Caught by Mom

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I live with my mom and dad. My parents were a mystery, I didn’t know if they were happy together or not.

My dad works in alternate shifts.

My mom is a beautiful woman with a plush figure. She had curves in all the right places. I don’t know when I started to see my mom sexually. I was always fascinated with my teachers in school, must have developed a thing for my mom from that.

My masturbation fancy usually involves my teachers, any of my attractive relatives that I see rarely and of course sometimes my mom followed by an episode of shame and vowing to never think of my mom again like that, only to fancy about her two weeks later.

Never in a million years would I have thought I had an actual chance with her.

Like I said, my dad had one week of day shift followed by one week of night shift, he would return home at 2.00 AM. My dad never approved of my gaming habits or me using my computer in general, because he knew I didn’t use my computer for anything useful. Naturally I would play games till 1.45 AM and go to sleep at 1.50, so that he won’t suspect anything.

My mom would ask me to go to sleep early but I never listened to her in this matter, after some time my mom didn’t care about whatever I did behind my dad’s back. Sometimes when she was angry at me she would tell my dad about what I do while I should be sleeping. Of course I would come up with a convenient excuse about having an assignment for my studies, they knew it was a lie but they didn’t have any evidence to prove otherwise.

I used this time to play games and watch porn.

My mom usually sleeps until my dad comes home, sometimes she would come checkup on me in my room. I had screens around the place, so I was aware of any movement around me and I would switch to some eBook, so that it looks like I’m working on something.

Week 1 – Day 2 -12.00 AM

One day I was watching porn with my headphones on and I failed to notice my mom come behind me.

She caught me watching porn, this was bad.

She was okay with me playing games and I didn’t know what she thought about me watching porn. I switched my screen to an eBook and pretended to read.

She asked me “what were you doing?”

“I was reading a book mom.”

“That’s not what it looked like”

“Okay, so I was playing a game” I had to change my lies so that she would believe it.

“It didn’t look like a game, show me the game then” my mom demanded.

I booted up a video game I had with a female lead.

“Didn’t look like this one either. Don’t lie to me. I don’t know what you are doing in the middle of the night. I have to tell this to your dad”

“Mom please don’t tell dad”

“Then tell me who those girls were? Are you talking with them while everyone is asleep?”

“It’s not like that sometimes there are ads in the games I play, I just have to close it and go back to my game.”

“Then why is there no ad on the screen now, show me the ad”

My heart was pounding. I didn’t know what to do.

My mom was not good with computers, so I decided to use it to my advantage. I decided to switch my screen to the porn that was playing in the video player and convince her that it was an AD. I just have to close it and go back to my game.

I switched screens to the porn where a woman was being pounded by two guys, I heard a sharp gasp from my mom. I started to explain it was just an ad and I cannot control what ads I receive.

“Go sleep, NOW.” She was angry, but I noticed her eyes momentarily returning to the scene on the screen and lingering there.

I was about to turn off the computer, when she told me not to touch it, she wanted dad to know what I was doing, asked me to let the computer run till dad comes home and went out of my room. I followed her.

I only had a few hours until dad came home, I had to convince mom somehow to not tell dad. I was practically begging and apologizing to her.

“Mom, I’m sorry but you have to understand, I didn’t do anything. Let me at least turn off the computer please.” I took another 30 minutes of begging, finally she allowed me to turn the computer off, but she said that she will tell my dad.

“Mom it’s a virus, I don’t know what I can do” I was disappointed with myself for not coming up with the virus angle from the beginning but glad that I have something that can change my mom’s mind.

“Don’t lie to me, just because I don’t know anything about computers doesn’t mean I will believe everything you say”

“Mom please don’t tell dad, he won’t understand. Please I will do anything, I will reduce my time on computer, I will go to sleep early from today.”

“Fine, we’ll see. But you have to teach me how to use computers from tomorrow, then we’ll see if you are lying to save your ass or not.”

“Okay Mom, thanks. Love you”

I started sleeping early for next two days, then came my dad’s day shift week. I obeyed whatever my mom and dad said. I was glad that my Mom didn’t bring Sefaköy Escort up the incident.

Week 3 – Day 1 -11.00 PM

Then started my dad’s night shift, I was playing late. My mom came and asked me go to sleep.

“5 more minutes, I’ll go to sleep once I complete this level. I worked hard on this.”

“You promised, you would teach me.”

“Yeah sure, sit down. You press W to move forward, S to move backwards”

“I don’t want to learn about your game, teach me how to generally use the computer, like checking emails and checking the files stored on the computer.”

I had to teach her for the next hour, she was asking a lot of questions, questions if answered might lead her to my porn collection well hidden behind a wall of confusing folders. I held back as much information as I could.

She said she will try using it and asked me to go to sleep. I laid on the couch, kept an eye on what she was doing.

After sometime she turned off the switch and got up. I started yelling to make her wary of using my computer.

“Mom, you can’t just hit the switch like that, you will have to shut it down first before going for the power supply.”

“I guess you will have to teach me that tomorrow. Sleep tight.”

She walked out of my room; my eyes were fixated on her swaying ass.

Week 3 – Day 2 -08.00 PM

My mom came to my room, I taught her how to shutdown computer and some more things. After some time, mom said she had some chores and went out. I was feeling dirty and started to play an erotic game on PC. She didn’t come back that day.

Week 3 – Day 3 -10.00 PM

Today she came into my room and started to find her way around my computer. I received a phone call, so I walked out of my room to take it in privacy. The phone call dragged on and I went into my room after 20 minutes. Soon as I entered I saw that my mom was fixated on the screen. As soon as I entered the room my mom jumped up turned off the computer switch.

“Mom please shut it down before turning off the power.”

“Sorry, I forgot. I’ll keep that in my mind next time.” She walked out looking flustered.

I turned on the computer to check what she was doing; I saw one of my porn videos in recently played files. I had erased all history previously. So my mom must have found it.

I checked my explorer history. Turns out that she tried to access ‘help’ by typing help in search box and you guessed it. One of the videos in my porn collection had the name “Aunt needs help with sun lotion” and it had come up in results.

I wanted to delete all my videos but decided against it since my mom hasn’t said anything. Does my mom like those videos? I wish.

My mom did not come to my room rest of the week and the week after since it was day shift for my dad and I slept early.

Week 5 – Day 2 -09.00 PM

I was playing a video game, when my mom entered the room.

“Go to sleep soon, good night” She started to walk out.

“Mom come sit with me for a minute, I’ll teach you how to play games in computer.”

“We should go to sleep, don’t waste the time on games” she turned to walk away.

I got up and grabbed her elbows gently and made her sit in my chair. Her skin felt smooth and cold. I loved the feeling but I removed my hand immediately.

“Mom try to have some fun.” I started to teach her how to play games.

She stopped me there. “If you are going to teach me, teach me something useful.”

So there I was teaching her how to navigate internet. Then I got an idea.

“Mom, go ahead and try something”. My Mom was searching for some art on the internet. I picked up my helmet and placed it on the couch so that the glasses on it would reflect the screen.

“I have to make some calls; I’ll be back in half an hour.” I walked out leaving the door half closed, went to the living room and turned on the TV.

After 10 minutes, I sneaked near the door and peered on the helmet on my couch.

My mom was watching one of the videos from my porn collection without taking her eyes from it. My heart was pounding, I was afraid and excited at the same time. I had an erection to deal with.

I moved around silently, so I could get a better look at my mom, my mom had hands on the keyboard, but she was squeezing her legs together. After sometime, she saw the clock and got up and turned off the computer after shutting it down.

I ran silently back to the living room, sat on a chair and pretended to watch TV.

“Good night.”

“Good night mom.”

I went back to my room, masturbated thinking about my mom. I had little regret thinking about my mom that way, but it went away quickly.

For the next two days my mom came to my room, I walked out allowing my mom some illusion privacy and peeped on her while she watched porn.

Week 5 – Day 5 -10.15 PM

My Sefaköy Escort Bayan mom was watching some videos today as well. I guess she was new to watching these things. I can still remember how I felt when I first looked at nude pictures and I don’t think my dad is excited about sex any longer. So my mom must have a lot of pent up sexual frustration.

I wanted to walk in on her watching porn. I made mental of note things I should say, things I shouldn’t say. Heart pounding I walked in silently.

“Mom…” my nerves of steel failed me; words didn’t come out of my mouth.

My mom suddenly turned around shocked, got up and turned off the computer looking embarrassed.

“Mom you are supposed to shut it down, doesn’t matter if there is a virus attack or not.”

I gave her a graceful exit.

She sighed in relief “It’s just there was a virus attack and I didn’t know what to do.”

“It’s alright, if it happens next time. Just shut it down.”

“Good night.” She rushed out of the room.

I imagined touching and kissing my mom’s voluptuous belly that was exposed sometimes when she walked around the house and masturbated.

Then I couldn’t do anything for one more week since my mom and I had things to do in the mornings and dad was around in the nights.

Week 7 – Day 1 -11.30 PM

I was hoping my mom would come, waited for her from 08.00, but she didn’t until come until 10.00. So I started to scour the internet for good amateur sex videos. My mom walked in to my room, I was aware of her entering the room but I didn’t hide what I was doing. I was so afraid of what might happen if she gets angry but I was also horny enough to not think things through.

When I was sure that my mom had a glimpse of what I was doing, I minimized the screen and gave her the chair.

“I don’t want to use the computer; I just wanted to say good night.”

“Mom you have to use computers often while you are starting to learn or else you will forget some things.”

I grabbed her shoulders gently and made her sit on my chair.

I grinned and said “You have a good teacher, don’t waste it. You are not even paying me for all the lessons.”

She smiled and said “I don’t know. All that food that goes into your mouth looks an awful lot like payments.”

“Okay. You win.” I grinned and walked out.

I walked in silently after sometime; she was watching porn on the same website I minimized.

I sat down on the couch behind her, she noticed me and closed the browser with a deer in the headlights look and walked out.

Week 7 – Day 2 -07.30 PM

I was eating dinner with my mom.

“Mom, you can use my room anytime you want.”

She had a stupid smile on her face “Yeah I know, I own the house…I get what you meant though. Thank you. I might just take away your computer. Looks like we both like computer viruses” I can see the instant regret on her face as soon as she said it.

I wanted to make her comfortable again. “I will sue you if you try to take away my computer. It is my birthright.”

“And where are you going to get the money for the lawyers?”

“Wishing I had some brothers and sisters, so that I can bring on a class action lawsuit against you.”

She laughed shaking her head.

After dinner, we both went my room.

“I am commandeering your computer, you go out now and be useless somewhere else.”

I pretended to pout and walked out.

I was peeping on her from outside the door. I could see her breathing heavily and squeezing her legs hard.

I walked in slowly and sat on the couch next to her and looked at the video she was watching. I deliberately didn’t look at her, so that she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. She noticed me out of the corner of her eyes watching the video, returned her eyes back to the video. Her breathing was ragged; she was still squeezing her legs subtly. Her breathing was getting heavier and she was alternating between crossing her legs and squeezing them together. After some time she got up and left the room without saying anything, I didn’t say anything either.

I was turned on by what was happening, I had a huge erection. It felt good against my boxers.

I could see the chair was a little bit wet at one spot. Some of her juice has leaked though her clothes. I immediately locked the door and smelled the wet spot. It felt so good, so intoxicating. I squeezed my cock. I spent so much time smelling and kissing the wet spot, I didn’t keep track of time.

I heard my mom open the door for my dad.

Week 7 – Day 3 -10.30 PM

We didn’t talk about what happened the previous day. I was not sure if my mom will come today, but she came and started to use my computer. I made grand show of walking out of the room, went inside again almost immediately. My mom was watching a BBC video mesmerized. I sat on the couch behind her and started to watch it Escort Sefaköy along with her. She pretended to ignore my presence, squeezing her legs together, occasionally using her hands between her thighs.

We didn’t dare talk to each other. I couldn’t handle how hot his was. I squeezed my now erect cock through my pants. I saw my mom checking me out of the corner of her eyes. She was using her hands to masturbate; I could hear her occasional moans that she was trying to control.

I could tell by breaths that she came; she got up and walked out. Her pants were wet in the crotch region, leaving her juice on the chair for me.

Week 7 – Day 4 -10.00 PM

I moved my chair out and moved my couch around so that I can use my computer from the couch.

Mom came into my room around the same time, not wanting ruin anything. I went ahead with the ritual of walking out and walking back in. Today she was watching a video from my porn collection. She sat on the couch touching herself with her hand over her pants.

I sat with her on the couch leaving some distance between us, so that I didn’t disturb her. She noticed me and squeezed her legs together tightly before releasing it. I couldn’t control myself and started to rub my cock. Her hands moved faster over her crotch. I put my hands inside my boxers and grabbed my cock, pleasuring myself. My mom noticed me and put her hands inside her pants well.

I was looking at her slightly exposed belly and moving my fingers over my cock. My mom was moving her fingers over her pussy with her eyes closed and head turned up checking what I was doing occasionally. Both of didn’t pay attention to the porn on the screen anymore.

Week 7 – Day 5 -11.00 PM

We continued our session the next day as well. This time I sat much closer to her.

Then came the weekend followed by a week of my dad’s day shift. I never thought I would hate weekends. I thought my mom would come over when my dad asleep or out with his friends but she didn’t. While my mom and I talked about some things. We avoided talking about our sessions and all our interactions were short.

Week 9 – Day 1 -10.00 PM

I was overjoyed when the next Monday came and my left for office at 4.00 PM.

My mom came to my room and sat on the couch while I was playing a game. I closed my game casually and started my playlist of best videos I had. I had an erection as soon my mom entered the room. My mom started touching herself over her pants. I put my hands inside my boxers started stroking my cock slowly. She gave a short gasp and put her hands inside her pants. She lifted her shirt halfway exposing her midriff. There were beads of sweat lining her stomach. She used her other hand to caress her exposed belly. She moved her hands up over the shirt and grabbed her voluptuous breasts pinching her nipples. She removed her hand from her pants, took it slowly to her mouth. She put two of her wet fingers in her mouth sucked on it and put back into her muff. I moved closer to her grazing her hand that was moving over her exposed midriff.

I gently cupped her hands and guided it over her body. I was too afraid to do anything else but I was so aroused I had no self control. I wanted to grab her boobs, touch the exposed skin and kiss it. I would have done it too if hadn’t cum in my pants. As soon I came I removed my hands from her hand, waited for my mom to finish herself. My mom came looking at the wet tip of the tent in my pants.

Week 9 – Day 2 -11.45 PM

My mom came into my room, I started a video and we both settled. She lifted her shirt halfway immediately and put her hands over her crotch. I removed my shirt completely and pulled down my pants halfway. I caught my mom’s hand that was moving over her body. I moved my hands over her shoulders slowly running my fingers over her neck. She closed her eyes tilted her head giving me access to more of her body. I slowly moved my hands inside her t-shirt, my fingers circling her cleavage. She took her hands away from her breasts and put it on my thighs.

I removed her hands from my thighs got up and turned off the computer. We didn’t need that anymore. She looked confused. I returned back to her, grabbed her shoulders and kissed her neck. I moved up and kissed her lips. Her lips parted and gave way for my tongue. I moved one of my hands over her back, reached her ass. I put my palm over her full round ass. I moved my palm up a little and brought it down again, this time going inside her pants and panties. Her ass felt so smooth under my palm. My mom moved her hands down and grabbed my cock over my boxers. I almost came, I grabbed her hands moved it my thigh.

“Not yet” I whispered and pulled her t-shirt over her head exposing her body. Three fourth of her beautiful breasts were covered by a black bra. I ran my hand over her cleavage. I lowered my head and kissed her cleavage while trying to unhook her bra.

I could hear the door bell. We were both shocked. It was 2.15 and my dad was home. My mom pulled up her t-shirt but her pants were wet around the crotch. She looked at her pants; I could see her reluctance in going up to open the door for my dad like this. My hard on was slowly coming down.

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