Celebrating Freedom

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My celebration of freedom The apartment was finally mine. I just saw her off at the airport and came home to look at my roommate- less haven for the next three weeks. Three weeks by myself, my time of absolute freedom. And tonight I was going to go in search of someone with to share the exhilaration of an empty apartment that I was feeling. Since I had not even had a date in the past two months, and the only girl who had approached me had just come off of a relationship with one of my friends, it was not looking too good for my celebration. So, along with some friends, I headed out to the once-a-month dyke dance that the boys decide to give us.

This was a crowd that I went out with often, we visited bars about once a week, usually just to chill, have a few drinks, watch the women, and talk about what was going on in our lives. I’m one of those people that have never really tried to pick anyone up in a bar or club, but tonight I was inspired! I was feeling liberated, and that feeling always made me horny as all hell and I needed someone to help me release my feelings. So we headed out to the club, and with us for the first time was a friend who was just beginning to come out. Shana had always been questioning and we all knew, but she was taking it awful slow, so this was the first time we had gotten her out with us. And her goal tonight was also the same as mine, picking up the cute women that were bound to be there.

As we entered the club, we walked through wall-to-wall women. There were beautiful lesbians everywhere, all bumping and grinding to the latest hit by destiny’s child. It was such a gorgeous sight and I was almost tempted to stick with my usual agenda of just sitting back and watching the women have fun. But tonight I was determined so I just kept repeating that to myself over and over. Shana was also resolved, and before we knew it the rest of the group was making bets on us: who could pick up a girl the fastest, who would pick the best-looking, who would go home with them? Now that it was on, we both stood at the bar for about five minutes, nursing a beer and purveying the scene.

Shana was definitely a newcomer, she had her eye on this cutie dancing by herself in the middle of the floor. Now I know these types, they’ve always got some girl who’s sitting at the bar watching their act. This is Casibom the same girl that brought them there and will end up taking them home and fucking the hell out of them. But there’s some things you can’t convince people of, so she went off to learn her lesson, hopefully at least having a good time dancing while being part of that woman’s act.

Now myself, I couldn’t get my eyes off of this younger girl, probably about 20 with long brown hair, an hourglass shape and beautiful breasts. I shouldn’t have been looking at her seeing that she was draped by this other women, a little older and a lot more butch, but definitely just as cute. The thing that kept my attention though was both the picture that they made (as I said, I usually just like to watch the women together, it just always makes me happy), and the fact that the younger girl kept looking over and smiling coyly at me. Well I decided that I had to find out what this was about, so I walked on over to them. Upon reaching them, I focused only on the girl. “Why do you keep looking over my way?” I inquired. “Because you look like someone I could have fun with.”

“And where does she come into this?” I said while gesturing to the women behind her who at the moment had both arms around her and was lightly stroking her inner thigh with one of her hands. “She wants whatever I want, and I want you.”

Well this was more than I was even looking for, but I wasn’t about to complain, so I asked them to give me a few minutes while I went and said bye to my friends. I walked back over to where my friends were waiting, told them what was up, won all bets hands-down, told them to comfort Shana who was just beginning to get the idea that this woman was not at all about her, and went back to find the two women. Meanwhile they had moved back to the dance floor and were putting on quite a show. There was not a single space between them as they moved together, and I finally got a view of the younger women’s ass, I was wanted to get my teeth on that tonight!

We left and decided to go back to the older women’s townhouse, with me and the younger woman following her in case I got lost. As soon as we got in my truck it started, all of the sudden my armrest was put in it’s upright position and she was basically sitting on my lap. My pants were subsequently unbuttoned Casibom Giriş and unzipped and she tested to see if her and her partner’s dancing had achieved its desired affect. Well it had, and between her nibbling on my ear and making sure with two fingers that my excitement never ebbed, I barely made it to the townhouse in one piece.

As I got out of the car, my pants still undone, the other lady came up and slammed me against the truck. She pinned me there with her hips, her one strong hand grasping both of my wrists above my head. She turned to her partner and asked, “Is she ready?”

er partner happily nodded and the older women began ferociously kissing me. She forced my head hard back against the window, her tongue deeply probing, her other hand feeling to see if my nipples were as excited as the rest of my body. She finally released me, nibbling on my bottom lip and giving a hard squeeze and twist of my left breast before shoving her hand into my pants and grasping the material and leading me to the door in which her partner had already disappeared.

Once inside I was shoved in to a close chair and roughly relieved of my pants and underwear. The older women knelt in front of me, and grasping my ass, pulled me up to meet her. Her tongue ran over my already dripping pussy, tasting each inner and outer fold before finally doing a circular pattern around my clitoris. I was grasping onto the arms of the chair, already feeling the presence of an orgasm inside of me, desperate to escape after being teased for so long. She must of realized that it would not take much to set me off, for she stayed away from any direct contact with my clitoris, instead just licking near the edge of it, driving me wild. All the while, she had been kneading my ass, her fingers drawing ever closer to that sensitive hole.

Just when I thought the intensity of it all was too much, she stopped everything. I moaned and looked up to see the younger there, stark naked except for a nice size strap-on. She came around to me, bent down, kissed me and asked, “Are you enjoying yourself?” Still not able to speak, I moaned again and grabbing her ass, pulled her on me and began kissing her breasts, roughly licking from the outside in and sucking on her hardened nipples. She began to give sounds of pleasures and then seemed Casibom Güncel Giriş to catch herself. “Stop!” she warned. “Come over here and get down on all fours” was the next command as she pointed to a shag rug. I quickly hustled over to where she pointed and got into the desired position. She came up before me, knelt down, kissed me again, and then standing up quickly forced the dildo in my mouth. I found myself giving her a blowjob, something I never figured I’d do, and enjoying it.

Meanwhile, the older woman had come up behind me and was again licking at my privates. This time though she began to use her fingers first inserting two and then three into my ready vagina. While she was pumping me for all she was worth, she brought her tongue to the attention of my asshole, licking around the periphery of it, all up and down the crack, before getting down to serious business. She had her nose firmly in my crack and was driving her tongue deep in my hole while still fingering my vagina. I was going crazy, being stimulated in every possible way at once. To my dismay they stopped again before I had a chance to release my excitement.

The younger pulled out, said I had done an excellent job, and could I do as good work on her partner? So the older women came before me and laid down spread legged while I got my first taste of one of them. The younger one had moved behind me and easily slipped her dick into my waiting vagina. She pumped vigorously for a few seconds before yelling to her partner “Was I right in observing that she enjoys her other hole even more?” The older woman, under the assault of my prying tongue, was only able to vocalize a low moan, which the girl correctly took as a yes. So she plunged her dick in one more time to fully coat it, and then backed up and slowly but forcefully pushed it into my asshole.

She then gathered up steam and repeatedly rammed me hard until I could finally stand it no more, and sucking on the other woman’s clitoris, came hard. This brought the older woman over the edge, seeing her partner fuck the ass of someone else while she got sucked by the same person, and she gushed all over my face. I curled up in a ball on the rug, thankful for the release I had just gotten. The two women disappeared into a bedroom to continue love-making as I drifted off to sleep. I woke up a few hours later and let myself out, realizing that I had never gotten their names, and that I had spent my first night without a roommate in another apartment. Obviously I was going to need to go to another bar soon so as not to waste this rare opportunity.

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