Changing Santa’s Suit

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“Why am I stuck working as a department store Santa?”

“Because it pays better than most student jobs. You had to repeat just one single semester credit to graduate high school. You have lots of time and no exam until January. I think it was nice of Blotz to give you all afternoon shifts so you can make that 9:00 calculus class.”

I groaned. Calculus was evil the year before, but being sentenced to repeat it at first bell was like a prison term. I knew my parents and the school had devised that on purpose to try to cut down on the partying which had sabotaged my earlier effort.

It was kind of cool though that that I could have such an open conversation with my boss. Today was just a bad day. Christmas Eve shoppers, I had learned, were the worst, and I had blown up. Now I was exiled to the staff room on an early break to calm down.

The boss, Valerie, was just trying to help, sitting here and making me some fresh hot cocoa, the real deal, not instant. As our discussion paused, I sipped on the warm brew and sighed. Looking up, I saw that Val’s eyes were locked on my face. For the first time, I noticed that she had two different coloured eyes – one blue, the other brown. This contributed to her exotic look. Despite being near retirement age, Val, the Display and Promotion Director of my town’s only remaining independent department store, maintained a funky look to express her creativity. Her hair was seasonally dyed a festive mix of red and green, with sprigs of holly sticking out randomly. Plus, she wore the same abbreviated costume the elves did. “It’s not sexism if the supervisor wears the same,” she had reasoned to me six weeks before when I had started.

Her skirt, cut in jagged points, stopped at mid thigh. The most enjoyable distraction of my job was watching the better looking elves bending over to speak with little kids. My favourite elf was Cinnamon, a twenty something black single mom who had taken the job to avoid losing her kids in a custody fight after her ex-husband had found out she was working as a stripper. She had a tremendous body, trim but equipped with surgically enhanced boobs that needed no bra. I bet lots of Dads offered to stand in line with the kids just to admire how Cin’s perpetually erect plump nipples strained against the thin green felt of her top. I often got hard watching the watchers, thinking how much hornier they would feel if they knew that Cin generally managed to forget to wear panties under her sheer green tights. Her knowing grins confirmed she knew exactly what effect she had on the Santas. She truly appeared to be a wanton vixen. She had commented to me just this morning, “Gee Santa what a nice big gift package you have in your pants. Is that for Mrs. Claus, or the MILFs?”

I had replied, “Mrs. Claus ran off with a horny reindeer salesman, and if one of the elves doesn’t help me with this problem soon, I might accidentally give one of the urchins a nasty lump, and not one made of coal.”

Cin had laughed wickedly, turning and tossing the front of her skirt to waist level, giving me a clear view of her hairless pussy, decorated by a tattoo of a horny little devil just to the left of her labia.

Unfortunately, the arrival of a pack of kids had interrupted at that point. Perhaps my high level of frustration was why I had gotten too excited when some three year old peed down my leg. Jumping up in alarm as the warmth flooded my boot, I had sent the girl tumbling, startling both her and her mother.

Val had heard the commotion but had not seen it. She huddled briefly with Cin, and the other on duty elf, a young blonde hard body named Roxie, to find out what happened.

Which lead to me sitting on the staff room couch wearing just the padded jacket and boxers while I drank my cocoa. I was sure I had jut imagined that Val’s hands had caressed my inner thighs as she whisked me out of the damp pants, but she seemed in no hurry to help me into a new suit. I looked away from her eyes, glancing at the patterns in my cup, but the whispering of her tights as she recrossed her legs got my attention. The strips of fabric fell away from her thighs, revealing remarkable firmness for a sixty year old woman.

For the first time I wondered what sex with someone older than my Mom might be like. Though I was still eighteen, I was no virgin. I had thought Cin was unattainably mature for me. Compared to Cin, Val’s womanliness had seemed even more unreal, her sexiness affecting me more like how I might react to a character in a movie than anything which might provoke an encounter. Suddenly, sitting here staring at Val, that all changed and new possibilities blossomed. My brain was overheated, wondering what sort of relationship Val had with my Dad, which had allowed him to score me this great job. A job I couldn’t afford to lose if I wanted to pay my car insurance and go away for college.

Val took out a crumpled pack of cigarettes, and offered me a slim ragged looking home rolled. “I don’t smoke, and besides which, isn’t that against regulations?”

“Screw nişantaşı escort the rules, and these aren’t tobacco anyway. It’ll calm your nerves. How else do you think I get through a day with screaming shoppers and rotten kids all over the store?”

She lit her joint and took a deep drag, then passed it to me. “You try it.”

I hesitated.

“That’s an order. I am the boss.”

The smoke filled my lungs and I immediately felt light headed. As I exhaled, Val stood up and stripped off her costume.

“You know there is no lock on the door? Loss prevention rules,” I said, stupid from hormones and drugs.

“I don’t care,” Val giggled. “I’m already so stoned that I would dance nude on Mr. Blotz’s desk. In fact, I might do that later. I love it when he fondles my tits while I pick up my Christmas bonus with my pussy lips. You know, the first year, I wondered why he paid it in silver dollars. But, first, I want to get fucked. Because while you go back out to Santa’s village, I’ll be selling sex for charity up in the executive suite. We’re short money for the store’s Christmas hamper drive and Blotz has a few major donors stopping by for drinks. I get to serve them, and then service them. I need a fun fuck first.”

Val shoved me around so I was lying down on the couch. She pinned me there as she swiftly stripped off what little costume she had on. “For me, fun fucking means that I get to be greedy first. Eat me, boy.”

She lowered her thighs to my lips. By this point, I was so turned on it no longer mattered that Val was my boss, or that she was almost as old as my grandmother. I strained my head up instinctively to try to clamp my lips on her dripping cunt. I had thought older women might be dry, but Val had no shortage of fluids. Her thighs were coated more than any teenager I had wrestled with in a car or bedroom. I savoured the rich womanly smell, stronger than the sweetness of youth. Her muscles clenched as she bore down on my face, moaning more loudly. “Oh, Tad, fuck yes, can you feel my orgasm building?”

I stabbed up at her clit with my tongue and began nibbling her sodden outer lips past my lips. Her moans gave way to groans as I reached up and twisted her nipples pulling them away from the small firm bumps that passed for her tits. I felt her climax build in waves as her hips lifted off the sofa and then crashed down onto my mouth, thrashing wildly as she yelled uncontrollably. Her back arched as she drew her tits away from me, but I held on tightly, allowing her to drag my upright to a sitting position as she fell back off my face, still whimpering softly.

Val’s screams must have been even louder than we thought, because at that moment the door burst open. “Is everything okay in here?” It was Cin, with Roxie visible just behind her.

Quickly taking in the situation, Cin reacted calmly. “I’m sorry to interrupt. It sounded like someone was upset.”

Behind Cinnamon though, Roxie’s red cheeks and flushed chest, visible in the low-cut cleavage of her elf suit, showed her embarrassment.

“That’s okay, girls,” Val replied. “I don’t mind being in the limelight. In our jobs, you need to be a bit of an exhibitionist. And I wouldn’t ask anyone to do anything I wouldn’t do. Including emptying Tad’s cock so he can get back to work. He’ll never fit into the Santa suit with this erection.” She curled her hand around my cock, which was pulsing with excitement, engorged with blood. Though I could not see it, I knew it must be longer and fatter than ever before.

Cin reached behind Roxie to close the door, jamming the chair in which Val had sat under the knob to prevent further interruptions. Val shifted around to snuggle her buttocks against my shaft, bouncing softly to caress my hardness with her warm soft flesh. Looking directly at Roxie, Val said, “When you were little, I bet you wanted to give Santa kisses for bringing you nice toys. Now you just get to give Santa’s cock kisses.”

Cin showed no hesitation in acting on Val’s command, falling to her knees by the couch and swallowing my cock in one gulp, her hair brushing against Val’s back. Roxie stood silently watching, as if in shock. “Come here, girl,” Val commanded. The athletic young woman obeyed, still speechless.

As soon as Roxie reached the couch, Val squatted, lifting her body above mine, so she could reach up and grasp Roxie behind the neck. She drew their faces together, stretching up and started kissing, quickly working her tongue between Roxie’s puffy pink lips, then shifting to deep soft kisses with her tongue gently swirling around inside Roxie’s mouth. I could see Roxie’s reluctance melting away as her tongue reciprocated.

Never missing a beat in bobbing her head up and down on my shaft, Cinnamon reached up and helped Val strip away the top of Roxie’s elf costume. Unlike Cin, Roxie wore a sports bra, which massed her tits flat against her chest. As the two experienced women stripped it off, I saw Roxie’s naked chest for the first time. She had firm medium sized sun freckled orbs with no tan lines. Her şişli escort shyness in the staffroom clearly did not preclude nude sunbathing. Her nipples were perky, already erect, a nice rosy pink.

Val and I each took hold of one of Roxie’s breasts, gently caressing them. With my other hand, I reached down and peeled one shoulder of Cin’s costume off, so that I could knead her exquisite boob, taking particular care to tease the chocolate nipple.

Roxie twisted around on the couch, and guided my mouth to her tit, so that I did not have to disturb Cin’s efforts. I sucked hungrily on Roxie’s nipple as she reached down to stroke the base of my cock and massage my balls while Cinnamon kept plunging her lips up and down, pausing just long enough at the top of each stroke to run her tongue around the ridge of my helmet, alternating with teasing flicks of tongue against the flap of skin below the tip. Val, who was still crouched next to Roxie on the couch, pushed Roxie’s breasts together which allowed me to move my mouth from one to the other. Val took my head in her hands and steered my lips away from Roxie long enough to kiss me. I suddenly realized that this was the first kiss we had shared, after being intimate, rather than before. Val then ran her tongue down Roxie’s firm abdomen, stripping off the girl’s tights as she tongued her. Val traced the lines of Roxie’s sculpted muscles, letting anticipation build before toying with the petals of Roxie’s rose. Roxie slid into a flat position; one leg trailing off the couch, Val crouched between her thighs, her head resting on the stuffed stomach of the Santa suit, a few inches above where Cin was sucking my cock.

Without even thinking about it, my hips began jerking off the couch, pounding my length into Cin’s mouth as I bent over awkwardly to nibble Roxie’s nubs. Cin gave as good as she got, bouncing up out of her crouch to meet my thrusts and swallow my rod fully.

I glanced down and saw that Val had her tongue tangled in Roxie’s dense natural golden fur. I reached over and combed Roxie’s mat with my fingers, feeling the moisture, revealing a baby pink slit the same shade as Roxie’s nipples. This made room for Val to part Roxie’s labia and begin lapping at the younger woman’s clit, which poked straight out, just like a baby cock.

“Oh,” exclaimed Roxie, “no one has ever kissed me down there. I hope I don’t taste funny or something.”

“Just a little salty,” murmured Val, who while pausing in her cuntlapping, instructed Cin, “If you still want to be an elf tomorrow, don’t let Tad come in your mouth this time. I want to ride his cock at full hardness, just as soon as I finish with Roxie. You can have him after work. He’ll be recovered by then, and I have my other party to attend. Hmmm. Maybe I should bring Roxie along. Those donors love sweet young meat.”

Roxie gasped, though I could not tell whether it was a reaction to the prospect of becoming essentially a company whore, or the effect of Val’s tongue once again parting her lips, this time slashing across Roxie’s clit from side to side like a buzz saw.

Val and I continued working on Roxie as Cin licked my cock like a lollipop. I was suckling harder and Val kept licking faster, the two sensations making Roxie squirm, sandwiched between us. I chewed, Val sucked. I trapped Roxie’s pink rubbery teat in my teeth and drew it deeper into my mouth, Val nipped at her soaked pussy walls, and then buried her tongue deeper in the well of Roxie’s sweet young cunt. Roxie growled and grunted, and grabbed Cinnamon’s kinky mane , dragging Cin’s head away from my cock, the two elves still in the remnants of their costumes, kissing deeply, as Roxie rode the wave of her pleasure, her body quaking. We continued, going at it faster and harder, not yielding, driving her not just to the brink of passion, but past any borders she had ever crossed before.

Suddenly, the dam broke and Roxie convulsed, and gave out a final roar, not trying any longer to contain the power of the orgasm flowing through her body. Val and I kept going, feeling the spasms shake her body as her scream became a moan. Roxie collapsed at one end of the couch. Cin fell over her, hugging her compatriot and grooming her, bathing her with her tongue while gently rubbing her body with slow hand strokes.

I started to untangle myself from the awkward pretzel like position in which I found myself. But I quickly realized that Val had a firm grip on my cock.

“Time to give the gift to the naughty girl on the list, Santa baby.” Val vamped. “And I know just what I want for Christmas.”

I chuckled. “Well, as long as you weren’t a good little girl. Santa has had enough milk and cookies for an eternity already.”

“You already ate the snack I have to offer, so time for you to give me your gift.”

Val tugged on my cock harder, accidentally pulling a bit harder than I think she planned, because suddenly we tumbled to the floor. This allowed Roxie to stretch out on the couch and Cinnamon smoothly slid around beside her. Cin took her time exploring mecidiyeköy escort Roxie’s wet thighs, without offer Roxie a taste of coffee coloured cunt immediately. Val and I just sat for a moment, admiring Cin’s experienced approach to lapping up the soggy mess between Roxie’s legs, exciting the younger woman so much that she was panting, and her own tongue literally hanging out of her mouth.

“Looks like one of the elves is about to help with the giving,” Val remarked, “and if she never had her cunt eaten, then I bet Cin’s will be the first taste she ever has. And I can tell you, it will be a real treat. The day I hired Cin, we had three other girls apply, with better modeling backgrounds. But Cin knew how to prove to Mr. Blotz and me who was best for the job.”

Val pumped my cock in her fist and continued as we watched Cin’s blood red fingernails probing not just Roxie’s labia, but right around her anus as well. “Cin sat on that very casting couch and blew Blotz just as calmly as if she was tying a bow on a present. Then, we still weren’t sure, so Mr. Blotz had Cin back and tried fucking her on the couch in his office.”

“How did Roxie not get that treatment?” I asked, reaching over and stroking Val’s nipples.

“You don’t know? She’s Blotz’s granddaughter.” Val chuckled naughtily. “That’s why turning her out at this donor party will be the perfect revenge. I retire at the end of the year and Blotz has been bugging me to designate a successor – except he pauses after the ‘suck’ part. I think he expects me to offer Cin the permanent job. But Roxie has a fine arts degree, so she is better qualified. Plus, my salary could easily pay two new staff and Cin could get a job as Roxie’s assistant. She already obviously loves her ass.”

I looked over to see that Cin’s tongue was now rimming Roxie’s asshole. Like everything else about Roxie, this was pink and fresh looking, like a newborn baby. Cin’s fingers were now fully buried in Roxie’s holes, plunging in unison, fucking her with double penetration.

“Hey, Val, this one’s a virgin. Oops, I mean, WAS a virgin.” Cin called out as Roxie let out a piercing scream in response to Cin’s fingers thrusting through her hymen. Luckily, Cin said it loudly, as my hearing was impaired by Val’s tongue in my ear as she was flipping one leg over my groin.

Val paused just briefly to ensure that Roxie was not upset. We could see that Cin was doing a fine job of comforting her, grazing along the blonde’s skin with her tongue and cooing softly as the fingerfucking continued.

Seeing that the elves were busy at play, Val resumed stroking my balls and running her hand around my shaft. “Oh, Santa, you brought me such a big present this year. Being a naughty girl really pays off.”

She lowered her pussy over my cock, guiding my erection into her wet hole. It was the effect that my width, not my length had on Val, which I noticed. With my prom date and then all the college girls I had fucked (pretending I had graduated high school), I had assumed the tight fit was because they were not much more experienced than I was. Val was as stretched as she ever could be, and my cock was snug inside her. I could feel her cunt walls pulsating, gripping my cock while at the same time stretching to accommodate it, wanting to drive it even deeper into her womb.

“Oh, Santa, your fat tummy is such a nice soft cushion to bounce on,” Val crooned like a teenager.

Cin meanwhile was licking across Roxie’s tummy and down around each thigh, tracing the muscles to where they met inside her groin. Roxie sighed and then moaned in response to Cin’s expert attention. Cin did not immediately attack Roxie’s cunt. Instead, she flicked her tongue once across the tip of Roxie’s engorged clit, and then retreated, licking down the edge of Roxie’s labia and underneath her slit. Roxie reached up and pulled in her own nipples. I decided that I was near enough to assist, and reached over to guide one of Roxie’s hands to Cin’s bountiful breast. Roxie pinched Cin’s nipple. They now both were moaning like a Christmas chorus.

Val fell forward against me, toppling me backwards, so that we were both lying on the floor, with Val pressed flat on top of me. Her warm wet pussy started to knead my cock, as if milking it, as she slid up and down my rod. I wrapped my arms around her, holding her tight against me in an embrace, enjoying the feel of her rock hard nipples biting into my flesh. She was so petite that my fingers could reach around her sides and caress the flesh of her tits while I hugged her.

Roxie was thrashing about on the couch, enjoying the feel of Cin’s tongue as it finally stopped teasing her, and wrapped itself around her clit. Cin had obviously noted its unusual prominence, and was quickly sucking on it like a miniature cock, drawing it between her lips and nibbling as her head bobbed slightly. When Cin slid a long fingernail up Roxie’s ass, the young surfer lost control, exploding in a screaming orgasm which caused Cinnamon to draw her face from inside Roxie’s thighs. The two elves hugged as Roxie’s tremors subsided. They lay there watching me with Val, my strong arms wrapped around her body holding her tight as she rode me like her pony, or more seasonally appropriately, I guess, her reindeer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32