Catherine and her Daddy (repost so it can be read)

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Chapter 1: Beginnings

“OOHHH, YES!! YES, FUCK ME LOVER!” Catharine screamed as her lover?s cock slammed in and out of her body.

She was a young woman, having just turned eighteen; with raven black shoulder length hair that contrasted with her pale skin to give a seeming unearthly beauty; long shapely legs connected to a firm toned heart shaped ass; her breast’s were small, but pert and well suited for her petite frame of 5’6″, one-hundred-ten pounds.

“Mmm, yes I’m gonna cum baby”, she whispered softly.

“So am I Cat,” her lover half moaned half whispered.

Then it happened… Cat felt her vaginal muscles contract around the cock inside her, just as it started to explode filling her with its seed.

The two lovers collapsed on the bed, panting heavily with the effort of their lovemaking.

When she caught her breath Cat said, “That was wonderful, goodnight, Daddy.”

“Goodnight, baby, I’ll see you in the morning,” Her father answered quietly.


The morning sun stole through the window and landed on Greg Sanders, waking him. The first thing Greg noticed was that he was alone, the next thing was the sound of footsteps coming closer. He looked up just in time to see Catharine, his daughter, walk through the door way with a covered tray and two cups of coffee.

“What’s this?” Greg asked with a smile.

“I brought you breakfast, after all it is Father’s Day, Daddy, and I intend to pamper you today, whether you like it or not,” Cat said to her father, mock sternness lacing her tone.

Laughing quietly, Greg said, “What man can refuse such an offer?”

Cat laughed as well, and brought the tray over to her father, and kissed him deeply. Despite his efforts to control himself, Greg’s hands moved to grab his daughter’s ass and pull her on top of him.

“Now, now, behave yourself,” Cat said breaking their kiss and grabbing his hands, “there will be plenty of time for that later, I’m going to take a shower and go pick up your present, you enjoy your breakfast, I’ll see you later dad.” Kissing him again she walked to their bathroom and shut the door.


After finishing his breakfast Greg got up showered and went outside to smoke a cigarette and wait for his daughter to return.

It was a warm summer day in Virginia, and the view that their country home had never failed to impress Greg, but today his mind was on other things, he was thinking about Catharine and how their lives had changed three years ago when they made love for the first time.


It was Catharine’s fifteenth birthday. She had just walked into his bedroom wearing nothing but a flimsy nightdress and a thong.

“Cat, baby what’s wrong?” he asked her, thinking it must be serious for her to be coming to his room this late.

“Nothing?s wrong Daddy, I just can’t sleep. I was wondering if maybe I could sleep in here with you.”

Greg saw no harm so he rolled over to giver her more room, and she climbed under the sheets and blanket with him. After she was settled Greg became aware of just how close his daughter was to him, and just how grown up his little girl was, her firm breast pressing into his back. The sensual feel of her body was intoxicating, he felt himself becoming aroused by her, his own daughter.

This is wrong, she is my daughter. How could I possibly feel this way? Greg thought, mentally scolding himself.

As the night drug on Catharine worked her thigh between her father’s legs, Greg could feel the heat radiating from her sex.

Greg felt his cock throb at this, carefully he slide out of bed and crept over to the bathroom. Once inside Greg sat down and began to stroke himself. He tried to think about women he had dated, pronstars, fashion models, anything but the young woman in the next room. But, no matter how hard he tried his thoughts kept returning to Catharine.

“Oh yes, Catharine, yes, suck my cock, yes.” Greg said jerking his dick faster and faster.

The door swung open behind Greg, who in his present state was oblivious to the world around him, didn’t notice the small figure in the door way.

Catharine had watched her father get out of bed and go into the bathroom, when she heard him moaning, she went to the door way, where she saw him masturbating, and hearing him call out her name. She was shocked at first, and then she felt herself getting wet, very wet. She decided to help her dad out. Opening the door she walked in and knelt down in front of her father.

Greg cried out, “Fuck yes; suck my cock Cat, that’s it, Goddamn that’s good.”

Then something invaded Greg’s fantasy, it was warm, soft, and wet; his eyes shoot open just in time to see Catharine swallow his prick; the sight of his little girl giving him a blow job was too much for him, and he exploded inside her mouth.

Catharine felt her father’s shaft swell in her mouth. Working quickly, she relaxed her jaw and throat muscles and sucking harder she felt the first blast of cum explode from the cock at the same moment the head entered her throat, then the second, the third, blast after blast, she had never seen a man cum so much.

When it was over Greg just sat there staring at nothing. Catharine stood up kissed her father on the cheek and went back to bed.


When Greg finally left the bathroom the next morning and went down to the kitchen he expected, hoped that his daughter would be gone, but instead she was waiting for him at the kitchen table.

“We izmit escort need to talk,” was all she said as he walked into the room.

“Cat… Catharine I am so sorry I should have controlled myself better. I don’t know what came over me…” her father said.

“Sorry? Why are you sorry? I’m certainly not sorry dad,”

“But, what I did to you, it was wrong.” Greg said falteringly under his daughter?s angry glare.

“What you did to me? You selfish arrogant prick! I don’t remember you forcing me to my knees, or you forcing me to suck you off. I wanted it as much as you did. As a matter of fact I want more.” Catharine said.

Greg stared at his daughter for a moment, before he realized what she was saying, “Cat, honey, we can?t, it’s wrong.”

“Dad, do you love me?”

“What? Of course baby, of course I love you.”

“Then what’s the problem? I love you, you love me. This is just a way of expressing our love.”As she said this she stood up, walked over to Greg, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissed him.

Greg resisted at first, but his daughters insistent tongue worked it?s way into his mouth, and then it was not like any kiss Greg had ever experienced. There was a passionate hunger that he had never felt before, a longing desire for the woman in his arms that no other had inspired in him, not even his ex-wife Catherine’s mother, Miriam.

“Come with me, Father.” She said to him.

Greg followed in a trance to his bedroom. “What are you doing?” he asked.

“Sshhh, no more words, just kiss me,” Cat answered.

He started with her lips, then he moved lower, raising her shirt up over her head, he kissed her neck, then moved onto her breast. Kissing the soft mounds before gently taking the nipple into his mouth alternately sucking and gently biting first one then the other.

“Oh, mmmm that’s it daddy suck on my nipple, mmm that feels good.” Cat moaned.

After giving each of his daughter’s lovely breast attention, he began to move lower gently kissing Cat’s navel, coming to the top of her snug jeans. Deftly he unclasped the jeans and peeled them down his daughter?s toned legs, leaving her standing in nothing but her thong.

The smell of his daughter’s sex, even covered by her panties as it was, was maddening to Greg; the scent drove him into a frenzy of passion and lust.

Greg lifted his head from Catharine’s nether regions to look her in the eyes, silently asking, “Are you sure?”.

Catharine nodded her head, and smiled in encouragement.

In a flurry of movement Greg used his free hand to rip his daughter’s panties off! Looking down at his daughter’s fully exposed sex, he gasped in astonishment, “It is so beautiful, Cat, so smooth.”

“Thank you Daddy, I shaved it this morning, just for you, I hoped you would like it.” Cat replied with a small giggle.

Without further delay Greg buried his face in Cat’s cunt, gently licking and sucking on first her outer lips, then forcing his tongue as deep into her body as possible, finally he moved up to her exposed clit, alternating between sucking, linking, and gently biting it.

Catharine’s moans filled the room, “Ohhhh… Mmmmmm… Aaahhh… That’s it Daddy lick my pussy… YES… I’m gonna cum. Oohh fuck yes. Finger me while you suck my clit. That’s it lover, I’m there, I’m cumming!

Her legs wrapped around her father?s head holding him firmly in place. Greg felt her vaginal muscles clamp down on his finger right before a blast of sweet pussy juice shot out of her quivering hole splashing him in the face.

When Catharine finally came down from her orgasm she said, “That was fantastic Daddy! I have never cum so hard before, that was the best orgasm I ever had… now it’s your turn, roll over onto your back.”

Once Greg was situated, Cat positioned her self between his legs, and removed his shorts.

“Mmm you have a very pretty cock Daddy, so big, and hard,” was all she said before she swallowed the entire thing in on motion, then pulled off just as quickly, next she proceeded to lick every inch of her prize, starting at the sensitive tip, down the sides stopping at the bottom long enough to suck on his balls, then back up the underside of her father’s shaft, finally swallowing the entire thing again. She repeated this process several times occasionally changing the order, or pausing to suck on various portions of Greg’s hard dick.

“Fuck!” Greg moaned, “Catharine, baby, your gonna make daddy cum if you keep this up!” For a response Cat doubled her efforts, vigorously sucking on the head of her father’s cock, while pumping the shaft with her hand.

Greg knew he could last no longer, he felt the cum in his balls begin to boil, forcing his shaft to swell, then it exploded from the tip of his penis like a volcano, blast upon blast shot into his daughter’s hungry mouth, he felt that his very soul was being drained by his daughter’s sucking mouth and swirling tongue.

When he finished cumming, Catharine continued to gently suck Greg’s limp member until it began to swell and grow again, not stopping until it was as hard as before.

Without speaking a word Catharine removed her father from her mouth, straddled his waist and sank her warm, wet, pussy down onto his cock. The warm tight feel dominated Greg’s senses, as he began to move by instinct.

The moans of the two lovers filled the room, as they continued to express their love for each other, izmit escort bayan mingling with the sound of flesh slapping flesh as they continued their dance of love and lust. How long it lasted they themselves couldn’t say, they lived only in the moment. From one position to the next, they moved as one, no longer Father and Daughter, but Man and Woman.

Finally, though they cried out in mutual orgasm. The two collapsed next to each other smiling. Catharine kissed him one last time and said, “Thank you Daddy, that was the best sex I have ever had, but I want to know if it will happen again?”

Greg was silent for a moment then replied, “Yes, as many times as you want, I love you Cat, and I want to touch you, kiss you, make love to you all the time, for as long as you will have me, I will be your lover.”

“Thank you daddy.” Cat replied and fell asleep with a smile.


Greg was pulled out of his memories by the sound of his daughter’s car returning.”I’m back Daddy, and I have your Father’s day present.” Cat said smiling widely.

Chapter Two: Father’s Day

Greg sat there staring at his daughter as she walked up the drive; the way she moved still took his breath away.

“Are you just going to sit there, and stare at me? Not that I mind of course.” Catherine said with a smile.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it your just so damn beautiful.”

“Well in that case, stare all you want, but you’ll have to follow me up to the bedroom.”

When they reached the bedroom Cat pushed Greg down on the bed saying, “You strip and wait here; I’m going to take a shower, when I get back I’ll give you your present.”

Greg waited…and waited….and waited. He wasn’t sure how much time had passed.

Then the bathroom door swung open, and there she stood.

Greg felt his jaw drop, as Catherine stepped out of the bathroom.

Cat had been waiting for this moment for months. She had selected her outfit very carefully. She was dressed in a white corset with garters attached, matching thigh high white silk stockings, and a lace g-string.

“Perfect,” Cat said in a deep purring voice, “just the reaction I was hoping for.”

Without further ado, she crossed the room and kissed Greg deeply, then slowly kissing her way down to his loins, all the while removing his clothes.

Smiling she opened her mouth, and took the head of Greg’s cock into her mouth, sucking gently, and swirling her tongue over the tip; then taking him into her throat, next removing his entire length and licking every inch, then sucking on his balls. Cat repeated this process until she felt her father swell.

“I about to cum baby,” Greg groaned.

Cat grabbed the base of Greg’s shaft firmly and said with a mischievous note in her voice, “Not yet, my love, not yet.”

Rising up from between Greg’s legs, Cat straddled his chest, and pressed her panty covered crotch into her father’s face.

Greg used his fingers to pull the panties out of his way. First he made several long slow licks, starting at his daughter’s pert asshole, going all the way up to her clit in one motion, then back down.

Three years as lovers had taught Greg a lot about Catherine, such as where she was most sensitive. Strangely enough, to him, was how much she enjoyed having her asshole licked, it almost always brought her to orgasm very quickly, so on his downward lick he paused to pay special attention to small rosebud.

“OOHHH, YES DADDY, FUCK YES!!” Cat shrieked.

Abruptly Greg stopped.

“Why did you stop Daddy? I was just about to cum,” Cat pouted.

“Turn and turn about darling,” Greg said with a wicked laugh.

Cat climbed off of her father and removed her panties, then positioning herself over his erection; she sank down taking his entire length inside herself. For a few moments she sat there flexing her vaginal muscles, and just enjoying the full feeling Greg gave her. Slowly at first, but increasing speed with each movement Cat began to ride her father’s cock.

It wasn’t long before they were both screaming; Catherine felt her father begin to throb inside of her, quickly she pulled off and grabbed the base of Greg’s shaft again.

“Oh, Cat, baby, your killing me.” Greg whispered.

“Ssshhh, I promise this will be worth the wait my love just have patience.” Cat replied soothingly.

Cat then reached over the side of the bed a retrieved a small package with rather elaborate wrapping.

Suddenly unsure of her self, as if fearing what his reaction might be, Cat tentatively handed the package to Greg saying quietly, “Here you go Daddy, happy Father’s Day.”

“Thank you, Darling,” Greg said warmly taking the package from her, and opening it. What he found inside was a small bottle of strawberry flavored lube. At first Greg was confused, he opened is mouth to question Cat about it, but the words died on his lips, at the look of his daughters face. Catherine was crying.

“Cat, what’s wrong baby, there’s nothing to cry about,” Greg said hugging her, “Ssshhh, there, there, my love tell me what’s wrong.”

“D-Do you me-mean that Daddy?” Cat sobbed.

“Mean what baby?”

“You sa-said, ‘My love’, do you re-really mean that?” Cat said through her tears.

“Of course I do Cat, I love you with all my heart.” Greg told her quietly

Catherine began to compose herself, her sobs ceased she dried her eyes, and then smiled at her father.

“Now then,” Greg gebze escort bayan said gently, “why were you crying, my love?”

“I… just wasn’t sure…. how you would react,” Catherine said reluctantly at first, but the more she talked the faster she spoke. “Do you remember what I told you that night we spent together in Mexico? About how I felt about anal sex?”

“Yes I remember,” Greg said after a moment, “you said that you were saving that for the man you wanted to marry. Right?”

“That’s why I was uncertain about your reaction.” Cat said while staring at the floor.

That’s when it hit Greg, comprehension dawned on his face, as to what Catherine, his loving daughter, was saying to him. He reached out his hand to lift his daughter’s face up; he smiled, and leaned forward to kiss her.

There lips met, this kiss that they shared seemed different to Cat, it was a kiss of true love, not just passion, sparks seemed to fly through her setting her on fire.

The fire spread through Catherine, consuming her.

They wasted no time with useless movements, Catherine climbed on top of Greg in a sixty-nine.

Cat came first, her juices spraying all over Greg’s face. Greg took one of his fingers and slid it into her dripping snatch to lube it up he then pressed gently against her anal hole.

“Mmmm, that feels good daddy. Yes work that finger into me.” Cat moaned.

Cat then grabbed the lube she had bought, and began to generously apply it to her father’s cock, and rolled off of Greg.

“Now get me ready for your cock,” she told Greg while lifting her ass into the air.

Taking the lube from his daughter, Greg smeared a large amount onto his fingers, and massaged it into and around Cat’s nether hole.

“Are you ready?” Greg asked her.

“I am, my love.” Cat said softly.

Cat took her hands and spread her ass cheeks apart. Greg placed the head of his prick against Catherine’s tiny hole, pushing gently.

For a moment, Greg wondered if he would be able to fit into his daughter’s tight hole, slowly Cat’s sphincter muscles began to loosen, and the head of his throbbing organ slide into Catherine’s virgin hole. The pressure on his prick was incredible, his daughter was so tight.

“AAHHH, it hurt’s Daddy!” Cat cried out.

“Ssshhh, it’s okay baby, the pain will pass, just relax,” Greg said soothingly.

Hearing her father’s voice calmed Catherine considerably, she relaxed and felt Greg slid another inch of his shaft inside of her. Greg continued this way until he had worked the entirety of his cock inside his daughter’s ass.

Cat felt so full! The sensation was incredible; the pain had lessened dramatically and had been replaced with intense pleasure.

“Oh, wow Daddy, this feels so wonderful.” Cat moaned.

“I’m going to let you fuck me at your own pace, baby. Just do what feels good.” Greg told his daughter.

Catherine held still for a moment, then began to move slowly at first, but soon was pulling almost all the way off of her father’s organ leaving only the tip inside of her. Then, with an agonizing slowness she moved back down her father’s pole. She repeated this motion several times, each time a little faster.

Catherine then pulled off her father completely, rolled onto her back looked at her father, then whispered, “Fuck me, lover, fuck me hard.”

Greg smiled in turn, placed his prick at the entrance to her asshole, and pushed inside. When he was all the way in, Catherine locked her legs around her father’s waist. Greg began to pump in and out of his daughter; their moans again filled the room.

A thin sheen of sweat covered the two lovers as they continued their love making, Catherine suddenly screamed out, “AAHHH, YES DADDY… YES THAT’S IT FUCK MY TIGHT ASS! I’M GOANNA CUM! OOOHHHH YES!”

Cat’s back arched and her muscle’s clamped down so hard on Greg’s member he was unable move while her orgasm ripped through her body, when her orgasm passed cat lay still for a moment panting.

When she could breathe normally again, Cat said to Greg, “I believe I owe you an orgasm of your own, Daddy.”

Again Greg began to pound his daughter, and she used every trick she knew on her father. Greg felt his cock begin to throb, and his balls tighten, he knew from experience that this was going to be a big one. Almost without warning Greg moaned “I’m cumming baby!”

The first and second spurts exploded inside his daughter’s ass, Greg pulled out of his daughter in time for the third blast to, amazingly, land on her face and open mouth, and the last two spurts sprayed the inside of her thighs.

Greg collapsed next to his lover completely spent. After a while Greg asked, “Why don’t we take a shower and clean up?”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea.” Cat replied.

Together the two lovers walked hand in hand to into the shower. They washed each other paying special attention to each others more sensitive areas.


Back in the bedroom Greg sat Cat down on the bed kissed her deeply, when they broke apart, Greg reached over into his night stand’s drawer, and pulled out a small box.

“I wasn’t really sure when I planned on giving you this,” Greg told Catherine quietly, “but I think now is the perfect time.”

Catherine took the box, opened it, and gasped. Inside was a diamond ring.

Greg took her hand looked into her face and whispered, “Catherine, you are my world, I love you more than anything, or anyone else, and if you will have me I want to be your husband, and love you until I die.”

“Oh, Dad… Greg, of course I’ll have you for a husband, I’ve wanted you to ask me for more than a year.” Catherine said as she placed the ring on her finger.

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