Changing Room Sex

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This is my first posting, so be gentle. Sadly just a fantasy, but it might happen one day!

Feedback most welcome.


Following closely behind you, we enter the changing room and close the door behind us, sliding the catch to the locked position.

Hanging the clothes you have selected on the hooks, you turn and face me, a naughty smile playing across your lips. ‘Think there’s enough room in here for both of us?’ you ask.

I nod in agreement, ‘For sure and we got mirrors all round, so neither of us will miss anything!’

Giggling you turn your back towards me and instruct ‘Unzip me, I want to be naked.’

Sliding the zip of your dress downwards, you wriggle your hips and it falls to the floor. No bra and just your tiny thong left. You rub your butt checks against the front of my jeans and looking over your shoulder you say ‘Loose your clothes quick, I need your cock now!’

Wasting no time, my t-shirt is discarded, jeans unbuckled and un-zipped, mecidiyeköy escort both they and my boxers are pushed to the floor. I kick my deck shoes, along with the clothes to the corner of the cubicle and hook my thumbs into the strings of your thong, pealing the garment from your beautifully rounded butt.

You purr with pleasure as I trace the crease of your butt downwards, across your arsehole, lingering momentarily, then downwards, finding your dripping wet pussy. You gasp with excitement as I rub along your lips and locate your clit.

Adjusting you position, bending slightly forward and spreading your legs, you reach back and grab my hard cock. You rub the head of my cock up and down the length of your wet pussy, letting out little gasps of excitement before wriggling backwards slightly onto it.

Grasping both hips, I gently push forwards and the head of my cock slips into your pussy with ease. By God your wet, your muscles merter escort grip me and the combination of lubrication and tightness heightens my pleasure as I continue my gentle thrust forward, until I am buried fully within you.

You gasp once again and tossing your head backwards you look into my eyes. You are biting your bottom lip, with lust filling your eyes and you pant ‘Fuck me lover, with that lovely dick of yours. I want you to screw me to within an inch of my life’

‘You wish is my command!’ Taking a firmer grip of your hips, I start to withdraw my cock, before burying it back into you, slowly at first, my thrusts gather pace. You are really enjoying the sensation of my cock fucking in and out of your soaking pussy, pushing back with your butt to meet my forward thrusts.

I reach forward with both hands and massage your full swinging breasts, whilst continuing to screw you deeply. Your gasps and moans are become more and more urgent mutlukent escort as the sensations sweep through your body. ‘ That’s it, fuck me you bastard. Ohh yeeesss, right there, oh God I’m getting close. Hmm fuck meee!’

Your dirty talk increases my excitement as our bodies collide with increasing force. I can feel that familiar tingling sensation in my balls as my climax approaches.

‘Fuuccckk mmeeee! Fill me with your lovely cum, I want to feel it inside me. Ahhh I’m cumming!’ With that your body convulses, pussy tightening its grasp of my cock and I feel you cum on my dick. Letting go of your tits, I grip your hips and thrust even harder as you shake and moan through your orgasm, the feelings transferring to my cock trigger my own climax.

With an involuntary twitch, my cock begins to shoot its load deep inside your climaxing pussy. We are joined in the moment of orgasm, both gasping for air, my cock fully inside you, filling you with my spunk!

As we both begin to recover from the big finish, there is a knock on the door. We both catch our breath, as a voice asks ‘ Hiya, do you like anything you’ve tried on?’ We both stifle giggles and you answer ‘ Yes, I’ve definitely found something to satisfy me!’

We passionately kiss, cuddling each other. I whisper in your ear ‘ We’d better get dressed then, think we’ll definitely have to shop here again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32