Center of Attention Ch. 01

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“Freak?” I think to myself. Is that who I am dealing with? Here I am, sliding open the steel plate door of a warehouse in an alley at 2:00 am on a Thursday morning wondering if I am going to be jumped and left for dead. I do not normally go wandering around at this hour of the night in places like this but there is a reason….

It all started so innocently, the two-hour conversation at a bar one Tuesday night. It flowed and felt right- it was evident there was a mutual interest. When I decided to leave, an exchange of business cards, because these days you do not want somebody to know where you live…it is just safer. And now, I find myself in the midst of something intriguing and bizarre.

At first I thought there would be the usual obligatory midday telephone conversations and maybe a date. Instead, it started with a telephone message left for me on my office voice mail at 4:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning telling me to not trash an e-mail from because it was coming from her and was not spam or some infected file from a stranger. Well, I got the e-mail and it was not what I expected. It was cold, direct, to the point- no-frills. Time, date and place. Nothing more. It left me guessing.

I slide the door open and step inside. I peer in, no killers in here. An envelope hangs for me on an elevator door in the dim light of the alcove. I opened it and am instructed to take the elevator to the third floor. The elevator key is inside the envelope. Where am I? What the hell am my doing here this hour the morning? Why am I doing this again? It’s turning out to be just like the two prior times. Yes, two prior times. Intrigued? The e-mails would come forty eight hours in advance and tell me when and where to go. The first time I reluctantly went despite the fact that it was at a bizarre hour in the middle of the week. Sometimes, curiosity kills a cat. Other times, sex drives the dog. I leave it for you decide which when I am.

The first time, she laid out her expectations, telling me what to do and how to do it. The second time, I was on my own to meet her expectations. She mentored me when I demonstrated a flaw. This time I am obliged to exhibit perfection or else…

I turn the key, the elevator shudders and takes me up. It is anticipation which courses through my veins. But the anticipation only serves to heighten the expectation of the lust that smolders deep within my soul… I am addicted to it, I cannot escape it. I do not know what she wants from me, but what I do know is that I cannot figure it out right now. I am left guessing. It is clear to me that despite our conversation in the bar, this is not personal, it is purely sexual, and at a level I have never known from a woman.

As the elevator eases to a stop my breath shortens knowing the door is about to slide open and I will meet her. I turn the key to lock the elevator on the third floor- access is everything. The door slides open to a dark room. My eyes need to adjust, I do not see anything but dim lights across the room. I smell something that is clearly not the warehouse smell I anticipated. ataşehir escort It is some kind of incense. I step out of the elevator and into a dark cavernous room.

Each time we met in a different place, in a different setting- a closed office, a closed library and a docked sailboat. Once again, this time is something new. The room is large, maybe 30 by 30. The ceiling is about 10, maybe 12, feet high and the room is stark save for some carpeting and painted drywall. The wall opposite the elevator door is bricked and what looks like a platform for a bed juts out into the middle of the room….

…and there she sits on the edge of the platform. All around her are small votive candles. Maybe a hundred, maybe a hundred and a half, illuminating the wall behind her and the floor before her, creating a glow in just that portion of the room. Outside the glow is pitch black. It is shrine like in appearance. Total silence, flickering candles in the dead middle of the night.

I take about 10 steps forward, my heart pounding within my chest knowing what is to come… the tension is thick…. She whispers “bear yourself”. I disrobe. I am totally naked, just like her. She sits on the platform edge, naked save for her feet in black pointed toe, spike heeled shoes with an ankle strap and gold catch, which are positioned flat on the floor. She leans slightly forward, her breasts gently sway. The candle light gently playing off of them, one moment illuminating her erect pink nipples, the next her alabaster breast, back and forth- as if her nipples were being gently teased, licked and caressed by the light.

Silently I walk towards her and kneel between her spread feet. I have actually rehearsed this moment numerous times in my head. Regardless, the intensity of the moment is still the same. As I kneel, she leans back ever so slightly, bracing herself on locked elbows, hands flat on the platform floor. She says nothing at all. Her sex is slightly spread and offered. It has been on my mind for days and now it is inches from my face.

I place my hands on the top of her thighs and bring my lips to the inner part of her knee. I slowly kiss her inner thigh, careful to smell her scent. The advance towards her sex is slow and deliberate, there is no need to rush. This is what she asks for. As I approach the place where the upper thigh meets her hip- I interchangeable kiss and flick my tongue across her skin- from the base of the crease up to her hip, across her lower abdomen to the other side moving down in the same methodical manner. I have not touched her sex yet. I have seen it….

I love a woman’s erogenous zones, especially her sex. It is not just the sex itself but the way each woman chooses to keep it. If trimmed, it is her choice, an expression shared with her lovers. She prefers to keep hers trimmed- lips clean shaven, the hairs above sculpted in a hairy rectangular shape.

It is inside of her, below the rectangular patch where I lust to be…I fantasize about it nightly because she has never let me go there… it has driven me crazy avcılar escort since this ‘game’ began. I keep coming back to meet her with the hope that she will allow me the pleasure- I think my hopes are for naught. At each of our prior meetings my dreams were dashed….

I gaze directly at her sex. It is excited. The inner lips protrude out past the outside ones. She reaches down and runs two fingers between the outer lips further exposing her inner ones. They are engorged, pushing out like flower petals anticipating a spring rain shower. She holds her lips open and I proceed. The very tip of my tongue softly runs from the base of one inner lip up to the top where the two meet. I repeat myself on the other, this time going slower. I lick her fingers. A subtle deep sigh emits from her in response. After the second one I move to tantalize the tip of her clit, gentle flicks of my tongue tip and subtle kisses. I hear more intermittent sighs and a deep breath. I do good work….

All I have wanted to do for the past few weeks since we first met was to take her. The sexual tension has risen within me daily as I wondered when the next e-mail will arrive, as I played with myself at nightly, each time I have pleasured her. I just want to lay her on her back and raise her legs to take her, bring my swollen head to her soft inner petals as they reach up asking for pleasure- gently part them, tease them, glide by them as they part for me and permit my passage passionately deep within her. She would hold me tight and I would sensuously please her until we released together….

I bring my lips to her sex and kiss her inner lips, softly bringing mine to hers in sweet embrace. I gently insert my tongue, delicately moving it in and out to tease her whole inner sex- it dances impaled on my tongue. She is enjoying this- she begins to work her clit with the tip of a finger, lightly pulling it up and then pushing down, and then in a circular motion. I hear her breath- she breaths heavily through her nose to try and maintain control…

Repeatedly, she whispers encouragements- “oh yes” and “please more”-this time in higher pitches. I know she is close. I pull back and insert a finger and find the ‘spongy’ muscle within her. I manipulate it the way she likes- slow strokes. I lick her clit and suckle her fingers more. Her legs go up and over my shoulders, thighs beginning the tell tale quiver. Her ankles cross behind my head. I move my tongue in and out of her over and over, slowly pulling and pushing her within. Her thighs slowly begin to shake and tighten around my head, sound becomes slightly muffled, her pelvis shudders and bucks. She leans back, laying down. I grab her hips with my hands and hold her down her writing hips. She gasps loudly and arches her back as the orgasm overwhelms her. I continue kneeing for a moment to regain my bearings.

Normally I get up, dress and leave without a word. I expect no different this time. As I rise, she sits up and whispers, “Wait.” She reaches for my erect penis, grabbing the shaft. She begins to massage it, moving her avrupa yakası escort hand up and down to move the skin but not the muscle itself. She peers up from under her eyebrows and says, “I need to thank you. You must have been going mad with my demands, thinking of taking me and being denied. I can be selfish, but isn’t this fun? I really should express my gratitude. You have not only pleasured me but shown me that I have something within myself that I thought I never had.” This part was not rehearsed, it is spontaneous.

My lips move to ask her what that is and I am interrupted by a finger to my lips signaling my silence. She opens her mouth and brings it to my cock. I feel the hot breath as she descends on it. That warmth is always the most erotic- it is both the first physical feeling and the heightening of anticipation of an always welcome act. Her lips touch my swollen head and kiss it. She suckles it and the takes me in all the way. Her left hand on my ass, the right guiding my cock into her mouth. Slowly she descends… She takes me deep and then slowly brings me out, and back in again, ravenous for me. She is good. She removes it from her mouth and licks it- the head, shaft and balls. She really takes her time and is enjoying every second of this. I too cannot complain…

I am close. I want to delay it, prolong the sensation. Bide for time and hope she will let me fuck her. She pulls off of me. For the first time I notice her hand is stoking her sex. She takes my hand and licks the fingers which were inside of her. “I love the taste… it gets me so excited when it is on someone else…Feels good?” she coyly asks. I nod affirmatively.

“Want to take me?” she asks.

“Oh yes,” I reply.

“Mmmmm, that would be really fun…. I bet you are so pent up that you would do things to me that would drive me crazy….” she said descending her mouth back onto my cock. “You would probably give me a proper forceful fucking, get the frustrations out… could you control yourself? Do not bother to answer. I’ll leave it to your imagination and mine. Maybe for another time.” What a tease she is…..

“I want to taste you,” she says. She deep throats me again. I am so close- I feel my head begin to tingle- its that humming tickling like sensation I get around the tip of my head as I well up. The base of my cock beings to pulse, throb. I do all I can to stave it off. Breath deep, my hands on her shoulders, fingers digging in, my back arches and my body tightens…. Sensing the physical signs she brings her hand to my balls and palms them, moving in a circular manner…

My mind races to the image of her wet shaved pussy and her inner lips. Suddenly from the tip of my cock races that orgasmic sensation down to my balls and I explode, pushing forward and down into her throat, she opens it and swallows, bobbing her head up and down taking it all.

I am exhausted and speechless. She has drained me and relieved me of frustration but leaves me craving for more. As I come to she stands up, takes me by the shoulders and whispers in my right ear, “You must go now. Until we meet again…”

She walks away, looks over her shoulder and slyly smiles at me as she disappears into a dark corner of the room, hips swaying, one foot stepping in front of the other. Tease till the very end.

I chose not to pursue her, for I do not know the consequences. I will continue ‘playing along’.

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