Caught Screwing Mom’s Daughter

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Hopefully I don’t have to warn you but this story deals with explicit sex acts between consenting adults who are not legally attached to each other and who have questionable moral values. So if you don’t have your pud in your hand already, consider checking out the public library.

Thanks to mab7991 for all his editing suggestions and encouragement to improve my writing skills.

As my favorite author, Snoopy, used to say from atop his dog house, “It was a dark and stormy night!”


“God! How did the sun get so bright!” Tim thought to himself as he scrunched his eyes closed as tight as he could to keep out the early morning light. The light felt like ice picks in his eyes and seemed to drill deep into his brain. His first college kegger party and he seems to have survived, at least as best he could tell. He tried not to move his head, afraid it would probably explode as he slowly regained consciousness.

He experimented with movement, he realized that maybe things would not be as bad as he feared. Everyone had horror stories of the morning after and while much of the evening was a blur, he had really tried to watch it. Some of his fellow students got really plastered and drank non-stop all night. At least he tried to switch out between beer and soda throughout the evening, plus he ate snacks whenever he could to try and dilute the alcohol in his stomach.

At least he didn’t wake up naked in the front yard covered in vomit or on a street curb somewhere. He had seen what happened to people who passed out at a party and what everyone did to them.

After a few minutes, Tim decided to try and roll over to see how that felt. To his surprise, he discovered a mass of blonde hair on the pillow beside him. Attached to the blonde hair was what appeared to be a really cute girl about his age.

She was sound asleep, snoring lightly and completely naked. She had kicked the sheet off and by propping himself up, he could see all the way from her nice size tits to her shaved pussy. Her areolas were pink, small and perfectly round just dying to be sucked. He became mesmerized as he watched her boobs go up and down as she breathed. Her tits looked to be medium sized and even laying on her back poked up towards the ceiling. She had “puffies” or puffed up nipples, actually areolas he thought. Tim wondered if he got to suck those babies last night?

Tim’s dick started stirring as soon as he thought about those nipples in his mouth and how he could tease them with his tongue and suck on them. ‘Did I fuck this gorgeous girl last night?’ or did she simply crawl in bed with him and pass out. Tim flipped the sheet off so he could rub his dick while looking at his new bed mate. As he gripped his cock, it felt different and he looked down to see what the difference was.

‘Oh, my God! I’ve got dried cum and maybe pussy juice on my dick!’ Tim realized as the obvious solution hit his young alcohol infused college kid brain. ‘I got lucky last night and I don’t even remember it. Could I have fucked this sleeping beauty next to me and yet I can’t recall any of those glorious moments?’

Tim lay back in shock with the realization that in addition to getting shit faced last night, he also got laid and probably by this little sex pot sleeping next to him. While this new knowledge churned in his brain, he looked at the girl with renewed interest. Now that he was looking more closely, there appeared to be spots of something on her face.

‘Her face is covered in cum, . . . my cum! My CUM is all over her face.’ Tim thought as he leaned up over the girl to get a closer look. Looking at her beautiful full pouting lips, he could see the trail of cum that had dried after running out of her mouth. By now, Tim’s dick was as hard as a rock as he tried to rub it as fast as he could without shaking the bed. The fact that he had not only gotten a blow job but actually came in her mouth was almost too much for his cloudy brain to handle. The fact that she hadn’t even bothered to clean up his cum off her face made her the perfect girl friend.

‘I should be a gentleman and cover her up,’ he thought but then I wouldn’t get to enjoy the view. ‘Now how to handle this carefully?’ Tim thought as no way was he going to fuck up this deal in front of him. While he had been with a couple of girls in high school, nothing remotely similar to this had ever happened to him.

Back in high school, sex had always been a quick’y in the back seat of the car followed by trying to get presentable enough to drop her off. Now here he was in his very own apartment with a naked chick sharing his bed. ‘I wonder what her name is?’ he thought to himself and he laid back trying to reconstruct the previous evening’s events. Finally out of the fog, he remembered his friend’s girlfriend had introduced him to a cute blonde. The longer he thought about it, the more convinced he was that this was the girl he met last night and FUCKED!

“Olivia!” is her name, he mumbled, “Olivia,” to himself as Escort it finally struck him who she was.

At the sound of her name, Olivia, rolled over and cuddled up to him. He put his arm around her and she laid a bare boob on his chest and hooked her leg over his. ‘This was so worth it,’ he thought to himself, waking up with a naked girl on you. Especially one whose tits feel so warm on your chest and he could feel her pussy mound against his leg. Her nipples were nice and hot, he could feel the exact spot where they burned into his chest and to feel her pussy lips against his leg, unbelievable.

He leaned over and kissed her forehead, hoping that his morning breath wasn’t too bad. With the kiss, she giggled and snuggled up even closer to him. Her hands idly played with his nipples and she took her finger to trace around his nipples and pull on them. He had never had a girl play with his tits before and was amazed at how quickly they wrinkled up with her touch.

With her face on his chest, she started kissing his nipples and flicking her tongue over them. He could hear her moaning as she started to suck his nipple and softly chew on it with her teeth. Tim couldn’t help himself but gave out a guttural groan as she bit his nipple.

As she continued to lick and suck his nipple, her fingers were roaming all over his chest then she slowly worked her way down. Her soft hand was now rubbing his stomach and abdomen while pushing her love box harder against his leg. For a minute, she played with his navel by running her finger around it. Then her fingers were playing just above his cock which was now at full attention.

In high school it always took a couple of hours of begging just to get a girl to touch you and now he’s hoping that she ends up where he thinks she’s going. ‘If she grabs my dick,’ he thought, ‘I hope I don’t shoot off right away and spoil the whole thing.’ But first things first, she’s got to go just a few inches further.

Olivia’s now laying on his chest so she can watch as she continues to explore Tim’s body. Tim can only see the top of her head but he can just imagine what she’s looking at as he feels her hand now right above his cock.

When her fingers touch his dick, he jumps even though he was trying to prepare himself and act like the stud he wanted to be. When he jumped, Olivia giggled and wrapped her fingers around his stiff cock. She said, “I’m surprised it is still functional after last night.” Then she started to stroke him up and down while she scooted down to lay her cheek on his stomach with his hard cock now right in front of her face.

Suddenly it struck him that he must smell like dried cum and pussy juice as her face was close to his pubic area. Tim asked, “Would you like me to take a quick shower?”

Olivia rose up above him and he could see his dried cum on her face and said, “Silly boy, I love the smell of cum and pussy in the morning. After all that’s just the results of our love making last night and after I suck your dick a little, it will be as good as it was then.”

With that Olivia moved down below his cock so he could watch as she started licking the head of his dick. He could see the dried pussy on his dick and she carefully licked it until it was moist and then took his cock into her mouth. He couldn’t believe that she was actually cleaning him up and apparently loved it. She took great pains to not miss anything and once she had his dick cleaned up, she started giving him the best blow job of his life.

Olivia’s mouth was so soft as she wrapped her lips around his cock and guided it down her throat with her tongue. He could feel the roughness of her tongue as she licked the head and sucked on his cock. Tim had only had a couple of blow jobs and this was nothing like the other girls he had known.

Olivia’s moans, as his cock went down her throat, convinced him that she must love sucking dick and the feeling was unreal. He lay there while enjoying her warm wet mouth as it swallowed his dick. The way she was sucking him, there was no doubt that he could cum in her mouth without a complaint.

Tim loved the way she positioned herself so he could enjoy watching her suck his dick. She would look up at him and grin while sucking the head then sliding it deep in her mouth. While she was sucking him, she would stroke his dick at the same time.

‘I’m in heaven, ‘ he thought as he lay there with Olivia working over his cock. She had spread her legs for him and he rubbed her bald mound and stroked her pussy lips. She was dripping wet and he loved the way it felt to rub inside her lips. Getting his finger wet with her love juice, he started rubbing her clit and was rewarded with a higher level of moaning and squirming around.

He wasn’t used to doing all this but wanted to make sure this wasn’t the only time he got this girl. He wet his finger and was rewarded by the sweet taste of her pussy then started tracing around the hood covering her clit. Her clit was getting hard and quickly came out of hiding from under Escort Bayan her hood. He now took his wet finger and rubbed around the clit itself, to be rewarded by a deep moan from the girl as she flung one leg over his chest to fully expose her pussy.

Off in the distance he could hear somebody yelling, but tried to tune out the distraction and concentrate on cumming in her mouth. He had never been allowed to cum in a girl’s mouth before and planned on enjoying this to its fullest. From the evidence on her face, this would be the second time but he still couldn’t remember the first time.

Then Olivia’s mouth slid off the end of his cock and she gave it a nice kiss before sitting up. She told him, “I want to ride you and then I’ll finish you off. If you get too close, tell me and I’ll hop off and take you down my throat. Maybe the next time you can cum in my pussy but I need your load in my mouth this time.”

Then she straddled him and, as he watched, guided his stiff cock between her legs to rub on her pussy. As she rubbed his dick up and down inside her wet pussy lips, it was all he could do to not cum. “God, I love the way your dick feels on my pussy!” she said. Then carefully positioning his dick, sank down on it and took it to the hilt in one motion.

Tim watched in amazement, as the girl flung her head back with her eyes closed when his dick hit bottom. A big gasp escaped her lips as she wiggled around on his stiff cock. He could feel the head of his dick pushed against the bottom of her pussy.

Tim had never felt anything like the sensation of his hard teenage cock sliding deep into a tight college girl’s pussy. Her muscles squeezed his cock and he could see her stomach clinch as she held his dick with her pussy muscles. Tim groaned with the feeling of his dick buried in a hot wet pussy and tried to make it last as long as he could.

Olivia was also close to her own climax as she rode Tim. ‘He is such a good fuck,’ she thought and fun to be with. She could feel his cock deep in her pussy as she rode him and by pulling back a little could tilt his dick until it rubbed her g-spot. Olivia was having trouble riding him as her legs were trembling and she couldn’t control them but sweet Timmy put both hands under her butt cheeks to lift her up and drop her on his cock, over and over.

She was so glad she got him first as he had a nice size dick and really filled her up. She could feel the head hitting bottom as he pounded into her cervix. ‘The girls are going to be so jealous when they find out how big his cock is,’ she thought.

As Olivia’s climax was starting to surge throughout her body, the yelling she had heard off and on was coming from outside but she ignored it and let her climax wash over her. The trembling of her body and legs was getting stronger and stronger as the fire in her pussy consumed her. “FUCK ME Tim!” she screamed at the top of her lungs while surrendering to her climax.

At the instant of her climax, she looked up and there was her mother standing at the foot of the bed watching her take a big cock deep into her pussy almost to her stomach. As much as she was shocked, her body was in automatic and wasn’t going to stop for anything, much less her mother.

As Tim pounded his dick into Olivia as hard as he could, he could feel her pussy quivering around his dick and when she screamed FUCK ME over and over, he knew that she was coming. Tim could feel his load of cum burst out of his balls and race up the tube on the bottom of his dick to join with Olivia’s juices. He faintly heard his door burst open but the sensation of his cum filling up Olivia’s sweet pussy had his sensations in overdrive. Like Olivia, Ted joined her and screamed, “I’M CUMMING NOW, OLIVIA!”

Tim’s cock sprayed load after load of hot spunk in Olivia’s pussy and he could feel her spasms as her cunt drank up his juice. He felt like his dick had exploded with the force of his climax and each ejaculate spurted deep in Olivia’s cunt from the end of his dick. Each spray of cum was so strong that it almost hurt.

Tim hoped that Olivia would forgive him as he realized that he was cumming in her pussy and not in her mouth as he had promised her. ‘I hope I get to make it up to her,’ he thought as the pulsations from his cock were starting to taper off.

All of a sudden, Tim felt Olivia being pushed off of him to fall on the bed. “What the Fuck!” he yelled at the sudden sensation of his dick being yanked out of her hot pussy and into the cool morning air.

“You Son of a Bitch! What do you mean fucking my 18 year old daughter? Did you just cum in her cunt, asshole? You better not have gotten her pregnant,” this strange woman is screaming at him with spittle spraying out of her mouth and wild crazed eyes.

Tim thought, ‘She’s pretty cute for a pissed off MILF.’ Then he realized that this was no time for jokes as he had just gotten caught banging her daughter.

The wild eyed woman looked down at his cock which was still leaking cum and as hard Bayan Escort as a rock. She looked at it as it pulsed and bobbed with each beat of his heart. Then unbelievably, she reached down and grabbed his slimy cum and pussy covered cock to say, “Fuck, you did cum, dickwad. What do you mean sticking that big cock of yours into my little girl’s pussy? She’s much too tight for a big cock like that, asshole. I know I’d even have trouble taking a dick that size in me.”

Then she sat down beside him without letting go of his dick and continued to yell at both him and her daughter. “Olivia, you slut, don’t lie to me, I just watched you ride his cock. How many times has he fucked you? I bet you’re full of cum, aren’t you? I can even see the cum running out of your well fucked cunt!” When she saw the little grin on Olivia’s face, she realized what else Olivia had done. “You fucking slut, you’ve been sucking him off too, haven’t you? God Damn, Son of a Bitch, no daughter of mine is going to be known as a cum drinking slut!”

Olivia took the opportunity of her mom yelling to try and gather her wits about her. She started to laugh but thought better of it as she watched her mother continue to stroke Tim’s cock. Olivia knew that her mother didn’t realize what she was doing but secretly hoped that she would continue to play with his dick as that would give Olivia ammunition to hold over her mother’s head.

Finally, her mother looked down and realized that she had been jacking him off and yanked her hand off of Tim’s slimy cock. She held her hand up to her face and looked at the cum and pussy juice covering her hand. Without thinking, she held her fingers up to her nose and smelled them.

In a snide tone, Olivia said, “Smell good mother?”

Obviously flustered, Olivia’s mom quickly put her hand in her lap and tried to regain her composure. Then she said, “Olivia, don’t lecture me. I’m the adult here and not you!”

Olivia took her hand and wrapped her fingers around Tim’s cock. She couldn’t believe how hot and hard it still was. As she started to stroke it, she said, “Well mother, do you approve as it looks like you do? He does have a nice cock doesn’t he? And Mom, he is a great fuck.”

To Tim, it looked like Olivia had slapped her mom with her comment and she rose up in a huff to address her daughter, “Slut, I can’t believe that you asked me how I liked his dick especially with your juices covering it. I’m just glad you didn’t put that nasty thing back in your mouth.”

Olivia spat back, “You came in just as I was about to do exactly that. And Tim, I thought I told you not to cum in my cunt but in my mouth like you did last night. You’re right mom, I am a slut and I love having a dirty nasty cum and pussy covered dick in my mouth.”

Olivia’s mother was watching Olivia use her hand to stroke Tim’s dick with more interest as her anger was slowly cooling down. Finally she said, “Fuck Olivia, I got pregnant at your age and don’t want it to happen to you. I was so upset that you didn’t come home last night and then to catch you riding some boy’s cock like a common slut pushed all my buttons.”

Then both Olivia and her mother stared at each other, daring the other to give. After a few seconds they both started laughing and leaned across Tim’s cock to hug each other. Her mother said, “Next time you are going to stay out all night, call me because I worry about you.”

“Mom, I’m sorry I know that I should have called but it got late, I drank too much, and ended up going home with Tim. Don’t worry I’m on the pill and will not get PG. I think when you get to know him, you’ll like him especially now that you’ve seen his dick. He really is a nice guy.”

Then Olivia took her mom’s hand and put it back on Tim’s stiff cock. “It’s okay mom, I know you want to hold it and I don’t mind.”

Olivia’s mom didn’t fight at all about holding Tim’s cock and started to stroke it up and down. She said, “It is a really nice dick dear, you have good taste. I can’t believe how big it is, I can just barely get my fingers around it.”

Olivia said, “Would you like to help me give him a blow job? It’ll be fun, just forget that he’s your daughter’s boyfriend and think of him as some guy you’ve brought home from a bar.”

Her mom, in a shy tone asked, “You really don’t mind if I suck it just a little? It’s been a long time since I’ve been with a man.”

Olivia put her hand on top of her mother’s head and guided her mouth down to Tim’s cock. Her mom’s moan was obscene as the cum covered cock touched her lips. “Suck it mom and clean up all my pussy juice and his cum,” Olivia commanded and pushed her mother’s mouth down over Tim’s dick until it was in her throat.

As Olivia pushed her mother, Sally’s head down, Sally looked at his hard cock coming towards her mouth. ‘I really shouldn’t suck my daughter’s boyfriend’s cock,’ she said to herself but realized that she was now in over her head. A tremor went through her body as she smelled the scent of pussy and cum coming off his dick. She had tried so hard to be good, yet here was a big dick just inches from her open mouth. She automatically licked her lips to make sure they were wet for Tim’s cock. Sally could feel her pussy throbbing now as her resistance quickly melted away.

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