Cattelena Weekend

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I’ve been obsessed with the sight of penises for a long time. Paintings, photos, sculptors, Michelangelo’s David has a beautiful one, and of course in the flesh. Shortly after my first period my progressive mother gave me the anatomy 101 and as I aged she gave me more details about sex. By the second year of college I’d experienced a few. Some were satisfactory others not so much. Now 3 years after college I’m still fascinated by the sight of them and love the feel of them in my hand, mouth, on my breasts and of course between my legs for sure. I get instantly aroused at the sight of one. As the saying goes, so many cocks, so little time.

One weekend my girlfriend and I went to Catelena with her cousin on his sailboat. We all went ashore for dinner and dancing. Greg was 32 years old and very good looking. Cassie told me he was 2 months out of a long term relationship and might be ready to get back into dating so if I was interested to feel free to flirt with him. We all had a wonderful evening, dinner, dancing and drinking then took a water taxi back to the boat. He kissed us good night and we all went to bed. The drinking had lead me to feel very horny but no chance with her and I sharing the V-berth and Greg in the rear stateroom. Oh well…

The next morning Cassie took the water taxi to the shore leaving me alone on the boat with Greg. I got a cup of coffee and sat in the cockpit. He was nowhere in sight and as the morning sun warmed me up I went below to balçova escort get my lotion. I was still a little horny. I sat there stroking my boobs through my long cotton Tee and heard a splash beside the boat and looked up to see Greg climb up the swim ladder. How did he get in the water without me seeing him? He was wearing a white nylon boxer style shorts which were wet and almost transparent reveling his package. He said good morning and went down to get coffee and water. Be the time he got back to the cockpit the suit was dryer but I could still see the bulge between his legs. He leaned against the steering pedestal facing me and we chatted about sailing and such but I kept glancing down to his crotch when he turned his head which did nothing but make my pussy wet and with no panties my juice soaked my T-shirt. I partly hoping that he wouldn’t notice at the same time hoping he would. There was a lull in our conversation and I put my bare feet between his thighs stroking gently. I put my bare foot on his crotch to feel his dong.

He said “If you keep that up your going to get me excited.”

“This I’ve got to see.” and hooked all my toes onto the waist of his shorts and yanked them down. His penis was the most beautiful one I’d ever seen and was completely shaved and uncircumcised. I’d seen bald ones on the porn sites but never one up close and personal. His foreskin completely covering the head. For what seemed like foça escort a long time I just stared and it then put my foot against it to rub it gently. Although limp he was larger then average and as my fondling continued he slowly hardened. Anybody looking in our direction could have seen us but I simply didn’t care, the chance they we were being watched made all the more exciting. I was transfixed with the sight of it and griped the foreskin, trapping the head of his penis between my toes and continued to massage the shaft and his balls. As he got harder it pushed my toes off the foreskin as it’s head slowly emerged, the head peeking out with just the tip visible and the grove below the hole I used both feet to stroke it.

The sight of it limp was beautiful, but hard it was magnificent and bit larger then most others I’d experienced. He got a pained look on his face which I took for friction that I was causing. I picked up the lotion and squeezed out a handful to lather his cock and my feet pulled up my shirt bottom and lubed up my swollen vulva. I sat there jacking him off with my feet and played with my clit with one hand and dipping a finger of my other hand into my wet pussy . We kept going as I pulled my shirt up and played with my nipples with one hand and the other on my pussy rubbing my clit and fingered myself while I kept up giving him a foot job. His dagger head appeared and disappeared as I moved his foreskin torbalı escort back and forth. All my erotic fantasies were being satisfied at the same time. Watching his magnificent cock throb and stimulating myself the same time. I came hard, harder then in a long time. He popped shortly after I did and his cum shot onto my stomach and chest. I rubbed it in and licked it off of my fingers. Thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

I knew from experience that if I sucked him it world stay hard and I wanted to feel it inside me. The feel of him in my mouth was wonderful. The ridge of his glans in my throat triggered an erogenous zone as I took him deep. Much as I would have liked to feel him cum in my mouth I wanted his spunk in my pussy. I raised up and turned around to kneel on the seat spreading my legs. He didn’t need any couching and ran his penis between my ass cheeks then down to let his cock ridge rub my clit. I was on the edge of orgasm when he rammed it into my pussy stretching me which felt fantastic and I came hard. Pounding away he cupped my tits and pinched my nipples. Here I’d thought I couldn’t have a better orgasm but how wrong I was. I bucked and squealed but he stayed with me and as I calmed down a bit he rammed it in harder and faster his ball sac slapping my clit until he came. The feel of his semen hitting my cervix gave me yet another orgasm.

We sat down side by side and fondling each other, there was no need to be coy. I loved the look and feel of his still firm penis in my hand. The water taxi pulled up and Cassie climbed on board. We didn’t move and she saw us completely naked enjoying the after glow with my hand cupping his cock and balls. With a big smile she said “Well, I see you’ve been having a good time.”

Want to borrow my lube girlfriend?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32