Caught in the Act!

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Big Tits

A little bit of fantasy as I’ve got bogged down with some of my other stories.


I got back from college early that Friday afternoon. It was a hot day for late spring and I’d spent most of the morning in lectures sitting behind Alice Jones and watching her lovely ass fidget on her seat. She knew damned well what she was doing, and she knew most of the guys in the group lusted after her.

As I approached the house I noticed that the drive was empty. Mum wouldn’t be home for ages, and it looked like Cindy, mum’s friend who always came to stay for a few weeks every year, was out, probably shopping in town.

I went straight to the fridge and drank directly from the orange juice carton. Mum would have gone crazy if she’d known.

I got out my laptop and sat at the desk in the small study at the side of the lounge. My favourite porn site was soon on screen, and I browsed through a category called ‘Orgasms.’ Happily I found a clip featuring a blonde a bit like Alice, who was on her back, on a bed, naked, playing with a pink vibrator.

I casually undid my shorts, and slipped them, and my boxers down under my backside, and very soon had a huge ‘hard-on.’ Gently I rubbed my cock up and down and watched the girl closing her eyes in pleasure, her head back on the pillow, and the vibrator going in and out of her pussy, and being held against a very moist clit.

In readiness I pulled three or four tissues from mum’s box at the back of the desk, and my hand increased in speed, up and down my cock.

The girl on the screen was cumming very loudly when finally I erupted, shooting spunk in the air, and onto the tissues in my left hand. I must have gasped out loud, and I noticed some of my cum was dribbling down the brass handle on the front of a drawer in the desk.

As I quickly stopped it dropping onto my shorts with the tissues, I caught the sound of movement in the lounge. I slammed the laptop shut, silencing the girl’s last moans of pleasure, and turned my head, but I couldn’t see the whole of the lounge because of the half closed study door.

“Fuck,” I overheard myself. I was thinking that mum had come home early, but out of the window I could see there was still no car on the drive.

Scrabbling my shorts back on, and my hand clutching the sodden tissues, I went into the lounge. No one was there which was a huge relief, so I took the tissues and flushed them down the downstairs loo.

Adjusting my shorts I felt much better, relieved to have emptied my balls and calmed my stress.

And then I heard the loo upstairs flushing.

The sound of someone coming downstairs could only mean one thing, Cindy had been at home all the time.

Her first words as she entered the lounge were, “Oh god, I’m so sorry Rick……I really am…..I didn’t mean to……..” she paused, “well you know……catch you!”

By this time my face was bright red, and I was looking down at the carpet. I didn’t know what to say, it was total embarrassment. I wasn’t sure how much she’d seen or heard. In a way I was almost glad it wasn’t mum, but still, to be caught masturbating by a fifty year old friend who’d watched me grow up, and probably thought how perfect I was, was quite something.

I finally looked up and found some words, “It’s me who should be sorry….I thought the house was empty….I couldn’t see your car anywhere.”

Cindy’s face became one of slight amusement, but she stood there in the middle of the lounge probably wanting to put an arm around me and reassure me, however she just said, “Look, I won’t say a thing to your mum, we all do it, even me, it just happened that I saw you.”

But then she added, “God, I shouldn’t be discussing my sex habits with an eighteen year old, please don’t tell your mum that!”

My shoulders relaxed, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Ok, thanks, it’s our secret,” and I stifled a giggle.

Cindy smiled broadly and explained that her car was being serviced and that she was picking it up next day, I guess to avoid any more awkwardness she went to the kitchen, poured a glass of water, and went back upstairs to her room.

It was only 3.30pm and mum wouldn’t be home until nearly six, so I went up to my room and stretched out on my bed and put my headphones on and chilled to some tunes. It was great just to relax, post some stuff on social media, and see what people were doing over the coming weekend, and also to forget my embarrassment.

I must have drifted off into a half sleep because I suddenly woke up and my headphones were twisted across my face with my phone buzzing from some messages.

As I pulled myself upright and began to see who was messaging me I heard a noise from along the landing.

Cindy’s bedroom was at the end, furthest away from mine, while mum’s was next to mine. The noise was undeniably sexual.

I sat bolt upright, holding my breath, straining to hear.

Clearly Cindy was doing the very thing that I’d been doing, she was pleasuring herself.

The temptation bursa escort was too great, I crept off the bed and trod delicately along the landing. I knew where all the squeaks were on the floorboards from all those times coming in late at night. When I got to the top of the stairs I found that I could sit on the third stair down and listen.

Crazily more than that, through the partly open bedroom door, I could see the reflection of the bed via the mirrored wardrobes, and there was a clear view of Cindy’s knees pulled up, her thighs apart, and her hand holding a buzzing vibrator against her clit.

Within just a few minutes she came, trying desperately to muffle her moans in the pillow. I watched for as long as I could, but in my excitement I trod on a squeaky floorboard on the way back to my room.

I quite expected Cindy to say something, but when mum got home everything seemed normal, until the moment when we were eating our take away, I noticed Cindy looking at me, and as I caught her eye she winked at me when mum wasn’t watching.

After the meal I left them to chat and retreated to my room. I played some games on my laptop and eventually went to sleep, well after both mum and Cindy had turned in.

I awoke in the dark and my phone said 3.45am. There was a full moon and feeling thirsty I crept down to the kitchen to get a drink of water. It was quite light from the moon and I wandered out into the conservatory sipping my water. I didn’t hear Cindy until she spoke.

“You’re thirsty too Rick?”

Startled, I spun round.

“God, you made me jump….don’t do that!”

We both laughed quietly, and it was at that point that I noticed the silhouette of Cindy’s body in her nightdress as she stood between me and the moonlight. I could see her waist, the shape of her thighs as she stood with feet slightly apart, and I could see one pendulous breast hanging down.

There was no doubt Cindy was a sexy mature lady, red hair, shapely figure and had obviously attracted many men in her lifetime.

I watched her turn and go back to fill a glass. When she came back, she took a sip of water and put the glass down on a table, before stepping closer.

I was only wearing pyjama shorts, and I could see Cindy looking at my bare chest. I felt a bit uncomfortable, perhaps that’s the wrong word, because I could feel the heat from her body, and a waft of some expensive perfume.

Needless to say my cock started to play tricks.

I tried walking to the windows and facing away from her, but she followed and when I half turned, my cock was clearly erect underneath the fabric of my shorts.

My hand naturally tried to press it down, but Cindy made sure I was seeing her looking down at me.

“I think we are back in another embarrassing situation?”

I could see her smiling, and I must have been a bit like a rabbit in the headlights.

“Errrrr…….yes…guess I’d better get back to bed,” I muttered, not really meaning it.

“Have you ever had a blow job Rick? Any of your girlfriends ever done that?”

The intimate question came right out of the blue.

In the semi darkness I disdainfully replied, ” Yes….of course,” trying not to show that I was lying, or indeed embarrassed by it.

In a slow movement Cindy reached forward and gripped my cock through the fabric of my shorts.

“Well I’m quite good at it……!” adding with surprise, “My word, that’s quite big.”

Her words were said with relish and I must have gasped as she deliberately tugged the shorts down and took the flesh of my cock in her fingers.

“Now you’re gonna have to try and be quiet…..if your mum found out it would be ….well…….curtains!”

I was rooted to the spot and there was nothing more said as she knelt down in front of me and took me in her mouth.

“Oohhhhh fuck,” I couldn’t help gasping as quietly as I could as she slid me deep into her warm, moist mouth.

“Shhhhhhhsh! for god’s sake.”

I gritted my teeth as Cindy got to work. My legs were trembling as her head bobbed back and forth. After a minute she stopped to say, “When you cum, cum in my mouth, it’s ok.”

And then she carried on.

She was an expert, I was a novice.

I couldn’t hold back, and I shoved my hand over my mouth as I pumped continuously into her mouth. I could see in the semi light that she was struggling to swallow everything.

As she stood up wiping her lips with the back of her hand, I sank back into one of the rattan chairs.

“Another secret!…..for god’s sake don’t let me down!”

Cindy put one finger over her mouth, the signal to keep quiet about it.

As she tiptoed back to bed I sat for a few minutes collecting my thoughts, feeling my cock returning to normal, and thinking about Cindy’s sexual appetite and the fact that she, a mature woman, had hit on me.

Saturday saw normal life continue, and I went off to play football, returning for dinner in the evening. Mum and Cindy had been shopping, and both were going out to an evening with some bursa escort bayan of mum’s friends.

I stayed in watching a boxset and was in my room when I heard them return. There was laughing and giggling, presumably the result of alcohol, and they were still downstairs when I drifted off to sleep.

It was 3.15am when the ‘call of nature’ came. I needed a ‘pee,’ and crept out to the bathroom. I knew flushing the toilet might wake them up, but I couldn’t leave it unflushed. I was thirsty again so I went down downstairs to the kitchen and took a glass of water into the conservatory like the night before.

I sat on the rattan sofa looking out over the moonlit garden, thinking about Cindy and the blowjob she’d given me the previous night, hoping that it might happen again.

Almost on cue I heard muffled footsteps coming downstairs, and then the sound of running water filling a glass. Cindy knew I was there, somehow we’d connected, and once again I saw the silhouette of her body, in her nightdress, in the moonlight.

“Hello Rick, we’ll have to be quiet again….don’t want to wake Barbara do we?”

I wasn’t sure how to take that. Whether it meant we were going to talk quietly, or whether we were going to have sex!

I stood up as she entered, not sure what to do, and maybe trying to be polite, but being a bit like a lemon I burbled out, “Do you want to sit down?”

“No, I want this…..again!”

Cindy stepped forward and squeezed my cock again. Straightaway it hardened and this time I was emboldened, pulling her towards me and kissing her.

She whispered quietly, “Look Rick, we mustn’t make a sound, your mum’s zonked out, but we must be careful.”

Cindy kissed me briefly again, and as she tugged my shorts down I was expecting her to sink to her knees like the night before.

But not this time. Cindy turned around, pulled her nightdress up around her waist and bent over, spreading her legs wide apart, and leaning on the arm of the sofa.

“Fuck me……but do it quietly…….go on!”

I stood behind her, and I hesitated for a moment.

“Shove it in…..go on!”

I placed my cock between her buttocks. Cindy reached between her legs and directed it against her wet pussy. I pushed and in one movement I sank deep inside her.

I gasped and Cindy whispered, “Quiet…..quiet……now fuck me……take your time.”

I could feel the heat of her ass against the front of my thighs, and slowly I thrust backwards and forwards. It was a crazy situation, trying to fuck my mum’s best friend in total silence.

“You can cum inside me Rick…..don’t worry…..oh god….you feel so good……please last a bit longer.”

I did last longer, in fact I was surprised I made her cum. As my thrusting went on I could hear her breathing faster. We were both trying to do it quietly, and despite our efforts, there was a stifled gasping from Cindy and her legs almost buckled under her.

I was holding her hips and within seconds of her cumming I came too.

I felt my cock start to spurt deep into her cunt. I was gritting my teeth, feeling my balls emptying into her.

“Oh fuck,” I was whispering, “Oh fuck Cindy…….fucking hell!”

I stepped backwards, the final drops of spunk dribbling onto the tiled floor. Cindy struggled upright, then sank onto the sofa, as I tugged my pyjama shorts back up.

“Jesus Christ Rick, this is crazy, I’ve got to have you properly, I want you in my bed.”

I didn’t know how to respond to that, it was clear that we had some mighty chemistry going on.

“Look, just try to be as normal as possible, Barbara goes to work on Monday, you can be late for college, we’ll work something out, do you want me?”

“Yes, I do, but I don’t want to upset mum.”

“We won’t, I promise……just go along with my plan.”

All through Sunday I couldn’t stop feeling horny. Each time I glanced at Cindy I imagined either being inside her, or her sucking me. The more I looked the more I imagined her naked.

She caught me looking a couple of times, and, when mum wasn’t looking, winked and put a finger to her lips indicating our secret.

Cruelly, at lunchtime, all three of us were in the kitchen ready to sit down to eat, and while mum was getting something out of the fridge, her hand brushed over my ass as she walked past me. It was torture.

I went up to my room early in the evening, telling mum that I had some college work to do.

As luck would have it mum told me and Cindy that she had to leave early in the morning as she was working out of town and wanted to miss the traffic. I caught Cindy’s eye and she smiled briefly as mum said, “You two will have to get on with breakfast on your own.”

I fell asleep with an erection, and woke up with one. I lay there with my phone telling me it was 5.30am until I heard mum moving about just after six. At seven the front door closed and I leapt out of bed to see her car disappearing down the road.

Within five minutes Cindy was calling out “Rick….Rick….I escort bursa need you!”

I padded along the landing to Cindy’s room where the door was partly open.

“Come on in……hurry.”

I pushed the door further open and there was Cindy in bed, the duvet pulled right up to her nose, her red hair spread across the pillow, her green eyes staring at me as I approached the bed.

“Take your shorts off,” she said impatiently, as I pulled them off and lifted the edge of the duvet to slide underneath.

Cindy was naked and the sensation of skin on skin as she put both arms around my neck was wonderful. Her breasts pressed softly against my chest, and with her hitching one leg over my hip, I slid my leg upwards until the top of my thigh was pressing onto a very hot, wet pussy.

I flung the duvet off the bed and the kissing began, tongues exploring, lips sliding over each other.

I could feel my cock pressing hard against Cindy’s abdomen and she obviously felt it too.

“Oh god Rick, I’ve been awake thinking of this for hours…..please fuck me now.”

It only took a moment to shift our bodies so that Cindy opened her legs wide, and I rolled above her. I flexed my lower body and my cock found her pussy which was moist and warm and it slid so easily inside.

Cindy groaned out loud, “Go on…..all the way,” and when I was at the deepest place in her cunt she added, “Just hold it there……don’t move….I just want to enjoy this feeling.”

With her arms around my neck, still pulling me close and the kissing going on and on, we were both in another world.

To remain still like that was impossible. It was probably Cindy who began to move first, pressing upwards with her hips.

Slowly I began to fuck her. She hooked her legs behind me, over my upper thighs. We stopped kissing and I raised myself onto my elbows so that our faces were inches apart.

Cindy’s vivid green eyes looked up at me as she whispered, “Oh Rick take your time… feel so good…..I want this to last…”

And it did last, I seemed to find hidden strength as I watched her face go from a soft smile, to fluttering eye lids, to a mouth where her tongue licked around her lips.

Slowly her breathing became louder and then she began to groan, some little sounds, at first, becoming louder and then words that told me she was getting close.

“Oh!….oh!……oh!……oh my……oh my god….Rick…..don’t stop…..god don’t stop…..PLEASE!”

I could feel her pelvis pushing upwards, her legs tightening against my buttocks.

As her finger nails dug into my shoulders, her cries became louder, “Rick…..Rick……Rick!……Rick!……Oh GOD RICK!”

Her whole body shook, the room echoed to her gasps, until gradually the movements subsided. I was still deep in a very wet pussy, and not yet ready to cum.

Suddenly the front door bell rang and we both froze.

“Who the fuck is that?” Cindy was rigid and was panicking.

Without ceremony I withdrew my cock and leapt off the bed to go to the window. The curtains were half open and I looked down towards the front door, only to see Mr Griffiths, the old guy from next door looking up at me. He had clearly seen me look out, so I opened the window wider and stuck out my head.

“Oh Rick, it’s ok, I thought I heard your mum shouting out, I thought there was a problem….it’s ok if you’re there.”

I replied, rather unsure of how to respond,” No problem Mr Griffiths, it’s all ok.”

Mr Griffiths gave a peremptory wave and turned to go back home.

I quickly closed the window, and closed the top one as well, as Cindy burst out laughing.

“Hmmmmmm,” I said, “Nosey Parker! I just hope he doesn’t have a conversation with mum about that!”

Cindy was giggling on the bed, lying on her side, her upper chest flushed from her orgasm. I returned to sit on the side of the bed with my cock sadly drooping, sabotaged by Mr Griffiths’ appearance.

She pulled me towards her to kiss me, and as I leaned in she whispered, “Thank you for making me cum….you were great.”

The sensation of her lips and her fingers seeking out my cock reinvigorated it. It grew stiff again.

“You haven’t cum yet, I’m not being fair am I, lay back.”

I lay down beside her and her mouth closed over my cock. I remembered the other night when she made me cum in her mouth, so I relaxed and I knew I was on a similar journey.

As Cindy crouched on the mattress beside me my hand was stroking her buttocks and while my pleasure was increasing my fingers found her pussy. It was wet with her juices and as I explored, I found her clit and felt her whole body jerk when I touched it. It didn’t stop her sucking on my cock but I could sense her becoming fidgety. As I massaged some more she suddenly lifted her head and said, “Oh fuck you Rick…..” and in one movement she was astride my cock, pushing me inside her again, and gasping like she had done earlier.

“Shit…..I want you so much Rick…’re so fucking addictive… for fucks sake cum inside me!”

Cindy was desperate for that to happen, but I still had some way to go. I watched her breasts swing first one way, then the other, as she began to perspire in her efforts to make me cum.

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