Charity Starts At Home:Chapter 5: A Bonding Experience

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Charity Starts At Home : Chapter 5 : A Bonding Experience

The following 4 weeks were a truly wonderful time for our household. Momma and I had shifted into a whole new phase of honesty and exploration with each other. No subject was too tabo and there was a sense of complete security and comfort. Faith was even spending more and more time over and was quickly becoming more of a member of our naughty little family.

My “lessons” continued as well, with Faith joining me to learn as much as she could too. It was typically late Friday or Saturday night after Momma got off work and she’d bring Marcus home. We’d spend till nearly the break of dawn sucking and fucking merrily away. I was learning how to give a proper blowjob, dirty talk, how to be more responsive..and even how to take cock up my ass.

It wasn’t all sucking and fucking though, most of the week it was just me doing the same things any red blooded 16 year old girl does. I hung out with Faith, we went to the mall, listened to music, suntanned, talked about movies and boys and clothes and shoes. From looking at me you would never think I was fucking men with my Momma and my best friend.

Sometimes I even managed to get my own fun; for instance about 2 weeks later Denny and Bill showed up again looking for Momma. She had left for work early and I let them in. Skip to an hour later and I was in the middle of a sex sandwich, with Bill in my pussy and Denny pounding away at my ass.

Life was certainly good.

It was a Friday afternoon 4 weeks after our little foursome, Faith and I were occupying ourselves ina truly delicious way when my sexual escapades were bound to take another giant leap. I was fucking Faith in her ass with a dildo, wanting to prep for the experience of having a real cock in her. We had both decided that the next time Marcus came over that Faith was going to get her anal cherry popped. We were just cheating by using a dildo in the meantime to get her used to having a dick in her ass.

Thats when there came a knocking at the trailer door. Faith and I grumbled and crawled out of Momma’s bed ( which was now fair game) and got into shorts and slipped on shirts. We scrambled to the door and there was quite a pleasent surpise; it was Denny and Bill.

Faith had never met them before but had seen them enough in the flesh to know what they were like. My redheaded best friend just shot me a mischevious smile and we invited them inside, I knew what she had in mind and quite honestly, I was thinking the same. I invited them inside as cordially as possible

“ What brings you two gentleman to come visit our home”, I asked as they came in sat down on the couch

“ Oh, Marcus wanted us to come help Dee with whatever package she was picking up before work”, Denny said shifting a bit in his seat.

I can imagine the two men’s sense of awkwardness. After all, I was the teen daughter of a woman they fucked regularly, and I in turn was begining to fuck them regularly. Yet ere I was with another teen friend, if they said anything unbecoming it could land them all in hotwater theoritcallly.

“ Yes, Momma was saying something about, she said she was just going to go straight to work”
Faith wandered over and settled herself into Denny’s lap and stoked his cheek lighlty. I myself then went and sat on Bills leg and gripped his crotch firmly.

“ Now”, I said with an evil grin, “ whatever shall we do with all this free time on your hands”

I rolled my head over to one side and rested my face on the carpet and looked at Faith. Like me her face was on the carpet and turned towards me.

“ Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck”, She was grunting and sweating

Behind us Denny and Bill were hammering away at our upturned asses. Faith’s anal viginity was still intact as Denny pounded his quite thick dick into her pussy, as she insisted on saving that for Marcus. I was smiling blissfully as Bill’s heavy balls slapped against my butt. His hands gripped my hips tightly as he plunged away. After a few more minutes Bill grunted and pulled my hips back towards his own, his thick tool thrusting itself to its complete length up my ass. I could feel him swell and knew he was cumming in my ass, sending tingles throughout my body and a sharp short cum to shake through my nerves.

Bill pulled out of my ass oh so very slowly and I rolled onto my side to watch the show. Bill cuddled up against me as we watched my lithe best friends body get pounded by Denny.

In a few minutes of this continued assualt Denny stiffenedand gripped Faith’s twat hard. Faith’s mouth dropped open in a big silent scream and her eyes widened as Denny unleashed volleys of cum into her pussy. Denny leaned over her lither frame and kissed her over shoulder, and then slowly eased himself out. Faith then proceeded to collapse in a heap.

“ We should probably get going, our shift starts in half an hour,” Bill said pulling himself off the floor

“ Yeah, Marcus will have our asses if we’re late,” Denny said exctricating himself from Faiths limp form.

The two men quickly got dressed and left nearly as swiftly. I crawled over to faith and spooned up beside her and stroked her hair as she lay blissfuly on the floor on her side.

Most people go their entire lives without understanding what they truly want, or the motivations for the things they do want. I suppose I was fortunate enough to discover at this age of 16 , that my most basic desire was hedonistic exploration and the pleasure of my senses. If death and old age were to one day long long down the line rob me of my energy and beauty, I would enjoy a rich journey before then.

But that is besides the point, I should probably return to the crux of this part of my story.

Faith and I showered togethered and got back to a semblance of our pre-fuck appearances. We chatted, we hung out, and did each others hair. This time both of us deciding on pigtails which seemed to be a favourite of hers.

We were almost finshed mine when a call came through asking for Momma, I told them she was at work and hung up. Faith was behind me putting the past touches in my braids when she apused and said

“ Let’s go to the Zebra club”

“ Why do you want to do that?”, I asked back to her

“ Because it’s such a fucking mystery and your mom works there, aren’t you curious?”

Faith certainly did have a point, I had been living here for 2 months and still had no idea what exactly it was Momma did for a living. Nor did I have a clue as to what the Zebra Club was to start with. I assumed it was a club or a bar based on the tawdry outfits Momma was allowed to wear to and from work.

“ I think it’s a bar, so we can’t go Faith.” I stated merely as matter of fact.

“ Because we’re two young?” , Faith snorted almost derisively over my shoulder

“ Exactly”, I said back

Faith reached around me and grabbed my tits in her hand and gave them a squeeze, “ Carity my darling, if these tits can’t get you in a bar, nothing ever will”

I laughed, “ Oh so you think its that easy?”

“ Hell yeah! I get into bars all the time , all you gotta do is flash some skin and no one thinks twice, and if you do find some real sticklers for ID and all that bullshit, ya’ll just go home.. nothing ventured , nothing gained”

Faith certainly did have a point, I nibbled on my new ponytail braid for a second and thought it through. If we did go and get kicked out, at least we would know where Momma worked. And if we got in..well, that would certainly be an adventure.

“Alright, let’s do it”

“ Thats my girl, “ Faith said giving me a hug

Faith and I proceeded to ransack my dressed and closet in search for the appropriate clothes to go out. Faith was telling me the key was to show off what you got rather then to pretend you were older then you were. Men think with their dicks first, and they would rather check out your boobs , bare legs or your ass before they checked your ID. That being said, Faith adopted for us a dress code that consisted on showing as much as possible and something that made us stand out. Faith dressed up in her best impression of Daisy Duke with cut off jean-shorts and a white blouse tied in the middle to act as a combo bra-shirt, meanwhile I squeezed into a white tube top Momma had bought me and a short denim skirt. Alas we had no heels and settled just for running shoes.We primped and fussed and got ready to go.

We called a cab and took the casino oyna journey across town. We ended up on the outskirts of town, the Zebra club was an old converted biker headquarters, towering in at 3 floors. It was quite an interesting sight to behold; no windows on the outside with the big blue neon lights displaying its name across the front, with a neaon silhouette of a woman in a martini glass in white.

We got out of the cab and wandered up to the front door. At the front door was a tall and muscular back man standing in front of a velvet rope. A sign above the door said “ Private Club : Members ONLY” Beside the door was also another sign posting a system of rules. There was a small line up ahead of us of about 5 people; a white couple and about 3 black guys behind them. The male half of the couple began to argue with the doorman

“ But she’s my wife! I’m not letting her go in alone!”, the man of the couple said, I recgognized the voice and face but couldnt place it

“ I’m sorry sir, but club rules are club rules”, the doorman politely responded.

“ Look, we’re not going to cause a scene, I just want to see a show with my wife for a change”, the man said changing his tone trying to sound accomodating.

“ I’m afraid I still can’t let you in”, the doorman continued just as evenly.

Faith motioned me to lookat the rules which were posted nearby

*Welcome to The Zebra Club*
The Zebra Club is a Members Only Club*
Membership is STRICTLY restricted to African American men and women of any ethnicity*
No exceptions to this rule apply
No weapons allowed on premises
No minors
No birth control devices
No cameras or other recording devices*

Needles to say my eyebrows raised somewhat incrdously on a couple of those lines. Namely the restrictions on ethnicity and mostly telling the forbidding of birth control. But I suppose they couldnt take away that I was already on the pill.

“ Is this gonna take all night, we got three of our friends who already got a VIP room inside.” , one of the black guysahead of us bitched.

“ Feel free to come inisde then, “ the doorman said opening the rope for them

The three black guys began to step up through the line when a moment of inspiration hit me, I quickly grabbed Faith by the hand and pulled her up with me. I then strode up with the three black guys.

“ Mind if me and my friend tag along with you”, I said flashing them my pearly whites.

The three black guys turned and looked us over. I made sure to just ever subtly arch my back as to push out my boobs towards them. It had the desired affect as their eyes went quickly to them, and they also couldnt help but check out my lithe little redhead friend.

“ Well, hell yeah, come on with us girls, more the merrier”

We stepped up with a smile and stepped up to the front door,with me wrapping my arm around the waist around the lead guy and him doing the same to me. Faith stepped up with onte of her one right behind me. We were about to step into the club when the doorman extended his hand out to stop me.

“ I’m sorry Miss, but I’m going to have to see some ID”

I gulped for a second. Our gooses were cooked. We had come this far just to be turned back and who knows maybe have the cops send us home. Two sixteen year old girls trying to sneak into a secret club. What were we thinking??!!

“ Ummm..I…” I began to stammer a bit

Then out of the blue Faiths hands were around my wais and pulled my tube top straight down!! My tits bounced out and stood out fiercely in the night.

“ Do these look eighteen?” , Faith joked

The doorman’s eyes bugged and then he let out a laugh. Everyone was chuckling.

“ Hell yeah, you’re free to go on in”, and the doorman waved us inside.

What a little pervert Faith was! I was going to give her a spanking later and didnt care if she liked it or not. I pulled up my top and we stepped into the door as the bouncer opened it. Heavy and low music throbbed out the doorway.

“ What? You’re letting them inside ?” , the man of the couple exclaimed again

It was my night for inspiration it seemed as I turned to the couple and said, “ Hey mister, let us take your date in, we’ll took good care of her and we’re a girl short”

“ Sounds like a great idea”, the woman said gleefully and jumped intow with the boys with us.

There was something quite familiar about this woman but I couldnt quite place it, she was easily in her late 40’s. Short curled hair blonde hair with a touch of gray in the temples. She had a great figureand was obviously dressed to flaunt it. She was in a tight fitting black dress which was low in the front and cuttoff just before her knees.

With the male half complaining outside still, our happy little six-some officially entered the Zebra Club.

Stepping into the foyer it finally dawned on me who this woman was and consequently the man outside. The men stepped up to the coatcheck to get their hands stamped and I stepped back with Faith for a second and whispered in her ear

“ You are not going to believe this, but that’s Mrs Parson,” I confided

“ Get the fuck out” , Faith gasped back

Mrs. Theresa Parson was the wife of Reverend Jeremiah Parson, the man outside. I didt recognize them outside of sermons and her leading the choir. Let alone in this outfit. She was always so sweet and light and almost unbearably chipper. I wonder if the good Reverend outside would remember his regular preachings on the sins of the flesh at Sunday’s service.

Speaking of flesh, I could certainly see alot of Mrs Parson’s as the fellas went up the coat check. One of the men had lifted up her skirt and was playing with her ass casually , and it was clear she wasn’t wearing any panties underneath. The things you learn about some people

The men cleared from the coatcheck and we stepped up to get our hands stamped and almost stopped short. Denny was sitting behind the counter and he looked suprised for a second too, then he looked a bit upset.

“ Give me one good reason why I should let you two any further”, he said crossing his arms on his chest

Faith steppedup and smiled, “ We’ll give you two.. my tongue on your cock…”

“..and mine on your balls.” I finished with a wicked smile

“ Alright, you girls win, I’ll have to take you up on that offerlater I’m drained right now. That crazy chick who’s been hanging around the joint giving bj’s last couple weeks drained my balls”

“ Ooo I like her already, “ Mrs Parson said in a tone that was very not churchlike.

“ Dee’s already entertaining in theVIP room upstairs, go dance wtih her, have some fun….”

We stepped away from the stand and were about to follow our new male friends up when Denny finished what he was saying

“ ..but for the love of God, dont come out into the bar or the lounge, Marcus will have my head”

“You got it sweetie”

Instead of heading through the plush double doors into the suite, we were led up some stairs to the second floor, we passeda couple on the landing, a white brunette getting fingered while sucking face with Bill, with her free hand I could see her stroking Bill’s cock which was already out of his pants. Faith and I shared a look. This was one heck of a club!

We wandered up the second floor which revealed a long hallway which probably covered the length of the building, another flight led upstairs but this was apparently our stop. There were 6 doors, 3 on either side of the hallway. We walked down the hall and we could hear moaning and grunting coming from behind most of the doors

The gents led us to door 2 and let us in, clearly this was their destination. On reflection I realized I had never learned thier names. It didnt matter really, as they hadnt bothered learning ours either. The doorway across the hall was open and inside it we could see a room with a small round low circular stage with a stripper pole in the middle; flanked on all sides my large wide couches.

Kneeling on the stage of this room how ever was a girl, probably no older then Faith and myself. She was surrounded by black black guys with pants around their ankles, all the time she was sucking them off. While she was sucking one guy off, she was jerking off two more with her hands. She would bob and switch between men masterfully. She was very pale skinned and dark haired and probably would like quite pretty if it hadnt been for the gobs of cum dripping slot oyna all over face and her smeared make up.

One of our “dates” explained it to us

“ Open door means anyone can come in and party..that girl there, she’s been hanging out in the alley every night for the last two weeks. All she’s been doing is sucking cock, all she wants is to suck cock…she sucks cock till midnight then just walks out..but she’s always waiting round back when the doors open. Fucking crazy I tell ya”

She did certainly sound strange but looking at her I can recognize that look on her face. She was thoroughly entranced by what she was doing. It was lust, pure and simple. We were sisters in that aspect, but why she only limited herself to oral ministrations was puzzling to me when you could enjoy complete satisfaction.

I didn’t have time to puzzle over this very long as were then pointed back towards the door we were aiming for. One of our escorts for the evening opened the door across the hall and led us in. The room was very similar in layout to the one where the raven haired girl was enjoying her oral festival;, couches along three walls with the low round stage avec stripper pole in the middle. There was a big glass window covering the far wall though and it looked down into the showroom of the club.The couhces were in the ever distinctive style from home; zebra print. It wasn’t a huge leap of faith to realize that our furniture were probably extra stuff from the club. Not to mention there were five other black men lounging in on the respective couches already watching the entertainment in the middle.

My eyes were quickly drawn to the woman dancing on the stage and I almost had to take a double take. It was Momma.

Momma was down to nothing but the slim white bikini bottom she was wearing and a pair of white latex stripper boots. She was bumping and gyrating and spinning around the pole to some very nice beats which came out of speakers in the wall.The five black guys in the room were lounging on the couches and some of them were even rubbing their crotches enjoying the show.

“ Hey hey, we brought some more entertainment for tonight”, my ‘date’ said entering the room with me on his arm.

There was some general hooting and murmurs of approval as all eyes in the room turned to check us out. Even Momma spun around on the poll to check us out and stopped suddenly when she saw us, her eyes widening in amazement. She opened her mouth to speak, so I quickly disentangled myself and strode up to her

“ What the hell are you doing here young lady?” , she said in a whisper leaning down to me.

“ We wanted to see what you did for a living”, I said looking up her boobs all but hanging in my face

“ Now you know, now I think its time for you to leave before things get out of hand” she whispered back

Her heavy boobs were dangling right before me as she leaned over and I just couldnt resist. A flicked out my tongue and gave a quick lick to one of her nipples which instantly hardened.She gasped a moment and then I moved forward and gripped her hips and fastened my moth around her other nipple. The guys absolutely freaking loved this. Momma let out a moan as I sucked on her nipple. I pulled away for a secnd and looked up at her

“ Are you sure you want me to leave”, I said with false coyness

Momma sighed and siad, “ Fine, but if this party goes a little crazy, you’ve got no one to blame but yourself”

“ Yes ma’am”, I agreed

“ And don’t leave the VIP room, can’t have you seen walking the halls”

“ Why dont you get up and dance with her”, one of the guys in the room said.

I glanced over and saw that Faith and mrs partson had already settle onto couches, with two men bookending each of the ladies. The men were already getting friendly, putting their hands on the ladies.
I looked back at Momma who shrugged and pulled me up onto the stage to a great deal of approval

“ Just follow my lead, “ Momma said turning me around.

I dod so and Momma slipped behind me and began to grind her hips into my back side. I followed her moves and grinded to the rythm behind her. Her hands defltly made their way up the sides of my body. I was definitely enjoying this part of the night, that was for sure. The men were really enjoying this show too you could tell from the shit eating grins on their faces.

Momma’s hands came up to the sides and of my tube top and for the second time this evening it was pulled down. My breasts popped free and the men cheered it on. Mommas hands slipped up my skin to cup and hold my heavy tits in her hands. Her fingers expertly tweaked at my nipples getting them hard in seconds and I felt shivers race up and down my skin.

“ Shit, bith those white girls got big tits”, one of our dates exclaimed

Momma’s hands wandered down my body and unfastened my denimskirt buttons and let them slip to the floor. I had come tonight “ commando” and my naked flesh was presented to all. The men whistled and hooted and then Momma moved her ands down to my cleft. I leaned back into her and arched my back as her fingers found my now throbbing pussy, she stroked my clit with a finger and let out a moan

“ Kiss the bitch, giver her some tongue”

I reached back and gripped Momma by her neck and she turned her head over my shoulder and our mouth and tongues locked. Our audience had no idea that I was her daughter, but they found it hot anyways that two big busted blondes were making out in front of them. Momma and I kissed wet and deep, partly for the audience but mostly because we loved it. It was a specail thrill for me, displaying myself for them and the wickedness of what we were doing sent me to new thrills. I was pretty sure Momma felt the same.

I stepped out of my skirt and turned to face Momma. We wrapped our arms around each other and ground slowly against each other hip to hip. Momma placed her thigh began between my own and we began to grind our pussies on each others thighs. I have to admit I was pretty tunred on by this act of exhibitionism and Momma was too by the wet warmth on my leg too.

We shimmied and swayed and bumped and grinded together to the music. Since Momma was half a foot taller then myself, I bent my head and started suckling on her nipples just the way she liked and she grabbed by the hair and pushed me further in.

As we swayed and turned I glanced around seeing that the party in here was already heating up. Faith had her shorts unzipped and was busy being fingered by the guy on her left, while all at the same time she had extricated the cocks out of the pants of the man on either side of her and slwoly stroking them watching us. Mrs Parson as similar, except her sirt was hiked up and a man was between her thighs eating her out while she stroked on two more cocks. The other three guys were watching the show

“I’m so glad you girls are on the pill”, Momma whispered in my ear, “ not a week goes by here without some girl getting knocked up”

I was begining to see why. This was one heck of a club.

“ Lets crank this show up , Mom…ummm..Dee”, I said catching myself.

I knelt down before Momma in between her thighs, resting on my knees. I nestled my face between her legs and began to lick away at her pussy. She gripped the pole behind her for support as I began to tongue lash her. After a few minutes of this Momma’s whimpers and moans were a telling sign of her incoming orgasm. She gripped me my the shoulders for balance as I swirled my tongue in sharp circles around her clit hard and she shook through a cum

Momma wobble down on her kness to kiss me a thanks and wickedly licked her own juices from my lips. We then start tongue lashing each other hotly mouth to mouth. Around us all one could hear was moaning from Mrs Parson and hot sluriping sounds which I assumed were coming from Faith

Suddenly in the middle of our kiss I can feel someone walk up beside us and in a matter of instants a big fat black cock was pushing it self between our lips. We opened our eyes and looked up, it was my “date” , but it didnt really matter. Momma and I shared a wink and went to doing what we do best.

We lavished our lips all over that tool between us making him sloppy with spit. He had a pretty big cock, not in the leagues of Marcus or my other ‘boys’ , but it was quite the mouthful. We ran our tongues up and down the length of his shaft and traded kisses at the tip. He moaned and stroked our hair canlı casino siteleri in approval at this double treatment

Faith and Mrs Parson were really monaing and groaning now and I could hear the hot wet slapping of flesh on flesh behind me. I could tell the fucking had already started, these boys sure wasted no time. Which of course turned me on to no end and I really began to go to town on the cock between Momma and myself.We made his cock slick with spit, running our tongues up and down the negth of it like a big lolipop.

I felt someone kneel down behind me and put his hands on my hips, a heavy cock slapped up against my pubis. I moaned around the cock between Momma and myself and reached down and gripped the fucktool. I rubbed hoscock abit against my my moist pussy before guiding the tip to my honey hole. This guy had a really thick cock but he wasted no timeplunging his meat into me

“ Oh god!”, I groaned as he pushed his thickness into me

Another fella slipped around Momma and jdging my the look on her face she was getting the same treatment from behind.

“ Oh fuck thats good, “ , Momma gasped out

We both had to grasp the stripper pole to keep ourselves up right as we started getting fucked from behind. The guy getting the double blowjob was groaning, but with our diminished capacity to interact he just started dipping his coc in and out of our mouths, turning left to right to get past our respective lips

“ Goddamn, I’m gonna nut!” he groaned

We pushed our faces close together and flicked at his cock as it twitched and hot white cum burst from his black plumhead. It was a big load and splattered our lips and cheeks together. Momma and I tried catching it , but it was messy. Momma started licking the cum off my chin as well.

The guys behind us really started fucking us hard at this point. Momma and I had to grap the pole with both hands as we were pummeled away on by our black studs/ The excess cum dripped down our chests and off our bouncing breasts

The big cock inside me started to swell and the intense nerve sensations were setting me off . My faceless fuck grabbed by the hips hard and rammed his cock home. I groaned and came hard around his cock as I could feel him twitch and contract in me> He was cumming in my pussy and that made me cum too.

This went on for what seemd ages, my faceless fuck pulled out and then another took his place. After he fucked me through a couple orgasms , he shot his load in me and a third took his place, Momma was getting the same treatment, but she was only on her second guy at this point. I guess my being younger maed them get their rocks off quicker.

My hands and arms were getting really sore, so I asked the man behind me if I could lay down. He replied by rolling me over onto my back and throwing my legs over his shoulders. Momma said she was tired too and she got the same treatment. Now we were laying with our heads touching on the floor.

“ Lets bring these other bitches over “ said one of the men

In a matter of minutes , Faith was laying on her back to my right and Mrs parson to my left. We were now the four sexual points of a compass on the round low stage. I reached over and grabbed Faith and Mrs Parsons hands in my own. They in turn did the same for Momma.

Each one of us had a black guy fucking us now. There was no lovemaking, they were punishing our pussies with thier dicks. When a guy would come, he would either do it deep in our pussies , or pull out and cum on our tits or all over our faces.

I didnt recognize some of the guys that were fucking us. Then I remembered we had left the door wide open, and according to club rules; anyone could come in and party. I’d say all of the guys managed to cum twice, and a few of them came three times. I had 6 different guys fuck me, and one of them twice. I think that was the average for all the ladies that night

We were covered in spunk , and it dripped from us.At the end, there were 6 guys remaining, I could tell from a casual glance around the room there were 8 guys lounging on the couches, their dicks exhuasted and limp. I was wondering what was keeping the guys going so long!

The last 6 gave us a real treat and knelt over our faces and jacked off on us. One guy came and it set off the rest of them. It was like a cum shower. I flikced out my tongue and tried to catch as many drops of man rain I could. In the end we were coated in jizz

The four of us ladies lay there panting and heaving. My body felt like it had run a 2O mile marathon. My pussy was throbbing and I felt like I had passed a child. I was definitely going to be sore in the morning. But right now I was absolutely fuck-giddy and delirious. The cum on my face was cooling on my hot skin and was begining to get very sticky, but I had intention of wiping it off, instead I rubbed it into my lfesh feeling like a marked woman

“ You ladies really know how to party”, I heard Mrs Parson say weakly on my left.

We all started to laugh slowly at this, it realy had been a bonding experience.

I heard some slurping in the corner and raised my head up and looked around. There was the oral hungry brunette from earlier in the evening happily sucking on Marcus’ huge cock. He was still fully dressed and his big tool was sticking out of his fly. The girl in quesstion was dripping in spunk all over her face, but she seemed absolutely enthralled by how big Marcus was.

Marcus looked at us calmly with almost a wistful smile on his face.

“ Okay ladies, party’s over, time for everyone to go home” Marcus said

“ But..I’m not done”, said the brunette in anot surpising young voice

“ Come by tomorrow and you can finish me off, “ marcus said softly pushing her hungy mouth away.

The four of us groggily , stiffly and slowly got up off the floor and fumbled for our clothes. We must have been the sight to see. Cum drippng everywhere as we slapped our clhtes on in the best way possible in our states.

“ Coome dear, I’ll drive you can suck my husband off in the car”, Mrs Parson said escorting our little brunette out

The bar was closing as we made our way down, we had been fucking for hours. The three of us staggered together , holding onto each other for support. We were completely fuck drunk and wrecked. We three piled into the backseat of Momma’s convertible. Momma sat in the middle while Faith and I took up either side. Marcus drove us home

The cool night air was very relaxing.Faith and and I both leaned over into Momma and popped open her blouse to softly suck on her nipples on the ride home. Cum dripped out of us and made soft puddles on her zebra print overs.

We got back to our place and Marcus gave us all the lecture about not ever going back to the Zebra Club. That we were minors and club rules couldnt protect anyone from Johnny Law. We insured him we wouldnt go back and he seemed content at this

We all went in and Marcus went to go call a cab to bring him home when faith put her finger down on the receiver.

“ I can’t let you go before I give you your gift”, Faith said with a wicked smile

10 minutes later we were all in Momma’s king sized waterbed. I was cuddled up next to Momma on my side and we were watching the show

Faiths legs were behind her head as Marcus properly deflowered her ass. His big dick seemd impossible to fit up her backdoor, but she took him all. He slwoly fucked her ass, and Faith uncharacteristically wasn’t cursing. She merely bit her lip as he slowly buried himself balls deep.

I decided to help her out by licking her clit as he fucked her ass, and she came almost as he did. Filling her rear passage with sperm. As he pulled out she shook once and proceeded to faint.

Marcus took his leave , and by the time he was at the bedroom door the three of us ladies were already asleep in a threeway cuddle.

The rest of the summer was a gloriously idle time

There were no more trips to the Zebra Club, but we would be given special sneak in rights for New Years parties there. Our weekends were still fuck filled with Marcus , Denny and Bill, sometimes all at once or just in pairings or threesomes of many sorts.

The rest of the time was spent exploring the town and getting ready for school.

Here I was, a spoiled little rich prude girl now living in a trailer park and a total bisexual nymphomaniac. It was a glorious first summer, the one that set me on my path

But school was just around the corner, and the 11th Grade was going to be quite the adventure

But thats a whole new set of stories for another time

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