impressive physique. We introduced each other as I led him into the living room to greet the girls, who upon seeing him all gave long, Sakarya Escort large hugs.

After Damon arrived we played another round of Kings. I noticed Miranda was subtly flirting with Damon, which kept my hopes up about my chances with Chelsea. She was sitting closer to me than before, and she would brush against me every chance she got. It seemed to me that the night was going to end well.

Miranda started the game off by picking the first card, a 7: Heaven. Everyone shot their hands upward. Chelsea was the slowest and so she had to drink.

Laura was up next; she pulled a King, which meant she got to make a rule. “All right. My rule is: No one can say ‘drink,’ ‘drank,’ or ‘drunk.'”

“That rule is so hard when you’re drunk,” I said. I quickly realized my mistake and took a drink. “Damn!”

“Looks like it’s already hard,” Damon joked.

It was Chelsea’s turn next and she got an 8: Pick A Date. I hoped that she might pick me, but she chose Miranda instead. They clinked their cups and drank.

Damon was up next and pulled another King. “Let’s kick things up a bit,” he said. “From now on, whenever two or more people have to drink, they have to give each other lap dances.”

“That’s a fun rule!” Miranda said. “That’ll make things interesting.”

It was my turn next. I was hoping for a 2 or an 8 so I could pick Chelsea and get a lap dance from her. Instead, I pulled a 3: Me.

“I guess I can’t give myself a lap dance,” I said, taking a sip of my drink.

Miranda got a 6 on the next turn: Chicks. “Lap dance time, girls!” She exclaimed.

Laura and Chelsea enthusiastically jumped out of their seats and started dancing together on Miranda. I excitedly watched the scene unfold in front of me – three sexy girls gyrating and rubbing their bodies against each other – and hoped that more of that would happen before the night was over.

A couple turns later, Miranda got another King and upped the ante again, making a rule that fellow drinkers had to kiss. I wasn’t able to get a lap dance, but I was optimistic that I’d get to kiss somebody at some point. Preferably Chelsea, but kissing Miranda or Laura wouldn’t be too bad either.

Laura pulled a 4 on the next turn: Floor. Miranda was the slowest, and since Chelsea was her date, they both had to drink. It was only a quick peck, but still the sight of two girls kissing so close to me was enough to get me turned on.

“You call that a kiss?” Damon said, egging them on.

“Oh, shut up, Damon,” Miranda replied, as a devilish smile formed on her lips.

It was Chelsea’s turn next, and once again I got my hopes up of getting to kiss her. To my dismay, she pulled an Ace, which meant Waterfall, which meant no one was getting kissed.

I was even more dismayed when I picked up a card and saw that it was a 5: Guys. The girls were immediately excited, whooping and hollering, but Damon and I were not nearly as enthusiastic.

“Guess we gotta do it, huh?” Damon said to me.

“I guess so,” I said, feeling my hands grow sweaty.

Damon and I turned towards each other, slowly bringing our faces closer together, until our lips met. We both pulled away instantaneously.

“You call that a kiss?” Miranda said, mocking Damon from earlier.

“Oh, shut up,” he echoed.

I felt my cheeks redden and a faint smile grow across my face. I was slightly embarrassed about being seen kissing another guy, but I was also slightly aroused. Maybe it was the fact that I was so turned on from watching the girls kiss and dance on each other, but maybe it was something else. I found myself wanting to kiss someone again, and I wasn’t entirely opposed to it being Damon.

A few rounds later, Damon picked up the final King. “What do you guys say we make things even more wild?” He said. “The last rule is: Whenever someone drinks, they have to remove an article of clothing.”

“Ooh kinky,” Miranda said, grinning excitedly.

“You’re crazy, Damon,” Laura said, but her mouth betrayed a curious smile of her own.

“Uhhh… I don’t think I’m going to participate in this rule,” said Chelsea. She seemed weirded out by it, but I didn’t care that much. It would still be nice to see Miranda and Laura – and even Damon – take their clothes off in front of me.

By the end of the game, I was in heaven. Laura had her shirt off, and she was wearing a tan bra over her C-cup breasts. She was curvy, but in a good way. She still had her jeans on, and I was really hoping to see what she had underneath. Miranda, meanwhile, was down to her underwear; matching powder blue bra and panties that looked incredible on her olive-colored Greek skin. She was also a fitness fanatic, and it showed. She had toned abs and legs, and her underwear revealed a sexy V-shape going down her hips. It was like the ultimate porn fantasy. All I had to do now was close the deal with one – or both – of them. I didn’t even care that Chelsea was still fully clothed. I wasn’t even paying attention to her anymore. I even stole some Adapazarı Escort glances towards Damon; he was in his boxers, showing off a thick, muscular chest and arms. He had a little bit of a gut, but nowhere near chubby or fat. Me, on the other hand, only had my shirt off. I was much slimmer, but in shape. I had toned arms and abs, but was in no way “ripped.” Nonetheless, I was proud of my body (I caught the girls looking my way every now and then.)

“What do you guys want to do now?” Damon asked once the game was over.

“Anybody up for a game of Truth Or Dare?” Miranda suggested.

“What is this, seventh grade?” Damon joked. He suggested playing simply “Dare,” to which everyone agreed.

“Who wants to go first?” Damon asked the room.

“I’ll go first,” Miranda said. “Who wants to dare me?”

“Hmmm, I dare you to make out with Damon,” said Laura.

Without another word, Daman and Miranda leaned forward and kissed. I was able to get a glimpse of Miranda’s ass in her underwear – toned and firm. But I also couldn’t help but notice Damon’s ass in his boxers. I felt an urge to reach out and touch it, but held myself away.

“Alright, my turn,” Miranda said after pulling away. “Chelsea, I dare you to kiss Scott.”

My heart jumped and I felt my face turn red. I looked up at Chelsea, and her face was as red as mine. I was about to open my mouth to speak, but she beat me to it.

“I don’t know about this,” she said. “It’s just weird. Scott’s like my brother, you know?”

“Of course, no problem,” I said. I was disappointed, but there were still two other sexy women sitting half-naked in front of me. I was going to be fine.

“I guess I’ll go next,” Laura said.

“I dare you to kiss Miranda,” said Damon.

I perked back up immediately. Thank God for Damon and his confidence. I would never have even thought of daring two girls to kiss each other.

To my amazement, they were not opposed to it. Instead, they eagerly brought their lips together and kissed sensually. Their kiss was open-mouthed, with faint amounts of tongue. Miranda put a hand up to Laura’s face, running it through her hair, while Laura reached for Miranda’s torso.

When they stopped kissing, I realized I had been staring foolishly and looked away, embarrassed. I also realized that my dick was growing erect, and was glad that I still had my pants on.

“Now it’s our turn again,” Miranda said. “I dare you two to kiss,” pointing to me and Damon. “You like to watch girls kiss? I like to watch boys kiss.”

“Alright, fine,” Damon said, turning to me. “Let’s get this over with.”

I found myself getting turned on as I leaned forward on my knees and kissed Damon again. He grabbed my face with both his hands as he pressed his lips against mine. I had a strong urge to grab him back and start making out with him, but he pulled away after just a few seconds. I was rock hard.

“Who’s up next?” Damon asked.

I suddenly felt a surge of confidence grow inside me; I have nowhere where it came from, but I wasn’t about to fight it. “Laura, I dare you to take Miranda’s bra off.”

“Ooh, nice one,” Damon said.

Again, I was pleasantly surprised when the girls did not say no. Laura reached behind Miranda’s back and unclasped her bra, revealing the greatest pair of tits I had ever seen in person. They weren’t overly large, but they were perky – completely unaffected by gravity – and perfectly symmetrical. I wanted to grab them and rub my face in them like crazy.

“I guess this is how we’re gonna play,” Laura said. “Damon, I dare you to take Scott’s pants off.”

I suddenly became nervous, worried over revealing my massive erection. Before I could voice my opposition, however, I saw Damon crawling towards me.

“Stand up,” he said.

I don’t know what came over me, but I instantly agreed to his command. Without another word, he undid the button on my jeans and unzipped my fly. He grabbed the waistband and slid my jeans down my legs. Watching him do all of this from his knees was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen.

Damon returned to his seat and dared Miranda to take Laura’s pants off. Laura was wearing red underwear and had thick thighs which I found immensely appealing. I really hoped I would get to see her ass in her underwear.

Miranda’s next dare changed my life forever. “Scott, I dare you to sit on Damon’s lap.”

“Woah, really?” Damon said. “You don’t think that’s a little extreme?”

“I’m sure you can think of something to even the score,” Miranda said seductively.

Damon smiled. “Let’s do this,” he said to me.

I shrugged, realizing it wouldn’t be a good idea to say no. I stood up and walked over to Damon, lowering myself onto his lap. The bulge in his underwear felt surprisingly good against my bottom.

“You’re up,” Miranda said.

I thought about it for a few moments. Then it came to me. “Laura, I dare you to feel up Miranda’s boobs.”

The girls smiled at each other; they were Serdivan Escort just as turned on as we were. Laura grabbed Miranda’s beautiful tits and massaged them slowly – they looked like the perfect combination of soft and firm. Laura then pinched Miranda’s nipples, making them hard. It also made Miranda giggle. It was damn sexy.

I felt Damon get hard, his erection pressed against my ass. It felt really good. I wriggled my hips a little bit so his dick could get a better position in between my asscheeks.

After Laura stopped fondling Miranda’s tits, Miranda shivered. “Whoo! Now I’m really turned on.”

“What do you have for us next?” Damon asked.

“I dare you two to make out,” she said, with lust in her eyes.

Damon grabbed my hips and leaned into my ear. “What do you say?”

I answered by spinning myself around on his lap so I was straddling him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and went for him hard. I shoved my tongue down his throat and thankfully, he returned the favor. We made out like crazy and I loved every second of it. I reached down and pulled Damon’s cock out of the hole in his boxers. He was rock hard and was leaking precum. I jacked him off for a few seconds until he stopped our making out. I spun back around and placed his now-uncovered dick back under my ass.

Miranda had one hand down her underwear, while the other was on her left breast. “Wow, that was hot,” she said, slightly out of breath.

“Your turn,” I said to Miranda and Laura. “Same dare.”

The two girls were more than happy to obey. They went at each other viciously, their bodies gyrating against each other. It was hot to watch, but pulling my underwear down to rub Damon’s big cock against my bare ass was definitely hotter.

“You got a great ass,” Damon whispered in my ear, which sent an erotic shiver down my spine.

“You have a great dick,” I said back, turning my head to kiss him.

“I gotta say,” Damon said once Miranda and Laura pulled away from each other, “that was pretty hot, too. What’s next?”

“I think I might be out of ideas,” Miranda said.

“Yeah, me too,” Laura said.

“In that case,” Damon said, “I dare you, Laura, to take off the rest of Miranda’s clothes.”

“I don’t know about that,” Laura said, a little weirded out. “I think I’m going to have to draw the line there.”

“Alright, no problem,” Damon said. “So the game is over then?”

“I guess so,” Laura said.

Chelsea, who had been on her phone for most of the last few minutes, finally said something. “Can you girls come to the bathroom with me?”

“Yeah, sure,” Laura said, and she and Miranda got up and followed Chelsea into the bathroom down the hall.

Almost immediately after the bathroom door closed, I grabbed Damon’s dick and guided it into my asshole. I had never had anything up there before, and it hurt like hell at first, but I wasn’t about to stop now. I wanted him bad. After a little bit of wiggling, his cock finally ended up deep inside my ass. We both moaned in pleasure as I moved my hips up, down, and around on his hard cock.

“Where are you girls going?” Damon asked.

I looked up and saw the three of them, all fully dressed, walking to the door. They looked confused, disgusted, betrayed. I didn’t say anything; I just kept riding Damon’s hard dick.

“We’re just gonna leave you two alone,” Miranda said.

“You don’t have to go,” Damon said. “You can join us if you want.”

“No, that’s okay. We’re just gonna go.”

And they left. I didn’t care; I forgot they were even there. All that mattered to me was Damon’s cock in my tight, little asshole. And judging by the way Damon was grabbing my hips and moaning, he didn’t care about them leaving either.

After a few minutes of bouncing up and down I started to get tired. He seemed to sense this, and he threw me onto the bed. He took the rest of his clothes while I sat myself at the edge of the bed. He pushed me onto my back, grabbed my boxers that were hanging on my ankles and threw them across the room, and then he put my legs on his shoulders and shoved his dick back inside me. I moaned like a bitch as I felt him slide all the way into me.

He choked me and stuck his fingers in my mouth as he fucked me hard and deep, and I loved every bit of it. I loved feeling his sweaty, muscled body, and I loved hearing him grunt like a wild animal with every thrust.

“You like that?” He asked me in between thrusts.

“Yessss,” I moaned.

“You want me to cum all over your face?”

“Yes, please.”

He grabbed my throat. “You want me to cum all over your face?” He asked more forcefully.

“Yes,” I said, gasping for breath. “Please, cum on my face.”

“Then, come here,” he said, pulling his dick out of my face. I gasped at the sudden absence; it felt like a part of me had been removed.

I got on all fours and spun myself around to face him. He grabbed the back of my head and stuck his dick into my mouth. He face-fucked me, making me gag and tear up, for what seemed like forever, before he pulled out and shot rope after rope of warm cum directly into my eyes.

I collapsed on the bed and rolled onto my back. I wiped some cum off my face and stuck my fingers in my mouth, licking them clean. Damon’s cum tasted delicious.

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