Changes of Opinion

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Valentine’s Day
Secondary school
Age: Jonathan: 19
Rachel: 18
Lesson: Art class

Jonathan stared at the folded piece of paper sitting on his desk. Drawn on the front of the paper was a large heart coloured in a bright cherry red. Above the giant red heart were the stencilled words “Happy Valentines Day”. It was a rather poor excuse for a card and he knew that no real effort had been given but as he thought at the time – what was the point? It was a single card that was made in a class exercise because the teacher didn’t have a lesson planned and sure enough would be ripped and binned later anyway.

The teacher had come to the agreement with the class that to save the embarrassment of giving a card to the person they would all hand in their cards to the front of the class and at the end of the class the teacher would give the cards out instead. Jon already had his card ready and knew who exactly he wanted to give his to; she was (in his eyes) the most beautiful girl in the school. Her name was Jenna and she was the captain of the schools girl’s lacrosse team. Her long, blonde, wavy hair captivated him every time he looked in her direction. He let out a sigh and opened the card. Written In the middle of the card in his scruffy and rushed handwriting were the words: “Happy valentines, the most beautiful girl in the world.”. Underneath the message was his name and three X’s, there was no name at the top, there was no point – after all the teacher were going to hand them out directly so she would get it anyway.

He looked over at her once more, she was in a conversation with the person sitting on her right and they were both giggling. Her smile made him smile. She looked over at him and waved, he smiled back and waved before looking down at the card pretending to be busy. When he was sure she was not looking at him anymore he looked back up. For a second he looked behind her at the girl sitting by herself with her head in her hands, she looked upset. He knew it was his sister and he also knew that she was a bit of a loner. Not by intention but she wasn’t going to have many friends with her large metal braces, thick glasses and un-fair complexion. She was no Jenna.

A pang of pity shot through his heart. Yes, she was no Lacrosse captain and would never win any looks contests but what hurt him most was that he knew no guy in the class would bother to give her a card. After all who would want to give Rachel Moore, social outcast and general loner a card?

Jon looked down at his card. The raised his hand and waited for the teacher to acknowledge.

“Yes, Jon?” The teacher asked sitting behind his desk like overwatch (too many spy movies).

“Made a mistake sir. Could I have another piece of paper?”

Obviously annoyed the teacher reached into a draw in desk and placed a blank page on the top of his desk. Jon went to receive the paper and threw the old one in the bin as he walked back to his seat. He started again on his new card. Taking this time this time and putting effort into it he carefully drew a large heart like the other. Using the array of felts on his desk he selected the blood red colour and began to colour the shape. When he was done he drew four more hearts around the big heart in the corners and coloured those in yellow – his sisters’ favourite colour. On the inside he wrote a new message in his best handwriting, it read: “You’ll always be in my heart, my girl.” He signed the card and wrote at the top: “To the best girl I know, Rachel Moore.”. It was probably overkill writing her full name but hey what did it matter?

He gave the card in to the teacher and sat back down at his desk waiting for the end of the lesson. Finally the end did come and there was a buzz of excitement and general murmur throughout the class. The teacher stood at the front of the class with the large pile of homemade cards at his side. The teacher began calling out the students names and the number of cards that they had.

“Jonathan Moore, three… Jenna Karas, five… Rachel Bilson, two…”

One by one the students walked from their seats and collected the cards before walking back to their seats, talking to friends while reading the cards they had given.

“Rachel Moore, one”

There was a small murmur throughout the class and one person even gave a small chuckle obviously thinking it was some practical joke. Reluctant to make a scene Rachel remained in her seat, sympathetically the teacher went to her table and placed the card in front of her before walking back and reading out the rest of the class names.

No longer paying attention to the rally of who got the most cards Jon was watching his sisters’ expression. At the beginning of getting her card she too must have thought it was some type of joke on her but eventually she managed to pluck her courage and opened the card. Her face brightened as she read what was inside and he gave her a small but warm smile as she Kars Escort looked up at him, she too smiled. The class died down giving just a few minutes till the bell ended the class.

Jon looked at the cards on his desk. They all pretty much looked the same, a giant heart and the same boring words. Some cards had glitter while others were like the card he made. Without bothering to read the messages he flicked through them. Stacy Chaplain, Tracy Emerald, Jenna Karas. He looked around the room at the people who had given him a card; Stacy was talking to her best friend and not paying him any attention. Tracy was reading a book she had brought to school and Jenna was looking through her own cards. When she finished she looked up at him as in to say: Why did you not give me a card?

He felt guilty about that, she gave him a card and he should have made two rather than just the one. But once he looked over at his sister and saw the smile and the look on her face as she studied his card all the emotions washed away.

The rest of Valentine’s Day went like any other day, when he got home he showed, to his mothers’ persistence, the cards he had gotten and then unceremoniously dumped them in the bin. He never even noticed his sister run straight through without showing her card and straight to her room. He didn’t see much of her after that.

Dinner was late that night and again at their mothers’ persistence, they had to sit and eat as a family at the table. Several times he looked up from his meal and caught his sister sitting opposite watching him with a smile across her lips. Maybe it should have bothered him more but considering the fact that he had probably done the nicest thing that she’s ever had he let her smile.

1 years later
Age: Jonathan: 20
Rachel: 19
No more school for Jon but Rachel still has end of year.
Weekend – Sunday.

“Rachel will you get out of that shower!?” Jon shouted through the bathroom door knowing that she was hogging the hot water.

“One second” Was the reply.

“You said that half an hour ago!”

“Fine I’m getting out, Don’t cry about it.”

Jon went inside his room and sat on his bed, the bathroom was directly to the right of his room. Hanging off the wall opposite in his room was a ceiling to floor mirror giving him an unobstructed view of the landing. He watched his sister run past with a towel wrapped around her slender body.

‘WOW’ he thought.

If he thought she was a late bloomer then bloomed she had. Her hair had become longer, silky, wavy and dyed brunette. She had gotten rid of her glasses and now only wore a pair when she needed to concentrate or reading. Without those thick lenses covering her face her bright blue eyes shone majestically. Her figure had built out more and she had grown more in other parts that made Jon nervous that he shouldn’t be looking there. She was not skinny by any means but had just enough to make her shape fuller and proportionally matched her long, slender, smooth legs. She always painted her toes and fingers, usually in some primary bright colour such as red, blue, green, yellow. Today it was blue.

He waited one more minute before he stripped off his shirt and threw it in the corner of the room and discarded his trousers and underwear in the hamper. The bathroom was only next door and there was little to no chance that he would be seen. He ran out into the landing and into the bathroom. Closing the door he noticed that his sister’s room door was not fully closed… strange, she usually preferred privacy and locked herself in most the day.

The shower was quick, brief and cold. Just as he opened the door to the bathroom he saw his sister outside looking at him, he scanned her face and for a brief moment he thought he recognised the look of disappointment. He gave her a smile and carried on to his room. He removed the towel wrapped around his waist and threw on the same old top, new underwear and a new pair of trousers.

After the typical family meal together their parents had announced that they were going to go out and the two siblings would have the house to themselves. Surprisingly it wasn’t long before their parents began to get ready to go out for the night. While they were getting ready Jon retreated back to his room. A few moments later there was a knock on his door.

“You can come in” he shouted.

The door opened and his mother stepped through. To describe his mother: She’s about the same height of her daughter (if not a few inches shorter). Has brown hair, like her daughter but has red highlights throughout her short cropped hair. She was wearing a black sequin night dress that came over her shoulders and a long ‘V’ line giving perfect view of her ample breasts. The dress cut short just above her knee line. Her feet hidden by sensible low heeled shoes that looked both fashionable and practical.

“So… how do I look?” She asked giving Kars Escort Bayan a twirl showing her slightly larger ass.

“You look magnificent, mom.” He replied.

“Thanks sweetie. Don’t stay up too late. Your father and I should be back around one.” She said turning around and walking downstairs. “Good night!” she called from down the stairs.

“Good night!” He called back.

After a short while of laying on his bed reading one of his many books, written by David Arguette (fantastic writer), Jon got up and walked down the stairs, his sister was still in her room. He got to the living room and flicked on the TV. Being late at night there was not much going on at the moment but there was the occasional movie. He settled for ‘Cops on Camera’. He managed to last five minutes before there was a break and he resumed the flicking. He flicked through the music channels for a short while but having the volume low as not to disturb his sister upstairs there was nothing to hear, an idea occurred. He looked back at the door to the stairs – closed – and then waited with the TV on mute for any sounds of anyone moving. It was quiet.

He typed in the PIN to the parental channels and flicked through the adult channel list. One channel showed a half-naked blonde girl, who in his own opinion was more bulky. The girl was lying on her back making humping motions with her hips and screaming into a mobile pressed against her ear. Next channel. This time it was a smaller and perkier blonde who was sitting cross legged facing the camera and wagging her finger as in to say: “come here”. He couldn’t help thinking that she was pretty but there was something about her that made him reluctant to masturbate to the thought of her. Without a specific reason he changed the channel back to the original program and settled back down.

It was probably a lucky decision as just as the channel flipped back to show a police on-board camera following another vehicle the landing door opened and his sister walked into the room. He was wearing tight jeans that wrapped around her slender legs and a tight tank top that pushed against her firm breasts accentuating them more.

“What we watching?” she asked sliding on to the settee besides him. She curled her feet up and laid her head on his arm. Her wavy brunette hair dropped over his skin, she smelled of strawberries. His right arm dropped over her body and shifted onto his right leg. He draped his arm across the backrest of the settee before smoothly dropping it down onto her arm.

“Just some cop show, ‘Cops on Camera'”. He replied never once taking his eyes from her body.

She gave a secret, gleeful smile.

He stroked her arm smoothly gaining a moan of appreciation. He looked down at her, her lips full and inviting. She leaned forwards as did he and they met with a passionate kiss. Her lips parted allowing for him to slip in his tongue. He slid his tongue over hers probing this new and exciting orifice. His hand moved off her arm and ran over the sides of her breast before diving through her top and he held her bare breast. Her skin was smooth, soft and warm to touch. Her moans grew louder. Her small but beautiful hand glided over his leg and to the impending bulge growing in between. She rubbed him for about a minute before moving her hand through underneath his jeans touching his cock for the first time. This time it was he who moaned. She closed her eyes and let the sensation of this forbidden lust take over. He began to move his hips in time to her stroking up and down, his own hand moving out from under her top and over her jeans. He cupped a hand full of her ass over her jeans before gaining enough courage to move underneath, she wore no panties. He ran his hand over her bare ass cheek, as more afraid than anything he reluctantly ran his finger between the cheeks of her buttocks feeling her tight bud. He was too scared to actually push his fingers into her but moved his hand downwards till he felt the soft folds of her wet, moist pussy lips. This time his lust had taken over and slowly he pushed his middle finger between her lips to feel the soft velvet hidden inside. She squealed. It was a beautiful sound. He grew more confident and moved his fingers faster in and out making her moan louder and louder her breathing erratic.

She made the move first; she took her hand off his cock and grabbed his jeans pulling them down so his fully erect cock stood proud and triumphant. Her head leaned closer, her breath ticking the sensitive head. Her lips were wet and smooth. She glided her head over his cock, still moaning to the feelings being brought on by giving her brother a blowjob – not to mention the delightful feeling she was having by being fingered.

He took his fingers from out of her soaking pussy and rubbed them over her folds. He moved downwards knowing where to strike. He found her clit and was pleased to hear her scream in pleasure and surprise. Escort Kars Her hips began bucking rubbing herself against his hand trying to get all the pleasure from his fingers as she could manage.

Her head moved faster in time with her own feelings of pleasure that were tearing into her body like a knife through butter. Her mouth was gliding over his cock in an attempt to drain him of his fluid.

Suddenly she stopped and looked up at him with his cock stuffed in her mouth. She got off and stood up, pulling down her trousers and for the first time exposing her pink beautiful and glistening wet pussy to her brother.

“I want to fuck you, brother.” She said in a sultry and lust filled voice.

He could only nod in agreement of what they both wanted. He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her towards him, she giggled. She fell onto his laps and kneeled down on top of him. His cock pointing straight towards its goal. They kissed again, letting her tongue invade his mouth, it was not a passionate one as before but a lust crazed attempt to exchange saliva. During the kiss she grabbed his cock and lined it up towards her hole. Sinking down on his rigid member she groaned at the intrusion. He looked into her eyes and knew that this was heaven. She was beautiful.

The TV program had ended, apparently quite a while ago. He looked down at the beautiful siren lying on his arm; he blinked twice remembering the vivid images flooding his mind. She was watching a new show on the TV, he looked at her chest; she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Umm… excuse me.” He said standing up and walking away towards the stairs. He went to his room and closed the door. Laying on his bed his thoughts raced – ‘had I really just thought that?’ He asked himself time and time again. She was no longer his baby sister, the annoying and a loner. Now she was the girl of his dreams, the obsession to his fantasies. There was a knock on the door.

“What do you want?” He called out.

“Everything OK? You rushed off like there was something wrong.”

Was everything OK? Hmmm… let’s think, you’re my sister and yet I want to fuck you, I want to make you scream with pleasure that only me and my cock can give you. I want to love you and take you places like my girlfriend and yet I can’t… why? BECAUSE YOU’RE MY SISTER!!!

Instead he called out “Everything is fine; I’m coming back down now, just needed to clear the air.”

He guessed the answer was enough because he heard the sounds of footsteps moving down the stairs making the wood creak. He let out a breath of relief and got up going back downstairs.

She was kneeling on the settee facing the door. Her magnificent breasts exposed, her top thrown to the floor. The backrest obstructed the view but he hoped she was fully naked. Just like the lady from the adult channel she beckoned with the finger for him to ‘come closer’. He walked slowly; creeping to the settee with each step closer he saw more below her waist. She was fully naked. Her pink pussy glistened showing how aroused she obviously was. Her left hand toyed with her breast mashing and kneading the mound before pulling on her nipple. She arched her back and sighed. He walked around the settee till her was behind her. Her ass looked magnificent close up. He rubbed her leg, then the inside of her thigh. Without warning he jabbed two fingers straight into her soaking snatch. She arched her back as if he had been electrocuted and pulled more sharply on her nipples – alternating between breasts.

Taking the initiative he stealthily unzipped his trousers with his other spare hand trying to apply the same speed as to give nothing away. When he was fully free he grabbed her around the waist and pulled himself up squeezing inside her tight hole. She moaned loudly; if the neighbours were listening they might think that she was being hurt, if only they knew. Her head tilted back and rested on his collarbone.

She leaned forward over the backrest to allow him easier access. She pushed herself against him timing herself to his thrusts. He was close… very close. If she continued like this he was soon to spurt. She stopped.

Turned around and faced him. She then lay on the settee and spread her legs showing her soaking glory. He got between her legs and angled himself for a quick and easy penetration. Looking into her eyes he pushed his hips forwards and slid effortlessly inside. ‘God, I can never have enough of this’ he thought to himself. Her body started writhing and shaking uncontrollably and she let out an ear piercing scream as her body was overcome from her orgasm. As she came down from her high she looked at her brother who was pounding away on top of her.

“I’m going to cum.” He whispered out of breath. A thin film of sweat perspired on both of their entwined bodies.

“Cum for me big brother. Cum for your baby sister. Cum in your baby sister.” She moaned spitting out more lewd and filthy words. “Oh…god…god…god…god! I’m Cumming!!”

He would have thought that all the words would have put him off, after all it was his baby sister, but more than anything it made him even hungrier for her. It made him carry on, better.

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