Catriona’s Sacrifice

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Author’s Note: I had fun writing this story! I hope you enjoy it.

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Catriona put a hand on her stomach, nauseous to the point of vomiting. Nerves made her hands shake as well as all her insides.

“Cat, don’t be so nervous,” her friend Sine. “This is an incredible honor! I’m so jealous. I wish I could be The Alyth in this year’s Imbolc festival!”

“That’s because you’re a whore,” Catriona told her friend with a laugh.

“There’s nothing wrong with a strong man between your thighs,” Sine told her best friend with a smile. “You don’t have a man in you often enough!”

“Oh bollocks,” Cat told her friend. “I fuck plenty. I just don’t relish the thought of fucking three men in front of the whole village!”

“Well, you’ve been picked to be The Alyth of Imbolc and you HAVE to do it to ensure Ballybridge has a good harvest. And it’s not like it’s going to be a hardship.”

“Not for you, mayhap, but I’m not an exhibitionist like you. I swear, Sine, you have no shame.”

“What is there to be ashamed of, you little prude? Sex is natural.” Sine walked over and put her arms around her friend. “You sacrifice a little time and public fucking and we get an abundant crop this summer. It’s a fair trade.”

Catriona hugged her friend before she turned and sat on her bed. She thought about the annual festival of Imbolc. It was a fertility festival their village of Ballybridge celebrated every year. One unmarried girl, who was not a virgin, was chosen to stand in for the goddess Alyth, the goddess of Spring. During the festival, three masked men would take her to an earthen altar where they would all fuck her. This was a sexual sacrifice to ensure the fertility of their crops in the coming year. In the last hundred years the village had not had one bad harvest. It was unheard of in the surrounding villages in their rugged, unforgiving region of northern Scotland.

Cat was not opposed to sex, she loved it. She’d had many lovers who had remained her friends. She wasn’t even opposed to sex with multiple men at one time. What she had to come to terms with was fucking these men with the whole village as an audience. But tonight was the night, so Catriona needed to come to terms with this quickly.

“Don’t worry, Sine, I’ll do it. I’ll even embrace it. I would never do anything to jeopardize Ballybridge.”

“I know, and don’t worry. Plenty of people will be busy fucking each other. Many may not even watch.”

Catriona knew Sine was just trying to make her feel more at ease, but Catriona knew better. Most eyes would be on her performance tonight. Just talking about her fears had helped, though. “What is Keith going to think of me after this?”

Keith was the Laird’s son. He was nearly ten years older than her and she had seen very little of him through her life, usually from a distance. He was often away on clan business and she’d had no opportunity to interact with him. All she knew of him was that he was very tall and well muscled with dark hair. It was, however, a very enviable match.

“Keith? If he really loves Ballybridge he’ll understand what you are doing for our village! You know very well there is no stigma attached to being The Alyth.”

“I hope so. I’m ready to be married and it will please my family very much.”


As the sun was setting, Sine helped Cat get ready for the Imbolc ceremony. Cat stripped her clothing off and Sine helped her friend rub a special, very expensive cream into her skin. It made Cat’s very white, milky skin glow with a golden sheen which brought out the gold in her hazel eyes. Then Sine brushed Cat’s waist length burgundy hair until it shone like fire. She very much looked like a pagan goddess.

“Frig, Cat, I am so jealous of your body. I wish I looked like you instead of a beanpole! You really look like a fertility goddess with all with your round hips and giant tits. Bitch,” Sine told her with a mock scowl.

“Oh, shut your mouth. You literally have to beat the men off with a stick.”

“I know, but you’re so soft and womanly.”

“Or fat,” Cat said with a laugh.

Sine helped Cat wrap a hooded cloak around herself. The traditional Alyth cloak was dyed a beautiful yellow-green to represent Spring. It looked amazing with Cat’s coloring. Lastly, Sine placed a wreath of daisies on Cat’s head.

“There, Alyth, you are all ready!”

Cat looked at herself in the full length mirror standing in the corner of her room. It had been a very pricey gift from her father. “I really do look like Alyth,” she whispered to her friend.

Sine hugged Catriona from behind. “You look gorgeous. Those men will be drooling!”

“I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Let’s go.”

They left Cat’s large home and walked through the streets of the village. It was now just past dark, but many kocaeli escort bayan torches were lighting the way to the village square. Most of the villagers would be at the Imbolc celebration, only a handful of women remaining in the church with the priest to look after the children. The Imbolc celebration was so vital to the prosperity of Ballybridge, that even their Christian priest looked the other way.

Cat and Sine could already hear the sound of the ram’s horns and cowhide drums throbbing from the square. As they drew closer they could also hear the laughter of the people. As they entered the square the celebration was already in full swing. Scantily dressed and fully naked men and women were dancing around a great bonfire that reached nearly 20 feet in the air. Their bodies undulated to the rhythm of the horns and drums. The music was low and throbbing and Cat could feel it pulsing in her body, causing moisture to gather in her cunt. People were grinding and writhing against each other as they made their way around the fire.

Looking to the left, Catriona saw the high earthen altar. It measured nearly twenty feet square and about five feet tall. There were bright torches every few feet, ensuring a good view for all. Already the three chosen men were in their places, awaiting Cat’s arrival. They were the strongest and fittest men the village had to offer. Cat grew excited looking upon them, knowing that in moments she’d be the center of their undivided attention. Sine led her to where the Laird waited at the bottom of the earthen steps that would lead her up to the altar.

“Have fun,” Sine told her with a wink, “I know I will! I’m off to be well and truly fucked!”

The Laird took Cat by the hand and led her to the top of the altar. When they reached the top the music and dancing started and the people gathered to listen to the Laird relate the story of their Imbolc celebration.

“One hundred years ago, this village was starving, along with the rest of the Highlands. The land refused to give up her fruits and the people were dying. Then our priestess was visited by Alyth in a vision. Alyth, our goddess of spring and rebirth, informed our priestess that if we would offer her a sacrifice of sex, lust and love that she would bless us with good harvests, with enough to sustain us and prosper us above all the other clans in the Highlands. She informed our priestess that the encroachment of the new religion of Christianity was killing the belief in our Gods and Goddesses that we have loved and worshipped from the beginning of time and as a punishment the land was being laid waste. So our ancestors obeyed our goddess and the first festival of Imbolc was celebrated. That year our crops were so abundant we had enough to feed ourselves and livestock, to store away for winter and to sell to neighboring clans!” A great cheer went up from the villagers. “Since that time we have prospered by keeping the old traditions and worship alive! Alyth continues to bless us year after year. Let the celebration commence so that we may once more please our goddess and prosper!” This time the cheer from the crowd was deafening when the Laird moved behind Cat and removed her cloak.

Far from feeling embarrassed, as she had assumed she would, Catriona was aroused by the sight of so many lust filled eyes on her naked flesh. Keeping with tradition, Cat raised her arms and shouted, “Let the festival begin!”

Cat watched for a moment as villagers began once more dancing to the music, many more removing what little clothing they were wearing. As the Laird made his way off of the altar one man approached Cat and led her to the center of the altar. The cool, moist dirt between her toes felt sensual and made Cat feel connected to the earth she was sacrificing her sex for and therefore connected to the real Alyth. Once in the center, the three men surrounded her. It was traditional for The Alyth to make the first move, but once she did, she no longer had any control over what happened to her. She was at the mercy of the men surrounding her. Cat’s pussy wept at the thought of what these men were about to do to her.

Cat dropped to her knees and surveyed the three large and hard cocks surrounding her. One by one she sucked just the head of each cock into her mouth, turning in a circle until she had kissed them all. Not being sure who they were, Cat decided to refer to them as One, Two and Three, so she could keep them straight in her head. When she was finished she raised her arms above her head signaling her readiness. She was immediately pushed down onto her back on the damp dirt.

Cat placed her arms above her head, hands together, to show her submission. This pushed her breast out and up and One took advantage of this as he leaned over and sucked on hard nipple into his mouth. Cat gasped in pleasure as his other hand came up to pinch and twist her other nipple. He used his teeth to bite down causing Cat to moan and writhe her hips.

While One was kocaeli sınırsız escort playing with her tits, Two roughly spread Cat’s knees up and out, displaying her wet, bare cunt for him. The priestess had given her a cream the day before that removed all the hair on Cat’s body. Being bare, Cat was sure her juices were shining in the light of the many torches for the man to see. Using his thumbs, he spread her cunt lips apart and leaned in just barely flicking his tongue on her clit. Cat groaned and arched her hips up in invitation for him to lick her fully. Not to be rushed though, Two continued to barely lick her, teasing her horribly.

“Please,” Cat cried out.

“Please what, Goddess?” Two asked in a low growl.

“Please eat my cunt!”

“As you wish Goddess,” Two replied, before burying his face into her cunt and thrusting his long, thick and agile tongue deep into her passage.

“Yes! Oh, yes!” Cat cried. “Fuck me with your tongue.”

Not to be left out, Three knelt down beside her and started tonguing the breast that One wasn’t. The feeling of having both tits sucked while another man ate her cunt sent Cat into her first orgasm. Arching her back, she screamed her release bring a cheer from the observing villagers. Cat felt a blush creep up her chest onto her face as he was momentarily mortified.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Goddess,” Three said as he lifted his head. “You are beautiful when you come.”

Cat moaned when he thrust his tongue into her mouth, the hot kiss making her completely forget her momentary embarrassment.

“Put her on her knees,” she heard One say. “I want to taste her luscious ass.”

Cat moaned in desire as all three lifted and turned her over. She was on her hands and knees in the damp earth, open to their every desire. Two pushed her head down so that it was pillowed on her forearms which shoved her plump ass further into the air. She felt One’s hands caressing her ass cheeks, lifting and spreading them. Cat moaned into her arms as she felt her fluids dripping down her thighs.

Grasping her by her hair, Two turned her head until she was looking at him. “He’s going to eat your ass. And you have such a hot, plump ass. Does that arouse you?” Cat nodded. “Tell me, Goddess, I want to hear you say it.”

“Yes, I want him to eat my ass. I want to feel his tongue licking it and thrusting into it.”

“Hmm…that’s good, Goddess, because after he’s done he’s going to fuck you in it. Have you ever been fucked in your tight ass? “

When Cat nodded he jerked her head up to kiss her. When he thrust his tongue into her mouth, she could taste herself on him and it made her moan low in her throat. Just then she felt the first swipe of One’s tongue on her ass. She arched her back harder, encouraging him to lick more. She wasn’t disappointed. Spreading her ass wide, he licked her in long hard strokes, interspersed with quick light flicks of his tongue right on her little pink asshole. Cat moaned into Two’s mouth and pushed her ass back hard against One’s mouth.

She felt Three kneel in front of her. Two pulled her back up onto her hands so she was face level with Three. She watched as he stroked his large cock. The sight was so carnal that Cat whimpered in need and unconsciously licked her lips.

Two pressed his lips to her ear. “Do you want to suck that cock, Goddess? Swallow it until he shoots his seed down your throat?”

Cat whimpered again. His words were so arousing. When she nodded, Two used his hold on her hair to shove her mouth onto Three’s cock. While One continued to lick her ass, Cat struggled to take Three’s large cock fully into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it as she slowly worked it in and out of her mouth until she could take it all the way in. When she felt her nose bury in the hair at the root of his cock they both moaned loudly. Two pulled her back by her hair and slammed her head back down on Three’s cock. He continued to do this, controlling her movements and Cat loved it. She felt a fresh gush of her moisture burst out of her cunt and run down her thigh.

While Cat was busy sucking Three, she felt One slip two fingers into her cunt. She moaned and thrust her hips back, fucking herself on his fingers. When he pulled them out, she groaned in disappointment until she felt one of them him slide one wet finger into her ass. He pushed until he had his finger buried all the way. Catriona’s eyes rolled back in her head in pleasure. He worked his finger in and out a few times before he added a second. Cat felt her ass stretch, burning from the invasion, but it felt so good she ignored the pain.

Two leaned in and growled in her ear. “Are you ready to have him stuff his big cock in your hot little ass, Goddess?”

Unable to reply, Cat just nodded her head as she continued to bob her head up and down on Three’s cock. She felt fluid leaking from the head of cock and sucked just on the head, probing the little izmit anal yapan escort slit at the top with her tongue, seeking more of his salty sweet fluid. One continued to fuck her ass with his fingers, scissoring them to stretch her to more easily accept his large cock in her ass. Two wrapped his t arms around her and began playing with her hanging nipples-pinching, pulling and twisting them. Cat went crazy, rapidly bobbing her head up and down Three’s cock so hard that he was continually slamming into the back of her throat. Both Cat and Three were continually moaning.

Cat felt Three’s cock harden impossibly more, growing slightly in her mouth and she knew he was getting ready to come. She slowed her sucking and took his cock as far down as she could, purposefully opening the sphincter in the back of her throat until she was able to swallow the head of his cock. Three grabbed her hair and pulled her even harder against his groin. Cat swallowed several times, effectively milking his cock with her throat.

“Oh, fuck,” Three groaned loudly. “The Goddess is swallowing my cock! I’m going to come down her sweet little throat.” Using her hair to control her, Three held her in place as he thrust one last time, then stiffened and shot cum down her throat. Cat swallowed rapidly, trying to get all of his cum, but it was a huge amount and some squeezed out of her mouth, running down her chin. She pulled back slightly, removing him from her throat, but continued to fiercely suck his cock until she’d drained every last drop of his seed.

When Cat lifted her head from Three’s groin, she heard the crowd cheering again. She was so lust ridden by this point that she felt no embarrassment at all. She did, however, feel the need to have her clenching, wet cunt filled. She pushed her ass back at One, silently begging for more. Two released her nipples, grabbing her hair once more. He leaned in to whisper in her hear.

“You are an eager little thing aren’t you?”

“Yes.” Cat moaned and turned her head, seeking contact with his lips. He granted her desire, slamming his mouth down on hers and forcefully thrusting his tongue inside. When he did, Cat sucked on it hard, much as she had Three’s cock. She continued to wildly thrust her ass back at One. Cat pulled her mouth away from Two and groaned.

“MORE!” she begged, “I need more. Please!”

“What do you need, Goddess? Tell me and I’ll make it happen for you.”

“I want a cock inside me, filling me, fucking me,” she moaned, aroused by her own words.

“Just one, Goddess? I’m afraid you’re going to have to settle for two. We are going to stuff you luscious body so full, you are going to scream in ecstasy.”

“Yes! Fill my cunt and ass! I need it, please!”

“Your wish, Goddess. Spread your legs.”

When Cat complied, Two moved beneath her, sliding his legs between her open ones. One pulled his fingers out of her ass and using his other hand scooped an abundant amount of her fluids from her cunt and spread it on her asshole. He scooped another handful and rubbed it onto his cock before telling her, “Mount him, Goddess.”

Cat was quick to comply, eager to have a cock inside her. Placing one hand in the dirt above his shoulder, she used her other hand to guide Two’s enormous cock into her. She lowered herself into place in one quick movement whined in pain and he stretched her tight cunt painfully. She sat still as One grabbed her hip and held her in place as he pushed the head of his cock into her ass. Cat again whimpered to have such a large cock invading her.

“It’s alright, Goddess, you’re going to love this,” Two told her. She looked down and into his eyes for the first time. They shone a brilliant blue, like the sky on a summer day, and were reflecting such lust at Cat that it took her breath away. “Take a deep breath and feel how full we are both making you. You cunt is so hot and wet it’s hard for me not to come right now. You love it, don’t you, having both of your holes so full?”

“Yes, I love it.”

“You are such a sweet little slut,” he told her pulling her down for a fierce kiss. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and licked every inch he could reach. She sucked hard on it as One began to move slowly in her ass, letting her adjust to having two cocks fill her so fully. She moaned into Two’s mouth as the cock thrusting in and out of her tight ass brought her close to orgasm. “Not yet, Goddess. Don’t come yet.”

Cat whimpered. She had never felt anything as hot and nasty in her life. Even though Two was staying still inside her for now, the feeling of One’s cock rubbing against Two’s through just a thin piece of skin was so arousing that Cat felt her womb tightening, begging to come. One grabbed her by the back of her hair, lifting her into a semi-seated position and used her hair as leverage to thrust into her ass even harder. Finally, Two grabbed her by the hips and began slamming up into her wet, eager cunt. Cat let out a small scream of ecstasy as both cocks moved in her in counterpoint to each other. At no time was she without a cock fully filling her.

She opened her eyes as she felt Three come to stand next to them. “I want your mouth on me again, Goddess,” he ordered her. “I want to shoot my seed down your throat again.”

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