Catherine Has a Special Wish Ch. 01

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This is the first of a four part story about Catherine’s and my escapades at a clothing-optional resort. Catherine has a special wish and hopefully she will get to fulfill it. We will find out soon.


The Summer season is upon us here on the Central Coast of California. We’ve been blessed with great weather so far. The sun is shining everyday which makes it perfect for swimming in my next-door neighbor’s pool, camping along the blue Pacific Ocean or hiking the many trails around the Pismo Beach highlands.

I’m looking forward to spending the next several weeks with my best girl and soulmate, Catherine. We are both confirmed naturists and voyeurs. We love being naked all the time around her house or mine, or at the clothing-optional side of Avila Beach. The locals know it as Pirates Cove and many people take advantage of the privacy for a little afternoon delight. We have spent days sunning in the nude and making love in the Pacific Ocean ourselves.

Catherine stands five-foot nine with Double-D breasts which I love. Her areoles stretch about four inches and are crimson red with thumb size nipples that are very sensitive. Her pussy, which I also love, has puffy outer lips, dark red labia that hang down a half-inch and a smooth Brazilian-waxed mound.

We met just over two years ago through our walking club and have been constant companions ever since. We enjoy a varied and adventurous sex life, both together and separately. However, if it’s a special occasion or event to celebrate we do it together.

Catherine lives on a cul-de-sac in San Luis Obispo; her house backs up to grazing land and she has a spectacular view of rolling green hills. There is a stone patio and sunken spa out by the back fence. Her backyard is completely private, so we spend many a day sunbathing in the nude and making love in the spa and on the grass under the shade trees.

We belong to a club that sponsors 5K and 10K walks several times a week. We usually find time to walk on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Today is Thursday, so we have a scheduled walk slated for 6:30 PM when the ocean breezes tend to roll in and cool off the town. Catherine will drive down from San Luis Obispo and we’ll meet up around six o’clock.

I live right next door to a lovely lady named Denise. Right now, I’m over at her house cleaning her swimming pool. I do this twice a week for her, and in turn I get to swim and and relax anytime I please. A couple of weeks ago her mother, Marguerite surprised me. She was visiting from Des Moines, Iowa. I had no idea she was staying with her daughter until she stepped out onto the patio while I was swimming in the nude. Well Marguerite had no qualms about joining me for a swim and we ended up making love several times over the course of the week. But, that’s a whole different story.

Finally, after a day of relaxing and enjoying the sunny day, I hop into my truck and drive over to the starting point for tonight’s 5K walk. The route takes us down along the Arroyo Grande Creek. I’ve been here before and know that many couples frequent parts of the creek enjoying the warm water. It’s another spot in Pismo Beach that is popular with the clothing-optional crowd. Who knows, we might see a few naked folks cavorting in the creek tonight.

It’s a busy summer night in Pismo, so I must park a couple of blocks away from the starting point. As I walk down the crowded street, I hear Catherine call out my name.

“Hey Rob! Back here.”

I look back over my shoulder and see Catherine walking quickly in my direction. She is right on time. We embrace and share a long hot kiss.

“Well hello lover, how are you?”

“I’m really feeling good. I had a relaxing swim at Denise’s house after I cleaned her pool. And now I’m ready for a walk with my favorite lady.”

“So, no sexy mom to seduce you today?”

“Nope, not today. She had to go back to Iowa. I’m saving all of my energy for you.”

“I bet you say that to all the ladies.”

When I don’t respond, Catherine slugs me in the shoulder and then grabs my head for another soulful kiss. I feel her firm breasts press against my chest. She is wearing her ever-present ‘Cal Poly Mom’ sweatshirt and very tight tan capris. Her pants accentuate her long-toned legs and a distinct camel toe in front.

“Stare all you want; you’ll have to behave if you want this body tonight.”

We walk hand-in-hand to our meeting place where the walking club president has set up shop. After registering for the walk, we visit with a few of the regular walkers until the 6:30 start.

“Hey Rob, guess where we walk tonight? Do you remember this is where we first met over two years ago?”

“How can I forget. It’s was the best day of my life, meeting you.”

“Any you forgot a flashlight and were walking in the dark. A true rookie mistake.”

“Do you suppose we would have met if I had a flashlight with me? You wouldn’t have had an excuse to tap me on the shoulder.”

“I know my big boobs would have gotten your attention cihangir escort eventually.”

“Yeah, mine and every other male in the club.”

I stare at the beautiful big tits that I have come to know and worship these past two years. Catherine catches me in the act.

“Hey mister, my eyes are up here.”

“Yeah, but your huge boobs are down there.”

“You are incorrigible.”

Catherine grabs my hand and we start down the trail with a group of fifteen other people. Just over the halfway point we get to the infamous hot water spot where many a naked person have been spotted. We continue walking at a brisk pace. Catherine squeezes my hand.

“Hey Rob, do you think we’ll see any skinny-dippers tonight? How come we haven’t made love in the creek? We’ve had two years to do it.”

“Maybe because we’ve screwed in just about every other place in town. Just haven’t gotten around to it. Let’s put it on our list.”

“Speaking of lists, I have a few on mine that I want to talk about.”

Catherine’s comment sparks my interest. We walk by the section of Arroyo Grande Creek where the stream empties into a wide expanse of water. This area of the creek is very shallow, and the sun heats the water to a pleasant temperature. The sandy shore and large flat rocks underneath the fern canopy create a sensual surrounding that is perfect for making love. On this night the area is calm and serene. There are no bodies flailing about in pursuit of passion.

“Well, no naked people for us to see. So, what’s this about items on your list?”

“Rob, you know how we’ve enjoyed this incredible sex life for the past two years? And have shared many orgasms with other people from time to time?”

“Yes. Do you want to tone it down for a bit? Do you want to focus on just us?”

“Oh no, on the contrary, I would like to explore something we haven’t experienced yet.”

“Haven’t experienced yet? But sweetie, haven’t we done just about everything? I mean, we’ve enjoyed threesomes with my next-door neighbor Denise, and your friends Samantha and Lacy. You and Samantha had a wild time searching out nude beaches and found that guy with the nine-inch cock.”

“Yes, we have and we’ve made love in many public places. Don’t get me wrong, I love being with other ladies, but I’ve never experienced two hard cocks at the same time. It’s been on my mind for a while now.”

“Oh sweetie, you’re right. All our threesomes have been with other ladies and never another man. I’m sorry for not thinking about your desires.”

“It’s alright, it’s not that I haven’t enjoyed our playtime. I really have. There’s something special about making love with other women, I just want to feel the pleasure of two cocks. Two big hard cocks intent of getting me off with multiple orgasms. That’s my wish.”

We continue to walk along the creek path as I ponder Catherine’s wish. I have no qualms about sharing her incredible body with another man. I enjoy watching a big hard cock pound a wet pussy in porn. After all, I spend a fair amount of time on xhamster.

“So, Cath, how shall we go about finding you a nice big cock? Do you want to spend a day at Pirate’s Cove? You’ll be able to check out the goods before you choose.”

“I went on-line and checked out some clothing-optional resorts in California. I found a place up by Santa Cruz called Lupin Lodge. We could get there in three hours, it’s an easy drive up Highway 101.”

“Honey, you realize clothing-optional resorts discourage swingers. They are more geared to wholesome healing and a place to nurture mind and spirit.”

“Yeah, I know. But the idea of being totally naked and free for several days is what I want. And who knows, with your gorgeous thick cock and my big boobs, we just might find a discreet couple wanting to play.”

“You crack me up, Cath. Okay, so why don’t you see about a reservation. I’m sure you have to be a member or something.”

“Well, let me tell you mister; I did just that. The week after next, Lupin is offering a ‘new guest’ special. They are waiving all fees for the week to encourage new memberships.”

“It appears, you have done a lot of research. Do you want to make a reservation?”

“I already have, we leave next Tuesday. I signed us up for a couple of day passes, and if it doesn’t work out, we’ll just enjoy Santa Cruz and spend a day at the Boardwalk. So, pack your bags buster. It shouldn’t be a very big bag, since we won’t need any clothes.”

“This is why I love you Cath.”

Catherine grabs my wrist and swings me around to plant a big kiss on my lips. She snakes her tongue into my mouth and reaches down to grab my shaft. She is in a feisty mood.

“If you love me so much, why don’t you take me home and ravish me. All of this talk has my pussy very wet.”

“I’m not going to turn down this offer. Let’s go now.”

“Not yet. We must finish the 5K and then you have to feed me. I haven’t had dinner, and I’m starving.”

“Cath, you’re çapa escort killing me. I can’t wait.”

“Didn’t I tell you you’ll have to behave if you want this body.”

I can only groan and accept my fate. In my head I make plans to press her against my bed and take her from behind; Catherine’s favorite position. I can already feel my seven inches sliding in and out of that wet pussy. We continue our journey through the foothills for another twenty minutes and arrive back at the starting point.

After a short discussion, we decide on Chop Street for dinner. It’s a small bistro that specializes in salads. We don’t want a heavy dinner to spoil our lovemaking session. Although, I think Catherine has an ulterior motive since a candy store is close by and is famous for their desserts. The only dessert I’m interested in is between Catherine’s thighs.

It’s nearly nine o’clock by the time we make it back to my house. We both had a Cobb salad and we did wander over to the candy store. Finally, I get to enjoy my dessert. I offer Catherine a full body massage to get our evening started.

“You know what I really want? Well, besides your hard cock inside of me. I would love a foot massage after our walk tonight.”

“I believe I can accommodate you my dear. Would you like to lay down on the massage table and I’ll get some oil from the drawer?”

I spread a towel on the massage table and turn my back to retrieve the massage oil. When I turn back around, Catherine is laying on her back completely nude. Her huge Double-Ds slightly splayed to her sides. Her nipples are already erect, anticipating my massage. Before I attend to her feet, I reach over to touch the sides of her tits and squeeze the flesh as I massage her breasts. Catherine grabs my hands and moves them over her erect nipples. I pinch the hard buds which elicits a moan from Catherine.

“Are you sure you only want your feet massaged?”

“Well, you might be able to talk me in to a little more.”

I move to the head of the table and dip my head down. Our lips touch and we hold an upside-down kiss for several moments. Our kiss lingers as I press my tongue into her mouth. With lips parted, her tongue pushes back and enters my mouth. Without losing contact of her tongue, I slide my hands across her boobs and massage them some more. I knead her flesh as our tongues parry back and forth. Her taut nipples responded to my touch.

I move back, grab the bottle of massage oil and pour some lotion onto her tits. Catherine takes the bottle and I use both hands to rub and squeeze her boobs. I grab her left mound and use both hands to press and lift the flesh, tweaking her nipple as I let go. I repeat this several times before moving to her right breast and doing the same. My fingers concentrate on her crimson red areola and gently circle her hard nubs.

“Rob, your hands feel so good. You can continue, but I want you naked as well. Take those pants off and show me that hard cock.”

I comply with Catherine’s request and drop my shorts. My shaft pops up and I flex a bit. I am indeed hard. Catherine reaches down and grabs my cock for a quick tug before I continue the massage therapy. I move my hands down Catherine’s tummy using circular motions to rub her stomach and sides. I use all the techniques from my massage class a few years ago.

I grab the bottle of massage oil from Catherine and move to the other end of the table. I pour some lotion onto my palms and proceed to rub the top of her thighs. I spread Catherine’s legs as I run my hands up and down each thigh. My fingers trail up her inner thighs to the center of her womanhood. My fingers lightly graze her pussy lips before moving back down her thighs.

It’s time to honor Catherine’s first request. I grab her left foot and rub vigorously all around. I use my thumbs to press against her arch and massage the bottom of her foot. I cup her heel and squeeze the flesh. I press and rub around her ankle, flexing her foot back and forth.

“Mmm, that feels so good. Just what I need after walking over three miles.”

I repeat the process with her right foot and ankle and then move to her calves. I use my thumbs to press on the crease behind her knees. Catherine sighs as I attend to her feet. I raise her foot to my lips and suck on her big toe. I move my tongue around and around her toe, while I tickle her arch. That makes her squirm on the table, so I proceed to the other foot and do the same. I suck each toe between my lips as I run my hands up and down her legs.

“Gawd Rob, you know very well that gets my pussy so wet.”

How can I resist a wet pussy? I move to the side of the table and stare at her newly waxed cunt. Her puffy outer lips are clean and so smooth. Catherine’s red inner labia peek out between her moist slit. My fingers are still wet with lotion, so I rub her puffy outer lips. I move my fingers up and over her mound and gently massage her slick pubic mound.

My fingers return to her lips which are turning erenköy escort pink with desire. I spread her smooth lips apart, opening her pussy for my inspection. Her inner labia are thin petals that open to my touch. My two fingers glide deep into her cavern. Catherine is hot and wet. I move my fingers up and down while my other hand strokes her mons. I move down and spread her outer lips to reveal her clit nestled behind a pink hood.

I dip my head down to her folds. I snake my tongue out and flick her clitoris. I lick her bud with the flat of my tongue several times, coaxing it from under its hood. In the process, I taste Catherine’s sweet and fragrant juices. I press my lips and fingers against her cunt, and she pushes back, responding and moaning.

“Yes, yes, that’s it. You are driving me crazy. Lick my clit some more.”

I slide my tongue back and forth along her slit and finish with a flick of her clit. More lady cum builds up for me to taste. Catherine lifts her hips from the table seeking more pleasure. Her pink pearl hardens, and I proceed to lick and suck it between my lips like a piece of candy. With my fingers buried deep in her cavern and my tongue pressed to her clit, Catherine succumbs. She drives her pussy up and explodes in a well-deserved climax.

Juice flows from her inner core and spreads over her pussy lips, down the crease of her ass and onto the towel. I lick and slurp as much as I can. The more I lick the more essence she produces. My lips stay glued to her pussy lips as she rides through a magical climax. Her thighs quiver around my face. Heat spills from her depth as she clenches her thighs together.

Catherine continue to push her pelvis against me as her orgasm travels her from head to toe. A light sheen of sweat covers her body. Her nipples stick straight up. It takes a few minutes for Catherine to settle back down on the massage table. Her breathing is shallow and rapid. Her hands clutch the towel as she holds onto the sensations rolling through her body.

She whispers, “Yes, Yes, Yes”

Catherine lays prone for several minutes and then gathered enough strength to sit upright with her legs dangling from the massage table. I move in, grab her waist and hold tight. We kiss.

“Rob, you never cease to amaze me. I thought I was just getting a foot massage, not an orgasm. Wow.”

“I aim to please. Now would you like that hard cock to finish the evening.”

“Yes please. And from my favorite position. You know what that is.”

I wrap my arms around Catherine and help her down from the table. We hold each other tight. Her Double-D’s with her rock-hard nipples feel good pressed against me. I let Catherine recuperate from her climax for a few minutes before thrusting my cock deep into her pussy.

Catherine turns around and rests her elbows on the massage table. She bends over and thrusts her wide ass up. My cock points straight ahead as I move to my target. I move right behind Catherine and lay my cock along her ass crease. I slide my shaft back and forth over her tight sphincter. I pull back and reach down to palm her slick pussy, amazed at how wet she it.

“Stop playing around and just fuck me.”

I wrap my hand around the base of my shaft and center it at her opening. I push forward slowly. We savor every inch as I glide along her inner walls. My hips press into Catherine’s ass cheeks as I bottom out.

Catherine murmurs, “So deep, so deep.”

I push into Catherine as she pushes back against me driving my cock deep into her pussy. I grab her left hip with one hand to steady myself as I rock back and forth plunging inside Catherine. With each thrust, my cock flexes and the pleasure is intense. I want this to last, so I slow my thrusting for a bit. My hands are all over Catherine’s rear, rubbing and massaging her soft ass.

I reach around and palm her huge tits while we sway back and forth. After several minutes of slow fucking, I plant my feet flat on the ground and watch my cock slide into Catherine’s pussy. As I pull back, I watch her dark red labia grip my shaft holding me tight. Each time I push hard, I drive my cock deeper into Catherine. Her plump backside is a solid cushion for my thrusts. I feel my balls tighten as another climax builds. With just a few more thrusts I am ready to erupt and tell Catherine to get ready.

“May I cum on your ass this time? “

“Yes please, cum on my ass and then rub it in.”

Catherine loves my jizz on her ass or all over her tits. I always rub my cum into her skin like a fine moisturizer. I pull my cock from her cunt and stroke my shaft for a few seconds before shooting several strands of semen over her backside. Once again, her ass cheeks are laced with my cum. I pump a few more drops between her crease and then massage my spunk into her ass. I rub it all around Catherine’s backside and then bend down to plant a sweet kiss on each one of her fleshy cheeks before pulling her to her feet. She turns to me and we kiss, smashing her big boobs into my chest again.

Catherine and I are satisfied for the moment and decide sleep is in order. We have all week to play and plan for our adventure up to Santa Cruz. I clean up the massage table and then we wander off to the bedroom. We snuggle under the covers and Catherine rests her head on my chest as we drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32