CFNM Adventures in India Ch. 01

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Amber Hahn

Hi, I’m Ramesh. I grew up in India, but I moved when I was 18 to go to college in the US. Now i’m 21 and I have a job. I came back home and now I’m talking to my sister, Nanda. This is just the beginning of my CFNM adventures in India.

“How are you, Nanda? I haven’t seen you in a year!”

“I’m great, Ramesh! How’s life in America?”

“It’s much nicer there. It’s cleaner and people follow the rules there. You should come there. It’s much safer for a woman to travel alone there.”

“Maybe, but what would I do? I just barely graduated from high school a few months ago, and I couldn’t get into any college. They wouldn’t take me.”

Ramesh had always wanted to have sex with Nanda. Her slender body, her small but perky breasts, her round butt, they all attracted his eyes like flies to a lamp. Sure, she wasn’t curvaceous, her breasts weren’t that big, and her butt was kind of flat, but he still wanted her. He was feeling quite bold today, so he wanted to push his luck.

“Marrying someone who lives there will make them let you in for sure.”

“Yeah, maybe I should start talking to this one guy from school. We’re still friends, and we still talk, but we’ve never dated.”

Ramesh realized Nanda didn’t get he was talking about himself, but it would have been awkward if he explained what he meant.

“I’m bored. Let’s go somewhere.”

“How about the temple? Do they have those in the US?”

“They do, but I don’t really go.”

Ramesh went to go change. They had made a law in Ramesh’s state in India that said men could not cover themselves above the waist in temples. There was also a law that said all men had to wear a sarong in temples. All Ramesh had on was his underwear and a sarong.

Ramesh came downstairs and Nanda was already there. She was also wearing a sarong, as required for women. However, she was also wearing an Indian blouse. Women had to wear blouses in temples. Both of them were wearing completely white clothes, as mandated by law.

When they istanbul escort arrived at the temple, Ramesh was in awe of the great art. Sure, he had been there before, but not since a year ago. They also seemed to have expanded the temple.

The dress code was so strict in the temple because in the eyes of the gods, everyone is equal, and therefore everyone needs to wear the clothes of the poor.

Ramesh and Nanda walked around, praying and admiring the temple.

Ramesh caught Nanda staring at him multiple times. She was especially looking at his muscular arms, his wide shoulders, his sculpted chests, his smooth stomach, and his large back. She must have been worshiping him more than the gods!

Finally, they reached the sanctuary, where the temple’s patron god’s idol resided. Because of the deep reverence for the god needed, men were not permitted to wear any clothes in the sanctuary.

Ramesh never understood why women could still wear their clothes in the sanctuary. He had never been in the sanctuary, but he had visited the temple.

He took off his sarong and underwear and a worker stored them. Now completely naked, he entered the sanctuary with Nanda.

Ramesh had recently gotten into something called CFNM, where guys went naked around girls that were clothed. It wasn’t about being submissive; he just liked to show off his body. He had never gotten an actual CFNM experience, though. However, because they were alone, Ramesh and Nanda could enter the sanctuary. Before, they were with their parents, who did not let them enter the sanctuary.

The shrine was extremely beautiful and the idol was sculpted beautifully. The idol was wearing clothes, unlike all the men around him.

Ramesh caught Nanda staring yet again, this time at his muscular legs, his large butt, his big testicles, and his long penis. He was completely exposed, but he felt great.

“Ramesh, how did you get such a great body? I haven’t seen you under the waist, being three years esenyurt escort younger than you, but I have seen you above your waist. You were always kind of chubby. How did you become so-masculine?”

“I realized I needed to work out, Nanda. I began to swim, exercising my entire body. I can swim for kilometers and kilometers without stopping. That’s hours and hours without pausing for a single second!”

“Wow, it seems to have worked! Your body is so hot!”

She began squeezing his bulging muscles, admiring the work he had put in. Then, she moved on to his butt, squeezing it like crazy. No one batted an eye. In fact, women were doing the same thing to the men with them!

She put his arms around him from behind and noticed she could not touch her arms; he was so big.

“Well, someone seems to be having a lot of fun.”

“Hey, what can a girl do when such a hot guy is next to her and he’s naked?”

“But I’m your brother!”

“Who gives a fuck? I think you’re hot, so I’ll enjoy your body.”

She moved her hands down to his testicles, fondling them.

“You should become a urologist. Then you can touch balls all day.”

“Hey, I can’t even get into college! There’s no way I’ll be a doctor! Anyway, how are your balls so big? You can’t even make them bigger like your muscles; I guess you just got lucky! Your ballsack’s as big as a plum! How much cum do you have?”

It was true; Ramesh did have a large scrotum. Every time he ejaculated, he made half a cup of semen. And he masturbated five times a day!

“Nanda, you naughty girl! I make half a cup of cum each time, and I cum five times a day.”

“Wow, that’s why these are so big! How can you go so many times a day? What a horse!”

All this talk had made Ramesh erect. His penis was only three inches when flaccid, hanging above his scrotum, but when erect, it stretched out to eight inches.

“Oh my god! Your dick is huge! I’m jealous of your future wife! Most beylikdüzü escort men have to ask their wives for sex, and usually they’re not that interested, but your wife will ask you for sex! You’re fucking gigantic! Are you part horse?”

“Nanda, that would make you part horse too.”

“Well, biology wasn’t my strong suit in school. Hey, let me see the head of your dick!”

She pulled back his foreskin, revealing a bright pink glans. It was wet, glistening with all the pre-ejaculate he had gotten from the situation. She put his foreskin back with a naughty smile on her face.

“Hey Ramesh, we’re the only ones at home now. How about you go naked at home?”

“You could too! That would be fun!”

“Ramesh, what is wrong with you? I’m a woman! I need to preserve my modesty! That’s why I’m wearing clothes in this sanctuary and you’re not!”

“Alright, fine.”

Nanda slipped her hand inside Ramesh’s anus, moving it around vigorously.

“Nanda, that feels good, but in a weird way. You should become a urologist, I’m telling you!”

“Oh, cut it out!”

She began to digitally penetrate him, faster and faster.

“I’m gonna cum, Nanda!”

She suddenly stopped, leaving him unsatisfied.

“Hey, what was that for?”

“I’m not your wife, Ramesh. I don’t have to let you cum.”

Ramesh’s erection eventually subsided. They left the temple with Ramesh still naked. Nanda had his clothes with her.

“I gotta piss, Nanda. One sec.”

“Why can’t you do it in front of me? I was never very good at biology; I need to learn if I’m going to become a urologist!”

She winked at him and laughed playfully. Ramesh knew he desperately wanted to marry her.

He began to urinate on the side of the road, making Nanda happy. He wanted to show her how far he could urinate, and he managed to get the stream to five feet long.

“You seem to be exercising those dick muscles when you jerk off, so I’m not surprised you can piss so far!”

She grabbed his penis, shaking it around, which got urine all over the ground. Finally, he stopped urinating.

“Alright, Nanda, let’s go home.”

“Alright, and remember to stay naked! Why do men even wear clothes at all? They’re uncomfortable! Women should stay clothed to preserve their modesty!”

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