Chance Encounter Ch. 21

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Miguel only knew Leo was the first, not the third man, Jean had to some degree been physically intimate with. Jean decided it was better he not know about her previous deceit. They were water under bridge and no longer relevant. Learning about them might harm their relationship. They were in a mutually agreed to one sided open relationship and it began with Leo.

Saturday morning Miguel awoke feeling conflicted. He and Jean were sort of in an open relationship, but it really wasn’t one. He had been happy but she obviously hadn’t felt the same way. She had pretty much told him how the cookie crumbled. While he was in school she was going to continue dating and fucking Leo. For the time being he accepted it, but it wouldn’t be so easy to tolerate when he was in town from Christmas break. It was also clear she expected him to be what she wasn’t, faithful.

His honesty had left him no wiggle room. He had told her he wasn’t interested in other women, but he had done so hoping it would make her reconsider. It accomplished the exact opposite, emboldening her. Miguel remembered promising her he would be true no matter what. She expected him to keep his word.

Over breakfast he mulled his fate. On the surface Leo fucking his girlfriend rankled him as did her obvious enjoyment, but that was just the jilted male in his head talking, the one who cared what others thought. He didn’t feel betrayed but relieved she had found an outlet and a way to keep her love for him alive.

He considered himself lucky to have her. He wished he possessed her strength, her ability to get what she wanted. She led their relationship and had from the night she sought him out. He didn’t know it but he was looking for a leader and she was in search of a follower.

He was the leaf in the stream flowing where the current took him. He would hit rocks and might even wash ashore, but Jean’s strength would propel him forward or get him back into the water.

He was going to go with the flow. He was happy with his decision because his gut told him so and his instincts had always been right. He was what he was.

On the drive down he pictured his reunion with Jean. He wondered if she would appear different. She had such a pretty face. He couldn’t wait to kiss it. He wondered what she looked like sucking Leo’s cock. Her mouth wasn’t huge. Absentmindedly he rubbed his erection. Another thought popped into his head. He really enjoyed jacking off but he really enjoyed it when Jean encouraged him too. It was as though she was part of the act, not two hundred and sixty miles away.

He wondered if she encouraged him to masturbate out of guilt. He thought not because even before Leo she liked to see him make himself come. She described it as very erotic. She also told him it was obvious he was better at pleasuring himself than she would ever be. What she said was true, but he really liked it when she rested her hand on his or caught his cum as he pumped it from his balls through his short hose and onto the palm of her outstretched hand.

He doubted there were many women like Jean who admitted to getting off on seeing him swallow his cum. He marveled at her woman’s intuition. She knew him better than he knew himself. She just knew he would like it and she was right. That’s what he liked about her; she was always right. And that’s why she called the shots.

Thinking again about their reunion after the kissing and hugging and the talking were done he knew what she would want, cunnilingus, to lie back, open her legs, and have his mouth pressed against her sex. He was dying to eat her. Intercourse was nice, but the act he thought most often of was cunnilingus. When she thought about them being intimate she felt the same way.

It felt so good, but not just because it made her feel great. It was like running, something he knew he excelled at, so he wanted to do it more. He liked how her excitement fed his. Oftentimes he climaxed when she did. She didn’t express disappointment but approval. It made her feel desired that she was the hottest woman in the world.

He pictured her vagina. Would it look different? Could he tell another man’s cock had been in there? Would she taste or smell different, be more open? She said she had bruises all over her body. Seeing those would bother him. He was glad she had warned him and told him she liked Leo’s roughness. If she hadn’t he might have bought a gun and killed Leo.

He chuckled thinking how crazy that notion was, killing Leo. He said aloud, “I guess that’s what love does to you, makes you insane. I would die for Jean. I would hate to do it because I love Leo like a brother.” He dismissed his homicidal thoughts and dreamed of eating Jean.

He loved her pussy, but her anus fascinated him. He wondered if they would have anal sex again. He hoped so. He really liked licking her there. He didn’t consider it nasty, but deliciously taboo. He was glad she liked having her bottom played with. Three weeks later and that night’s events still surprised him. Out of the blue she just knew what he aksaray escort needed to feel secure. Even though Leo and Jean had just made plans to go out he drove away feeling less threatened by Leo. She wouldn’t offer her ass to just any man.

He was going to lick her asshole the next time he ate her. He knew she would want him to.

He thought about her breasts. She had really pretty breasts. She said they were C cups but they looked bigger. He missed sucking them. He wondered if she would want him to titty fuck her again, like the night in the hotel room.

The hours passed quickly and Miguel pulled up in front of Jean’s house saddened to not see her car. He remembered what she told him. Her mom would be home. She wanted him to wait until she got there. He got out of the car. At the door he felt nervous. It was going to be awkward talking to Jean’s mom. He didn’t want to be the first one to mention Leo but it wasn’t like she didn’t know he didn’t know Leo was dating her daughter. There was nothing to keep secret. Jean had two boyfriends, one in town she wasn’t so serious with and another out of town she was very serious with.

It sounded easier to think it than to say it.

He rang the doorbell. Jean’s mom answered it. She seemed shorter than the last time he saw her. She opened the door all the way.

“Come in Miguel. It’s so good to see you.”

She gave him a hug, “You’re so skinny. Jean needs to fatten you up.”

He hugged her back. It felt nice, not erotic, but warmly emotional. She had big breasts and their hug made him very aware of them as they pressed into his chest. He wondered if Jean’s tits would get bigger as she got older. He wouldn’t mind if they did.

Her mom offered him a beer. It was a Schlitz which her husband drank. She told him to sit down. He excused himself and said he needed to use the bathroom. He went to the hallway bathroom, relieved himself, washed his hands, and returned.

She was on the couch watching t.v.

She patted the unoccupied cushion.

“Sit down Miguel.”

He did. He picked up his beer and took a sip.

“Tell me about your week. You didn’t call me this week. I’ve grown quite fond of our chats. I hope I was a good listener.”

“Me too. You were.”

“I’m glad you think so. I can only imagine how tough it is for you. I blame my husband for this situation, but he thought he was doing the right thing. He had no business meddling in Jean’s affairs telling her who to date or not date.”

He took another sip and found himself defending Jean’s dad, “He didn’t tell her not to date me. He thought we were getting too serious. He was worried she might not finish school.”

“You’re right. I’m surprised you’re taking this well. I went through the same thing when my husband and I were dating. He had two girlfriends for a while, but then he narrowed it down to one, me. I see so much of my husband in Jean; they have identical personalities which is why they butt heads so often.”

He admitted, “It hasn’t been easy, but being busy and living apart helps. If she’s still dating him at Christmas it will be tough.”

She patted his knee, “I doubt if they’ll still be seeing each other at Christmas. Leo is not the type. There is a ten year age difference between them. I know she’s nineteen, but she’s an immature nineteen. He’s a very mature 29.”

Miguel wasn’t so sure, “They have alot in common. Your families go way back. And he is good looking.”

She smiled, “True, but he’s a bit of a narcissist. Look at the way he dresses. He wants everyone to see how big his muscles are.”

“Well, he spends a lot of time in the gym. I guess he wants people to notice all the work. I wish I had his muscles.” He flexed his arm to be funny. He had a bicep but it wasn’t the size of a softball, more like a golfball.

She laughed, reached out, and squeezed it, “But it’s very hard.”

She took on a serious note, “Miguel, you are what Jean needs. You idolize her. She has to be number one, just like her dad. She doesn’t need a man who is better looking than her. I love my daughter, but let’s be truthful. She’s beautiful, but she’s no ten. If she stays with Leo she’ll be miserable.”

“I’m glad you like me, but it’s ultimately up to Jean. Besides she told me they’re not serious.”

“For not being serious they spend a lot of time together Miguel. She’s at the movies with him now.”

Miguel felt a wave of heat course through his body. She noticed it too.

“Are you okay Miguel? You look flushed. I hope I didn’t upset you.”

He took a big gulp of beer wanting to calm down. Her mom didn’t realize the complexity of the situation and he wasn’t about to give her insight. She saw her daughter as a good girl and Leo and Miguel as two respectful suitors. Something else was as hard as a golf ball and it wasn’t his biceps.

He looked at her, “She told me she had plans earlier in the day, but she wanted me here because she couldn’t wait to see me.” He hoped he didn’t sound pathetic. He wasn’t looking alsancak escort for pity.

“So you knew she had plans with Leo?”

“Not exactly, but I thought that’s what she meant. I told her when I thought I might be here, but she had already made her plans for today. She said she would be home as soon as she could.”

“That was considerate of you Miguel.”

“Thanks.” He wondered if she considered him a fool. He wished his penis would cease its throbbing. It was bound in his underwear. Fidgeting would only draw her attention.

He was glad when she said, “Enough about Leo and Jean. Let’s talk about you and Jean. She says you graduate in the spring. Do you think you’ll work down here? I asked her what happens if you get a job elsewhere. She just smiled and said, ‘Don’t be surprised if we have a summer wedding then.” Are you two really that serious? I won’t tell her father. I just don’t understand she and Leo. Perhaps she is really trying to rub her father’s nose in it. That would be like Jean.” She chuckled.

He laughed with her, “Yes, we are that serious. I don’t try and analyze everything Jean does. She has her reasons. I would want you and your husband’s blessing before I ask her. In the end it will all work out or it won’t.”

He hoped he came across as pragmatic, worldly, detached, analytical but not sound cold or indifferent.

He did.

She patted his knee again. He had the strangest sexual thought. For a split second he wished she were patting the iron in his pants. All it would take for him to shoot off was a pat.

“Miguel, I used the same strategy on my husband. I knew if I was patient I would win. And it worked. We’ve been married 24 years.”

“Thanks. If you have any pearls of wisdom I’m ready to listen.” When he said ‘pearls’ he pictured the pearl necklace of cum he had given Jean. It was the same night she started him on this path. At Jean’s urging he had dutifully and eagerly lapped up the necklace of pearls.

There wasn’t much space between he and her mother. She put her hand back on his knee, patted it, and left it there. She and Jean didn’t resemble each other. Jean favored her dad. His darker skin, deep brown hair, height, and athleticism. She did have her mom’s piercing blue eyes.

“I’m glad you asked, Miguel because I do. As you know she loves being in charge, just like her father. My advice is to let her. Support her decisions. She’ll love you for it. It will bring you closer together as a couple. She’s used to being the center of attention. It’s why college was such a shock to her. She went from being the biggest fish to just another fish.”

She was staring at him. He liked her eyes as they reminded him of Jean. She was still a very nice looking woman. Her gaze was so piercing because she wanted to make sure he was really hearing her. The way he was looking back assured her he was paying attention.

He had set his beer on the table. She took his right hand into her left. It was a trick she learned years ago. Men remembered best when talk included physical contact. He would associate their chat with her holding his hand.

She continued, “Her faith is very important to her Miguel. She’s very committed to being Catholic. I know it’s not so important to you. You can’t just cheerlead. You have to take an active role. Attend Mass with her. Follow the church’s teachings. Show her you are as committed as she is. Never make fun of her beliefs. She has always been more spiritual than her siblings. She sees signs telling her what to do. I can remember her telling me after a game where she scored an impossible shot or threw further that God guided her.”

She rubbed his hand and knee, “You know she wants a big family. Do you?”

“She’s mentioned it. I’d like a big family too.”

“Good. You know that means no artificial birth control. You have to follow the church’s teachings. Before you think it’s impossible we’re proof it works.”

He wanted to ask how but she enlightened him.

“Through denial and how should I say this, creativity. I’m sure you and Jean will figure it out.”

It was the first time he ever heard her allude to them having sex. Of course she was talking sex after marriage.

“Her virtue is important to her Miguel. I know you respect it.”

“I do.”

“I hope Leo is as respectful as you, but I doubt it.”

He didn’t know what to say, but she clearly saw Leo as a threat to Jean’s virginity, a virginity he didn’t have the heart to tell her mom she lost months before.

She paused. He guessed she was thinking of Leo and Jean. So was he. Only the outcomes were different. She saw Jean fending off Leo’s advances, not buying into his charm, slapping his octopus arms away. Miguel pictured her eagerly accepting them, flat on her back, her legs open wide as Leo mounted her, his brown baton filled with blood, his testicles heavy with cum.

“She wants to proudly wear white on her wedding day.”

“She will.”

“Good. I knew I could count on you.” She amasya escort squeezed his hand one last time.

“Let her be the boss and be as good a Catholic as her and you’ll do just fine.”

He thanked her, picked up his beer and finished it. He was glad they had their chat, but the subject caught him off guard.

He noticed she was dressed to go out. He wondered where. She asked him what time it was.

“Do you have some place to go?”

“The beauty shop.”

“You can go. I’ll wait for Jean.”

“Nonsense. Jean asked me to keep you company until she came home. She’ll be here soon and then I’ll leave.”

She took his hand into hers again and moved closer to him. She smelled good. He wondered if Jean used the same perfume. He was suddenly very aware of the body underneath her dress. She and Jean had different builds. She was pleasantly plump, like an overripe tomato.

She rubbed the back of his hand, “I can tell you’re very supportive of Jean. I also know it’s not easy to put another person’s needs ahead of our own, but if I could do it I know you can.”

He got her point, “Love conquers all.”

She looked at him, “Loving someone can also hurt. When you always put their needs before yours and they don’t seem to even notice what you feel isn’t love but hurt.”

“Did you tell him?”

“Never. I just bit my tongue. In the end it was worth it. My sacrifice was small for the wonderful life he gave me. He’s a driven man. Ambition is good in a man. You’re ambitious too. I can tell.”

“I am, but so is Jean.”

“Jean’s career is in the home Miguel. She’s only going to school to please her father. She wants to be a stay at home mom, but she wants a husband who doesn’t think the house and kids are solely her responsibilities.”

“I agree with her. My dad does more around than the house and more with us kids than my mom.”

She smiled, “Excellent you had such a good role model. So you’re used to seeing a man taking care of the kids, cooking, and cleaning.”

“Oh yes. My dad does it all.”

She laughed, “I can see what drew Jean to you. You’re what she needs. She and Leo are too much alike. Leo reminds me of my husband, but even more of a machista.”

“That’s why he’s a police man. I’d be a lousy cop. I’m too easy on people.”

“Well, Miguel. Women are hard to figure out. We want gentleness but we’re attracted to roughness. We want to mold a man into our vision of perfection, but there is no perfect man or woman. In every relationship you get the bad and the good.”

“Whatever choice Jean makes I can live with.”

“You’re so gallant, Miguel, but it fits your personality.”

“Don’t tell Jean, but I’d be heartbroken. I’d move on because I have to, not because I want to.”

“What would help you get through it?”

“Knowing she’s happy. That’s all I really care about, her happiness.”

“Miguel, you’re going to make a good son in law.”

“Thanks. And you’ll be a great mother in law.”

They both heard Jean’s car pull in front of the house.

She said, “Jean’s back from the movies.” She let go of Miguel’s hand and stood up, “I enjoyed our chat. I hope we have more. I like talking to you.”

“Me too.”

“You’re just being nice.”

“I’m serious. You’ve been a great help getting me through this.”

“Then you’re welcome. I need to go and I’m sure you and Jean have a lot of catching up to do.”

He stood up and walked her to the door. Jean was now coming up the sidewalk. He started to open the door to let her mother out, but her mother said, “I think Jean will want to see you, not me, on the other side of the door when it.opens”

He had been frozen in place, but her words got him moving. He hurried to the door getting there just as Jean opened it.

Jean looked at him and grinned.

He smiled back thinking how beautiful she was and how much her smile brightened his life.

Her mom turned.

Jean and he did something they never did in front of her mom. They hugged and quickly kissed. Still hugging Jean thanked her mom for keeping Miguel company.

Her mom replied, “It was my pleasure. We had a nice chat.”

Jean said, “You’ll have to tell me about it later.”

She promised, “I will.”

She picked up her purse and walked by them.

Miguel and Jean both told her goodbye.

The second she closed the door Jean pressed her lips to Miguel. Her breath was hot. Miguel wondered as they frenched if she had been earlier doing the same thing with Leo. He found he didn’t care. All that mattered was the present and what she was doing with him.

They embraced and stood there for a long time doing nothing but sharing deep, wet, probing kisses. Their arousal grew. Miguel had no idea if it would go any farther than kissing. Jean had other ideas.

“Miguel we have a couple of hours. Let’s go to my bedroom.”

In her bedroom she continued to take charge.

“Get a towel. Better make it two. I’m really aroused. I’ve been dreaming of our reunion all day. If we hear someone you go into the kitchen and get a drink. I’ll get dressed while you stall them.”

He got the towels. She watched as he placed them on the edge of the bed. She kicked her shoes off. She turned around and asked him to unzip her dress. She took it off.

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