Changing Reflections Ch. 02

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Big Tits

It was Saturday morning and no one had gotten a good night’s sleep.

Clinton couldn’t sleep. He laid in the same bed that 20 of his fellow frat brothers had sex with is girl friend Stacie. That didn’t bother Clint though. He was planning on breaking up with Stacie because he felt she was a girl not a woman. Although she was gorgeous looking, she was always so immature when it came to sex. Clinton loved sex. He was in no way monotonous with Stacie. It was Clint who took Stacie’s virginity but she was never really into it except for last night. Last night she was like another person, an insatiable sex fiend, the kind of woman he always wanted.

Kathy couldn’t sleep. The man she always fantasized about, the man whom she measured all other men had made love to her better than she could ever dare to imagine. I a thousand dreams she never once thought it could ever be. Clinton Litner had fucked her. She was still awake with a smile on her face. To make it even more fantastic, he had said that he obsessed over her. She had to tell Carol even if she wouldn’t believe her. Carol would have to convince Clint not to drop this relationship, she would have to make this happen. Kathy thought it would be impossible to just make it one night of passion like he said, they were meant to be.

Carol couldn’t sleep. What had she done? Had this power to change into any person corrupted her into some twisted evil? It was bad enough she got her math teacher fired, Stacie thrown in a looney bin, but to have sex with her own brother? That wasn’t the intent after all. She was going to go to the party as Stacie to flirt with the other guys and make Clinton see her for the slut she was. Instead….she winds up fucking her brother. Carol tried to rationalize it all night long, it was the beer, it was the chemical attraction that Stacie had for her brother. It really wasn’t incest, since technically it was Stacie having sex with Clint. However, she rationalized it Carol was turned on by her brother and enjoyed the sex. She even enjoyed the gang bang that followed. She thought that now she was a sex maniac as well. Carol decided she had to go to the nursing home to talk with John about the power he had given her.

When Carol arrived at the nursing home she went to John’s room but found it empty with all his items gone. One of the staff told her that some strange stuff has been going on last few days.

“like what?” asked Carol.

“Well first, John disappears in the middle of the night, no windows or doors opened, no one seen him walking around. Then there’s Willy. Everyone thinks that Willy might have, how can I say this, ‘accidently’ taken some medication, cause he was running around here telling people that he saw himself walk down the hall and right out onto the street and in a taxi. If you ask me, he was high and probably let John out, he was his orderly you know”

Carol left the nursing home. She knew that John had turned into the orderly to leave and was probably heading toward his burial ground somewhere. Just then Kathy called her on her cell phone. Carol knew what it was going to be about. All she wanted to do was lift her spirits a bit, but now she knew it was only going to complicate Yenibosna Escort things. As Carol was heading for her car she noticed an attractive woman parked next to her. She was in her late twenties she guessed, jet-black hair, a fit body with 36C breasts and possibly a touch of Asian features to her face. Instinctively Carol licked her finger and pretended to trip grabbing the woman’s arm for support. Carol thought if she turned into a woman like that, she would be able to get laid whenever she wanted, and she wanted it now.

On the way to Kathy, she pulled into the service station for gas as Carol turned into the black haired woman. She noticed the mechanic, a gruff good-looking man of about 30 watching her with lust in his eyes. She filled the tank and instead of paying for the gas walked over to the mechanic.

“Foolish me, I forgot my money honey. Perhaps there is something we can arrange?”

“Sure thing, follow me inside”

The mechanic roughly grabbed her tits hardly believing his luck. He pushed her down on her knees and took out his cock. Carol greedily took it into her mouth and sucked it. At first she could smell the sweat pouring off his body and was slightly repulsed, however, she soon felt wet and turned on herself. Carol knew the guy would settle for a blow job but she wanted to get fuck. She tried to pull away from his cock but he grabbed her head with both his hands and methodically fucked her face. Carol gagged several times and submitted to the domination. She felt his sperm unload into her mouth as she swallowed it all. Carol felt the presence of another person, when his limp cock left her mouth she saw an older man, probably the owner, grinning with his cock standing at attention.

“Oh good, now I can get fucked too” she mewed.

“Hell yeah lady”

The older man spread her on the hood of the car as Carol tossed away the thong panties and hitched the skirt up. The man took her by the hips and pulled her into his cock. As Carol was enjoying the fucking she looked at the man. He was the oldest man she had ever fucked, he was about her father’s age. A perverted thought entered her mind, wondering if her mother enjoyed being fucked by dad. Maybe she should try that.

Carol left with free gas and a free oil change as she serviced both men again. She arrived at Kathy’s. She listened to Kathy bare her soul on her evening with Clint. She went on how she couldn’t let it be a one night stand. She pleaded with Carol to help her.

Carol looked at Kathy who was near tears and made a decision.

“Kathy I want to tell you a secret. You can never ever tell a soul”

“Carol I just poured my most innermost thoughts to you, of course I wouldn’t tell anyone”

Carol slowly explained her visit with John last Sunday. Kathy interrupted her several times with questions and asking what this had to do with her and Clint, but she went on.

“Carol…what are you saying…what do you mean?”

Finally Carol decided to show her and before Kathy’s eyes she turned into the woman she met in the parking lot.

Kathy fainted. Passed out for several minutes. Carol brought her too and Kathy asked her to do it again. Kathy Yenibosna Escort Bayan stared at the strange beautiful woman before her.

“Carol is that really you?”

“Yes. Not only that, but I was also Clint. I was him last night. With you…”

As dumfounded as Kathy was over this strange ability of Carol’s that did make sense to her. They talked a while longer about the power; how she does it; what works and what doesn’t; she also mentioned how it has turned her mind in a twisted way.

“Colin Ferrall…! Ashton Grutcher…wait! Brad Pitt. Turn into Brad Pitt and make love to me”

“Doesn’t work like that remember?” Carol smiled “Unless Brad is going to visit us there is no way I can touch him”

“Oh yeah….well can you turn into your brother again?” Kathy gave a wicked smile. She was already stroking her pussy at the thought.

Carol was taken aback at the request.

“Err. No I made a mistake last night. I don’t want to use this gift as some perverted “fuck toy. I want do something good with it”

“Oh sure, you can turn into miss mini skirt and get laid all you want but you won’t help me out. Maybe I’ll tell Stacie’s mom why here little girl is in therapy and expelled. Maybe I just call up Clint”

“You said you would never tell!” Carol yelled.

“And maybe I won’t if you share” smirked Kathy.

Carol needed to think things over and the best way was to get this over with and let Kathy think she won. She closed her eyes imagining Clint and turned into him. It took twice as long as before, possibly she thought because she imprinted him many hours ago. Kathy wasted no time and leaned back naked, spreading her pussy. Carol looked at Kathy with that evil grin on her face.

“Yeah, well first suck me bitch”

Carol then took Clint’s Cock and jammed it into Kathy’s mouth. She clenched her hair with both hands and fucked her mouth like the mechanic did earlier. Carol liked having this control over her. She pulled the cock out of Kathy’s mouth and turned her over on the bed while Kathy gurgled and mumbled. Clint’s large hands grabbed either side of her ass cheeks and Carol jammed the cock into her pussy.

“Oh yeah fuck me Clint”

Carol jammed it in hard, she wanted to hurt Kathy and furiously fucked her while slapping her ass. But Kathy was enjoying it. Carol then took the cock out of her pussy and thrust it into her asshole.

“Nnnnoo awww that hurts…Clint…Carol…you bitch nnoo”

Carol enjoyed fucking her in the ass. She didn’t hear the door knocking, she did hear the door open and the gasp that followed.

Clint stood at the door watching Kathy getting fucked in the ass by a boy who…looked just like…no…it was his double. Carol locked eyes on Clint and stopped the thrusting. Kathy however, was totally unaware and now rocked her ass back and forth on to the cock still grunting. Kathy looked over to see Clint in the door and jumped forward the cock popping out of her buthole and a stream of sperm arcing it’s way on her body.

Kathy ran over to Clint to rush him inside and lock the door.

“Clint let me explain” she muttered.

“Who the hell is this?” Clint was red in Escort Yenibosna the face and he needed to hit someone.

“I can explain…it’s really your sister, Carol….she has a power. Sssshe changed into you”

Carol groaned thinking to herself “oh fucking great way to keep a secret”. She decided to show Clint and before both of them turned into herself in her jeans in sweatshirt, just like she left the house this morning.

Carol and Kathy both explained it to Clint. He also had a hundred questions, the same as Kathy but sat on the bed with grin and said “show me”

“Carol do the woman you showed me” Kathy giggled.

This was happening all to quickly for Carol. She nodded and turned into the black hair woman. Clint whistled an approval.

“Damn she’s hot”

“Hell yeah, I can see your pecker thinks so too” giggled Kathy.

“For sure, if she wasn’t my sister I’d fuck her now”

“She isn’t your sister Clint, she’s a strange beautiful exotic woman. This isn’t your sister”

Clint looked at Kathy and nodded. Carol could see the bulge in his pants tenting. Clint slowly got up from the bed and walked toward her.

“Just think Clint she can be anyone you want. Anyone you ever wanted”

“Wait just a minute” Carol stammered. She put up her arms to keep Clint at bay.

“I am still your sister. Just because I look like….”

Clint moved quickly and took her in his strong arms. Carol struggled slightly as Clint kissed her and shoved his tongue into her mouth. Kathy walker behind Carol and pulled down the skirt. Clint broke off the kiss and in a swift motion pulled the top off her.

“Anyone I want. After this you need to introduce yourself to Mrs. Porter, I always had a thing for her” Clint murmmered.

“I am not your sex toy” she said to deaf ears.

Carol tried to protest but four hands were stripping her naked and pulling her to the bed. Kathy sat on her face as Clint licked the woman’s pussy. Despite all her protests Carol was enjoying the sexual tension. Kathy watched Clint eat her pussy and decided now was her chance at some “real Clint cock”. She sucked on his dick as he brought Carol to an orgasm. Clint then pulled out of Kathy’s mouth and mounted the woman.

“Oh yeah baby…you are so hot”

Clint fucked her and Carol wrapped her legs around his body bucking with his movement. Kathy went to the bathroom to pee, when she came out she was holding newspaper.

“Hey Clint look at this….your fucking the bra model.”

Clint looked at the newspaper ad. Sure enough the bra model in the ad was the same woman. This made him hornier than ever.

The three of them fucked and sucked each other. At one point Carol turned into Clint and they both double-teamed Kathy.

“Yeah sis, we gotta take you over to a Victoria Secret Show or maybe a movie premiere. Hell can you imagine me fucking Halle Berry?”

“We can’t do this again Clint” said Carol.

“What? Why not? You yourself said you love sex and can’t get any good studs in your normal body”

“But this is incest. Brother and sister can’t fuck each other”

“Oh they just made that up so family won’t fuck each other and have two headed kids” chimed in Kathy.

“Yeah sis, I am just fucking a body…it’s not the same thing”

“Oh would you say that if I turned into mom?’

Clint just stared at Carol and then a slow smile came to his face.

“Shit…that would be awesome. I can fuck mom!”


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