Caught Underwares Ch. 02

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Rhonda struggled with the thoughts swirling in her head. It had been three weeks since she had come home unexpectedly and caught her 18 year old son Tony masturbating whilst sniffing her soiled underwear. It had shocked her, but surprisingly had made her extremely aroused. She had confronted him, and wantonly showed him her pussy, pressing his face into her wet sex and then wanking him off. She had then masturbated while he watched her, and encouraged him to cum again, this time on her exposed breasts.

It was a totally out of character, a performance she wouldn’t ever contemplate with her husband Brian, Tony’s father.

The episode had had an overwhelming effect on her. The sight of him wanking his cock in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom had been continually playing over and over in her mind. It had regularly made her panties wet as she recalled watching his young cock spurt high and strong when she had pulled him.

It had had its consequences. There had hardly between any communication between Rhonda and Tony in the intervening weeks, polite responses when required and a noticeable avoidance of eye contact. Rhonda knew she had to speak to Tony, to clear the air. This weekend was a perfect opportunity with Brian away on a golfing holiday.

Tony came into the kitchen for breakfast that morning, sleepy and disheveled. In his sleepy state he gathered a bowl and cereal from the cupboard and sat at the table to eat breakfast. She knew this was the best opportunity she had to take to discuss it with him. She moved over to where he was sitting and placed her hand on his shoulder.

She spoke softly. “Tony, about what happened the other week, when I came home early” Tony froze. He stopped eating, feeling the hairs on his neck stand up. He stomach felt decidedly uncomfortable. Rhonda continued. “I’m sorry Tony, it shouldn’t have happened. I want you to know that you did nothing wrong, it wasn’t your fault, it was mine. It was naughty to be doing that in my bedroom, but all boys your age masturbate. I’m not angry with you for doing that. You must know that you are not to blame for what happened next; it was me who was in the wrong. I’m very sorry I put you through that, Tony. I promise you, it won’t happen again.”

This is not what Tony wanted to hear. Since that fateful day, he had thought of nothing else. He had been wanking even more frequently than he did before, recalling the taste and smell of his mother’s delicious cunt. He remembered how her warm hand wrapped around his cock, pumping out his cum. He had stolen her fabulous blue panties from that day and had been regularly sniffing them, savoring the scent of her pussy. He wanked whenever he had the opportunity, fantasizing about putting his dick inside his mother’s pussy.

His head slowly turned to look up at her, his large brown eyes looking awfully sad. “OK, I understand’, he said quietly. He looked like a helpless puppy dog. She wanted to hug him, but thought it inappropriate considering the way he was looking at her. There was a tingling sensation between her legs. These were not the feelings she was expecting to feel. She felt confused. To try and clear her head, she headed to the gym at the Tennis Club to have a solid workout. Rather than clear her mind of sexual desires, it reinforced them. She found herself looking at all the fit men as they strutted around the gym.

One man in particular caught her eye. He had finished a weights session and was headed for the mixed sauna. Rhonda quickly decided she would follow and have a closer look at his bulging pec’s and 6-pack abdomen.

He sat in the sauna with a towel from the waist down, his upper body and legs shaved, his taught muscles on display. He was polite and said hello, but didn’t engage her in any conversation. His presence was having a very erotic effect on Rhonda. She found it quite erotic to be in the sauna this well built young man, sweat now dripping from his body and shining faintly in the in dull yellow gleam of the sauna light.

She could feel herself becoming aroused, and just knew the lips of her pussy were expanding, protruding through the thick thatch of dark fur that covered her cunt. She had a compelling urge to drop the towel that she was wrapped in and pull aside her bathing costume to expose her wet swollen cunt to him. She wanted him to show her his cock. She knew had to leave before she lost control.

Rhonda headed for the locker room, quickly showered, and began to dress. She picked up her panties to put them on, but then stopped and looked at them. Again she remembered the surprised look on Tony’s face when she caught him wanking with her underwear. She quickly shoved the panties into her gym bag and put her skirt on, knowing she would touch herself in the car on the way home.

Having removed her shoes Rhonda quietly walked up the hallway to her bedroom. She had thought that she might catch him in her bedroom like last time, but he wasn’t there. She moved to Tony’s room and Topkapı Escort quietly entered. Tony was at his computer with his back to the door.

“Hello, Tony”

When he heard her enter, he jumped with a start, and quickly made keystrokes on the keyboard. The computer screen flashed to a different page, and then his arms started fumbling with his pants.

“Tony, what are you up to?” She asked rather briskly.

“Have you been playing with yourself? Have you been looking at naughty things on the internet?” she questioned.


“Well, have you?” she asked him, more forcefully this time

His face was bright red; all he could do was nod. She had caught him surfing porn and wanking, there was no point trying to deny it.

She walked over to where he was seated at his desk. She looked down at his pants. The crotch of his pants was bulging unmistakably with his hard cock. He had only just managed to hide his cock back in pants when she had walked in on him.

Rhonda was in a highly aroused state after the episode in the Sauna at the Tennis Club. She had driven home fingering her cunt and rubbing her clitoris. She held her finger under his nose. Immediately his nostrils flared. He swooned as the unmistakable odour of her wet cunt overtook him.

“What does that smell like, Tony? Is that the smell on my panties, the ones you sniff while you play with yourself? You play with your dicky all the time, don’t you Tony? And you shoot off into my panties too, don’t you?

Her voice was calm and soothing, speaking to a naughty child.

“It’s OK darling, Mummy’s not angry at you because you play with yourself. All boys your age need to do it. But you are a very rude boy for smelling mummy’s dirty panties, very, very rude. And shooting off into my panties as well, that’s extremely naughty. Yes, you are a very bad little boy. “

She moved over to the bed.

“Come and stand over here, you naughty boy,” she ordered.

She sat on the side of his bed and then positioned him between her legs, turning him side on to her. His cock was still tenting the front of his elasticized track pants. With a quick jerk she pulled them down to his ankles, quickly followed by his underpants.

Let’s take these off shall we? She talked to him as she would to a small child, “and off with you shirt”. She pulled his t-shirt over his head so that he was standing naked before her, his erect cock standing up.

She playfully smacked his bottom a few times.

“You deserve a good spanking for being so naughty. Look at your dicky sticking up. You’re a very rude boy with a big dicky, Tony.”

She smacked him again, this time a little harder, but not hard enough to cause any pain. “Does the naughty boy want mummy to play with his dicky? ”

She asked, continuing to speak to him as if he was 10 years younger. With his eyes still closed and his heart racing, he simply nodded. She wasn’t sure why, but talking to him as if he was a small boy made her extremely excited. She was in complete control, and perhaps this reinforced it. Tony certainly didn’t mind, it also had a similar effect on him, although he was trying to concentrate on not cumming, prolonging the ecstasy of the experience as long as he could. Just the act of showing off his stiff cock to his mother made him want to cum straight away.

She took hold off his cock in her right hand and slowly began wanking him. His cock was as hard a rock, probably the hardest cock she had ever touched. In contrast to that, his skin as soft as a baby’s, smooth and warm. Her left hand lightly rubbed his bottom in circles, feeling his cheeks clench and then relax as she steadily and slowly pumped his cock. She wanted him to last and not cum too quickly. His cock was oozing clear sticky fluid profusely. Talking to him in her quiet voice she began to interrogate him,

“Now you have to tell Mummy, when do you play yourself? In the morning? In your bed, or in the shower?”

He nodded. They were all true.

“What about when you come home from school in the afternoon, do you do it then, too? ” She didn’t need to wait for a reply.

” I know you do it. Mummy caught you one day after school doing it, didn’t she, just like I just caught you today? I saw a very naughty boy, smelling mummy’s dirty panties and rubbing his dicky, didn’t I? Then Mummy helped you do a big cummy.”

He nodded again, this time he head was back, and his mouth wide open as he panted for air. Her questions were continuing to have an extremely erotic effect on her, and she wished she had had a third hand to rub her wet cunt.

“Yes, you are very, very naughty boy, Tony, playing with your dicky all the time. Do you do it when you go to bed?”

He’d given up answering. She knew all the answers anyway; she had seen the evidence of his cum stained sheets, and balls of soiled tissues under his bed.

“You do it sometimes in the garage too, when your Dad and I are out, Topkapı Escort Bayan looking at those rude books of your fathers’. I know you do that too, don’t you Tony? “

He could only gurgle a response, “Yes, yes,” Not so much a response to her question, but more as an indication for her to continue massaging his cock.

“What about at school? Do get sometimes get a great big dick and have to run into the toilet and pull your pants down and wank off? What had you been thinking of? Shooting off into my panties, or maybe playing with your girl friend behind the gardener’s shed?”

“I bet you do it whenever you can, you naughty, naughty boy”

Yes you are a Very, Naughty, Boy!” She spanked him again quite firmly, in time with her chastisement

“Is naughty boy going to do it now? Look at your dicky, it’s dribbling an awful lot, sweetheart.” She used her thumb to smear the gooey liquid all over underside of his circumcised knob. He responded by groaning loudly.

“Are you going to show mummy your big cummy now? Are you going to shoot it out for her?”

She could sense that he was almost there, his legs had begun to shake, and his was breathing very rapid. It just seemed so natural for her to lean forward and take the entire knob of his cock into her mouth, her wet tongue savouring the sticky fluid. She continued to rub the shaft of his cock, wanking him off into her mouth whilst her left hand cupped his bottom and pulled him closer to her.

Within seconds, he started to cum, pushing his cock forward into her mouth as he spasmed repeatedly. He groaned repeatedly as he came. She held on to his cock with her lips and took his entire thick load of cum into her mouth, almost gagging before she could swallow it all. She didn’t really like the taste of semen, and hence rarely allowed her husband to cum in her mouth. When it did occur, is was generally more by accident than by plan, but in this case it seemed so practical. Right now it reflected how sexually charged she was, and how much she wanted Tony to enjoy the experience of her wet mouth. And she wanted to taste the boy’s sweetness.

Once he had stopped cumming, she released his cock.

“Was that nice sweetheart, did you like doing it in Mummy’s mouth? Does that feel better, shooting off your big load? You did a lot, didn’t you? “

He was too exhausted to reply, unable to continue standing. He sat down on the bed next to her, panting, and noticed the foamy wetness around her mouth and on her chin. On impulse, he lent forward and kissed her with an open mouth, his penetrating tongue tasting the residue of his salty cum.

She was a little shocked at his passionate kiss, knowing he would be tasting his own spunk, most likely for the first time. It was her first time she had tasted his sperm too, but what had surprised her most was force of his ejaculation, filling her mouth instantly.

He kissed her again with an open mouth, he tongue forcing its way into her mouth and colliding with her tongue and she lay back on the bed. She felt his hand sliding up the inside of her thigh under her dress until it met the abundant pubic hair covering her cunt. Her legs opened automatically to give him access. His fingers slid easily between her swollen cunt lips and this time it was she that groaned as he felt the smooth velvet like texture of her well-lubricated hole.

Rhonda wanted more. He cunt was on fire, she needed relief, she need it quickly. She pushed him of and stood up, removing her skirt. She wanted him to see her swollen wet pussy. She undid her blouse and snapped the clasp of he bra, letting it fall to the floor. Her tits swung free and Tony could see her hard nipples sticking out from the large brown areola. She was now totally naked.

She sat in his computer chair and then swung it around to face the bed, where the naked Tony sat. She slid the chair forward a little then placed both her feet on the bed either side of him. With her knees bent he had a perfect view of her mature hairy cunt, the lips parted and clitoris poking out. She dipped two fingers inside her cunt and with a husky voice said “Watch me sweetheart, watch me play with my cunny. Watch Mummy do her cum”

Tony fell to his knees on the floor between her legs to watch her as closely as possible. His face was so close she could feel his warm breath on her inner thighs. He inhaled the delicious aroma of her aroused cunt. He had never seen a pussy like this before, not even in any porno mag. Her lips were swollen and apart, and her clitoris sticking out. As she slid her two fingers into herself she would then spread the slimy fluid over her clitoris. He cunt was fully dilated and Tony was amazed at the dark chasm that was the entrance to her womb. This had been the object of his desire for the last three weeks. As frequently as possible, he had been masturbating whilst remembering the taste and feel of his mother’s wet cunt, and how it had gently smothered his face. He regularly Escort Topkapı rubbed his cock and fantasized about sliding his hard cock into her moist cunt, a cunt now just inches from his face.

He wanted to fuck her with his tongue, and then fuck her with his cock. He leaned forward to lick her, but she was past that, she needed to cum now. She grabbed a handful of his hair with her free hand and pushed him back.

“No, just watch, watch me do it” Her voice was husky and authorative.

The inside of her thighs where wet with her secretions. It clung to the hair that grew wildly on the inside of her thighs. She shaved her legs and armpits, but rarely trimmed her pussy.

She continued to rub herself ferociously and as her orgasm approached she squeezed her thighs together, capturing Tony’s head in a vice like grip. She began to scream and grunt loudly as her climax washed over her, squishing her clit between her thumb and forefinger. Her free hand kept its firm grip on the handful of his hair, pulling it hard at the peak of her climax.

She paused for a few moments, and then continued rubbing her clit, this time in a circular motion with three fingers of her right hand. She came quickly this time, not as strongly, and then continued another four times before she was satisfied.

The smell of her cunt filled the room. She stood up and moved over to the bed, hardly able to make the two paces it needed.

“Oh, I have to lie down”, she panted as she fell in a heap on the bed. Tony was still on the floor, looking longingly at his mother. This was incredible, he had no idea women could cum so strongly, or cunt could look like his mother’s when horny. His experience had been limited to his father’s rather tame porn collection that showed girls with nice compact little slits, not a gaping wildflower like his mother. He wanted to touch her, feel her soft breasts and dripping vagina, but Rhonda was exhausted and needed rest.

Her orgasm had been 5 hours in the making, since her cunt had been tingling since she had spoken to Tony at breakfast that morning.

Tony moved onto the bed beside his Mother and just watched her. She slid into a light sleep. He continued to breath deeply the special aroma of her cunt. It was truly intoxicating and his cock began to harden rapidly, helped by his light stroking.

He gently took hold of her foot and moved it across the bed, making her legs open wide and her cunt clearly visible. He moved her other foot in the same way, careful not to wake her.

His cock became totally rock hard again at the sight of her now very open cunt. He gently moved between her legs, supporting his weight on his out stretched arms as he positioned himself above her.

Rhonda awoke feeling a prodding sensation between her legs. She opened her eyes to see Tony above her. She immediately sized up the situation.

“Oh no, Tony, you mustn’t” she protested, “No, no, it’s wrong, you mustn’t do this. No, Tony stop, it’s wrong. Stop it, please. Don’t do this. Stop it now, before it’s too late”

As she pleaded with him to stop, she reached down and grasped his hard cock firmly in her hand. She slid his cock up and down the slippery lips of her pussy, coating his knob with her juices. She then positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to her cunt. With her other hand on his back she gently pulled him into her.

Tony groaned as his cock slid effortlessly between the warm folds of his mother’s pussy. Instinctively, he began to slowly pump his cock in and out of her hole. How can it be put into words? The sensation on a hard young cock, as a warm envelope of cunt engulfs it for the first time? He sighed and groaned again.

Protest over, she began to speak to him softly, again as if he was a little child.

“Does that feel nice sweetheart, with your big dicky inside? You are a very naughty boy, aren’t you, putting your thingy in Mummy. Are you going to do a big squirt for Mummy?”

Tony tried in vain to block out his mother’s voice, concentrating on the feelings of his cock, desperately trying to prolong the pleasure and hold off his impending orgasm. He buried his face into the crook of her neck, tasting her warm skin. She reached up with her hand and cradled his head, her fingers becoming entwined in his hair.

Is the naughty boy ready to spurt it out? Are you going to unload a big one in Mummy? What does it feel like Tony? You tell Mummy how it feels. Does it feel nice?”

She knew it was coming; he had begun panting and whimpering, thrashing uncontrollably as he pumped his cock in and out as fast as he could.

“You’re going to shoot now, aren’t you? You can’t wait any longer. That’s all right, sweetheart, you do your big squirt in Mummy’s cunny. You do it now, sweetie.”

With a loud cry he unleashed his load. His cock continued pumping until it started to lose its firmness. He collapsed his full weight onto Rhonda. She could feel his chest heaving with his rapid and deep breathing. It was all over in a few minutes, and he was totally spent.

She now felt uncomfortable; he was heavy, hot and sweaty. She felt his now softening cock slip from her pussy, followed by warm wetness of his cum slowly seeping between the cleft of her cheeks.

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