Caught Sniffing Pt. 04

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Leaving the twins room I decided to go for a long run. With all that had been happening I felt the need to clear my head. When I returned I was surprised to find Rosemary and my Dad in the kitchen, they weren’t usually home at this time on a Friday.

“I knew you wouldn’t remember,” my Dad said seeing the confused look on my face, “I told you last week we had booked a weekend away.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot,” I said, “when are you back?”

“Should be back early Monday evening. Make sure you behave yourself while we’re away,” he said.

“Yes Dad,” I replied a little sarcastically as he walked out the kitchen.

When he was out of sight Rosemary sidled up to me, “Make sure you look after my friend down there wont you,” she said quietly as her hand gently stroked the front of my shorts, “I’ll be needing him when I get back.”

Suddenly remembering she pulled something from the pocket of her jeans and pushed it into my pocket, “My knickers from last night, thought you might like them while I’m away,” she said with a dirty grin on her face.

She moved away from me as we heard someone coming. One of the twins walked in, “Oh I thought you’d left,” she said to her Mother.

“Just about to Em, what time is Helen coming?” Rosemary asked.

“Should be here anytime now,” replied Emily.

“Who’s Helen?” I asked.

“One of our friends from Uni, she’s staying for a couple of nights,” she said.

“You ready Rose?” Dad said as he walked in.

Rosemary grabbed her handbag, “Yes I’m ready. You lot be good, we’ll see you Monday,” she said.

All farewells done with I headed back upstairs followed by Emily, “We’re ordering pizza later, you’re welcome to join us Tom,” she offered.

“Yeah thanks that would be good,” I replied.

At that moment the door bell rang, “That will be Helen,” said Emily as she turned on the stairs, “We’ll give you a shout later, probably be about seven thirty.”

“OK see you later,” I said and returned to my room.

A couple of minutes later I heard voices getting louder as Emily and I assumed Helen came upstairs. There was chatting and giggling from their bedroom for a while then they must have all gone down stairs as all went silent.

Needing a shower after my run earlier I headed for the shower. Throwing my clothes in the laundry basket I suddenly remembered Rosemary’s knickers she had pushed in the pocket of my shorts and made a mental note to retrieve them before I returned to my room.

Stepping out of the shower and drying myself I wrapped the towel around my waist, grabbed the knickers from the basket and went back to my room and stuffed them under my pillow for later. I must have dropped off to sleep…

“TOM, PIZZA’S HERE!” I heard a shout from downstairs.

It took me a couple of seconds to come round before I replied, “OK, BE DOWN IN A MO.”

Jumping up and realising I still had the towel round me I replaced it with a dressing gown and headed down stairs.

I found them all in the lounge. The three of them sat crossed legged on the floor with open pizza boxes in front of them. As usual the twins wore the same attire as one another dressed in just baggy night shirts, so I wasn’t sure who it was that spoke.

“Ow Tom, this is Helen, are friend from Uni,” she said and as I got nearer, identified the speaker as Emily.

Helen was also dressed in a similar fashion, a baggy night shirt, “Pleased to meet you Helen,” I said with a smile.

“Hi Tom, The twins have been telling me all about you,” she said, smiling back.

Not quite knowing what to say to that I was pleased when Amy spoke, “Help yourself to pizza Tom, there’s plenty to go round.”

“Thanks,” I said grabbing a slice and sitting down on the sofa.

With occasional glances so as not to make it obvious, I quickly noticed Helen’s large chest under her shirt. She was a good looking girl, sweet round face, long brown hair she was certainly a bigger build than the twins but didn’t think she could be much taller. Not that I could really tell while she was sitting. I soon realised none of them were wearing bra’s which was very apparent with Helen when she bent forward for more pizza.

I was soon regretting not thinking further ahead as all this ogling of three scantily clad girls began having an effect. Being naked under my robe was definitely demetevler escort a mistake.

As the girls enjoyed their meal Amy opened a laptop in front of them on the floor.

Both Amy and Emily stretched themselves out so they laid on their fronts, propped up on their elbows in front of the screen. Helen soon followed suit and as I sat behind them on the sofa I had a perfect view of all of their legs stretched out before me.

I soon discovered that although the twins almost always dressed the same this didn’t extend to their underwear. At least not on this occasion. Now and again I was treated to a glimpse of Amy’s black panties with Emily wearing pink. With further study I found Helen to be wearing white.

I wasn’t sure what they were doing on the laptop until I looked up from my studies at a cry from Helen, “OH MY GOD, That’s huge!”

There was a picture on screen of a guy holding his erect penis in his hand.

“You think that’s big, you haven’t seen Tom’s,” said Amy.

“Oh yeah sure, Tom’s is bigger than that is it,” said Helen sarcastically.

“It is actually,” said Emily, “In fact it’s quite a bit bigger.”

Helen laughed, “You’re having me on,” she said.

“No, seriously it is,” said Amy.

“I’d only believe it if I saw it, I know what you two are like,” said Helen.

Amy looked around at me, “Go on Tom, you’ll have to show her,” she said.

Emily got up off the floor and started to pull me by the hand to stand up soon joined by Amy to help when I didn’t move. In the end I gave in and stood up.

Helen now kneeling watched on as Emily undid my robe and with Amy’s help, each pulled one side to expose my semi erect cock.

“Wow! you weren’t joking,” Said Helen not taking her eyes off of it.

Emily started running her fingers up and down my shaft, “It’s not fully erect yet, you watch,” she said and started wanking me.

Amy joined in and with two hands wanking I was soon fully erect, “Come and touch it,” Amy encouraged Helen.

I watched Helen’s large tits jiggle around under her shirt as she shuffled over on her knees. She stared wide eyed inches from my cock before touching my knob with her fingertips.

“Tom’s got a dirty fetish haven’t you Tom,” Amy said.

“Oh, what’s that?” asked Helen as she played with the pre cum that appeared from the eye.

“He likes smelling our dirty knickers,” answered Amy.

“Really!” said Helen, lifting her finger up from my knob, stretching a string of my juice.

“I’ll let him have a sniff of mine,” said Emily, “But I’m not taking them off. Lay down on the floor Tom if you want your fix.”

The girls let go of me and made room for me to lay down. Amy and Helen knelt either side and continued to play with my throbbing erection while Emily positioned herself over my face facing away from them.

Her aroma gradually increased as she slowly and deliberately lowered ever closer. With her panties almost touching she rocked back and forth, the varying scents were intoxicating. She gave a little moan when my nose brushed against her clitoris.

“Sounds like you’re enjoying that Em!” said Amy.

“It is rather…oooo, rather nice,” said Emily as she flicked her clit more firmly over my nose.

“Why don’t you have a lick Helen, you know you want to,” said Amy, giggling.

“You first,” Helen replied.

I felt a tongue flicking up and down the side of my shaft quickly joined by a tongue the other side. One hand wanked me slowly while another hand gently caressed my balls. Emily now pushed her pussy on to my nose so it was pushing her panties between her lips. I soon felt the moisture soaking through the material.

I wasn’t going to last much longer. The girls were also aware of my impending orgasm by the movement of my hips.

“Hope you like the taste of cum,” Amy warned Helen who was licking away at my knob.

With the smell of Emily, both her panties and fresh pussy juices overwhelming my senses, the flood gates opened and began shooting my load. Caught up in my own pleasure it was only later that I realised that Emily may of also orgasmed as she again began flicking her clit quickly against my nose.

Looking down as Emily raised herself from my face I could see my spunk had made quite a mess. There dikmen escort was no complaints from the girls but I could see cum in Helen’s hair, on her face and as she stroked my shrinking cock, over her fingers. Amy faired better, missing most but covering her hand.

“See what happens when you let him near our knickers,” Joked Amy, “I guess we’d better let him rest now.”

Taking my cue I quickly pulled my robe on, “Thanks for the pizza and everything, I think I’d better leave you to it. Don’t want to outstay my welcome,” I said.

“Nice meeting you Tom,” said Helen, giggling and wiping cum from her face with her fingers.

“See you later,” said Emily.

“Yes we will, see you later Tom,” Amy said.

I retreated to my room, still with Emily’s scent on my face…

Sometime later I heard the girls running up the stairs and enter their bedroom. By the way they were laughing and giggling and crashing around, I suspected they had been drinking.

After a few minutes one of the twins called my name, “TOM.”

“WHAT’S UP!” I shouted back.

“DO YOU WANNA PLAY A GAME?” they replied.

“WHAT SORT OF GAME?” I asked wondering what they were up to.

“COME HERE AND WE’LL TELL YOU,” came the reply.

Moments later I was opening their bedroom door and was greeted by giggles before Amy explained, “We were wondering if you’d be up for a little game, it’s a bit naughty though.”

“Depends on what the game is,” I said, intrigued.

“I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. In fact I guarantee you’ll enjoy it,” said Amy.

“OK so what’s the game?” I asked.

They all giggled before Amy continued, “Well first we have to blindfold you and then we will all take our knickers off,” she paused while judging my reaction so far.

“OK,” I said with a grin, “and then what?”

“Then you’ve got to tell which knickers are who’s just by smelling them,” she said and gave me a dirty little smile.

I felt instantly aroused at just the thought, “But how would I be able to tell?” I asked.

“Well we’ll number the knickers one two and three, then you smell our pussies in turn and match them up,” Amy said and they all giggled again.

My excitement was obvious to all as my cock pressed against my robe, “looks like he likes the idea,” said Emily as she saw the bulge.

“So what do I win if I get it right,” I asked. Not that I was bothered, I was gonna enjoy it anyway but thought I’d play along.

“Don’t worry, you’ll find out,” said Amy, “So are you up for it?”

There was laughs all round when we all realised that I was ‘UP’ for it.

“Sorry, silly question,” said Amy when she’d composed herself.

“Right, we need a blindfold,” Emily said, keen to get started.

“I know,” said Helen as an idea came to her. She Jumped up and pulled the tie from my robe, “We can use this.”

My erection sprang in to view as my robe opened.

“Oh God look, it’s hard again already and we haven’t even started yet,” said Helen.

“OK Tom, sit down on the bed,” Amy said.

When they were satisfied that I couldn’t see after tying my blindfold the game began.

“Right girls, knickers off,” Amy instructed.

My excitement grew as I heard their movements and pictured the scene in my head.

“Now hold your hand out, these are number one,” said Amy.

I took the first offering and raised them to my face. Moving them around I sniffed in the various odours. My hand instinctively found my shaft and began stroking as I found the crotch of the dirty panties. I’m sure I recognised the smell of Emily, the odour seemed the same as earlier.

“Right now number two,” Amy said, quickly exchanging knickers.

Again I sniffed all around and focused in on the crotch. My cock twitched in my hand as I savoured the odour. The smell was so similar to the first but I was still sure number one was Emily’s. I wondered whether these could be Amy’s. Being so much alike in other ways, were they similar this way as well!

“And number three,” said Amy swapping panties.

The pungent aroma seemed different from the first two as I again found the right spot.

I wanked a little faster. My thoughts were of Helen. Were these her dirty panties I was smelling? I was fairly sure they were.

The knickers were elvankent escort snatched from my hand, “OK, now if you sit on the floor we’ll let you have a quick sniff of our pussies and when you’ve smelt all three you have to match them up. You’ll feel a hand on your head when one of us is in front of you,” Amy explained.

Sitting on the floor I felt the first hand on my head which directed it forward. Hair tickled my nose, pubic hair, I took a sniff and then another before my head was pushed back. When I had smelt their three pussies my blindfold was removed and as my eyes adjusted I saw all three girls smiling down at me.

“So what number was the first pussy you smelt?” Asked Amy.

“Number three,” I replied.

“Well done Tom,” said Helen, waving her white knickers in front of her.

“And the second pussy?” asked Amy.

“Number two,” I said.

“Wow you really now your pussies don’t you,” said Amy holding her black knickers up.

Emily waved her pink panties up and said, “All three right, very impressive. Now your reward.”

“Positions girls,” Amy ordered.

They all sat along the side of one of the two single beds and laid back, “Now Tom, you get to lick all our pussies. As Helen is our guest I think you should start with her,” Amy said.

Standing up and discarding my gown I looked down to see Helen laying between the twins. Kneeling down she opened her legs wide. I stroked her legs before kissing her inner thighs. The delicious odour of her pussy increased as I moved closer. My nose touched her clit, my tongue licked it’s way between her lips. Emily writhed with pleasure.

Glancing up from between her legs I was shocked when I saw Amy to my left licking and sucking on Helen’s bare breast. As I watched on, Emily began licking all around the large dark areola of Helen’s other tit and then sucked her nipple into her mouth. Perhaps their was more to their friendship than I had realised.

I continued to probe her wet pussy with my tongue, enjoying her taste as I delved deeper. Hearing her moaning ever louder I replaced my tongue with a finger and began licking and nibbling her clit. Glancing up again I saw Amy licking and kissing Helen’s lips while Emily sucked away on her nipple.

Helen was soon bucking her hips. I sucked hard on her clit and fucked her faster with my finger, “OH YES,” she shouted, “OH GOD YES…”

I felt her juices gush over my finger and trickle from her hole. As her orgasm began to subside I removed my finger and had to have a taste and smell of her pussy before I moved on to my next task.

Kneeling back on my heels my eyes met Helen’s, “Oh God Tom, that was so good,” she said puckering her lips and kissing the air.

“Come on Tom you haven’t finished yet,” said Emily, adding, “Do Amy next.”

Amy eagerly spread her legs wide. Repeating what I’d done with Helen I was soon tasting Amy’s pussy. Her scent was different from Helen’s but just as intoxicating. Moving my attention to her clit I was once again shocked to see Helen kneeling between Emily’s legs.

My tongue flicked across Amy’s stiff clit to her obvious delight. I reached up under her shirt in search of her tits. When she realised what I was after she pulled her shirt up and directed my hand to her small mound and placed her own hand on her other breast.

Amy and Emily were moaning almost in unison as me and Helen brought them closer to orgasm. As with Helen I began fucking Amy’s pussy with my finger as I sucked hard on her clit, pinching and teasing her nipple with my fingers.

Emily was the first to cry out as she came followed seconds later by Amy who went totally rigid while her orgasm overwhelmed her. When her body relaxed I again had to taste and smell her pussy.

I was so desperate to cum. My cock was throbbing. I stood up slowly wanking my shaft.

“Go on Tom shoot your load all over us,” said Emily, laying back down between the twins.

“Yeah come on Tom lets see that spunk,” encouraged Emily.

I wanked faster, my hand slipped easily over my cock with my pre cum running down my shaft. Amy seemed to produce her dirty panties out of thin air, throwing them towards me. Catching them I soon had them under my nose. With one sniff I was shooting my cum all over the girls as they watched.

I closed my eyes as I savoured the moment. When I opened them again I looked down to see the mess I’d made. Managing to share my spunk, all three girls were wiping blobs from their bodies and tasting my cum as they licked their fingers.

“Well I’m certainly glad I came,” said Helen, which had us all laughing much to her surprise until she suddenly realised what she’d said and saw the joke…

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