Cat Burglar

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Leslie was your average single girl. She’d been in some good relationships, but more not so great ones it seemed. Her day job in the city was rather boring, but it wasn’t too terribly hard and the pay was good. She had been living alone since she graduated from college a year ago. Sometimes she still got scared when she went to bed at night. Leslie wasn’t a particularly nervous woman, but her house was on a street that wasn’t very well lit and not in the best part of town.

This particular night she was very jumpy for some reason. She swore she had seen a dark figure in the kitchen window as she was turning off the lights to go to bed. As she darted for the bedroom and slammed the door behind her and locked it, a sigh of relief escaped her lips. Her heart was pounding and her mind was racing. “Did I see somebody or not? Maybe it was just a tree limb….or a stray cat….or maybe it was a serial killer!!” she thought.

This was getting out of hand. “Maybe if I go to bed, I’ll forget about what I saw or didn’t see,” she thought to herself. Leslie pulled her blouse over her head and undid her pants. She stood in front of the full length mirror on her bathroom door and admired herself for a minute. “I really do have a nice figure if I do say so myself,” she whispered aloud. Her full breasts looked as if they wanted to jump right out of her bra. The cool air from the slightly open window made her nipples stand at attention and they were quite noticeable through her white silky bra. Her creamy skin looked good in the soft glow of the lamp by her bed.

Finally she turned around to admire her firm, round behind. She liked the crease formed where her ass met her long thighs. She reached behind her and undid the clasp on her bra and then wiggled out of her panties. The patch of hair around her pussy was neatly trimmed. One last glance and she went over to turn off the lamp and go to sleep. Seeing herself naked had gotten her mind off of what she thought she had seen earlier, but, as soon as the light went out the thoughts came rushing back.

“What Isparta Escort was that? Oh no, I’m hearing things now….” She decided the only thing that could relax herself so she could get some sleep was to masturbate. That always made her feel wonderful and the release of an orgasm left her so relaxed she couldn’t help but sleep. Her luscious pink nips were already quite hard from the cold air on her exposed flesh before she’d gotten under the covers. She snaked her right hand down to her nether region as she tugged gently at her nipple with her left. Mmmm she loved the way it felt when she rolled her buttons between her thumb and forefinger. The moisture between her legs was building as was her excitement.

Thoughts of the stranger came back to her in a rush. But, she wasn’t scared now… fact, it excited her. She imagined the faceless stranger creeping in through the open window. Rubbing the side of her palm down her slit, she could see him walking over to her bed. She put two fingers in now as she was quite aroused at the thought of someone she didn’t know in her bedroom without an invitation. She thumbed her clit and pushed her fingers in deeper, imagining him standing over her. A moan escaped her lips as she pleased herself with this perverse fantasy. Just as she was on the brink of that wonderful release, she heard something that jerked her back into reality in a flash. The unmistakable sound of heavy breathing rang through her ears, and it wasn’t her own. Much to her horror, as she opened her eyes, a dark figure engulfed her vision. He was less than six feet away, and with his tool in hand.

Her first reaction was to scream at the top of her lungs and maybe scare him away. But she noticed that he was pleasing himself and had his eyes closed. Out of morbid curiosity, she watched him. Even stranger than that, her nipples were rock hard and begging for more attention. Before she knew what she was doing, she had resumed teasing her clit and had three fingers up to the knuckles in her pussy again. Again, she Isparta Escort Bayan moaned as she felt the tension building. When she looked back to the stranger, her eyes met his in an unbreakable stare.

Lust…This was what burned in his gaze as he looked into her eyes. She stared dumbfounded at him. He continued his business, but never looked away now that he had her attention. Not knowing what to do now, she continued to fondle her pleasures.

Slowly…deliberately…he started towards her.

She stopped. He immediately ceased his advance. The pace of his self-enjoyment had slowed considerably though. It was as if he were pacing himself, waiting for something.

She couldn’t see too well for the lack of light, but she could almost make out a smile on his face. A devilish grin worked its way into her features as well. Against her best instincts, she pulled back the covers exposing her smooth flesh to the stranger. His pace quickened again. Leslie lifted her thigh and turned toward the man in the shadows now. Soft moonlight enhanced her naturally creamy skin. The stranger’s head cast a shadow over the focus of his desire. She squeezed her breasts together and rubbed them lovingly. He began his approach again. Instead of stopping though, Leslie continued to caress herself. She worked her hands down her beautifully exposed stomach now. The shadow loomed larger over her now. Barely able to contain herself now, she ran a finger from the bottom of her pussy to the top, then making sweet circles on her clit.

A pulse of sensation exploded as she felt his hands enclose her breasts. In her self fulfillment she had almost forgotten he was there. His delicate kneading of her breasts brought him back to her immediate thoughts. Softly, he kissed and sucked on her neck and reached down to replace her hands with his own. She gasped with pleasure. With total abandon, she pulled his head down to her breasts now. He expertly teased her nipples with his tongue and caressed her now dripping pussy with his hand.

God, Escort Isparta she hadn’t felt this good in years. She wanted him, and she wanted him now. Cautiously, she removed his hand from below and looked at him. He burned with desire from within and she could sense it. Not wasting any time, she pulled him to her. The stranger sensed what she wanted and happily obliged. Her pussy ached to be filled. He slowly entered her. She almost came immediately as he pushed himself in farther and farther. Finally she had taken him all the way. Once he had himself fully enclosed, he lifted her legs up over his shoulders and leaned forward, placing his hands on her breasts again. Long, slow strokes at first, then faster, he worked his way in and out, in and out. She wouldn’t last much longer this way. Her legs were up near her chest and her pussy was spread wide for him to please. He groaned as he quickened his pace. Her fingernails dug into the flesh of his arms as she felt the rush of orgasm building like a volcano ready to explode.

Faster and faster he went, using every inch of his manhood to explore her from within. “AHHHH!! YES YES OHHH!!!” She couldn’t contain it anymore as her pussy convulsed around his organ. Just as her orgasm crescendoed, he cried out and she felt a hot explosion inside of her. He collapsed into her arms and she wrapped her legs around his waist. She could feel his heart beating against her chest. It was thumping so rapidly she thought it might explode. He turned his head and kissed her deeply on the lips. Just as soon as it had begun, he stopped. He quickly jumped from the bed and fastened his trousers. She couldn’t believe it! “Where was he going now?” “Wait! Don’t go yet!” she pleaded.

Her pleas didn’t stop him though. He turned and looked at her as he reached the window. The glow of the moon silhouetted him in front of the open window. He blew her a kiss and disappeared into the night. Leslie ran to the window but saw no trace of him by the time she got there. It was as if he had never been there at all. A single tear rolled down her face.

As she lay back down to try and sleep, she wondered if he really had been there or not. She got up again and went back to the window to check one more time. Nothing. She let the window down and started to lock it. With an impish grin, she decided not to…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32