Charlotte and Deanna

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This story is a continuation Lottie’s story from the series Choices. You can read that series if you choose too, but it isn’t necessary. This story can be read on its own.

This story is written for pure enjoyment. So read, relax, and endulge.

“Woooooo Hooooooo!” a cheer went up across the bar as the crowd was riveted teams on the screen. The “Lady Badgers” were one kick away from securing another victory over their rivals. Deanna Lanetti wasn’t watching the game. Her thoughts were elsewhere. Her eyes were glued to one person who was sitting in a booth across the room.

Charlotte Chance was completely unaware the she garnered attention from the gorgeous brunette at the bar. She was engrossed in conversation with her on-again off-again girlfriend, Terri. She and Terri had ended their relationship for the last time and Terri was moving to Vancouver to be with the man she loved. Tonight, was a farewell celebration for the two of them.

Dean was familiar with the history between these two women, and could understand to a degree. Did she like it? No, but that was life. After finding Charlotte alone and despondent one night over Terri, the two of them had formed a friendship of sorts. Dean smiled as she recalled the night from not so long ago.

Lottie was sitting in a park swing when she walked up and asked her to leave. She figured it was another vagrant or just a kid hanging out, but it wasn’t.

“Miss, the park closes at nine I need you to vacate.” she addressed her firmly.

“Fine, Dean. I’m moving.” Lottie declared angrily desperately hiding her tears. Wanting to keep her from crying, she tried to just tease her a bit. But, it didn’t work and she heard the soft sobs and tears Charlotte shed over someone else.

She wasn’t about to let her wander off alone anymore so she goaded her into joining her for the evening, Unfortunately, she was still dressed from work and needed to change.

Charlotte was a neat person and she was at first apprehensive about inviting her into her home to wait, but she did anyway. She didn’t seem repulsed by her so far so she proceeded to take her to her family’s restaurant for dinner.

Everyone in her family knew of her lifestyle and supported her fully. Whenever she visited, she would rarely bring home a companion. And since laying eyes on Charlotte years before she hadn’t brought anyone home.

When she arrived at the restaurant, Charlotte, who was till dressed in shrubs from her job, felt out of sorts. She quickly assured her that she looked lovely and went inside. Of course her family, who had heard Charlotte’s name more times than they cared to realized who this girl was and pounced.

Nana even came out and met her. She approved. And quickly began to include Charlotte in family activities. At first she’d often refuse, but she’d never been up against the Lanetti women and soon fell into the fold.

However, much to Dean’s dismay, Charlotte had her firmly locked in the friend mode. She had to get her to see her as more. But first, she had to wait. Terri had to be gone first. She refused to play second fiddle to anyone. Once she had Charlotte alone, she’d make sure she knew she was care for completely.

What grated on her nerves was how callously Terri used Lottie and didn’t even seem to realize it. Lottie was the perfect companion. She was a true vision of loveliness and had a heart of gold. She took care of Terri in every way possible. She defended her against her ex-husband. She stood with her after the divorce was final. She even encouraged Terri, to go out and live.

She helped anyone who came to her with a need. Her job as a nurse demanded it, but it was how she was by nature. Terri was nice as well, just not right for Lottie. Soon, Lottie and Terri were both cheering for their favorite team, and Dean decided to cut her losses.

Tonight, she’d go back to her small house and just think about the one woman she wished she could be with. Then Lottie looked across the smoky room. Her eyes landed on Dean. Instant annoyance, she felt. Why is Dean here all alone? I’m going to talk to her and make sure she’s alright. she decided.

Their eyes locked briefly and Dean could read her thoughts from where she stood. Oh, well. I might as well get some fun out of the evening.

Dean sauntered over to the booth occupied by the two women. “Hello, girls. Mind if I join you?” She asked, her eyes trained on Terri.

Dean wasn’t interested in Terri, but she spoke to her anyway. “So, I hear you’re moving to Vancouver, soon?” she asked. Lottie didn’t like it. Dean flirting with Terri bothered her. She knew she was attracted to her, but they were just friends, right?

Terri smiled at the thought joining Tom. “Yes, tomorrow, as a matter of fact.”

Then Dean focused on Lottie, “Poor Charlotte, what are you going to do without your friend?”

Lottie’s eyes flashed angrily, “I’ll be fine Dean. And I’ve asked you not to call me Charlotte. The name’s Lottie.”

Dean smiled. She loved riling her. Her ankara escort brown eyes darkened. Her sun-kissed complexion glowed beneath her auburn locks. The girl was beautiful and she was hers.

Dean sat grinning at Lottie. Then she leaned next to her ear and whispered, softly. “But baby, that’s your name. Your name is Charlotte and I will call you Charlotte whenever I want. You will learn to love your name, simply because I like it.” She gently kissed her cheek then she moved away.

Lottie’s heart pounded. Heat flowed through her veins. Her nipple hardened, and she was wet. No woman had ever turned her own from a whisper. But Dean had done just that. She was speechless and the smirk on Dean’s face told her that Dean knew how she affected her.

Terri sat and watched the exchange between the two women. She knew they’d form a friendship because Dean’s family treated Lottie like one of their own. But she never really noticed how Dean treated Lottie until now.

Lottie never used her real name, but Dean used it repeatedly and Lottie didn’t object too much. Terri swore she saw a little smile on Lottie’s lips when Dean said her name. “Um, do I need to leave and give the two of you some privacy.” Terri asked smiling.

Dean chuckled, “That won’t be necessary, Terri. I’m headed home. You two girls, enjoy your night.” Then she left. Lottie watched her as she walked away.

“You and Dean? Wow, I never thought.” Terri teased her best friend.

Lottie blushed. “She’s really nice. Not like she acts when she’s here.”

“Well, she’d better treat you right, or Tom and I will come back and-” Lottie laughed.

“What? Come on, I can take care of myself.” Lottie declared.

Soon the night ended ant the ladies went home. Terri dropped Lottie off at her new apartment and she returned to the flat they used to share. Terri took a moment to walk around her old home, realizing that soon she’d be gone for good.

Smiling, she thought about her best friend Lottie. She hated leaving her, but maybe when she did Lottie could find the happiness she deserved. She was sure a certain dark-haired woman would strive to make her friend happy.

Lottie’s phone started to ring just as she climbed out Terri’s car. She began to search frantically for her phone as she headed into her small efficiency apartment. Fumbling for her door keys, she dropped them to the floor as she stubbed her toe on a ledge. Getting down and searching, at last she found them, but by that time, the phone had stopped ringing . She immediately checked her caller ID as soon as she entered her home. Who had phoned her?, she wondered. The Caller ID read restricted.

So shrugging off her thoughts, her phone rang again. It was the same restricted number. Lottie answered.

“Hello.” She greeted her caller.

“Hey Lottie, now that Terri’s out of the picture,” the slurred male voice suggested, “How about going out with me for a while? I’ll let you strap up.”

“No thanks, Dave.” Lottie replied. “Thanks for asking, though.” Thinking How did he get my number?

Meanwhile, as Lottie was settling in for the night, her phone rang again. She started not to answer but checked just in case. The number was the one she wanted to see. Smiling she picked up.

“Hello.” She answered.

“Hello.” Dean’s sexy voice oozed through the phone. “Did you have a good time with Terri?”

“Yes, lovely Dean. I saw you were alone. Are you alright?” she asked, her heart pounding inside her chest.

“No, I’m fine. I just wanted to unwind after a hard day. Besides, Terri’s leaving tomorrow and I wanted to make sure you are OK.” Dean explained.

Lottie smiled. This girl was full of surprises, “Deanna, I’m fine. Don’t worry, OK.”

Then Lottie added, “You’ve been a great friend, Dean. I really appreciate it. Did you need anything else?” she asked.

“Only to say good night and wish you sweet dreams.” Dean whispered.

Lottie sighed, and it was the sexiest sound Dean had heard in a longtime. “Good night, Deanna.” She whispered.

As she moved to hang up Dean replied, “Sweet dreams, Charlotte.”

Lottie sighed and soon fell asleep dreaming of a beautiful dark haired knight riding to her rescue.

Deanna lay in her bed wondering if she could ever get Charlotte to take her seriously. She seemed to enjoy her company and loved being around her family. But whenever she hinted at taking their relationship farther, she shot her down.

She thought of nothing else since they met up that night in the park. Dean wondered would she ever see her as something more.

Lottie hung up the phone a little disappointed because a small part of her wished Dean was here with her.

Placing the phone on charge, Lottie prepared for bed. Lottie thought about Terri. She’d miss her friend, but was happy that she would finally be with the man she wanted. Then her thoughts drifted to a tall, dark haired gorgeous woman she spent time with earlier, Dean.

Lottie decided to escort ankara soak in a hot bath and then retire for the evening, when her phone rang once more. She moved to answer.

“Hello,” Lottie answered.

“Um, Charlotte, I just wanted to tell you that you looked lovely tonight.” Dean stated.

Smiling and slightly buzz, Lottie answered, “That’s so sweet of you Dean. Thanks. You looked good also.” Recalling the dark navy uniform Deanna was wearing that was covered in her cologne and clung to her like a second skin. Shaking her head, Lottie stopped imagining what Dean would look like naked.

“What are you doing tomorrow night? I was thinking we could go out.” Dean suggested.

“That’ll be nice. Wait, I can’t. I made plans with your sister and cousin. We’re going to see the new Scarlett Johansson movie. You can come with us if you would like. The more the merrier.” Lottie suggested.

Dean declined, “No, Deloris and Jenna would get on my nerves. You guys go on, have fun. I’ll go now. I know you need-” Lottie stopped her.

“Hey we can get together at the bar Thursday night. All the girls will be there.” Lottie suggested praying she wouldn’t say no.

Dean was silent. She never wants to spend time with me. She never refuses my relatives, but me she refuses.

“Charlotte, what’s wrong with me? I mean, I thought we were friends, of sort.” Dean queried.

Lottie laughed a bit perplexed, “Dean, of course, I like you. You’ve been a great friend.”

“Right, well good night, Charlotte. I just thought. Never mind…” Dean said before hanging up abruptly.

Lottie hung up her phone and lay down with thoughts of Dean plaguing her mind. She sounded hurt. Why would she sound that way?. Soon she was asleep. A few hours later, Lottie accompanied her best friend Terri to the airport to see her off. Then she drove in to her job at the local hospital.

Saturday came and Lottie caught a bus to Deloris’s house for their outing.

They picked up Jenna and Lottie happened to mentioned that she invited Dean, but she declined.

Deloris and Jenna shared a look. Lottie, clearly confused, asked what was going on.

“Girl, I swear you are clueless.” Deloris declared. “Dean likes you.” She explained.

Lottie replied. “Well I like her too. That’s why I wanted her to join us tonight. But I bet she has a hot date lined up.” She concluded angrily.

Jenna couldn’t help it. “Even if she does, why are you upset by it. She’s just a friend right?” she asked.

Taken aback Lottie answered, “Of course she’s my friend. I just don’t think she should ….Well it’s not my business.” Lottie concluded.

She didn’t like the thought of Dean dating, spending time with other women. But she was just a friend right. She had no say in what she did.

Thursday night, Lottie arrived at Opal’s early hoping to talk to Dean before the place became crowded.

She sat at the bar and tried to hide the fact that she was anxiously waiting for the gorgeous brunette to arrive. Dean walked in, and Lottie forgot to breathe.

Dean saw her sitting at the bar and headed over to speak. The two friends greeted each other as the crowd began to swell.

Lottie had to force herself to stay calm as she wanted to rip out the hair of several women who kept touching Dean. One blonde, was extremely friendly, and Dean didn’t seem to mind at all.

Not willing to sit and watch Deanna flirt anymore, Lottie paid her tab and stood to leave. Dean intercepted her before she walked out.

“Hey, Charlotte, it’s early. Why are you leaving? Stay.” Dean suggested.

Lottie glared at her, “Really Deanna. Some of us have to work. We are all not little girls who want to play.” She added glaring at the blonde Dean just danced with.

Dean followed her line of vision and knew instantly that she was jealous, so she whispered, “Baby, as far as I’m concerned, you have nothing to worry about. When you’re ready for me, I’m here.” Then she pecked her on the cheek. She escorted her to her cab and said “Call me when you get home.” Then she closed the door and went back into the bar.

Lottie refused to call Deanna. But around midnight, her phone rang. She wanted to feign anger, but her need to hear Dean’s voice won. She picked up and the two women said their good nights.

For several months, Dean and Lottie developed their friendship. They flirted shamelessly with each other, but never went beyond talk for fear of ruining their friendship.

Everything came to a head one spring day. Lottie was checking on her patients when a call came in. New patients were coming in. There had been a shooting and an officer was hit. The ETA , expected time of arrival, of the ambulance was under five minutes.

Lottie didn’t work emergency normally, but today she was filling in. When the ambulance pulled up, she rushed out to help the paramedics unload the patient.

“Lottie, Lottie, please it’s my partner. He took… Help him” Dean pleaded when she recognized ankara escort bayan her friend.

Lottie looked up and saw Dean covered in blood. Her heart stopped. Dean was hurt. Someone hurt her, “Nurse prep him!” she heard the supervising physician call. But she couldn’t. right then she had to make sure Dean was alright.

“Deanna, are you hurt?” She was in shock but talking, so Lottie had her sit and said. “Listen, sit here, and I’ll find someone. Let me care for your partner.” Lottie said as she led her to an empty gurney to sit on. Dean wanted to resist and demand to stay with her partner, but she realized the doctors and nurses had to do their jobs.

“Anna, Please. Help this officer.” Lottie called out when she saw Anna. The young nurse sprang into action. Anna came and took Dean to exam room one to be checked out and make sure she wasn’t hurt, while Lottie worked at stabilizing her partner.

Lottie could not get the sight of Dean covered in blood out of her mind. “Nurse Chance, do you need a minute? We need to stabilize this man and get him to surgery. Wake up!” the physician yelled, snapping Lottie back into reality.

Anna saw Lottie later and told her Deanna was in shock and they put her in a room for a while. She had a few shallow wounds, but nothing as severe as her partner.

An hour later, Lottie went to Dean’s room to make sure she was alright. Her heart was pounding. She was glad she wasn’t badly injured, but she was injured. If Joe had not jumped in front of her, she would have been hit, not him. She could have lost her. Lottie stopped at her door, and took a deep breath and calm down. She pushed open the door, smiling, and greeted her friend.

“Hey Dean, How are you feeling? Did you call your family? You know they’ll be worried sick when they hear about this.” Lottie asked.

“No, Nana doesn’t need to be told. Besides, they all are busy. I’ll call later when I go home.” She assured her friend.

“Dean, you have injuries. Someone needs to be with you. I’m calling Deloris.” Lottie explained.’

“Charlotte, don’t”. Dean asked. “Can you go with me? Just for the night. I, I don’t want to worry them. Nana doesn’t need the stress and Deloris is taking care of her. Please don’t call.”

Lottie smiled, “Nana is going to be furious if she learns of this and you didn’t tell her. But you’re right, she has enough on her plate. OK, Dean, I’ll stay with you tonight. But if anything goes wrong, I’m calling Deloris.”

“Thanks, Charlotte.” Dean quickly spoke. “I appreciate it. The doctor should be letting me out soon. I wonder how Joe is. He was hit pretty badly.” Dean asked.

“He’s stable. His wife is here with him.” Lottie explained.

Then she inhaled, “Dean, let me call Deloris at least. Please.” She pleaded.

“No, no Charlotte. I don’t want them to worry. Please. I’ll tell them. I promise.” Dean assured her.

“OK, but as soon as you are home. You need to call your sister.” Lottie asserted.

Dean nodded in agreement, and then soon fell asleep. About two hours later, the doctors were ready to discharge Dean into Lottie’s care.

Charlotte signed Dean from the hospital and took a cab to her small home. Once she helped Dean inside her house, two officers from the precinct brought her car. Lottie asked Officer Kim to sit with Dean for a moment and Officer Brandon drove her to get her things.

Officer Kim stayed with Dean and they talked. “Officer Lanetti, the feat you and your partner did today was amazing. We got all of them. They fired on officers, so they’ll be going away for a long time.” She explained.

Dean simply sat and nodded. She didn’t hang out with people from her job, because many of them had issue with her lifestyle. But she loved her fellow officers, and would gladly take a bullet for any one of them. However today she just wanted to be alone for a moment and sisn’t feel like entertaining guest. She hoped Charlotte came back soon because she only wanted her there.

Meanwhile Officer Brandon was driving Lottie to retrieve her clothes for the night. She invited him in her small apartment while she gathered her things. He had heard rumors about Deanna and suspected that this cute little nurse was more than a friend. He liked Officer Lanetti. When he first joined the force and people found out about his lifestyle, she was the first person to defend him. He went to thank her and she told him it wasn’t necessary.

He spoke to her often and wondered if she had someone at home. He was sure she didn’t until today. The way Officer Lanetti looked at this woman told him all he needed to know. She was special to her.

He knew he might be out of line, but he had to say something. “Ms. Chance, Officer Lanetti is lucky to have you for a friend. She’s real special. She deserves to be happy.” He said as his face flushed.

Lottie smiled, “Does Dean know she has a champion in you?” She asked, impressed that this young officer at least tried to protect her.

Smiling Lottie concluded, “Dean is my friend. I’ll always look out for her. Now have a seat while I grab my things.”

Soon Lottie and Officer Brandon were headed back to Dean’s house. The two shared a friendly camaraderie during their ride. As he pulled up, Officer Brandon looked at Lottie and said, “I can see why she’s so into you.”

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