Center of Attention Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: All characters in this fictional story are 18 years or older, and all names are ficticious. This is a continuation series.

Debbie Ross was sitting on her bed, writing in her diary about the events of the previous night. She wanted to keep those memories, and hoped to add new ones to the lusty events at Mr. Collin’s home. Her thoughts were interrupted by the knock on the front door. She hurriedly hid her diary and ran down her steps to open the door.

“Hi Sissy. C’mon in,” Debbie said to her best friend.

“Hey girl. I missed you last night. The gang of us went down to the mall, but it just wasn’t the same without you,” Sissy told her.

Debbie replied while giggling, “Ummm, I was very busy last night. Let’s go up to my room, I have a secret to tell you.”

The two young women headed up the steps, a path they had both taken together many times. Sissy was Debbie’s closest friend, and the two of them confided their deepest secrets and desires to each other. Sissy was a year older than her friend, and usually let her friend be the leader, so to speak. While Debbie was always the one to take on any challenge, Sissy was a follower. All through school both of them were very close since third grade.

While Debbie’s body was voluptuous, Sissy was more on the average side. She was a little overweight, with average breasts and a nice bubble-butt. She wasn’t a virgin, having lost that to her swim coach last year. But, compared to Debbie who was the flirt, she basically was shy and just went along with the crowd.

Once Debbie closed her bedroom door, Sissy piped up, “So tell me girl, what is this secret? You know how I hate when you keep things from me.”

Both girls sat on the bed facing each other. Debbie was wearing shorts and a halter top, while Sissy wore jeans, a t-shirt, and flip-flops.

“You know Jake Collins, the owner of the grocery store. I was with him and his friends last night,” Debbie gushed out.

Sissy was not sure what she meant and asked, “You were with him last night? What were you doing?”

“I was having sex with him and his three buddies.”

Sissy coughed, as she said, “You were doing what? Having sex with them?”

“Damn right girl. I was talking to Jake at the store yesterday, and he talked me into being a hostess at his party. One thing led to another and we were all having sex. Those older guys are great at sex. And what is wonderful about it, I will be seeing them again next week!”

Sissy said in wonderment, “I can’t believe you, Debbie. You must be pulling my leg. Why would you have sex with those older men?”

Debbie laughed as she told her, “I did it and ended up with over $700 last night. I got paid for being a hostess, serving them drinks and stuff, then they gave me all the money from their poker game to fuck me. Hell, I never had anal sex before, but I did last night.”

“Shit Debbie. You have all the luck. Did it hurt getting your ass reamed?”

“Yeah a little, but I was so busy getting a cock in my pussy and mouth it really didn’t bother me too much,” said the hot vixen.

Sissy was amazed as she said, “Three guys at once? Old geezers too. You always were the slutty one. What were you thinking?”

“Well girl, I was thinking I am richer than I was yesterday, and to be honest, older guys are so much better at sex. They take their time and they don’t shoot off in two minutes. How was the sex with Mr. Davidson last year, Sis?”

“Oh, he wasn’t really slow, but he was only in his 30’s. But you are right, older men know how to fuck and it took him like forever to cum. It hurt at first, but he took his time and he was so gentle I wanted it again and again. I’m so sad he had to move to another state because of that deal of us being caught by Mrs. Thomas, the school marm,” Sissy sadly said.

I got an idea girl, maybe I can talk Jake and his buddies into letting you fuck and suck them too. Let’s go see Jake, and I want you to go along with me. Think of the money we can make, plus we can get all the great sex we want. There is nothing like doing it with more than one guy at a time!”

Sissy thought for a second and then said, “I don’t know Deb, I’ve never been with anyone except Mr. Davidson. Plus, that’s more than one guy at once. And anal sex, I am really scared.”

“Oh stop being a fuddy-dud! Anal sex isn’t bad, once you get used to it. The challenge will be taking Bob’s cock. It is big and fat, and it’s a challenge to just fuck or suck it. But believe me, it will stretch your cunt open so nice, I couldn’t stop cumming,” said Debbie confidently.

“Mr. Davidson’s penis wasn’t all that small you know. He had to be six inches long.”

Her friend replied, Six inches? All these guys are at least that, and they know how to use their pricks.”

“Jeez Deb, my pussy is so wet from hearing you talk like this. Now I want to fuck them too. And I want to learn how to suck cock really well. ”

“Well, are you interested in getting together with Jake and his friends? I can take you down to the store with me now. And trust me, these casino siteleri guys will let you practice sucking them off,” Debbie told her confidently.

Sissy thought a moment, then said, “Well, I have always been your best friend Deb. It does sound hot, so why not?”

“Good, let’s go see if Jake would be interested in the both of us. I got the feeling he and his buddies will want us both, and often. And we’ll have some spending money too!”

“You are such a slut, but okay girl,” said Sissy as they both got up to leave.

Jake was very happy to see Debbie walk into his store again today, but was surprised to see she wasn’t alone. Another girl friend was with her. Jake had often seen the other girl come in to buy things from time to time, and loved looking at her ass. It was definitely bigger than Debbie’s, but he often fantasized about doing her doggie style, so he could watch them globes jiggle.

“Hi Jake, how are you today?”

He replied, “Very good Debbie, and who is your friend?”

“This is Sissy. We came to ask you something. I told her all about last night, and she is interested in joining us next week. Would that be okay?

“You want to come to our party next week, Sissy? Did she tell you there will be four horny guys there. I’m not sure if you would like that,” Jake said quietly.

Debbie looked around the store and noticed they were alone. She leaned over and whispered into her friend’s ear. Sissy had a broad smile and nodded back.

“Maybe we could convince you Mr. Collins. Maybe if Sissy and I gave you a blowjob, would you let us come? She never gave one before, but she’s willing,” urged Debbie.

He looked at them in disbelief, but he wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass.

“Let me lock the store and put up a sign that I’ll be right back. Let’s go back to the storeroom.”

“Oh goody,” both girls said in unison.

He soon hung up the sign and locked the door, and then they followed him to the back of the store, where he led them into a storage room. Spare boxes and cans of food lined the shelves, as he turned to face the two hot sluts. He couldn’t believe that not only was hot little Debbie there, but she brought her sexy friend as well. He knew that when he told his buddies about the next poker party and having two hot chicks, they would be hard and ready.

Debbie stepped up to him, and quickly pulled down his zipper as she looked back at her friend telling her, “Don’t be bashful, Sis. Come give me a hand!”

Soon her friend was joining her, and they both were pulling down Jake’s pants, as he chose not to wear underwear today. His raging hardon popped out, and stood at attention for them.

As he kicked off his pants and waited, Sissy said, “Wow, he has a hot prick.”

“Damn right girl, and it needs a good sucking,” said Debbie as her hand stroked his ever hardening cock.

Jake just stood there in awe, watching the two young women discussing his dick as if he wasn’t even there. He watched as Debbie leaned forward, and took the head of his cock into her mouth, licking around the crown. Then he felt the other girl reach out and caress his balls, feeling them in her fingers. His dick jumped as beautiful little Debbie soon began to slide her mouth up and down his cock, taking more of it into her throat on each stroke. He gasped as Sissy leaned over and sucked one of his nuts into her mouth. He never felt this much pleasure before, and he was so horny from watching the two of them pleasuring him.

Debbie pulled off and told her friend, “Here Sis, suck his cock now. Taste how good it is.”

Sissy pulled off of his balls, but held them in her dainty hands. Meanwhile, Debbie guided her friends head over and soon she was exploring her first cock in her mouth. She had always wanted to suck Mr. Davidson’s cock, but he was always in a hurry as he seemed to have to be somewhere quickly. With her lips wrapped around it, she could enjoy sucking this wonderful prick, and soon began to suck it in deeper, gagging a little. With Debbie’s guidance, she was telling her to take her time and let her throat adjust to the size.

Debbie slyly said, “She’s really good at it for the first time Jake, isn’t she? Are you sure you wouldn’t want us both at your next party?”

He couldn’t help enjoying the wonderful mouth enveloping his cock as he uttered out, “Yeah, she can come too. I’ll let the guys know that we’ll have company. You are doing a wonderful job, Sissy.”

Debbie meanwhile decided to stand up and pulled her tank top off, allowing her naked tits to be available to Jake. She leaned over and kissed the handsome man, and soon their tongues were dancing, as his hands began playing with her breasts. They both could hear the slurping of the girl on her knees, giving her first blowjob.

Jake soon left Debbie’s lips and bent down to suck on a perky nipple. The girl moaned as he switched back and forth, tasting her lovely pointy nubs.

Sissy was busy herself, her hand inside of her jeans, stroking her pussy. She couldn’t believe that she was here on her knees, slot oyna sucking off a man much older than her. But his cock was tasty, and she couldn’t help but feel her saliva and his precum on her fingers, as she peeked up at her friend who was getting her titties sucked. It turned her on, watching her slutty girlfriend teasing this guy, almost wishing she could do that to her friend as well. She secretly always had a crush on her friend Debbie, but never had the nerve to suggest they have sex together.

“I’m almost ready to cum, damn she can suck a mean cock,” said Jake as he pulled his lips off of Debbie’s mounds.

Debbie quickly got down on her knees, and said, “Let me suck it too. Let’s both make him cum!”

The two gals each took turns on Jake’s rock hard cock. The tongues and lips kept it well lubricated, as each sucked him in. Debbie was better, as she could swallow his whole length, where Sissy tried but kept backing off when she felt herself gag. Then Debbie pulled his cock out of her mouth, and they both jerked on his prick as he passed the point of no return.”

“Shit, I’m going to cum. Both of you are so damn hot!”

Then his cock shot a rope of cum right over both of their faces. As their hands stroked him, his sperm kept spurting all over their faces and lips. Then Sissy dove down and sucked his cockhead in, taking the next spurt. Debbie pulled it from Sissy’s mouth, and did the same, taking a gulp of sperm. Then the last squirt shot onto both of their lips.

As his prick dribbled, both of the hot sluts lapped up the remaining cream from his pisshole. Then they turned to each other, and began kissing passionately. Sissy and Debbie had never been this intimate with each other before, but it only seemed natural that they would share the cum between them like this. Both girls had a wild orgasm as their tongues and lips met wildly. Sissy loved the taste of Jake’s cum, as well as the sweetness of her best friend’s lips.

After the show was over, Jake pulled on his pants and said, “I know those guys will love you two. I can’t wait until Tuesday!”

Debbie smiled and said, “Damn right, you will love us. Right Sissy?”

“I know I can’t wait. See you then, Mr. Collin’s.”

Debbie found that she loved older men, and combined with her constant horniness, she wanted more fun and decided to dress and take a walk. She chose a sexy short, white skirt, to go along with her red blouse. She had tied it just below her bountiful breasts in a neat little bow, showing off her toned tummy. Wearing no bra allowed her breasts to sway freely. She headed out for a walk, and immediately heard the whistles as she headed to the park. She knew she needed sex badly, and intended to get some today.

As she entered the public park in her town, she saw the children playing, mothers reading, people walking their dogs, and a few men sitting on a bench under a tree in the distance. There wasn’t much activity in their area of the large park, and decided to check them out.

As she walked, she loved how both men and women watched her, some in awe and some in silent hostility. She knew she had the perfect body, and often women especially, would quietly be upset with the way she flaunted it. Hot Debbie could care less, she was on a mission.

She finally walked up and strolled by the two men on the bench. They were both about the age of Jake, and their eyes followed her every movement. She pretended to be looking at something on the ground, and teasingly bent over to pick something out of the grass. In doing so, she gave the men a quick glimpse of her scanty thong as her skirt flipped up due to the breeze and her motion. After standing up, she looked over and saw both men smile, in which she returned a seductive smile back at them.

She saw a bench off in the distance, next to a creek that ran through the park. She knew this area was for lovers who enjoyed necking and being naughty, as she once accompanied one of her previous boyfriends here. She loved the peaceful setting, and quickly sat down on the bench, studying the water as it flowed by her. She knew she had planted the seed, and waited for it to grow. What man could resist her charms, especially after she showed her practically naked ass to them?

Then she heard some rustling, and both men walked up to her from behind. She sat there smiling, as she knew what was on their minds.

“We thought we’d come over and keep you company. You looked so sexy, and we thought maybe you could use some friends,” said one of the men.

The other man said, “My name is Jim, and that’s Al. We are roommates. Thought we’d come down and check out the sights, and you happened to walked by. Did you know you have a beautiful smile?”

“Thank you sir. I wouldn’t mind some company. Come sit with me if you want,” said Debbie.

Soon both men joined her, sitting on either side of her. She noticed that Jim sat to her left and had a nice body with blonde hair. She figured he was about 50. The other guy Al on her right had a mustache and black hair, with a larger build and a bit overweight. canlı casino siteleri But she didn’t care, just the thought of having sex with them was turning her on. Her thongs were soaked through, ever since she bent over and flashed them.

Al said from aside of her “So, what’s a lovely young thing like you doing out here all alone?” Don’t you know there are depraved guys lurking about?”

“Oh, and maybe I am looking for some bad boys? Do you know where I can find some?”

Jim whispered, “You have a hot ass. I just bet you flashed us on purpose!”

“Nawwww, would I do that? I’m just so innocent, I think you two guys are just being naughty,” she giggled.

Then she felt Al’s hand sliding up her thigh, and she pretended to not notice. Meanwhile, when she turned towards Jim, he kissed her suddenly on the lips. She returned the kiss, as she felt a hand sliding ever-so-close to her wet pussy. She wiggled a little, but as Jim’s tongue entered her mouth, she knew she’d be fucked really good, shortly.

“I don’t know if I should let you guys touch and kiss me. I am a good girl,” Debbie moaned as she felt Al’s fingers sliding along her thong.

Breaking free from the hot kiss, Jim uttered,” If you come with us over by those trees over there, we could make it worth while for you. We always love a good slut like you.”

“Oh God! You guys are really bad,” she said as Al’s finger slid under her thong and deep inside of her pussy.

He then said, “Tell me that you weren’t teasing, missy. Come with us, I’ll give you a $100 to fuck your ass. Would you like your ass filled with my big cock? Jim here, he loves a good blowjob. What do you say?”

Debbie reached her hands over and grabbed each of their cocks through their shorts. As she felt Al’s, she knew he wasn’t kidding. She could feel his thick rod as she also felt Jim’s, which wasn’t quite as big. She knew that her audacity in grabbing their pricks gave them their answer.

Jim began teasing her tits through her top, and said, “$200 for some fun, are you game? I love a good cocksucker, and you do have the sexiest lips. It’s been quite a while since I had a blowjob.”

Debbie stood up, and wrapped her arms around both of them and said, “Let’s go. Let’s see what you two horny guys got for me. Are you going to give me those wonderful cocks, now?”

“Damn right,” the two older gents said in unison.

Quickly Debbie and her two new playmates walked behind the thick trees, and she saw that nobody had seen them. She thought how naughty this was, having sex with a chance of being caught. But she was so very turned on, and needed to cum so badly. She knelt down while she watched both men taking off their clothes. She was right about Al, he had a big cock, as it bounced up and down when it was released. Jim’s wasn’t as big, but thicker than his roommate’s.

“Come here guys, let me suck your cocks.”

As she squatted down, she was soon joined with two rigid pricks, begging to be licked. She grabbed both, and began to stroke them. Both men stood close to each other, and she had both dicks inches from her mouth. She leaned over and kissed first Al’s cockhead, before moving over to Jim’s. Both were dripping precum, which she felt hanging from her succulent lips. Then she reached up to both pairs of balls, carressing them lovingly, while lapping up the oozing seepage from their pissholes.

Al stammered out,” Damn girl, you have done this before. Suck my fuckin’ cock, slut!”

She loved hearing them talk dirty to her. She felt like a slut, but she truly didn’t care. Her pussy was on fire, and she needed a cock badly, maybe lots of cock. And she wanted men who knew how to please her.

“Awww, you want me to suck your hot cock? Maybe I…,” said Debbie as Al slipped his cock into her mouth, cutting her off from finishing her sentence.

She licked and sucked on the big cock, gagging a bit on the length. She knew Al wasn’t in for teasing, so she tightened her lips as she felt him sliding in and out of her mouth. She tried to suck as much of his prick as she could, and wondered how in the hell she’d take that big thing into her ass. But she didn’t have time to think much about it, as Jim’s cock hard pressed on her cheek. She soon pulled off of that cock, and slipped Jim’s into her mouth. Her lips were stretched wide, but after some adjustment, she was able to handle all of him easily. Soon, she was switching back and forth, pleasing each of them, feeling their wonderful manhoods fill her throat. She knew she had acquired a talent every man loves, deep-throating a cock. Despite some gagging and choking, she finally was able to handle Al’s rigid prick now as well.

“Time for some fucking, her ass is mine,” said Al.

She got onto her hands and knees in the grass, as she knew she would soon have her ass reamed. Jim had found her mouth again, but she regretted having to stop caressing his sperm-filled nuts. She had to prepare for the big cock behind her, as she felt Al slipping his cock up and down her pussy lips, making both her and his cock slick. Then he leaned forward, ripped of her panties, and his cock slid deep inside of her pussy soon after. She was so wet that even though the size of him took her breath away, she felt so full and content. Oh, how she loved older men!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32