Change of Plan Ch. 4

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Chapter 4: The following day – Evening

This is a work of fiction, written for enjoyment and amusement, hopefully yours as well as mine. Comment and constructive criticism invited.

* * * * *

It was about five-fifteen when Kathy and I got back to the Larson house. I locked the pickup and we let ourselves in. No one was in sight in the living room and I glanced out at the pool. No one there either.

“Guess they’re all upstairs, probably fucking themselves senseless,” I remarked to Kathy.

“No, here come Jeff and Lisa,” said Kathy, indicating the stairs behind me.

I turned, to see Jeff and Lisa coming down hand in hand, both naked. Jeff flushed when he saw Kathy and me, smiling nervously, but he gave me the thumbs-up sign. I grinned back.

“We’re going for a swim,” said Lisa. “You two coming?”

“Yes?” said Kathy, making it a query to me with her eyes.

“Yeah, I think so,” I replied. Kathy grinned, dropped her bag and within about three seconds, had kicked off her sneakers, stripped off her t-shirt and ripped open the touch-and-close fastening of her wrap-around skirt. As she was wearing neither bra nor panties this left her beautifully naked. A fact that was not lost on Jeff who gaped at her in honest admiration. Recovering, he held out his free hand to Kathy, and the three ran out to the pool together.

I smiled, picked up Kathy’s bag and took it upstairs, dropping it off in the room that Kathy was sharing with Lisa. I went into my own room and shucked my own clothes then, naked, headed out to the pool. I paused outside Todd’s room and listened for a moment. Judging from the giggles, he and Cindy were having a good time. Way to go, buddy!

Out in the pool, Jeff and the two girls were horsing around and generally having a great time. Kathy spotted me and waved. I ran to the side of the pool and dived in, surfacing at Kathy’s side, running my hands up her thighs, her sides, and briefly cupping her tits before letting myself fall over backwards and float idly, just sculling with my fingers to hold position.

Movement at the poolside caught my eye. Todd and Cindy were just coming out. Todd was wearing his shorts and Cindy her bikini.

“Hi, sis,” called Jeff. “Coming in?”

“Sure thing, bro,” called Cindy, walking over to the poolside. It was only when she reached the side that she realised every one in the pool was naked. Have you ever seen a natural redhead in a bikini blush? Sunset! She had good recovery, did Cindy. She glanced across at Todd, who had collapsed in a lounger, resting his bad leg, took off her bikini top and threw it to him, then pulled down the bottoms, stepped out of them and threw them after the top.

Cindy is small, barely five feet, and built in proportion, but she is a sexy little doll and I could easily see why Todd was attracted to her. She dived neatly into the water and came up next to Jeff, who promptly shoved her under again. Spluttering, she surfaced again, dodged Jeff’s next attack and hid behind Lisa and Kathy.

“Help!” cried Cindy, “save me from this brute!”

A poor to non-existent chance, I thought, because Lisa and Kathy were in fits of giggles. Cindy gave a disgusted snort and stood up next to the other girls. Pert little tits with stiff little nipples. All three girls were displaying the same characteristics, I noticed and idled away a few moments just having myself an ogle. Jeff came swimming across to me.

“How about a game of polo, Matt? You and me against the Three Graces.”

“You’re on,” I laughed. I looked over at Todd, reclining at his ease and watching the girls. “Todd?” I called. He looked up enquiringly. “What time is it?”

“Five-forty,” he called back.

“Did Lisa order the Chinese for six?” I asked Jeff. He nodded. “Twenty minutes for a game, then. Come on, let’s see which end the girls want to defend.”

The girls won. I think it was because they insisted that Jeff and I only used one arm each. That, and their underhand – or should that be overhead? – tactic of catapulting Cindy clean over our heads to score.

When the doorbell repeater chimed, the girls were winning five to three. “That’s it,” said Lisa, “we win, and you guys can pay a forfeit later.” She scrambled out of the water and grabbed a robe, hurrying to the door.

Ten minutes later we were all sat around the kitchen table, sitting on towels to protect the seats, all of us except Todd naked, tucking into our Chinese food. Kathy and I were trying to feed each other titbits with chopsticks, giggling like fools when we missed. At one point a big dribble of sauce splashed onto Kathy’s left tit. Luckily it had cooled some by then, but she jumped. She jumped even more when I licked it off. The next thing I knew, Lisa and Cindy were having sauce licked off their tits, Jeff and Todd recognizing a successful strategy when they saw one.

We finished eventually and sat back, replete. I glanced at the kitchen clock. Six forty-five. “What do we do now?” I asked.

“Anyone fancy Bayan Escort watching a video?” asked Todd. “I borrowed a porno one from Harry Dukes.”

“I’ve never actually seen a porno movie,” Kathy said thoughtfully.

“Me neither,” said Lisa.

Cindy nodded. “I have.”

“Any good?” asked Lisa.

Cindy laughed. “It wasn’t very well made, but it still got me hot.”

“OK, then,” said Lisa, “Let’s go watch a porno movie!”

“I’ll go and get it,” said Todd. “I suggest we watch it in the family room in the basement. We can dim the lights down there. It’s too bright up here.”

“Sounds good,” said Lisa. “OK, gang, dishes in the dishwasher, containers in the trashcan, people in the basement. Let’s go!”

There were two couches in the basement, a large one, easily big enough for four, and a smaller, arranged facing the TV. Jeff and I sat at each end of the large couch and Cindy perched cross-legged on the other, waiting for Todd. Kathy flopped down beside me while Lisa adjusted the dimmers until all we had was a warm glow, and then sat herself beside Jeff.

Todd came back without his crutches, limping on his plastered foot. He’d discarded his shorts and was as naked as the rest of us. Getting excited too judging by the state of his half-erect prick. Maybe he’d taken his shorts off to ease the restriction. He loaded the videotape and collapsed beside Cindy with the remote control. “Everyone set?” he asked.

There was a chorus of affirmatives. Kathy took my hand and leaned across to kiss my cheek. We settled to watch the video. I slipped my arm around her shoulders and she settled warmly against me with a contented sigh.

The video wasn’t really very good. Two men and two women playing cards, which degenerated into strip poker, then into some kind of forfeit game. Whatever, it was just an excuse for the girls to suck the guys, and each other, for the guys to eat and fuck the girls and all in glorious colour close-ups.

I let my arm around Kathy’s neck slip down until I could play with her nipple. She looked up at me with a grin, glanced at the others, and then slid her hand down until she could grab my prick. She was gentle, holding my prick and rubbing her thumb lightly over the top, making an ‘o’ of her fingers and thumb and rubbing the glans. The sensations were wonderful, but I knew what would happen if we continued.

“Careful, sweetheart,” I whispered in her ear. “I don’t want to come all over Mrs Larson’s couch.”

“You won’t,” Kathy whispered back. Tell me when you’re close and I’ll finish you with my mouth.”

“I could go and get a rubber,” I murmured.

Kathy shook her head. “You’ll disturb the others,” she breathed.

I glanced around. Lisa was sitting on Jeff’s knee, across his lap, and they were in heavy-petting clinch mode, with Jeff’s left hand firmly in possession of Lisa’s right tit. Further over, Todd was openly stroking Cindy’s pussy while he kissed her tits.

“I doubt it,” I whispered, “but we’ll do it your way.” I relaxed and gave myself up to enjoying the sensations that Kathy was inducing in me. She had turned slightly towards me, away from the TV, where writhing forms contorted unwatched, and I was able to give some attention to her breasts, cupping them, squeezing them, pulling gently on her erect nipples one-handed, with my other arm around her. I was getting close now.

“Kathy, love,” I murmured, “I’m getting close.”

She looked up and kissed me, then moved quietly until she was kneeling on the floor between my legs, her forearms on my thighs, one hand still lightly clasping my boner. She blew me a kiss and took my prick between her lips, easing forward until the gag reflex hit her and she had to pull back. She established a rhythm; coming forward as far as she could, then back, with her tongue making patterns on the underside of my prick.

It was a strategy calculated to make me come, and I was getting ever closer. I glanced toward Jeff and Lisa, and smiled. Lisa was sitting back now, her knees pulled up and her legs spread wide while Jeff laved her labia with his tongue. Her fingers were tight in his hair and her eyes were closed.

On the other couch, I was just in time to see Cindy lower her pussy over Todd’s erection, coming down gently until she had all of him within herself. It was fascinating to watch someone other than my own immediate lover and I could have studied the others for ages, but Kathy’s talented tongue was bringing me ever closer to the boil and I could feel my nuts beginning to tighten.

“I’m going to come, sweetheart,” I said quietly. I could feel the pressures building inexorably and gripped Kathy gently by the hair, as she got even busier with her tongue. Suddenly she pulled back, formed her lips into a tight ‘o’ and came down hard on my glans, once, twice, again, bang! That did it. I came, jetting into Kathy’s throat. She swallowed hurriedly, and then milked me with her lips, a delicious agony that almost sent me over the edge. Gradually, I stilled, the pulses ceasing, an occasional twitch as Kathy’s lips found a nerve ending. She gave the head of my prick a final lick and sat back, smiling at me.

A sudden scream startled us. Jeff had made Lisa come, her thighs gripping his head, and then easing gradually as her orgasm washed over her. Jeff sat back, his lips and chin bright with Lisa’s juices. He glanced across to see us watching him and grinned, then switched his attention to his sister as she plunged her pussy up and down Todd’s shaft, grunting in time with her movements, stiffening suddenly, then appearing boneless as she came, while Todd drove into her and stiffened in his turn, moments later, as he came himself. There was no sound for a while, save heavy breathing, until Lisa spoke.

“Did anyone see how the film ended?” she asked brightly.

It was too much. We all collapsed laughing, hysterically perhaps, until Lisa spoke again.

“It’s nine o’clock,” she said, “and we have to get rid of our guests by ten. Before Jeff goes I want to be fucked again, so if you’ll excuse us.” She stood and hauled Jeff to his feet, then turned to Kathy. “I suspect you’ll want to sneak into Matt’s bed again, no?”

Kathy nodded. “Yes,” she said, “I do.”

“You might as well start the night there. You can sneak back later. I’ll put your nightshirt in Matt’s room.”

“The bag I brought from home?” said Kathy. “Could you put that in too?”

“Where is it?” asked Lisa.

“I put it in your room,” I said.

“OK, I’ll put that in Matt’s room, too. See you guys later, maybe tomorrow.” Lisa grinned and went out with Jeff, hand in hand.

Kathy got up off her knees and sat beside me. “Let’s go for a last swim before bed,” she said, “and I must wash my hair.”

“OK, let’s go,” I said, and got to my feet, hauling Kathy up with me. I glanced across at Todd and Cindy who didn’t appear to have moved. They weren’t hurting, so I said nothing and took Kathy’s hand to lead her up to the pool.

Jeff and Cindy left shortly after ten. We’d arranged that they would come over again the next day, but again it would be after lunch. Earlier this time, about two. We waved them off, briefly clothed again in case the neighbours saw us, and then took ourselves off to our various beds.

At ten-thirty Kathy and I were in my bed together. Whatever plans we may have had were going to have to be postponed, for we were both tired. I kissed Kathy goodnight, holding her warm, naked body to me.

“Sorry, Matt,” she murmured, “brought some sexy clothes to show you. In the morning, OK?”

“Fine, honey, just sleep now. I’ve set my alarm for five, so you can sneak back into Lisa’s room.”

“Mmmph,” she said, at least I think that’s what she said, because when I checked, she was asleep.

I smiled to myself, switched off the lamp, settled myself comfortably with my arm around her, and waited for sleep.

Something woke me, and at first I couldn’t work out what it was, then realised there was someone in the room. I could feel Kathy warm against me, buried in the bedclothes, so it wasn’t her. The figure kicked something and there was a mumbled imprecation. Female. ‘Lisa’, I thought, and switched on the lamp.

Eve Larson blinked owlishly at me, then grinned. She opened the robe she was wearing. Panties, black lace panties. Nothing else. “I thought I’d come and show you the other one,” she murmured. “Jack’s fallen fast asleep and I’m feeling horny.”

She came over and sat heavily on the edge of the bed. I could smell whisky on her breath. She leaned over and kissed my cheek. I was thinking furiously, wondering how the hell to resolve this predicament.

“Will you fuck me, Matt, and satisfy an old woman?” she asked. “You said I was beautiful this afternoon.”

I opened my mouth to speak, but before I could say anything Kathy sat up, a drowsy, dishevelled, beautiful Kathy. Eve Larson looked at her in horror, her hand to her mouth, then stood and fled from the room.

“What was that all about?” asked Kathy, bewildered.

“She asked me to fuck her,” I replied ruefully. “Said Mr Larson was asleep, she was feeling horny and she’d come to show me the other one.”

“Other what?” asked Kathy, confused.

“Tit,” I said. “Remember when she dived into the pool this afternoon?”

“Yes, so?”

“Her bikini top slipped when she dived,” I said. “When she came up beside me, her left tit was hanging out. She tucked it back in and asked me if I’d enjoyed the view. I told her yes, she was a beautiful woman.”

“So she came here hoping to get you to follow up on the compliment. Come on, Matt, we have to go after her!” said Kathy urgently. She shook her head. “The poor woman must feel terrible, finding me in your bed.” She scrambled out of bed and held out her hand to me. “Come on!”

We found Eve Larson on the big couch in the basement family room, sobbing. Kathy sat down beside her and put her arms around her, hugging her.

“Please don’t cry, Mrs Larson, please don’t.”

That produced a wail from Eve Larson. “Oh, Kathy, I’m so ashamed of myself.” She sniffed. “I have no excuse. I was asking Matt to make love to me, because Jack was asleep and I was feeling horny.” She wailed again. “What was I thinking of? Oh, god, what must the two of you think of me?”

Kathy surprised me, because she laughed warmly. “I don’t know about Matt, but speaking personally, I think you showed fucking good taste,” she said, hugging Eve Larson again.

There was a stunned silence, before Eve Larson spoke again in a tiny voice. “What did you say?”

Kathy put her fingers gently under Eve Larson’s chin and turned the tear-stained face towards her, smiling warmly at the older woman. “I said, I think you showed fucking good taste.”

A timorous smile flitted across Eve Larson’s face. “Kathy Evans, what would your mother say?”

“She’s not here, thank goodness, because she’d probably say ‘gimme’ and push me out of the way, but you are, half naked. So is Matt, but he’s completely naked, see, and he has a magnificent prick. Which, by the way, he used on me earlier, delightfully so I might add, so I will not be jealous if he uses it on you now. On one condition.”

“What?” asked Eve Larson dazedly, wiping her eyes with a wisp of handkerchief from the pocket of her robe.

“That you let me stay and watch, and maybe kiss those beautiful tits that you’re trying to hide. You can show me what I need to do to please Matt in the future.”

I don’t know if it was the thought of fucking Lisa’s Mom, or the fact that Kathy had asked if she could watch it happen, but my prick was starting to thicken and stiffen. Kathy caught sight of it and turned Eve Larson’s face towards me.

“Look,” said Kathy gently, “isn’t it magnificent? And it’s for you.” Behind Eve Larson, she mimed ‘say yes’. I nodded slightly and she relaxed, drawing her hand across her brow in exaggerated relief.

Eve Larson was studying my prick as if she’d never seen one before and under her intense scrutiny and Kathy’s warm encouragement it was rapidly approaching its full extent. Eve sighed heavily and looked up at me. “I don’t like to beg, Matt, but will you please, for goodness sake, fuck me with that thing?”

I sat down beside her and took her hand in mine, squeezing her fingers gently. “You said you were going to show me the other one,” I said, “but you left the room so quickly I never got the chance.”

Eve Larson laughed, almost naturally, and shrugged her robe back off her shoulders, letting it drop on the couch behind her. She looked lovely in the dim light of the room, full figured, high curving, deep dipping lovely. She arched her back to emphasise her tits. They were worth the emphasis.

“So, Matt, do you still think I’m beautiful?” she asked playfully.

I didn’t answer, just reached out slowly, giving her plenty of time to pull away, and cupped her left tit, running my thumb over the suddenly hard pucker of her nipple and the little goose-bump area surrounding it. She shuddered and put her hand over mine.

I disengaged my hand and reached for her. She came straight into my arms. We kissed for the first time, slamming tongues down each other’s throats. Jeez, she was hot. I put both arms around Eve Larson and hugged her, then slid my hands down to her panties. She raised herself so that I could get them off and I slid them down her legs and off. I could smell her heat and excitement.

“Come on, Matthew, honey,” she whispered. “Put that lovely prick of yours in my cunt.”

Yeah! If anything I got harder. She ran her fingertips lightly the length of my rod and moaned deep in her throat. I was sort of half-kneeling by the couch now and Eve slid down so that her ass was on the edge of the seat and spread her legs. Eve Larson has a beautiful cunt, with full lips and a prominent clitoris. She was wet, and I mean wet, for her pussy juices were trickling down the crack of her ass. I lined my prick up, trembling, and eased forward. Bingo! Straight in!

“Oh, Matthew, baby! Oh, God! That is lovely! That is fucking wonderful,” she whispered hoarsely. “Now fuck me, honey, fuck me!”

So I started to move. Eve’s cunt was warm, wet and snug and it felt great. I forgot about it being Lisa’s Mom I was fucking and concentrated on giving and getting the maximum pleasure. Eve was starting to moan and I lengthened my stroke, trying to get the most prick possible into her cunt.

“Am I doing this right for you?” I whispered. I really wanted to know, because to me it felt wonderful and I wanted her to get pleasure as well.

“You’re d-o-i-n-g j-u-s-t g-r-r-e-e-a-a-t-t-t!” she said, starting to shake, giving a quivery moan that make my back hair stand up. I hadn’t noticed, but her hand was at her quim and she was stroking her clit. Her trembling was exciting me and I could feel my nuts begin to tighten.

“Eve,” I said urgently, “I think I’m going…”

She screamed tightly and shook violently, then her cunt went into convulsions around my spurting tool.

“…to come,” I finished, gasping, clutching her to me, trying to get my breath back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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