Caught Red-Handed

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After the day he had at UNC, John Chisholm was thankful to come home to an empty house. John was the only male in a family of 5, one mother and 3 step-sisters, his step-father having passed away 2 years prior. As John looked around he found that none of his stepsisters, nor his mother, was anywhere in sight. A note left on the kitchen counter informed him that his mother would be back from a business trip on Monday, his sister Jessica (21) was visiting a girlfriend in Charlotte, his sister Emily (20) was working and would be home around 10:00 pm, and his little sister Amy (18) was staying the night at her friend Alyssa’s house and would be back on Saturday morning.

All John could think was he was free of step-sister’s interference by his for at least another 5 hours. Plenty of time for some rest, relaxation, and surfing the net for porn sites. At the ripe age of 19, John had a libido that had to be satisfied. Unfortunately, all his time was spent either working or doing schoolwork. His number one priority was getting his education out of the way; afterwards he would have plenty of time for some girlfriends. Until that day, he would just have to do with some porn sites and his trusty right hand.

Unfortunately for John, the only computer in the house was in the communal office, which was shared by all the Chisholm siblings. So that meant that he was only able to surf the net for porn on rare occasions, which meant the majority of his masturbation was to fantasies in his own mind. However, today had proven to be an exception to the norm and he was able to do what he wanted to, at least for the next 4 to 5 hours.

John grabbed a soda and a quick sandwich then made his way into the office. As the computer was starting up, he quickly changed his clothes into some flannel night pants and a t-shirt. Deciding to forgo the wearing of underwear for easier access to his member. Then he returned to the office for his eagerly anticipated extracurricular activities.

He quickly found one of his favorite sites, which contained nothing but pictures submitted by real women. He liked seeing the imperfections on the women and not just airbrushed photos by a professional photographer. As he scrolled down the list of recent submissions he found one that caught his eye, “Hot 20yr old UNC Student”. His curiosity was piqued, wondering if he would recognize the girl that submitted the photos. Perhaps he even shared a class or two with her, excited he clicked the hyperlink to the photo set.

John waited patiently as the photos began to appear on the computer screen. He was disappointed to find that the face had been blurred in the picture, so he couldn’t know for certain exactly who she was. The pictures were excellent though, a brunette with hair down to her shoulders that had perfectly shaped tits and a nicely trimmed pussy. He felt himself beginning to stiffen in his flannel pants and undoing a button he let his shaft poke through, his cock growing stiffer with every picture that popped up.

Not wanting to cum too quick, he began to slowly massage his raging hard-on, stroking his shaft from the base to the head in slow easy motions. As he stroked his shaft he imagined letting his cock slide in and out of this beauty on the computer screen. Her puffy pussy lips surrounding his shaft as he slowly sank his entire length into her wet opening. As his imagination began to flourish he began stroking faster, mimicking the thrusts in his mind. John could feel his shaft growing larger under his ministrations, ready to explode at any minute. He grabbed a tissue paper, and positioned his hand to catch his impending explosion.

John was so intent on getting off to the vision on the screen; he did not hear his sister Amy and her friend enter the room. Just as he heard the “Ahem…” coming from Amy’s mouth he began to explode. Jets of cum streaming from his shaft into the waiting tissue paper.

“Oh my God!” Alyssa shouted.

John turned crimson red, embarrassed at being “caught red handed”. He shoved his quickly deflating cock back into his pants and turned to his little sister. “Just what in the hell are you doing here!?” he demanded.

“This is my house too!” Amy retorted. “Besides, does mom know about this?”

“Why in the hell would she know about it? It’s not like I whip it out and do it with her in the room. What business is it of yours anyway?”

“It’s not… what were you jacking-off to anyway?”

“It’s none of your business…”

“It is my business, unless you want mom to find out about you beating your meat in the family office.”

“Fine…” said John resignedly, “it’s this website where real women can post their pictures.”

“Can I see?” piped in Alyssa, straining to look at the computer screen.

“Sure… why not…” John replied.

Both girls moved up to the screen and immediately read the headline. “Oh my God, John! Do you know this girl?” asked Alyssa.

“I don’t know, as you can see her face is blurred out. I was actually Isparta Escort kind of disappointed about that…”

“Not disappointed enough to whip it out though, huh?”

“I guess not… but that’s my business.”

The girls continued to scroll down the pictures, peering intently at the photos as they appeared. Amy suddenly had a look of recognition on her face and quickly scrolled back through the pictures. “John… you do know who this is!”

“Ok then enlighten me…who is it?”

“Think about it John…” Amy said, “who do we both know that has long brunette hair? Who do we know that has such nice shapely legs and a bubble butt?”

John began to slowly realize exactly who Amy was referring to. “No way…that’s not possible!”

“Who is it?” Alyssa asked.

“It’s Emily! John was beating his meat to a picture of Em! Boy is she going to flip a lid when she hears about this!” Amy began to laugh.

“No! Em is not going to find out about this. I mean after all… are you certain it is really her?” Alyssa asked Amy.

“Why what do you have in mind?” Amy asked puzzled.

“Yeah?” retorted John. “Don’t I have a say in this?”

“No, John, actually you don’t. You see Amy and I caught you in the act. So… unless you want us to tell your mom and Em, you have to do as we say.”

“Oooh, I’m liking that idea Alyssa.” Cooed Amy. “Our own slave boy that has to do as we ask!”

“Slave boy my ass!” John shouted. “I’ll have no part of it.”

“Yes you will, John…” Alyssa said. “I mean, you may even learn to enjoy it.”

“How long?” John asked resignedly.

“What’s that?” Amy asked.

“How long am I expected to be your ‘slave boy’?” John asked red faced.

“Until we think you have paid off your debt to us.” Alyssa responded.

“John, Alyssa and I are going back to my room to talk about our plans for you. Don’t go too far! Oh… and I’d be more careful the next time you decided to whip your thing out.” Amy smiled wickedly and left the room arm-in-arm with Alyssa.

John slumped back into his chair, uncertain how he had managed to get himself into the position he found himself in. At the same time he was intrigued by what may be in store for him. Twirling around, he looked at the pictures on the screen again. He could feel his cock beginning to harden at the thought of finding pictures of Em naked, and at what may be in store for him at the hands of Amy and Alyssa.

John didn’t quite know what to expect from Amy and Alyssa. All he knew was that he didn’t like the idea of being anyone’s “slave boy”. But, it was his own fault for getting caught with his dick in his hand. How was John supposed to know that at the moment of ejaculation, Amy and Alyssa would walk in? Let alone find out that the girl he was masturbating to was his older sister Emily.

John’s mind reeled with the problems that he had brought on himself. All he wanted to do was get through college successfully. He had even decided to forgo building any kind of relationships, since his number one priority was making it through his tough course load. Now, the only release he ever offered himself had been ruined and he was stuck being a “slave boy” to his younger sister and her friend Alyssa.

He gave an angry look at the computer, the picture of Emily on all fours still very visible on the screen. With a sigh, he closed the window. No use beating himself up for what happened, he thought, since he can’t change anything now. With a heavy sigh he turned over the first page of his Biology 101 book; guess it was time for him to get back to business.

The girls made their way back to Amy’s bedroom. Amy couldn’t help but notice Alyssa’s smug look that had taken root her face. She knew that Alyssa had been crushing on John for quite some time, and wondered what could be going through her friends devious mind. Amy also knew that while Alyssa was obviously interested in John, he was more interested in getting through school and paid Alyssa no mind at all.

“So…” Amy began, “what now?”

“What now!?” Alyssa exclaimed excitedly. “Don’t you see what’s going on? Amy…we have a “slave boy” now! Imagine the possibilities…”

“John will only be a slave boy until he grows tired of it, or has some dirt on the two of us. So I don’t have any clue on how to keep that from happening…” Amy retorted.

“Well, you see I have an idea…” Alyssa said and leaned closer to Amy fleshing out the idea. Amy nodded her head enthusiastically, oohing and ahhing in all the right places. Soon, with Amy’s help, the idea was revised agreed upon and put into motion.

John sat in the office typing away at his homework, wanting nothing more than to get the day over with. His cheeks still blushed with embarrassment whenever he thought about the girls catching him masturbating. Even with four women in the house on a regular basis John had never gotten caught. Now he would have to pay the piper.

He caught movement in the computer Isparta Escort Bayan monitor coming from behind him. Oh great, he thought, I guess it is time to be the “slave boy”! As the shape grew closer in the screen, John whipped his chair around and came face to face with Amy.

Amy jumped back in surprise, “Ok, slave, are you ready?”

“Ready for what?” John asked, “Can’t you see I’m in the middle of something!?”

“Alyssa’s all set to call Em if you don’t come on! So let’s go already.” Amy pleaded.

“Alright, already.”

“Oh and bring your new digital camera too.” Amy said sweetly and bounced out the door.

My digital camera? John thought, why on earth would I need my digital camera. He stood, straightened his clothes and went back to the bedroom to get his new camera. He could see that Amy’s door was closed tightly, and as he passed by it, he entertained the thought of telling both of them to forget it! But John was never the forceful one, so he just did as he was told and retrieved the camera from his dresser.

As he approached Amy’s closed door, his nerves almost got the best of him. With a shaky hand, he reached out and lightly knocked on the door. John stood outside the door for a few minutes, and not hearing anything, he shrugged his shoulders and turned to leave.

As soon as John turned his back to the door he heard it open. Looking over his shoulder, he found Alyssa standing there wearing one of Amy’s nightgowns. John felt his heart leap up into his throat. Alyssa is much taller than Amy is and the nightgown ended at the tops of her upper thighs. The thin material was tight over Alyssa’s chest, stretching and conforming to her display her ample breasts. But what had John riveted into place was the stiff pointy nipples poking out at him through the fabric.

“Well, come inside already!” Alyssa exclaimed.

John was at a loss for words, but followed Alyssa through the doorway. His eyes were fixated on the curves of her ass that was visible beneath the nightgown, shaking and swaying with each step she took. They looked magnificient and he swore he could see a hint of a thong separating her asscheeks.

It was about that time that he noticed Amy. Like Alyssa, she had changed into a nightgown. She was sitting on her knees, the gown going all the way down to the bed, billowing loosely around her chest. John suddenly had a memory of Amy when she was 12 and their parents had just gotten married. Although there was no blood relation between the two of them, they had lived as brother and sister for the last 6+ years. Suddenly, John felt a little guilty about being in her room.

“What am I here to do?” John asked Amy.

“Take photos of course. We want you to post our pictures on that website you were looking at. We can’t do it ourselves, and well… you are obviously well versed in how the site runs.”

“Aw, Amy, are you sure you want to do this? I mean all those guys looking at your naked body…and…and…stuff like that!”

“If Em can do it, then so can we. Now, to make certain you don’t spill the beans we are going to take pictures of you too. The first inkling that you are going to spill it, and we post your nude pictures on the net too. Do we have a deal?”

“A deal!? Amy, you’re fucking blackmailing me! Of course we have a deal!”

“Who’s first?” John asked.

Alyssa indicated that she would be first. John got her positioned just right under the light, and began snapping photos of her wearing the nightgown. Soon he Alyssa moving fluidly through different poses that accentuated her curves and the tight, short gown. As Alyssa lifted up her gown exposing her backside, John found that he had been correct. Alyssa’s ass was parted by a thin thong running up her smooth crevice.

Alyssa’s ass had a wonderful shape to it, and John was beginning to react like any red-blooded young man would, his cock was getting hard. He was quickly becoming uncomfortable, so with a free hand he reached down and adjusted himself. As he straightened himself, he caught sight of Amy looking at his crotch intently, like she was trying to see it through the fabric of his jeans.

The higher and higher Alyssa pulled up her nightgown, the harder and harder it became for John to concentrate on the task at hand. As he ran Alyssa through another series of photos, he found himself staring directly at her bare breasts.

John had only imagined such perfect pieces of flesh in his dreams, or in the pages of Playboy. Both of her breasts were naturally large and firm. They were a light creamy color, with small tan areolas and stiff little eraser sized nipples. As Alyssa continued to stretch and pose, John had images of his cock getting so hard it burst out of his pants.

Alyssa was pleased with the reaction she was getting out of John. His cock looked so thick and inviting through his jeans. The knew the brief glance she had earlier in the computer room truly didn’t do him any justice. She Escort Isparta had every intention of having John’s cock inside her before the afternoon was over. She wanted it buried in her mouth or her pussy and quickly, and she would be damned if Amy stopped her. That’s why she intentionally left that tidbit of information out of the planning stages.

John almost came in his pants when Alyssa stuck her hand down the front of her thong and began gently massaging her pussy lips and clit. He swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat and continued snapping away, making certain to get a close-up of Alyssa’s fingers buried between her legs. Her moist hole now visible as Alyssa worked her fingers in and out of her opening.

Amy sat there watching her friend beginning to really get into the photo shoot. She almost died when Alyssa began playing with herself in front of John. This was definitely not a part of the original plan, but Amy was surprised at how her friend was fondling herself so freely in front of both of them. Amy was equally surprised at how she was reacting physically to watching Alyssa. Her nipples were aching for attention and her own pussy was getting moist in her panties.

John watched as Alyssa removed her fingers from her honey pot long enough to push the thong down to the floor. As she spread her legs, John got a good look at what he had only caught a glimpse of earlier. Her pussy lips were puffy and wet between her legs and she had a light fuzz of black pubic hair covering her mound.

As John looked on, Alyssa spread her pussy lips exposing the pink folds underneath them. Then she slowly started sliding her finger up and down her moist slit, teasing her clit with her thumb at the same time.

John tried to keep taking photos, but as soon as Alyssa began pushing her fingers deeper and deeper inside things became awfully difficult. He stood there, his gaze locked on Alyssa’s fingers as they slid in and out smoothly and quickly. He had never seen anything this sexually provocative in person, and he just couldn’t continue with the photo taking.

“Oh God, oh yes, this feels fucking good!” Alyssa began shouting.

John’s cock was straining against his jeans, and he was in need of an immediate release due to the pain and discomfort. He looked over at Amy and was surprised to see that she was now fondling her breasts, tweaking her own nipples through the fabric of the nightgown. She had her right hand buried between her legs, her panties pushed to the side as she massaged her clit in time with Alyssa’s moans.

It was all too much for John and he knew he would lose it in his pants if he saw anymore of this. As he went to make a hasty retreat out of the room, Alyssa pulled her hand from her crotch and reached for him. John looked over at Amy, to see her lost in her own pleasure. Then taking the chance he climbed onto the bed next to Alyssa.

John looked on as Alyssa managed to get his pants pulled down to his thighs, freeing John’s cock from the discomfort it had previously been in. She wrapped her hand around his shaft and pulled him deep into her mouth. As soon as her lips wrapped around his cock John lost it, spewing jets of cum into her mouth and down her throat.

To his surprise Alyssa swallowed it all and continued to suck on his thick shaft. She milked him for everything he had, then licked him clean. Looking up at him she said, “Boy, you sure didn’t last long!”

John flushed red with embarrassment, looked back and forth between Amy and Alyssa then beat a hasty retreat out of the room. His cock was still stiff and wagging between his legs as he tried to pull has pants up quickly. He made it to his room, then flopped down on his bed, buried his head in the pillow and cursed himself for losing it so quickly.

John couldn’t believe how quickly he had blown his load. It was as if the combination of all the stimulants present in the room was too much for him. In retrospect, he figured that he should have just left the room when he had the chance. However, he just couldn’t pass up the opportunity that Alyssa had provided for him by being so willing and open.

About 15 or 20 minutes later, John heard footsteps going down the stairs, followed quickly by a door slamming and a vehicle starting up. A wave of relief washed over John at the thought that maybe his stint as a “slave boy” was over with. He sighed with resignation, and fell into a deep sleep.

After John left Amy’s room all hell broke loose between the two friends. Amy was furious with how Alyssa had treated John, and her flippant attitude about the whole thing. She didn’t know what she was more upset about, Alyssa’s treatment of John or her actually taking his cock into her mouth. She knew now that Alyssa had orchestrated the whole thing, and only got upset when it didn’t go quite her way.

“What the hell was that all about!?” Amy demanded of Alyssa.

“What do you mean? I just got caught up in the moment.” Alyssa said. “Besides, it looked like you were enjoying yourself too. It’s not my fault that John couldn’t hold his own.”

The banter went back and forth while the two of them got dressed. Finally the whole thing just evolved into a shouting match between the two of them. “Get out of my house!” Amy shouted at Alyssa.

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