Catching Up

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My friend Linda and I hadn’t been out in a long time and decided to meet to catch up. We met at a local bar and grill for dinner and drinks making small talk. We are both happily married but don’t get out much. Life at our age is quite routine, focused more on work and tending to the home now that our kids are older. After years of marriage and some aging, the sex is mostly routine, so we don’t really have much to talk about there. I asked Linda if she needed to be getting home, and she said she had the whole evening. I told her that my husband, Brad, could probably use some alone time and If I had my guess, was masturbating the night away. Linda said “same” and shared a dirty giggle.

After our dinner, we had a few drinks behind us and were opening up a bit. By bar standards, it was still a bit early, so the lighting in the bar was medium and the place was about half full. We were sitting at a standard table in the middle of the room and there were high-top tables around the perimeter. A few decent guys, a bit younger, had sat at one of the high-tops a while earlier. I may be happily married, but I still get turned on admiring a hot guy when I see one. From my seat, I had a great view under the high-top and couldn’t help but notice that one of those hot guys was packing an incredible bulge. As our conversation continued, I found it harder and harder to take my eyes off it.

Over time, I had become entranced with hot guy’s bulge, more and more imagining what it might look like if unleashed. Nothing wrong with a little imagination, right? It’s my little secret that I love the sight of a nicely shaped tool. Between the alcohol and the view, I was feeling a bit dizzy, so decided to make a trip to the restroom to calm down. As I finished, I couldn’t help but rub my clit for a moment, but any significant relief would have to wait. When I returned to my seat, I glanced over at hot guy. He Travesti was wearing loose shorts and had repositioned in his seat. I now had a wonderful view of maybe the nicest set of balls I had ever seen. I have always been attracted to a nice set of danglers and these were amazing! I nudged Linda and she mustered out “oh my”. We shared another dirty giggle and the conversation was spiced up a bit.

Our catching up continued while each of us were sneaking peeks trying not to be noticed, occasionally swapping grins and a deep breath expressing the light-headed feelings our admiree was bestowing on us. I am sure Linda was getting as wet as I was, even though it was no secret, between us at least, that her husband was quite filling himself. Being long time friends, we shared more intimate details than we probably should. Her husband was the largest she ever had, but not so adventurous. In my case, Brad was average in size but loved to spice it up. I told Linda that this guy brought back memories of an old brief boyfriend, Jake, that was supersized. Linda asked if I think about him much. Not so often, but I do fantasize about it on occasion. There is good sex, then there is that unforgettable feeling of being completely full. That feeling of a warm, rigid dick that stretches you just the right amount so you gasp in pure pleasure.

We both reached our limit, of alcohol and the view, and agreed that for some reason we were both quite anxious to get back home to our spouses a little earlier than usual tonight. We said our goodbyes and agreed we should get together again sooner. On my way home, I pondered over the evening and hot guy. I was on such a hormone high that Brad was going to get a reunion of the century, assuming he wasn’t already spent.

As I arrived home, the house was dark. I was home a bit earlier than usual, but I guess Brad had already turned in. The bedroom door Ankara Travesti was closed but I could see light from the TV flickering. Maybe I will get some relief afterall! I opened the door quietly to reveal what must have been quite an evening. Brad was fast asleep, and “spent” was an understatement. Boys will be boys, as I had guessed. The TV was still playing some juicy porn. Some beer bottles and lube on the nightstand. A towel was spread out on the bed. And Brad was passed out obviously from cumming after hours of playing. He couldn’t have been out long as his dick was still semi-hard and covered in gel, balls and all. His hands were well lubed and he was covered in cum from crotch to forehead. Masturbation was not a secret between us, knowing each other enjoyed our alone time, but we never really talked much about it. This was a sight beyond my wildest imagination!

Well, if the evening’s stimulation wasn’t enough, I was sure heated now. My homecoming was an experience to top all, and will surely be something to reminisce for years to come. Trying not to wake Brad from his exhaustion, I slipped into bed thinking about the night. Left to my own, I continued to imagine what hot guy’s package would look like, and recalling my old boyfriend’s super dick. Try as I did, Brad began to awaken from the buzz of my vibrator and whimpers I was trying to contain. I came several times like explosions while Brad tried to regain himself. In unison we both said “So, how was your evening?”, and shared a dirty grin.

The tables turned…

Brad was out of town for the weekend. I tried to meet up with Linda, but she already had plans. So, a night of binge TV it will be. Brad has been gone for two days now and I started thinking about the night he passed out from what must have been a long involved play session. I began to squirm as I imagined him in full action working his well-lubed istanbul Travesti dick and sack. I imagined his ecstasy just having uninhibited fun pleasuring himself in a way only he could do. I was overcome by vivid erotic mental pictures from stumbling on the aftermath of what was probably a couple hours of exercising almost 40 years of practice and perfection. Our sex was always good, but with years of practice myself, I certainly understood that “me time” is just that. It isn’t a replacement. In fact, if anything, it makes the sex even better. It’s my night, I thought, and I’m going to make it a good one!

I started my evening with some wine and a nice bath, so I was fresh and clean. I don’t normally walk around naked, but hey, I’m alone. I prepped the TV and a good dirty DVD from Brad’s stash. I rummaged around to find his lube and laid out all my favorite toys. This was going to be a night to remember. With no worries about being interrupted, it was a great feeling spreading out on the bed in full nude and exploring myself. I started the movie and finished my wine. As the movie played and the action got going, I used my fingers to explore my wetness. Slow exploration. The movie had the typical porn dick, long and thick. I started thinking about hot guy from my last outing and moved quickly into memories of my old boyfriend Jake and the full feeling from his large tool. There’s a lot more to good sex than size, but I definitely enjoyed it. I pulled out my fattest toy and oiled it up, easing it slowly into my tightness. I rarely used this toy, because it needed time. Once fully inserted, I held it and soaked up the incredible feeling. My mind wandered to how Jake would work his way up to long pounding strokes. The orgasms that erupted left me weak for hours. As I reached full speed with my imitation Jake, the door opens. Brad was home early.

There was no hiding as I was sprawled out in full exposure fucking myself hard and deep. How long was he there I wondered. “Mmmm, a sight I’ve dreamt about for years. Care to share what you are thinking about?” Brad said softly.

“Join me baby, and prepare for a long story,” I replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32