Center of Attention – By Him

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Author’s Note: This story is a continuation of our college adventures. You don’t need to read our earlier stories to understand it, but it does make references to the events of earlier works particularly ‘Playing Wingwoman – By Her’ and “His Surprise for me – By Her”


Every fraternity house on our campus had single women who just sort of hung out there and ours was no exception. Those girls usually fell somewhere on a spectrum. At one extreme was the super nice girl everyone thought of as a little sister. They hung out, made people cookies, helped keep the place clean, gave guys relationship advice, and were just generally adorable. On the other extreme was the girl who was the ultimate party girl. She was always ready to “unwind from school” no matter how easy her course load was. She was always down to let you do body shots off of her at a party, and she had slept with a fair number of the single guys in the house.

Despite having a body that screamed sexy, Nicole was more of the first group. She was the ultimate wing-woman for the guys who were single and she was always willing to give guys advice about their girlfriends. She was also very smart, and was in a study group with a few other guys taking the same courses as she was during our freshman year. But her sophomore year she was dating a new guy and she never came around. Then over spring break she dumped her boyfriend and suddenly she was back to hanging out at our house.

Nicole had been introduced to the house by me. She and I had met about a month into our freshman year. I had been doing laundry, when she came in disheveled and obviously having a bad day. She came in to get her clothes out of the washer and put them into the dryer only to find out that the spin cycle on the machine had quit working while washing her clothes. As a result her clothes were still soaked.

She looked like she was about to break down crying so I offered to help her out. I moved all her wet clothes to another machine and paid to run it.

“Thanks,” she said. “I’m just having a really shitty day. Are you going to hang out here or are you just leaving your clothes and coming back?”

“Well, after seeing your machine break I should probably stay and make sure my clothes actually get washed.” Truth is I always stayed and read or did homework while doing laundry, but she needed a laugh. It worked and she giggled a bit.

“Can I hang out with you?” she asked me, and I said sure.

We chatted while our laundry finished. Nicole had dumped her boyfriend earlier that week after she found out he was cheating on her. “It’s not even that we broke up that has me upset,” she told me. “It’s that he cheated. I mean, we have sex, I’m a very sexual person. Am I not sexy enough? I don’t get it.”

I assured her that she was very sexy. She was average height with light brown hair. She was tan and had a very cute face. She wasn’t a small girl, but wasn’t overweight by any means. She also had incredibly voluptuous breasts. And I mean huge. You know those women that you see and wonder, “How do they not have back problems?” She was one of those women.

I had one bag of laundry and she had three, so I helped her take hers up to her room. When we got up there she turned to me and asked if I had a condom. When I said I did she said, “Chris, I need to get laid. I need to have sex and I need to know that a guy finds me sexy. Don’t feel like I’m helpless and you are taking advantage of me, I just need this.”

I was an 18 year old guy being asked by a beautiful 18 year old woman to have no strings attached sex. Within minutes we were naked in her bed with nothing between us but a thin piece of latex. The sex had been great. She had the largest natural breasts I had ever seen and they were amazing pressed against my chest. Her entire body was wonderful. Her skin was soft and her hips felt amazing as I gripped them and thrusted into her. She said her ex was much smaller than me and after feeling how incredibly tight her pussy was I believed her. She was a great kisser, and she was wonderful on top.

An hour later her roommate found the two of us in bed. We were still naked and covered in sweat, and Nicole’s breasts still had a few streaks of cum on them that we had missed while wiping her off. Nicole told her it was just a fling, a one-time thing just to get her out of her funk. Then that night it became a two-time thing. By the end of the next weekend it was a five-time thing.

There was about a month until we had sex again after she came with some friends to a party at my fraternity house. After the party she started hanging out at our house, and our hookups became more of a regular thing. We hooked up on and off the rest of our freshman year, the last of which was after her sorority’s spring semi-formal. She knew I was also hooking up with Chelsea regularly, and the two women were cool with the situation. Neither was interested in a relationship, they both just wanted sex that came without any baggage.

Fast forward to escort izmit spring of our sophomore year. It had been almost a year since we had last had sex. She started to hang around the house again after her last relationship had ended. When she met Mandy she was nervous Mandy would be territorial, but the two hit it off. Nicole was very much strictly just a friend. She was a friend I had slept with on multiple occasions, but there were no romantic feelings between us. Mandy had already became good friends with Chelsea despite our sexual past, so it came pretty easy to her to get to know Nicole.

Before they met, all Mandy knew about Nicole was that we had hooked up on multiple occasions, and that Chelsea had tried to organize a threesome with her and Nicole had turned it down because she wasn’t bisexual and Chelsea was. Nicole said she would do it if there was no girl-on-girl action, Chelsea would only do it if there was some, so it never happened. Mandy also knew from our pictures of Nicole’s generous endowment.

I was watching TV with Mandy when she brought Nicole up.

“Do you think Nicole’s boobs are bigger than Carrie’s?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “They look about the same, but Nicole is a bit slimmer than Carrie.”

“So, I’ve been thinking, Nicole is completely straight. Like, not even a bit bi. Like, no interest in even pretending, right?”

I told her she was correct.

“Well, our first threesome with Chelsea, a lot of it was focused on her and me. And then our threesome with John, all of it was focused on me. And since you set up the one with John for me, I was thinking maybe we could have one with Nicole and focus on you.”

The Idea of Mandy and Nicole together definitely turned me on. Nicole was great in bed. Mandy was better, but Nicole was really good.

“You know we can always just do it with Chelsea again and you two only focus on me,” I said. “You really just want to see Nicole topless don’t you,” I said jokingly.

“I really do, but that’s not why I picked her. I think it could be fun. And I know if we do it with Chelsea she and I will end up playing again.”

“I don’t even think she would actually be down to do it. She knows you are bi already.”

“She’s down,” Mandy said matter-of-factly.

I looked at her. “You’ve already asked her haven’t you?”

Mandy leaned over and kissed me and said, “She’s coming over this weekend while John is out of town.”

A few days later I found myself sitting on the futon with the door locked and Nicole and Mandy standing in front of me.

“So, for the last time, you are sure you are ok with this?” Nicole asked Mandy.

“Yes, I’m sure.” To make sure Nicole knew she was serious Mandy took off her shirt.

Nicole followed suit. Mandy had on a red bra with lacy straps. Nicole had on a white bra with light pink hearts. It was cute, but not quite “I’m wearing this because I know I’m having sex tonight” lingerie. I remembered she always had trouble finding sexy lingerie that fit her size that didn’t cost a ton.

“Damn,” Mandy exclaimed. “Those are even bigger than I thought, what size are those Nicole?”

“These?” Nicole asked while squeezing her breasts and pushing them up, “They’re 34F. I’m eventually going to have to have a reduction. But every time I think about finally doing it someone reacts like that to them, so I keep them around.”

Mandy started to laugh, “Well I feel even luckier to have seen them now.”

Both of the girls slipped their pants off. Mandy had on a lacy red thong that matched her bra. Nicole was wearing a sexy pink thong. Standing there in their underwear they turned their attention toward me.

The two girls each grabbed a leg of my pants and pulled them down. Then Mandy took off my shirt and Nicole grabbed the waist of my boxers and pulled them off. I was naked sitting on the futon in front of them in their underwear. Nicole’s eyes were fixated on my cock, while Mandy’s were darting back and forth between my cock and Nicole’s chest.

“Well that’s new.” Nicole said. She was referring to me being shaved.

“Yeah I got him to do that,” Mandy said. “The guy in our last threesome was shaved, and I liked it.”

“Wait, you two had a threesome with a guy? I thought you had a threesome with Chelsea?”

“Yeah, we did that too,” I told her.

Nicole looked back at Mandy, “Was the other guy good? Was it a guy from the fraternity?”

Mandy looked at me, then back to Nicole and said “Yeah, it was John. He was pretty good.”

“Really? John…huh.” Nicole looked thoughtful as she was pondered this new information. “If Chris is a ten, and a six is good enough, where would you rate him?

“A solid eight,” Mandy said. “Maybe and eight and a half.”

“Hmm. When were done with this I’m going to need more details from you.”

“Deal,” Mandy said.

While Nicole enjoyed sex with me, she dated guys who were built more like linebackers and less like receivers. Physically, John was much more her type. izmit escort I was down for setting them up, but first I was ready for my threesome.

Mandy was the first to reach behind her back and unclasped her bra. Nicole followed suit unleashed her huge breasts.

“Ok,” she said, “I’m not doing any girl on girl, but Mandy, you can touch them, right now and that’s it. Once we start there’s no more.”

Mandy was beaming she was so excited. She cupped Nicole’s tits and gave them a squeeze and jiggled them a bit.

“Oh wow, I need two hands just for one of them.” To highlight her point Mandy started to massage one of Nicole’s breast with both hands.

Nicole’s tits weren’t perky, certainly not as much as Mandy’s were. But they were as pert as possible for breasts of their size. They were shapely with large pink nipples.

“Ok that’s enough,” Nicole said. “Your turn,” she said turning toward me.

Nicole got on her knees next to me on the futon and pulled my head to her chest. She held my head while she shimmied her shoulders, making her massive breasts jiggle while she rubbed my face against them.

I had my mouth open and my eyes closed. I was kissing and licking all over Nicole’s amazing rack. When my tongue ran against one of her nipples I closed my lips and began to suck on it. She moaned and wrapped her arms tighter around my head.

I felt fingers wrap around my cock and begin to stroke it. Then Mandy’s tongue was gently licking one of my balls. She exhaled, blowing her hot breath against me as her tongue slid up my shaft. I let out a moan and began to rub the back of her head gently as she took my member into her mouth.

Nicole lowered herself from sitting on her knees to her butt, and we began making out. I gave her breasts another squeeze before moving my hand to the back of her head. I had one hand on each of the girl, running my fingers through their hair while their tongues played with my tongue and my cock.

Mandy was making loud, sexy slurping noises as she sucked me. Nicole looked down then got on her knees next to Mandy. Mandy held my dick and pointed it toward Nicole, who without hesitation closed her eyes and took the head into her mouth. Mandy licked on my shaft a bit while watching Nicole. Nicole gave the shaft a few small kissed while sliding her face down toward my balls.

Mandy kept stroking my cock while each of the two women sucked on my balls. Nicole’s kept her eyes closed, but Mandy was going back and forth between closing hers and enjoying herself, and opening them to watch Nicole. I has a suspicion that Mandy was hoping in the heat of the moment Nicole would change her mind and kiss her, a suspicion that Mandy later confirmed.

I was still running my fingers through their hair, cradling the two girls’ heads. I moved Mandy back up to swallow my cock, and she took the entire thing down her throat. Her forehead bumped Nicole which made her look up. She got wide eyed when she saw what Mandy was doing.

“Holy shit!” Nicole said. Then she looked at me and said “lucky you.”

Mandy pulled my cock out of her mouth and smiled. Strings of saliva were running from my head to her lips. “Do you want to ty it?” she asked Nicole.

“Oh I already know I can’t deepthroat. Well, at least not like that. We’ve tried it before.”

Mandy encouraged her. “C’mon, let’s see how far you can take it.”

Nicole took my cock in her hand and brushed her hair back. She spread her mouth open and took me into her mouth. She closed her lips a little over halfway down my cock. I felt her tongue swirling around it inside her mouth. She closed her eyes tight as she forced her face further down. I’m a little over seven inches long, and she had all but about two of them down her throat.

Nicole raised her head and took in a deep breath. Her eyes were watering a bit. “Well, that was better than I expected, but that’s all I can do,” she said. I leaned forward and gave her a kiss.

“That was great,” I told her. “Mandy just happens to be particularly gifted when it comes to giving head.”

“Yeah,” Mandy said. “And you have other gifts. Two really big ones.” We all laughed a bit. “And so what if your mouth can’t take it all. Your pussy can and that’s what really matters.”

Mandy had slipped behind Nicole and hooked her fingers into the sides of Nicole’s thong. As Nicole stood up Mandy pulled the thong down to the floor. Nicole’s shaved pussy was wet, and the thong clung to her lips a small bit as Mandy first began to tug on it.

Mandy handed me the box of condoms and I put one on. Nicole straddled me and lowered herself onto my cock. She wiggled her hips a bit as I slid into her then let out a satisfied sounding sigh when she took in the entire thing.

“Oh fuck,” she mumbled. “I almost forgot how big it was.”

“Was your ex not this big?” I asked.

“No. He was average, it was good enough, but not a treat like this.”

Mandy was sitting next to me kissing on my neck. “Could you izmit kendi evi olan escort deepthroat him?” She asked.

Nicole laughed. “Yes, but barely. And I still gagged sometimes when I did it.”

Mandy gave me a deep kiss then said, “It sounds like she needs to be fucked. How about you take care of her.” She put a pillow against the arm of the futon and leaned back against it.

I looked up at Nicole and she smiled down at me. She started to rock back and forth on me, slowly speeding up and becoming more forceful each time she rocked her hips forward. I knew from our other times together that she would soon be fucking herself hard on my cock.

Nicole loved to be on top. She could make herself cum incredibly fast in this position, and afterwards she always had done a great job taking care of me. About half the times we had hooked up she had taken control and rode me the entire time. The other half she had been very submissive, asking me to pound her either in doggystyle or missionary.

She leaned down and hungrily kissed me as she bucked back and forth on my cock. I grabbed her hips and was thrusting up into her. Timing my motions with hers. She turned her head up and moaned, and I pushed my face into her rack. I started sucking all over her breasts as they pressed against me.

I glanced over at Mandy and she was completely naked. She had one hand squeezing her breast and the other was over her pussy. I looked down and saw she had her middle and ring fingers buried two knuckles deep inside of her. She was biting her lower lip staring at us. She didn’t look like she was getting close to getting off, but she did look like she wanted to pounce on us and join in.

Within minutes Nicole was cumming. She thrust her hips forward hard a few last times then she leaned forward against me. Normally this is where she would tell me it was my turn, and then spend the next 15 to 30 minutes slowly fucking me until I exploded into her. But this time she looked at Mandy and told her it was her turn.

Mandy slid her ass down on the futon, so her head was on the pillow she had been leaning against. She spread her legs and I positioned myself in between them. Her pussy was soaking from when she had been fingering herself. She closed her eyes and cooed as I slid my dick into her waiting lips.

I was holding her legs by her calves, keeping her spread open as I fucked her. I was thrusting forcefully with a steady rhythm. Every time I did her tits would bounce and she would let out a light grunt. This was the kind of position I could only do when she was sober or only mildly tipsy. If she was drunk we would be waking up half the house.

I felt Nicole kiss on my back, then her head leaned over my shoulder and she kissed my neck. She looked down at Mandy with me. Mandy was rubbing her clit. Her mouth was open and her eyes tightly shut. She had been working her pussy while watching Nicole ride me until her orgasm, and she was already close to getting off herself.

“That’s so fucking hot,” Nicole whispered into my ear. “I want you to fuck me like this after she cums.”

I turned and started to make out with Nicole, all the while fucking Mandy. I sped up the pace of my thrusts as I heard Mandy’s moans get louder. When I could tell she was getting close I broke my kiss with Nicole to focus on Mandy.

Her mouth was wide open and her head tilted forward. The muscles in her neck straining as the pressure built up in her body. Her moans had turned into hard exhales with small squeaks. Her blonde hair was splayed across the pillow.

Then it came. Her back arched and her legs started shaking. “Oh fuck!” she exclaimed loudly. She quit rubbing her pussy, and both her arms were by her sides. Her palms were pressed down into the futon. I kept pounding her until orgasm ended and she started panting for me to stop.

“That,” Nicole started, “was fucking intense.”

Mandy giggled a bid and I laughed. Mandy pulled her legs back and rolled onto her side. “Fuck that was good,” she said.

I sat back on the futon while Mandy sat upright. She let out a long breath then started shaking her hands. “I’m going to need a few minutes after that one,” she said.

“Are you spent?” I asked.

“No, I can keep playing. But I don’t think I can cum again.”

“So does that mean it’s my turn?” Nicole asked.

“Nope,” I said. “It’s my turn, then yours.”

I moved Nicole back to being on her knees on the floor.

“You know I don’t love sucking cock after it’s been inside my pussy,” she said. Then she looked at Mandy and added, “Or I guess anyone else’s pussy in this case.”

“I’m not asking you to suck my cock,” I said.

She looked puzzled for a brief second then said, “Oh. That. Of course.”

Nicole moved in between my legs then started stroking my cock. Then she lifted her breasts up and pushed them against me and squeezed them around my cock. My head barely popped out of her amazing cleavage. She cupped her breasts with her hands and started to stroke my dick with them.

“That is fucking hot,” Mandy said.

Nicole looked up at her. “Doesn’t he have you do this?”

“He does.” Mandy held her tits and jiggled them a bit. “It’s less impressive with C cups though.”

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