Caught In The Act

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It was a rainy Saturday afternoon and you were out of town. I didn’t expect you until tomorrow morning. It had been awhile since our last visit together and I was shall we say very needy. I had candles burning and a porno movie in the VCR. I was naked on the couch with my toys close at hand. The ladies of course were beautiful and the men were built like Greek gods. I had the sound turned down but was watching the TV screen intently. Along side me was the lubricant that I hadn’t needed to use yet and my various toys: a gold tipped vibrator, a vibrator shaped like a cock, a double headed dildo and a dildo with a studded handle.

I was trying to decide which toy to start with. I decided to start with the vibrator. I started it out on low speed and gently pulled my bright pink pussy lips apart, and slowly pulled the tip through them, getting it wet. My eyes were on the TV screen watching the latest gorgeous couple… she was sucking him and it was getting me wet. I love to please you orally. The feel of your cock growing in my mouth makes my tight pussy water like a faucet. I love to feel it bounce on my tongue as it grows and hardens. I lick the head first, getting it wet and then slowly, inch by inch, suck you into my mouth.

I was so lost in my memories that I didn’t hear the door open. You were home early. You closed the door and walked into the living room. Your eyes popped open but you didn’t say a word. You quietly shed your clothes and started stroking the wonderful cock I was at the time dreaming about. I had dropped the vibrator but my fingers were busy working their way from my pussy to my hardening clit. As I reached the clit, I stopped and squeezed my lips together, teasing it. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. I was remembering the last time you were here, enjoying me.

Seeing me pleasure myself on my wet pussy was too much for you to take. You came forward, kneeled before me and buried your face between my thighs. My eyes shot open and a scream escaped from my mouth until I realized it was you. You looked up between my thighs, your eyes lit by passion, and I caught my breath. I smiled at you and you took that as permission to continue. I felt your warm breath on me before I felt your hard tongue dive between my pussy lips to bury itself into my pussy, sliding in and out like your cock will.

I love what you do to me and moan my pleasure. Your tongue now sliding between my pussy lips from my pussy to my hardening clit. You decide to concentrate on my clit. You suck at it like I do your cock. It grows in size and becomes as sensitive as the head of your cock does. With growing passion you continue to suck kartal escort at it, wanting to taste my essence. I am moaning and pressing myself onto your wonderful tongue. I want to give you what you want so badly. I have no control of myself, you have taken that from me by your passion. You suck and lick extracting my juices until my body starts to quiver and my orgasm starts. What I don’t expect is that I don’t just cum, I squirt.

It feels unbelievable. I can only imagine that it is similar to what you feel as you cum in me. My gawd, what a feeling. You slurp up my juices, making noises that excite me even further. You raise your head and smile at me as you work your way up my body to kiss me deeply, passionately. The taste of me on your face and tongue drives me crazy and I have to have you. Your cock is rock hard and I have to feel it in me. I reach for you as our kiss deepens and I guide you into my aching pussy. You break the kiss as you enter me, slowly stroking in and out. The sensations are phenomenal.

I am so HOT, I want this to go on endlessly. I look into your eyes and the passion that I feel is mirrored in them. Words are not necessary as I moan my pleasure. You kiss my ankle as you continue to stroke in and out. I love the feel of you. I don’t want this to end and by the look on your face neither do you. I lose track of time. You are all that exists for me. I am all that exists for you. That is as it should be.

As we cum, filling my pussy with our juices we each shudder. You lower yourself onto me to catch your breath. I love the feel of you there. As we recoup your cock stays in me. You roll off of me whispering that you don’t want to hurt me. I smile at your thoughtfulness and gently help you to get comfortable beside me on the bed. I raise onto my elbow and look at the smile on your face.

I want to make that stay in place. I lick your nipples and dot butterfly kisses down your belly toward your still throbbing cock. It glistens with our shared cum in the candlelight. My mouth waters just looking at it. I have worked my way down to your hard cock. I look up at you with pure lust in my eyes. I start at the base of your cock and lick our shared juices off of it. It makes me hunger for more. I want to taste your cum. I lick around the head, down to the ridge, getting it wet. I then slowly take inch by inch into my wet mouth. As I reach the base I stop for a minute, enjoying the feel of you completely buried in my mouth.

Your cock feels wonderful. The silkiness of it, the hardness of it, the warmth of it, all combine to make it totally scrumptious to me. I slowly start kaynarca escort to pump it in and out of my mouth, loving the feel, the taste. It starts to grow even more. My mouth gets tighter around your cock. My tongue licks along the bottom as I stroke it. I feel it throb in my mouth. I want more. I want to taste your essence. I hear you moan your pleasure and it drives me crazy. I start to pump my head up and down on your cock, faster and faster.

I feel your fingers bury themselves in my hair, holding my mouth closer to you. I moan my pleasure around your cock. I love how you feel in my mouth. Your cock bouncing up and down on my tongue. I vary the speed of my mouth, first fast and then slow. I want it to continue forever and yet I also want to taste your essence. I want you to share with me the way I did with you only minutes ago. I wrap my hands around your thighs, pulling myself closer to your cock. Pumping it faster in and out of my mouth. I reach down and insert a finger into my wet pussy getting it wet. As I continue to stroke your cock in and out of my wet mouth,

I take my finger and tease your asshole with it. I rim your asshole with my wet finger and you moan. I want your cum NOW… give it to me love. I moan and increase my speed and the pressure of my mouth on your throbbing piece of meat. As I slide it in and out of my mouth I feel your body tense as it does just before you cum. I hear you whisper that you are gonna cum and I bury my nose into your belly and the head of your cock is at the base of my throat. All of a sudden I feel your cock explode. Your essence shoots down my throat and I swallow every drop. I stay completely still as you continue to drain down my throat.

I hear you catch your breath as I start to slowly move my mouth back up to the tip of your cock, milking it dry as I go. I don’t want to lose a drop of your essence. When I get to the tip I gently kiss your cockhead, showing that I appreciate the pleasure it has just given me. I look up at you and there is a look of pure contentment on your face.

I love the fact that I have been able to put that look there and can’t wait to put it there again but for now I move my way back up your body and we share a deep passionate kiss. This time sharing your essence. You deepen the kiss, wrapping your arms around me. I am home.

After resting in your arms for a few minutes, I start licking on those nipples of yours and I hear a moan of encouragement. I look up and to my surprise I see lust in your eyes… you want more. I don’t question it I just work my way down to your cock. I want to feel it hard again and kozyatağı escort the best way for me to get it that way is with my mouth. I cup your balls gently as I suck your cock into my mouth. I suck it down to the base and gently suck it as I pull my mouth up to the head. I love the feel of you.

I continue this until you get hard again. My pussy is wet and ready for you again. I decide to try something fairly new for us. I work my way up on top of you and settle my tight wet pussy over your hard cock. I slowly lower myself down until you are buried deep in me. I start to slowly ride you, getting my balance and loving the feel of you slowly in and out of me, deep in me.

I look into your eyes and they are lit by an inner light. I call it pure lust. I love that I can put that need there. That you desire me so completely is an added turn on for me. My needs are strong, my desires are many but to know that you want me as much…. myyyyyyyyyyyyy what that does to me. You have no idea. I love how deep you go when I’m like this. Riding you, at my speed, is new to me.

Sometimes I go fast, other times I go slow and enjoy every inch of you as you slide slowly in and out of me. I lose track of time and just drift on the sensations that you are giving me. You gently start to lower me and raise yourself at the same time. We switch positions without losing a stroke. You are now above me stroking in and out of me, faster and faster. During one stroke you go completely out of me and enter in another hole. Although surprised the fit is comfortable and you start to stroking me again. I am loving the feeling of you and the look of wonder in your eyes thrills me.

This is something new for us and it is something that we are definitely going to explore. The feel of you filling me so completely… it is indescribable. You push back on my ankles which are raised above my head to raise my hips so that you can go even deeper. Every stroke goes deeper into my core. I feel you tense and know that your orgasm is close. I take two of my fingers and suck on them, getting them wet and lower them to my clit. I rub it forcefully and that is all that I need to trigger my orgasm.

As I start to quiver, I pound my fingers into my wet pussy. You are pounding my ass and I am pounding my wet pussy. What a wonderful feeling. We cum together. Yours being emptied in my virgin ass and mine covering my fingers. I take them out and lower them towards my mouth. You lower yourself between my legs to share my juices and kiss my lips. You then work your way behind me, spooning with me.

I feel you lean over me and you whisper in my ear how much you enjoyed yourself tonight and I turn my head to capture your lips and whisper against them that I enjoyed it just as much. You lower yourself and we settle down to sleep. The last thing I feel as I start to doze is your cock settling between my asscheeks. I can’t wait to see what the morning brings.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32