Changes in the Neighborhood Pt. 02

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Chapter one:

I’m a retired older gentleman who worked for forty years, most of it in Central California. I bought a 25 foot travel trailer as a retirement gift to myself and have been exploring many areas in this part of the country. I’m getting close to home after a very pleasurable expedition up to Crater Lake. I met a little sexual dynamo at the Rogue River RV Park just south west of the lake.

Victoria and I met as soon as I arrived. She helped me park my rig and we hit it off immediately. She is a lovely, short four foot eight lady with bright pink inch-long nipples. We spent the entire week visiting Southern Oregon and making love every day. She surprised me with her spunky attitude. It was difficult to leave her, but she had to return to Medford and get ready for the new school year. She’s a forty something elementary teacher. We will definitely stay in touch and visit each other again.

I’m only twenty miles from home and wondering if the house next to mine has been sold. I’ve chosen to stay here in Central California in my three bedroom home. It’s the perfect home base. My next door neighbors for the past 15 years, Don and Jen, recently moved up to Portland, and their house has been on the market for the past couple of months. One of the selling points is a small oval shaped swimming pool in the backyard and side deck that abuts up to my fence where Jen used to sunbathe.

Being such good friends, we installed a pass-thru gate between our backyards many years ago. We always watched each other’s home whenever we were gone. I enjoyed free rein of the pool when I watched their house, I wonder if I’ll have the same privilege with my new neighbors.

I finally arrive back home after fighting traffic on Highway 101. Some people just don’t give RV’ers a break as they weave in and out of traffic. I pull my rig up in front of my home and jump out of the truck. I stretch and move my tired muscles around after the long trip. It took me a couple of days to get back from Southern Oregon.

Once I get my head clear, I look over at Don and Jen’s place. I see a bright red Mazda Miata in the driveway and no ‘For Sale’ sign on the front lawn. My goodness, I think the old house finally sold and I have new neighbors. I’ll need to make it a point to go over there and welcome them to the neighborhood. Right now, I just need to clean out my trailer after the weeklong excursion and get it back to the storage facility. It’s always good to get back home.

I went into the house to find everything just as I left it. I notice several messages on the answering machine. I’ll get to those as soon as I finish unpacking and cleaning up. After gathering all of my clothes, left over food and my Fleshlight, I am ready to clean up the trailer. I strip the queen bed sheets and throw them in the laundry room. They got quite the workout this week with Victoria and me. I can still smell the lovely perfume Victoria was wearing.

Once I’m finished cleaning the trailer, I’m ready to drive it back to the storage facility. I have a pull through parking spot so it doesn’t take long to park, unhook and lock up the trailer. It is ready for another day. When I get back home, I check the messages on the answering machine; the first is from my BBW friend, Laura.

Hey Rob, it’s Laura. When you get home give me a call or come by the drug store, I want to see you. I could use a nice foot massage and I need a trim, if you know what I mean. Hope you had a good trip and didn’t cause any trouble. Love you.

The second message is from Don and Jen.

Hey Rob, it’s Don. We just got word that the house sold. The offer we accepted was actually made four weeks ago and we requested a short escrow. The new owner may be living there by the time you get back from the lake. Jen says hi and she said she misses your knothole perving. I’m not sure what she meant, but she said you would understand. Anyway buddy, take care and come visit us.

The third is from my walking gal pal, Catherine.

Hey Robbie, it’s your favorite Cal Poly mom, Catherine. I’ve missed you on our last few walks. Hey, I just read about a fun adventure next month over in Sequoia National Park. It’s a five day event with 10K walks everyday through the hiking trails. It would be fun to take that brand new travel trailer of yours and escape for a week. You know you owe me, love ya, and call me. Oh, Lacy says hi.

The final message was left just hours ago.

Hey handsome, I sure enjoyed our week. I don’t know about you, but I am having a hard time walking. You pounded me pretty good the last couple of days. I don’t know how I’ll live without the multiple orgasms every day. Guess I’ll have to rely on my rabbit vibrator for a while. Come visit when you can.

Oh my gawd, what have I done; this travel trailer is going to be the death of me. Well, I do intend to visit Victoria on a regular basis. But right now Laura is calling and I need to stop by Sprouts Market to pick up some fruits and vegetables. Sprouts is in the same shopping almanbahis center as the drug store, so I’ll be able to hit both stores with one trip. The center is just a half mile down the road.

I walk outside to get in the truck and notice that the Mazda is no longer in the driveway. I guess I’ll check with the new neighbors on another day. I head over to see Laura first. I enter her drug store and see Laura in the back area. She is stocking shelves in the Beauty Products section.

“Hey Beautiful, I’m home. I got your message, I think we need to have a date at my house, what do you say?”

Laura sees me and drops her pricing gun. She stands up and hugs me tight.

“I missed you Rob, I’m so glad you’re home. Did you have a good trip? Did you meet any sexy lady campers? I bet you did you naughty boy. So what are you doing tonight? My feet are killing me, I’ve been on them steady for the last three days, we’ve been doing inventory.”

I said, “Whoa, slow down. I think I’ll be massaging a very sexy lady. Do you know of one?”

Laura slugs me and then says, “As a matter of fact I do and she needs a foot specialist right away. Oh, by the way, the lady needs a shave, so you should pick up some new razors and shaving cream while you are here.”

Laura has to work until 9:00 PM, so we make arrangements for her to come over as soon as she gets off work. I tell her that I need to stop by Sprouts and ask if she has a request.

“Strawberries are my favorite.”

I kiss Laura on the cheek before picking up the razors and shaving cream. After paying at the register, I walk over to Sprouts and grab a shopping cart.

I push the cart through the front door and am greeted by Holly, one of the official greeters at Sprouts. I shop here several times a week, because I always like to have fresh fruit and veggies at home. I know all of the employees, they are a fun group.

I push my cart methodically from one aisle to the next stocking up on produce. Toward the back of the store in the organic section, I see Julie washing and stocking the asparagus.

“Hey Rob, welcome back. How was the camping trip up to Oregon? I missed you; we had a great sale last week.”

Julie has been working at this Sprouts for four years now, and lives a few blocks away from me. We’ve developed a nice friendship over the years. We have shared many facts about our lives, including the fact that I am the proud owner of a 25 foot travel trailer. I usually keep her up-to-date on my many adventures.

I respond, “I missed you too. I had a great trip. I stopped at Lake Shasta for a couple of days before heading up to Oregon. Beautiful scenery all the way up and Crater Lake is just amazing, the water is so blue. I met some interesting campers too.”

“So when are you going to invite me along on one of your adventures? I love to camp and cook outdoors. I can bring along all the fresh vegetables, you know.”

“I would love that. Let’s plan something real soon, do you like to camp in the foothills? I know a small park up by Santa Margarita that is part of a secluded ranch. It’s close and wouldn’t take long to drive there. Can you get a couple of days off?

Julie just about jumps out of her shoes and shouts, “Yes I can. Let’s set a date.”

Julie usually works the register in the evenings, so I wonder what she is doing back in organics.

“Hey Jules, what are you doing back here? Why isn’t my favorite checker up front?”

She responds as she arranges the carrots in the bin,” The manager wants the new girl to get some experience while we’re slow. He’s got her on the register all night. It’s all good, I can use a break. When you go to check out, introduce yourself to her, her name is Denise.

“Wow, a new girl? I don’t think I’ve seen a new employee for a couple of years.”

“Yep, we’re a pretty experienced lot at this store, very few opportunities for new blood. Hey I think you’ll really, really like her.”

“What? Why do you say that?”

Julie smiles, “You know why. Don’t be coy with me.”

“No, why do you think I will really, really like Denise?”

Julie bursts out laughing, “Because she has big boobs, Mr. Boobman. I mean really big melons.”

“Julie, you’re killing me!”

Julie continues to smile and chuckle as she goes about her business. I just shake my head and move my cart down the aisle. She knows I like big breasts because she sports a nice round pair of D-Cups and I’ve complimented her many times on her physique.

Julie whispers as I walk away, “Be sure to keep your eyes above chest level. And, let’s set a date for camping.”

I think Julie knows me a little too well.

I complete my shopping, making sure I have the strawberries and head to the checkout counter. So the new girl has some really big tits, well let’s just see about that. I push my cart up to the check out and I am the only one in line. It must be a slow night.

Denise looks at me and smiles, “Did you find everything OK?”

I almanbahis giriş look her in the eye and respond, “Sure did. It’s so nice to meet you Denise. How’s the new job going?”

Denise begins removing items from my cart and starts scanning. She looks at me with a quizzical expression.

“Have we met?”

And then it dawns on her, I see her name tag on her new, crisp, dark green Sprouts blouse. Yes I see her name tag, but I also see a generous rack of boobs. Holy crap, Jules was right; this new girl has some rather impressive melons. Her name tag slants up from her blouse because her breasts jut out quite significantly. I see the buttons on her blouse strain from the sheer volume they are struggling to contain. It looks like they are ready to pop at any moment.

Quickly, I revert my eyes back up ‘above chest level’ as Julie so aptly suggested.

“Oh, I guess you see my name tag.”

Denise smiles and blushes a bit as she continues scanning. I try to lighten the moment with a bit of conversation.

“Hi, I’m Rob. I shop here a lot, sometimes several times a week. Yep, I saw your name tag, but my friend Julie, clued me in. She told me your name is Denise and you just started working here this week. Well, welcome to the neighborhood.”

Denise smiles with a wide grin and a little bit of relief that I’m not some kind of mind reader. My eyes dart back and forth between her clear blue eyes and her lovely big tits. I make sure she doesn’t catch me staring. She is very pretty, older than I would expect a new employee to be, perhaps in her forties. She has light brown hair with blonde highlights, a slim face and cute dimpled chin. Her full lips glow with a bright red shade of lipstick. Very pretty indeed.

“Thank you Rob. I’m finding that I like this part of California very much. I just moved up from L.A. and I am looking for a quieter lifestyle than the craziness down there. I think I’m going to enjoy it up here. This job suits me well, I get to meet nice people, but also I can leave the job behind when my shift is over.”

I’m hooked, “Oh, did you have different work down south?”

“Yes, I worked in an office environment with lots of pressure and lots of pettiness. I found myself taking so much baggage home every night. I just had to get out of there. I’m so glad I made the move.”

Denise finishes checking my groceries and bags them up. I slide my debit card through the reader and get ready to leave Sprouts. I extend my hand to Denise to shake.

I bid her farewell, “Well L.A.’s loss is our gain. Again, welcome and I hope to see you again real soon. I’m sure I will since I’m always in here. Julie can attest to that.”

“Thank you, Rob. This is just what I was looking for when I came up here. Friendly people and a small, tight community. See you next time.”

Now who is grinning? I love meeting new ladies, especially ladies with great big boobs. Yes, I know I’m a tad juvenile, but that is what keeps me young. I grin all the way back to my truck thinking about Denise’s rack and wondering what her nipples look like. I look over to the drug store and I am brought back to my senses. I need to get home to prepare for my night with my favorite BBW lady, Laura.

Chapter Two:

The drive back to my place is quick, I put my groceries away and I prepare a bowl of strawberries for Laura’s arrival. I put them in the refrigerator next to the can of whipped cream. Right now I need some nourishment to get me through to 9:00 PM.

I sift through my cupboards and find a can of tomato bisque. I prepare a salad with some of the fixings I bought at Sprouts. All through the preparation, many thoughts invade my mind. I wonder what Victoria is doing right about now. I keep seeing Denise’s big tits dancing through my head. I wonder how much grooming Laura’s pussy will require. I wonder if Jen wanted me to fuck her on the chaise lounge. What would it be like to camp with Julie and Catherine? I shake my head several times to clear my thoughts.

After dinner I relax with a little mindless TV and wait for Laura’s arrival. Around 9:15, I hear a knock on the front door and it opens.

Laura hollers, “I’m here. Where is my masseuse? My feet need some tender loving care.”

By the time I get up from my recliner, Laura has joined me in the den. As usual, her work blouse has most of the buttons undone and she has removed her brassiere.

A little back story… Laura has been my fuck buddy for a couple of years now. She just turned 45 a couple of weeks ago. We go on outings together and confide in one other. Laura is very adventurous. We’ve had sex outdoors, in the shower, on the kitchen sink and in my car plenty of times. She keeps her pussy completely smooth and I’m the lucky guy who gets to shave her. We trust each other completely. We both have sex with other people and we are OK with that. Her stature is best described as thick. Her breasts are her number one asset and she loves for me to lavish attention on them. They are large and almanbahis yeni giriş round with a bit of sag. Her aureoles are extremely wide and very pale, but her nipples are as big as my thumb and harden at the slightest touch. She loves it when I suck them and use my teeth to lightly graze the nubs. She tells me it makes her pussy really wet.

Last year when I retired, I was searching for activities to keep me busy. I enrolled in a massage therapy class that taught the art of the sensual massage. Laura allowed me to practice my skills with her. She loved the way I would caress her tired feet after a long day at work. I’ve been giving her foot massages ever since. That’s not all I massage, I sometimes provide a full body massage that always has a happy ending. I intend to do this tonight.

We hug each other and I feel her incredible boobs press into my chest.

I whisper, “I thought of you this week while I was up in Oregon.”

“Good thoughts, I hope?”

I affirm, “Only the best. I fantasized about your full, smooth pussy lips and couldn’t wait to get back home to shave them again.”

Laura looked me in the eye, “Were you with a little camper babe when that thought entered your brain?”

I get a sheepish grin and acknowledge that yes I was.

“Well, I hope I was able to add to your pleasure that night.”

I kiss her hard on her mouth and say, “You most certainly did. I enjoyed a fabulous orgasm that night. But tonight it is all about you. You are going to enjoy the fabulous orgasm tonight.”

I lead Laura back to the guest room where my massage table is set up. I prepared the room before dinner. My lotion and towels are neatly stacked on the back table. I light some candles, lower the overhead light and turn on some soothing mood music.

I stand in front of Laura, unbutton the remaining buttons on her work blouse and help her shed the garment. Her big billowing tits sway in front of me. I continue to undress my friend. The snap on her pants provides no resistance as I slide them down her wide hips. Laura steps out while I grab her lace panties and remove them as well; I bring them up to my nose and inhale her womanly scent. I slide the back of my hand along her pussy and feel the short hair that will soon be removed.

Laura stretches out on the table laying on her front. Her tits squish out providing some tantalizing side boob. I grab a towel and cover her soft wide ass. She giggles and asks me why I even bother to cover her. I guess it’s just a natural habit when I massage other ladies.

I’m in my usual masseuse attire, soft linen pants and no shirt. The pants are very thin and do nothing to hide my seven inch cock. Besides, they are usually crumpled up on the floor by the end of my massage sessions.

Laura has been on her feet all day, so I begin at that end of the table.

I ask Laura, “Are you ready to enjoy an evening dedicated to you?”

She responds that she’s been ready since I left her store this afternoon. I dim the lights even more so that the candles provide a warm glow to the room.

I begin Laura’s evening of bliss. I grab hold of her left foot and begin a vigorous rub; I use my thumbs to press against her arch and massage the bottom of her foot. I cup her heel and squeeze and knead the flesh. Next, I press and rub around her ankle and flex her foot back and forth.

I repeat the process with the right foot and ankle, and then move to her calves. I use my thumbs to press on the crease behind her knee and hit one of her known erogenous zones. I move back to her feet and rub and knead them. Laura sighs and murmurs her approval.

“Rob you have the magic fingers. Now please suck my toes.”

I made her feet nice and warm with my touch. The first time I massaged her feet last year, I surprised her by sucking her toes. The experience made her pussy gush. Since then she has requested this extra service every time. I raise her left foot and suck on her big toe. I move my tongue around and around her toes, while I tickle her arch with my fingers. This action always gets her squirming. I mimic my action with her right foot.

Satisfied that her feet have been given the proper attention, I walk around to the head of the table and look down on Laura. I use my fingers to stimulate her temples. I move my fingers in a circle as I massage both sides of her head.

I drip some lotion into my palms place my hands on Laura’s shoulders to begin an intense rub. I move my hands down her back stroking and kneading her muscles. I make sure my hands rub over her side boobs several times and knead the flesh that is squished against the massage table. After several minutes of concentrated effort, I shift positions and move up on the right side of the table. I pull the towel off Laura’s wide buns and stare at her cute round butt. I place my hands on Laura’s upper thighs and mold them to her skin. I rub and squeeze her legs moving from her calves up her thighs. Laura spreads her legs to give me room to stroke her inner thighs. I rub the flesh around and around moving my hands closer to her ass.

I look down at my engorged cock standing upright and pressing against the thin fabric of my pants. I wonder if it’s time to discard them. Maybe not yet.

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