Center of Attention

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Big Tits

I. The Ad

I was idly cruising personal ads on a rather edgy adult web site. The ads that were posted ranged the gamut from people looking for monogamy and white picket fences to people looking for almost any kind of sexual adventure you can imagine. I called my visits “window shopping” because 90% of the time I didn’t respond to any of the ads, but just fantasized about what it would be like to have a relationship of the sort being advertised. Most of the time I looked at the ads posted by women, and, because of where I was in my life, I was especially interested in those posted by women who were looking for casual sex or extramarital affairs. This one night, I thought I would look at ads posted by couples.

One looked intriguing. It had just been posted. The couple consisted of a 56 year old man and his 43 year old wife. They were described as professionals, mature, clean. There was a picture of her, face excluded, showing that she had a cute, fit body. The profile was written from her point of view. She wrote that they were looking to set up a gangbang for her pleasure. They wanted to line up about six men. Anyone interested was supposed to write them with an introduction of who he was, including pictures, and then those who were chosen would be contacted by the husband, who would explain the details.

I thought to myself, what the hell, this will never happen, but it would be interesting to find out what it would be like. So I wrote. To my surprise, she wrote back. She gave me her husband’s phone number, and said that I should call him. I called. He seemed pretty reasonable on the phone, very friendly in fact. He explained that this was something he and his wife had done before, and had really enjoyed. He said that she was sort of a nymphomaniac, and that this was her preferred way of getting her needs met. He enjoyed it too, because of how much she enjoyed it. As if to reassure me that they weren’t lowlifes, he explained that she was a medical doctor, and that he was a building contractor. It was easy to verify these facts. In fact she has an unusual name, so by typing the name into Google with M.D. after it I discovered that she practices at one of the major hospitals in the area. He sent pictures of both of them. She had a gorgeous face, and an even more gorgeous body. He was handsome, masculine, with a shaved head and a fit body.

He explained what the plan was. It was laid out with almost military precision. They would be reserving two adjoining rooms at a local upscale hotel. They wanted six guys to be involved during a four-hour period. During the first two hours, each guy was supposed to show up at a specific time at one room, where he would meet the husband, and then be let in to the other room through a connecting door to spend 20 minutes with the wife. During that period the next man would show up to meet the husband, and then be let in to be with the wife after the previous guy exited her room through the door to the corridor. Three guys per hour, two hours. Then at the end of the two hours, as the sixth guy was finishing up his 20 minutes, the first five guys were supposed to return to the room with the husband, then all (except the husband) would go into the wife’s room to spend the next two hours with her doing whatever she wanted them to.

He explained some ground rules. No male on male contact (even though one of the guys that was selected was supposedly bisexual, as was the husband). The husband would never be in the wife’s room; in fact he was planning on leaving the hotel altogether. There would be lots of condoms and lube available. There would be two video cameras, with the understanding that only she would watch the recordings gaziantep bayan escort later, for her own pleasure.

A little anxious about the newness of this situation (not to mention the video cameras), I told him to count me in. The only thing was that I had been late in getting through to him with my phone call, so I was the seventh guy to be included. That meant that I wouldn’t be able to be part of the first two-hour block, and so I wouldn’t get to have alone time with the wife. However, I would get to join the whole group for the second two-hour block. He gave me a date and time.

II. Arrival

I showed up at least a half hour early. I didn’t want to be late, although I think I also wanted to get up my nerve to actually go through with it. I drove around the hotel parking lot several times. I found the wing with the correct room. I walked in. I found the room number where they supposedly were, and walked by it a couple of times. I went back out to the lobby, then outside to my car. I almost bailed, unsure if I wanted to go through with it. Finally, I said to myself, “just do it!” and at the right time, went to the room.

The other guys were already there, all a little flushed from their previous experiences with the wife. The husband was friendly, introduced me to everyone. The guys were all professional types, of a wide range of ages. The youngest was probably in his early 30s, the oldest in his late 50s. I was in the middle. I was one of the taller ones. It turns out that one of the original six had been a no-show, so one of the 20 min slots hadn’t been filled. Damn. That would have been nice, to get comfortable with her one on one.

Anyway. The husband went over the ground rules again, and then he put on a DVD that showed his wife undressing in an incredibly erotic way. He wanted us to be warmed up for when we were let in to the room. All of us started undressing. The door opened.

III. The room

This is where I would want to know what it was like from her point of view. She was in the king-sized bed having just finished up with the last of the solo sessions. She was completely naked, looking ravishing, sexually energized and ready for more. In walk five naked men to join the one who was already there, all of us fairly handsome, all of us in decent physical shape, all of us intelligent professionals, all of us wearing shit-eating grins. Cameras stood on tripods. Bright floodlights made it seem like a bright sunny day in the room.

I was one of the first to reach her. I think the other guys let me go ahead because I hadn’t had the chance to be with her, and she seemed to seek me out for the same reason. I knelt on the bed, and gave her a deep kiss on the mouth, and cupped her breast with my left hand. She kissed me hard, reached for my cock, which was already growing hard. She seemed hungry for my cock, and moved to take it in her mouth. She was half propped on her elbow as she sucked me and I stroked her hair and her face.

As this was happening, other guys moved in and started touching her. One got on the other side of her and started sucking her breast. Two others began stroking her legs, her tummy, her pussy. One pretty quickly moved down and started caressing her already wet, hot, engorged pussy. At this point, with my cock in her mouth, she began moaning. Very quickly her passion built in intensity, her moans increased in frequency and intensity, her body tensed and she had the first orgasm of a number that quickly became too high to count.

At this point it gets really hard to remember the sequence in which things happened. Overall it was one of the most amazingly erotic experiences I have ever had, but what amazed me wasn’t my own sexual gratification, but being in the presence of a woman who sought and found the highest peaks of sexual ecstasy and, with the help of six guys, kept herself there for two solid hours. Though I can’t recount the exact sequence of events, I can sketch out images of events that happened, over and over again, intermixed with each other.

Chapter IV: The heat of the moment

In the blur of the next two hours, so many images stand out. First of all, the general impression of how the men treated this beautiful, erotic, alive person: with total attention and total respect. The sole focus was on her pleasure, not on the guys getting their sexual release (although there was plenty of that too). Also, the men cooperated in this effort almost without talking, letting one guy focus on her, or part of her, for a while, then moving aside as another guy joined in and took over. We moved as if choreographed, sometimes steering her into positions where we wanted her (always because we thought she would like it), and sometimes moving in response to her gestures or postures.

At the beginning, I just surveyed the scene with sense of awe and excitement. Was this really happening to me? Here was this beautiful woman sucking my hard cock hungrily, while stroking another man’s cock, while another man caressed the skin of her legs and her hips with long fingerstrokes, while another man caressed her pussy, exploring the warm, wet contours and discovering the right pace and pressure to best affect her breathing, her passion, her orgasms. It was like porn scenes that I have seen, but so much richer in the sights, sounds, and especially the hot, dank, intoxicating smells of sex.

The man caressing her clit was doing it gently at first, then a little more intensely, while another guy’s fingers probed the inside of her vagina. Again I could tell from her moans, and the tensing of her body, the tightening of her grip on my cock, that another orgasm was coming. It built and built, and then she exploded with an intense, ecstatic moan before relaxing back on the bed, my cock still in her mouth.

I wanted so much to taste her pussy, and when I got the opportunity to do so, I’ll admit I probably hogged it for myself a little longer than I should have. But no one seemed to mind, because she had so much to give everyone.

I moved myself down to get between her legs, which were spread wide apart. I slid my hands under ass, and held her firmly. Then I began exploring her with the tip of my tongue, tracing the contours of her labia, gently caressing the tip of her engorged clit. Again I could sense the passion building. Her ass muscles tightened in my hands, her thigh muscles hardened, her moans got louder. Her breathing got more rapid and louder, and then she came hard, even harder than before, letting out a totally uninhibited moan of ecstasy.

I looked up to take in the scene again, and saw that while I had been lavishing attention on her pussy, she had another guy’s cock in her mouth, and two other guys were sucking her tits. I moved aside a little, which required her to open her legs wider, to give room for one of the other men, but still close to her pussy.

The other guy inserted two fingers deep into her cunt and began massaging her. I moved my tongue up to her clit. Her worked her from the inside while I worked her from the outside. The passion built higher and higher and she came again, just a couple of minutes after the previous orgasm, her whole body shuddering and her moans filling the room.

The other guy and I continued paying attention to her pussy. This time I had taken her clit into my mouth and was sucking and nibbling gently on it, while the other guy continued to explore her vagina with his fingers, and we again brought her to a massive orgasm just like the previous one.

Finally one of the guys was ready to fuck her. He got a condom ready. The two of us who had been working on her cunt made room. The guy with the condom knelt between her open thighs, got his hard cock positioned at the opening of her pussy. He teased her with it, probing, letting her know what was coming. She was moaning, demanding to be fucked, wanting it. He obliged. Still kneeling rather than lying on top of her, he slid his cock in. At the same time, I began playing gently with her clit with my fingers. Almost immediately we brought her to a crashing orgasm, more whole-body shaking and shuddering, more moaning.

He continued to slide in and then out, and then began thrusting. Harder and harder. I knelt next to her, caressing her thigh, while another guy took over with her clit. I cupped my hand over her breast, squeezed on her nipple. She came again. And then almost immediately came again, even harder.

The guy was still fucking her. His thrusts got harder and harder. She came again. And again, almost screaming with her moans. And again. As this was going on, other men were sucking on her tits, kissing her, or just watching. Finally the guy who was fucking her was ready for his own orgasm. He pounded her hard, I sucked her tit, and both of them yelled ecstatically as they simultaneously came.

We didn’t give her much time to recover, and she didn’t seem to want it. I went back to licking her pussy, bringing her to one orgasm after another. On a couple of occasions these were squirting orgasms, which flooded my mouth and my fingers with her juices while letting out long, deep moans.

One guy came on her face and she licked it off, sucked him the rest of the way dry. Somebody else took a turn fucking her, bringing more orgasms to her and to him.

I needed to take my turn. I got a condom for myself. I wanted her in a different position. I turned her over onto her knees, and she was all too happy to change positions. Her ass was in the air, her legs far enough apart so that I could see her pussy. I first wanted to taste her in that position. I massaged her ass while licking her clit, her labia, fingering her. She came again that way, her back arching, her ass tightening quivering with ecstasy. I could even see her cunt pulsating.

Then I was ready. I inserted my cock. I started thrusting. At the same time another guy got into position so that she could suck his dick. One of the other men had his hand cupped over her breast, which was swaying as she moved with each thrust. The intensity built for both of us. She had another amazing orgasm, which only intensified my passion. Harder and harder I thrust with my cock while grasping her hips to pull her into me with each thrust. In and out. Harder and harder. The room reeked of the beautiful smell of her juices and the cum of men. I could hear the slapping sound. She came with a deep grunting moan. She was already almost becoming hoarse. Then my ecstasy reached almost unbearable levels, and I came hard, letting out a long deep moan of intense ecstasy that was in unison with hers as she had another intense orgasm.

And so it went, for the full two hours. She never let up. A couple of the guys seemed spent after about an hour, and at the end of two hours there were only three of us left. But one or the other of us was fucking her or fingering her or kissing her or sucking her right up till the end.

When it was all over, she gave each of us warm, deep kisses of thanks. Her husband showed up, and she told him what a great time she had had. We all walked out feeling as if we had gone onto a higher plane of existence.

The end.

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