Castle Of Desire

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Driving through the countryside, Sierra had little time to marvel at the magnificent scenery, that Scotland had to offer. Sierra being born an American had come to Scotland on vacation and had never left. She had fallen in love with the majestic rolling hills, fields of heather, purple and fresh. After being there almost 2 years she had met Adam and had fallen hopelessly in love. They had wed after only 9 months of courtship, only to have her life torn apart 3 years later when Adam had died tragically in an auto accident.

Which led to why she was traveling to this part of Scotland. Her mother in law had told her about a job in Highland, as a serving woman in a lodge. She smiled at her mother in laws warnings about it being, ” whiskey country” and being only ten miles from the distilleries at Glenlivet, Glenfarclas and Glenfilfddich. She was not afraid of hard work and she needed the money as Adam’s expenses had taken the bit they had saved. Feeling the tears welling up, she was determined not to cry and began to notice her surroundings. It was a beautiful drive, so pushing a cassette of bagpipe instrumental, she began to enjoy herself. She never got tired of bagpipes, much like a blues lover never tired of blues.

She seen a sign saying, “Ballindalloch Castle- 20 miles” and had a tremor of fear go through her. She started really checking things out, as she got closer to the castle. Acres and acres of beautiful pastureland covered in purple heather and what seemed to be about a million Aberdeen Angus, grazing not paying her no mind. Smiling, she wondered how many thistles were in the heather as one seemed to attract the other. But what didn’t have thistles was so soft and beautiful.

She pulled into the drive that said, “Ballindalloch Castle”, stopping the car as she gasped at the sight of the castle. It was absolutely gorgeous and huge, with rolling hills, which were very majestic and almost regal. Doing her homework she knew that about 40 full time and part time help worked at the castle itself. There were also about 8 lodges bordering the castle for guests and that is where she would be working. She was told to come to, “Pitch Roy Lodge.”

Pulling into the parking lot for the lodge she went up and rang the bell, straightening herself while she waited. The door was answered by a very attractive man, sizing her up he seemed to like what he saw and invited her in. She explained why she was there and he invited her into his study. He introduced himself to her as Scott, one of the living ghosts of the castle. He explained that he was a descendant gaziantep bayan escort of the main family and would be her boss.

Apparently, they were both sizing the other up; she noticed how perfect he seemed to be in about everyway. Nice eyes, that crinkled when he smiled, and a smile that would melt you when bestowed upon you. About 6′ tall, he had very wide shoulders, a broad chest, tapering into a narrow waist. As he explained some of the history on the castle, Scott was checking Sierra out also. Coal black hair, down to her shoulders, startling blue eyes, that seemed be looking into his soul. Although, there was a touch of sadness in them, a pert little nose that tilted up slightly and a gorgeous smile.

She was about 5’8, with full breasts and a thin waist. Beautiful full hips and legs that seemed to go on forever, and he definitely wanted to find out where they started. She was about 28 years old which was great because he was 32 and hated some of the sappy help they had employed, that claimed they were in love with him or pregnant by him. Standing up, Scott offered Sierra his hand, as they agreed on the terms of her contract. Motioning for her to follow, he took her to the kitchen to meet Mrs. Cross, the cook and head of housekeeping. She would also get the maids uniform she was supposed to wear and show her, where she would stay.

Mrs. Cross almost scoffed when she seen this one, no doubt, Mr. Scott had hired her on looks alone, but she did as she was told. There was not too many of the younger girls and very few of the older women that Mr. Scott had not taken to his bed. But that was not her business as she started to train Sierra. She was impressed that Sierra at least had some basic knowledge of what to do.

After a month, Mrs. Cross was very impressed with Sierra’s work and gave her the afternoon and evening off. Sierra, not really knowing what to do with herself decided to take a walk through the beautiful gardens. She marveled at the beauty of almost every plant she could think of was in the gardens. Gasping aloud, she found the most superb rock garden she had ever seen. While examining all the different rocks, she heard a girl’s high pitched giggle and decided to investigate.

She followed the sounds to a stone fence at the edge of the yard, looking over she seen Heather, another maid, and Scott in each other’s arms. Unable to tear her eyes away, Sierra stood watching them as they kissed and caressed each other. Remembering what a good lover Adam had been and how very long it had been since she had gotten some loving. She started to get a twinge in her love mound as she watched.

It was almost dusk so Sierra didn’t think they could see her while she watched their lovemaking. Sensing her presence, Heather looked up, seeing Sierra standing there. Heather bent over and said something to Scott and he looked also, Sierra frozen with fear could not move. Scott nodded his head vehemently and Heather walked over to Sierra, taking her hand and smiling, saying nothing, led her over to Scott. He was smiling as he leaned in to kiss her, deeply and gently passionate. He felt her responding as he intertwined his tongue with hers and pulled her close.

While Heather and Scott undressed her, she was powerless to stop them, it felt so good. Scott was thinking about how good she tasted but trying to go slow so as not to scare her. Heather had seen Sierra around and thought she was gorgeous but she worked at a different lodge so she had not spoken to her. Scott was still kissing and nibbling on Sierra’s lips, so Heather started kissing and licking down her neck and back. Lightly moaning, Sierra knew she should stop them but she needed to cum so bad.

Scott started licking down her neck as Heather licked down the crack of her ass, Sierra spread her shaking legs farther open. Scott started nibbling her hard nipples as he traced the outline of her breasts lightly with his fingers. Grabbing his head and holding it while Heather licked and sucked on her ass was almost more than she could handle. Her moans were getting louder as Scott shoved first one, finger than another into her soaking wet pussy. Pumping them in and out as he nibbled on her nipples, as Heather continued licking her bum was more than she could handle, it had been too long. Trembling, she let out a moan as she started to cum.

Pumping his fingers and pushing into Heather’s tongue, Sierra was muttering unintelligible words as she kept cumming. Holding her tightly, Scott waited for her cum to subside as he slid her to the ground. Sierra becoming the aggressor, she rose up and pushed Scott to his back as she started licking his nipples and gently biting them. She started kissing her way down his belly as he lightly moaned. She needed to taste him so she was licking slowly, then faster as she felt Heather’s hands on her wet slit.

Turning to look at her, they both leaned into the most fantastic kiss Sierra had ever had. Nibbling and licking her lips, Heather seemed like she wanted to eat her alive. Darting her tongue in and out of Sierra’s mouth, Heather was slowing rubbing Sierra’s clit as Scott watched the two women. God, they were beautiful, Sierra’s Black glossy hair and very blue eyes and lightly tanned skin against Heather’s Red Hair and green eyes and pale skin. Both magnificent women playing with each other’s hot boxes while moaning into each other’s mouths, nipples lightly brushing nipples, both rock hard.

Scott’s cock was rock hard also and throbbing watching the two beautiful women pleasure each other. Both women turned their assault on Scott, going for his cock like a dog with a bone. Heather licking the tip in lazy slow circles as Sierra licked up and down on his shaft, occasionally tonguing each other’s mouths. Heather was on her hands and knees as she took Scott’s entire shaft as Sierra got behind Heather fingering her hot cunt with two fingers, slamming them in and out as the other hand slowly went to her asshole. Making sure she was lubed enough with Heather’s pussy juices Sierra slid a finger into Heather’s ass. Heather was squirming and whimpering as she tried to fuck both of Sierra’s hands while deep throating Scott’s hard cock, knowing they were all getting close.

Reluctantly, Heather pulled away from Sierra as she took Scott’s throbbing member out of her mouth. Pulling Sierra over she poisoned her above Scott’s rigid cock as she lowered herself onto Scott’s mouth and eager tongue. Sierra slammed down on Scott’s cock and then pulled up until it was almost out of her wetness, then slammed back down as Scott whimpered into Heather’s juicy pussy. Heather was riding his tongue, while grinding her pussy into his face. All three were trembling as their lust took over; moaning and the echoes of skin against skin took over. The scent of unbridled sex scented the air as they all rode each other to heaven. Scot was hollering into Heather’s pussy that he was coming and both girls were right behind him. Just as the girls were riding their way to heaven Heather pulled Sierra to her and kissed her deeply as they started to cum hard.

As their cums ebbed a bit the two women’s kisses turned gentler. Their grips on each other loosened and turned to caresses. Releasing each other, they looked into each other’s eyes and smiled. Realizing they had Scott pinned to the ground, they both got off him, giggling. Heather kissed Sierra again, then turned to kiss Scott and watched while Scott and Sierra kissed. With a warm husky voice Heather said, ” Sierra, Welcome to Pitch Roy Lodge, I hope everything has been, umm, satisfactory for you.” With a giggle in her voice and still a bit breathless, Sierra said, “Oh yes, everything has been truly satisfactory, I know I will really enjoy this job,” as Scott started laughing with the girls joining in with him.

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