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My name is Sindy, I am now 38, happily married and a mother of 4 kids aged 16, 14, 12 and 10. Life is good; the kids are healthy and happy as are Billy and I. Billy’s business is booming, and my women’s fitness gym is doing great. A good amount of my clients are wives of professional athletes, and I have a nice mix of friendly women clients from all walks of life.

I work out at least 5 times a week and look better than I did when I was a teen, and I looked pretty good back then. I didn’t want to get too muscular, just nicely toned. I’m still not afraid to show off my body, after all, if you got it…

The hardest part of being a mother of 4, is all of the sporting events. Almost every weekend and a bunch of weeknights are filled with being on fields and in gyms, but I love every moment win or lose, and we have made some good friends.

I wrote a lot of stories when I was younger about what I call my sexploits. I haven’t stopped being a good slut, but having kids and running my business has obviously slowed things down a lot. I guess I haven’t written a story in about 16 years and wasn’t planning on writing one until Billy took the kids camping and fishing for 4 days.

With the Covid-19 virus keeping me locked down, I had a bit of free time and decided one night to watch some movies from my past that were locked in our safe. God help me if anyone ever broke into that safe, yikes.

I found a DVD that we copied from VHS that was labeled First Casting, from about 1998. I can’t remember the last time I watched it, but it brought back some fun memories and I decided to write about what happened.


Even though I wasn’t 21, I had a great fake ID, I was hitting the bars pretty regularly. I wasn’t a big drinker, but the bar I hung out at was a great place to meet wealthy men. What can I say, I liked being treated nice.

I met some nice men there. I tried to never sleep with a married man; I never wanted to break up a marriage. Men do lie so I cannot guarantee I never had sex with a married man. I even met the man who took my anal cherry at that bar.

One night there was a sleazy guy named Steve who was in his 30’s and was hitting on me. He just wasn’t my type which was the successful businessman type, or the young muscular stud. Of the older guys, I liked men with grayish hair, with a nice build. A man that exuded confidence which the average guy cannot pull off. Steve was telling me that he was big in the porn industry, which interested me, but I had an idea that he wasn’t the kind of guy I would trust.

Steve was telling me how perfect I would be in the porn industry, that I had the look. He was right, I was pretty hot and always horny, but Steve was not going to be a person I would trust to get me involved in porn.

Steve was a nice enough guy to talk to. He was a big sports fan which I’m into and was buying me drinks, so I stuck around. After about 30 minutes, a handsome Italian looking man approached the table and shook Steve’s hand. I was introduced to Vince, Steve’s friend. Almost 6 foot tall, dark brown hair with touches of grey, looked to be in good shape and was very handsome.

We talked for about an hour; Steve explained to Vince that I may be interested in being in the porn industry. I didn’t want to be in porn as a career, I just wanted to try it to say that I did a movie or two, and to see what it was all about. After a while, I told the men that it was time to get home, and was wondering if one of them could give me a lift. Uber was not invented just yet so Vince said he would give me a ride. After another drink, we headed to his car. He had a nice ride, some kind of Porsche, dark black really sweet.

Vince asked me if I was serious about porn. I told him that it was a thought, but that I didn’t want to do some small fly by night movie. I wanted to be with professionals who were known in the business. Vince told me that he was friends with some of the big men in porn, especially in the casting part of the business. I’m not going to get into names, but if any of you watch some of the older videos, you will figure out who I am talking about.

Vince told me that one of the big stars in casting was flying in from France to California in 2 weeks. I asked him what would I tell my parents? I couldn’t just tell them I’m going out and would be back in four or five days. Vince told me to give him a couple of days and that he would come up with something. He asked me how old I was and I told him I was 18 which put a smile on his face. He asked me if I had ID and I showed him a driver’s license which put him at ease. He asked me if he could see me in a couple of days and I smiled and said “of course”.

The next day Vince called and asked if we could go out the following day. It was just after school was out for the summer and I had no plans so I told him yes. I told my parents I was going out with friends and met Vince at his car just down the block. I thought vip escort that I looked pretty good, skin-tight shorts, and a t-shirt that showed off my midriff. Vince complimented me on my attire and drove off to an Italian restaurant about 20 minutes from my house. I had never eaten there but I had heard of it.

We had a get to know you session, I started out telling him about myself and my family, and told him I wasn’t sure what I was going to do now that school was out. Vince told me he was married for 10 years but that it didn’t take so he got divorced. He had an 18-year-old daughter who was in town visiting. She lived near Hollywood California where Vince was originally from. Vince had been a producer in the porn industry but had gotten out of the business about 3 years ago to try his luck in something more lucrative.

He asked me why I wanted to be in a pornographic movie and I explained to him that I wanted to try everything related to sex while I was still young. I told him about some of my sexploits which surprised him that someone my age had that kind of experience.

After dinner, he asked me if I wanted to go back to his place. Being that I was horny and that he seemed like a great guy I said yes. We went to his condo and he introduced me to his daughter Vicki. She was about 5-7, very pretty with long blonde hair and long athletic legs and a nice full pair of 36 C’s. She was a real California girl and seemed sweet. She said good night to both of us and after a nightcap, Vince led me to his bedroom.

He took me in his arms and started feeling my body all over while kissing me deeply and passionately. His hands were moving all over the place, exploring my breasts and firm ass through my clothes while our tongues swirled and did a dance in each other’s mouths.

We helped each other get out of our clothes and were both fully nude. Vince had a nice body, it was not bodybuilder strong, but you could tell he worked out regularly. He had a relatively hairy chest and had a nice 7-inch rock hard penis which was curved a bit in a banana shape when hard.

He lifted me up and carried me to the bed as we continued our passionate kissing. Vince started kissing my face and worked his way to my neck, nibbling and swirling with his tongue. He kissed and nibbled down to my shoulders and then his tongue found my breasts. He licked and kissed around my areolae, licking, flicking, and biting my erect nipples.

His fingers then found their way to my dripping pussy. He was feeling the sensitive areas in my pussy, circling my clit and then sticking first one, and then two fingers inside all the while continuing his assault on my breasts, it felt great. With two fingers sliding in and out of my pussy, he started kissing his way down my body, stopping to lick my belly button. He then kissed his way down to my pussy. With two fingers still sliding in and out like a small cock, he started slowly flicking my clit. Mmmmmm it felt so good, Vince knew what he was doing as he changed speeds and paid attention to my moans and body language. When he hit the right speed and spot, he stayed there until I exploded in an earth-shattering orgasm. It felt like I came for 5 minutes, it felt sooooo good.

After I caught my breath, it was my turn. The man could eat some pussy, but he was about to get the best blow job of his life. I straddled him hard and shoved my tongue into his mouth, tongues swirled in each other’s mouths. While making out, my fingers lightly tickled at his testicles. I wanted to completely avoid his cock for a bit and just work his balls. Lightly using my nails to tickle them, and then giving a little squeeze to let him know who was in control.

After a few minutes of teasing his balls, I lightly grasped his rock hard cock, running my nails lightly up and down his shaft. I then decided I wanted to go straight to work. I moved my mouth down to his cock and took the whole thing deep into my throat. I could tell by his loud moans that he was pleased and shocked at the same time. I trained myself to relax my throat to where I no longer have a gag reflex.

I then slowly let his cock go through my throat and then right back down, his pubes tickling my nose. I then started bobbing my head up and down on his cock, taking him all the way down, and then out again, all the while firmly stroking his cock with one hand, while tickling his balls with the other hand. After about five minutes of non-stop deep throat action, he announced that he was going to come. I then buried his cock down my throat and he shot his load straight into my throat.

When I felt he was done, I released his cock and curled up next to him. He was out of breath, I could tell he was surprised and completely blown away.

He told me that I gave him the best blowjob he had ever had and he asked where in the hell did I learn to do that. I responded that I loved sex, I took pride in trying to be the best when it came to sex. We talked for a bit about sex şirinevler escort and different partners and fell asleep cuddled together.

I woke up in the middle of the night and started giving him a nice slow gentle blowjob. Light licks, licking his balls while stroking his cock. After a short while, he woke up, threw me on my back, and shoved his cock deep into my wet pussy, fucking me hard with deep thrusts, just the way I like to be fucked.

After a couple of minutes of hard slamming fucking, he pulled out and turned me over and mounted me doggy style. He slowed the pace a little bit and gave me some short strokes with his cock and started lightly smacking my ass with his hand. While he was fucking me, I reached back with my hand and started ticking his balls with my fingernails.

Every now and then, I would give his balls a light squeeze which drove him crazy. He slowed down even more and I felt his thumb circling my asshole. I was reading his mind and I have learned what guys like, so I decided to play the anal virgin.

He started to stick his thumb in my ass and I whimpered “no, please”. He asked me if I had ever been fucked in the ass and I told him one guy tried, but it hurt too much. I tried to pull his hand away but he started digging his thumb deeper into my ass. I whined that he was hurting me, but that didn’t stop him and I didn’t want him to stop.

He then told me he was an anal expert and that he would take it slow and easy with me. I begged him not to and whined that even his thumb hurt too much. He was so turned on and couldn’t help himself, so he pulled his cock out of my dripping pussy, and placed his head at my anal entrance.

I pleaded with him not to, but he slowly started to work first the tip in my ass and then left it there. I whined some more and complained how much it hurt, and he whispered that I was doing so good and that he would take it easy on me.

With that, I slammed my ass back at him burying his cock to the hilt, all the way inside my ass and I started to fuck his cock with my ass. That took him by surprise and he knew then that I was playing him, so he started fucking my ass as hard as he could while I yelled at him to fuck me harder and to stop being such a pussy.

He slammed me pretty hard, it wasn’t too long until he blasted a load deep into my bowels. He then laid on top of me for a while, both of us breathing heavily. His cock finally slipped out of my ass and we cuddled for a bit.

He told me I was a real slut, that he had no idea just what a nympho I was. I just laughed and smiled. After a couple of minutes, we both fell asleep.

It was a long restful sleep, good hard sex allows me to sleep hard. When we work up, he gave me another good hard missionary position fucking. He fucked me at a nice slow place while we kissed passionately. He was grinding his hips in a circular motion while slowly pulling his cock out and slowly putting it back in. He kept this up for about 10 minutes and then started picking up the pace, slamming hard into my pussy. He then pulled his cock out of my pussy and pushed it toward my mouth. He came in buckets, shooting wads of cum into my open mouth. I then sucked his cock clean which drained his balls.

We got dressed and went into the kitchen, Vicki was already awake. He made scrambled eggs for Vicki and me, he wasn’t a bad cook. The coffee was great and Vicki and I got to know each other a bit, talking about various things that girls do.

Vince drove me home. On the way home, he asked me if I was serious about being in a porn film. I told him I just wanted to try it out, maybe do a couple of films, and that I didn’t want it to be a career, just a kick to be able to say that I tried it.

Vince told me he would call me later that week, that he had an idea how to get me to California with my parents’ approval. He gave me a nice kiss goodbye and told me I was the best lay he had in a long time.

It was a pretty uneventful couple of days. I played in a couple of softball games, got some workouts in, and hung out with the family. Vince called me and said that he had a plan. He was going to pick me up and take me out to dinner with Vicki and him that night.

We went to a little Mom and Pop Mexican restaurant and Vince filled me in on his plan. Vicki was going to hang with me for a couple of days and get to know my parents. I was then going to tell my parents that Vicki was going to visit friends in California with her Dad and wanted me to go with them. My parents trusted me, and I felt that it would work.

After dinner, Vince dropped Vicki and me at my house and we went in. I introduced my parents to my new friend Vicki who I said I met at the health club. We hung out with my parents and watched a little TV and talked.

Vicki stayed over that night and the next. The following day, I asked my parents if I could go to California, and they asked to talk to Vicki’s Dad. Vince came over later to pick elit escort Vicki up and he talked to my parents easing their concerns about the California trip. We were set to leave in a couple of days and would be gone for 5 days.

The day before we were leaving, Vince called me up and asked how I wanted to play things. I asked him who we were seeing, and what they were like. He explained to me I was going to a casting with a famous French man who directed and produced numerous casting videos. He explained what a casting was, that he would ask me personal questions and then I would do whatever he wanted me to do.

I told Vince that I wanted to act a little nervous and tell him I had some experience, but not a lot. Vince told me that anal was this guy’s big thing, and I told Vince I was going to pretend to be an anal virgin. I had that act down.

Vince picked me up at 6 am as we had a 9 am flight and would arrive at LAX around 11 am PST. He explained that we would meet Peter at a hotel around 6 pm. The casting would be that night and if things worked out, I would do some videos in the next couple of days.

I’m not a great flyer, I always think I’m going to crash on take-off and landing, so I fell asleep before we took off which helped. I slept for the first 2 hours of the long flight. I was sitting in first class with Vicki, Vince was in the seat next to Vicki. I had never flown first class before. It was nice to be treated like a queen. Even had a glass of champagne to cool down the nerves.

I liked Vicki, she was sweet and caring and had done things sexually that would have killed her Dad had he found out. He was wondering why we were giggling but there was no way I was going to tell him. Vicki was shocked at some of the group sessions I had been involved in. I had been involved in 4 group sessions, including 3 DP’s, something she had never done.

The guys that I had had group sex with were just regular guys, I was wondering and a little nervous about group sex with pros if that was to happen. I was looking forward to it as I always loved a new challenge.

The flight was pretty good, the best part was that we didn’t crash which made me happy. We took a cab to the hotel in Hollywood. It was a pretty nice place, the kind of place my parents couldn’t afford. Vince had his own room and Vicki and I shared a room.

She asked me if I was really going to go through with it as she knew a bit about Peter and knew about his movies. I told her that I was a little nervous, but a lot more excited and up for the challenge.

Vicki and I went to check out the pool. We were both wearing bikinis, mine was an itsy bitsy red thong bikini. We could not believe how beautiful and sexy the men and women at the pool were. There had to be models and actors and actresses, but we both fit right in.

A couple of studs came over to talk to us. Chad and Kenny were male models and were put together nicely. Chad was 23, blonde hair, about 5-10 185 pounds of rock hard steel. He had a great, warm smile. Kenny was 6-2 about 180 pounds and was a bit thinner, but he had a nice hard body.

They bought us daiquiris and asked us what we were doing there. I couldn’t tell them what we were really doing there, so I stuck with the story about visiting Vicki’s friends. They were cool and asked if they could see us later. I told them I didn’t know our schedule, but that if they gave us their number, we would call them and go out if possible.

We had an early dinner at the hotel, and Vince explained more about what was going to happen. He told me all about Peter, the type of questions he was going to ask me, and what I would have to do. I was ready for anything and was looking forward to the evening.

I had already showered and got into the clothes that Vince suggested, skintight jeans, and a black sleeveless shirt. Vince took me up to Peter’s room and introduced me to him and his assistant Jane. Peter was not what I expected. I found out he was 35 but he looked a little older. He had short shaved hair which was beginning to bald. He was about 6 foot maybe a little taller and was relatively thin, but I could tell he did not work out. He had a heavy French accent but was pretty easy to understand.

He was pretty friendly and laughed a lot, maybe a little too much, but he made me feel at ease. He explained that he was going to interview me with a video camera and then would explain the rest as we went along.

I sat on a couch and he was on another couch facing me. He asked me my name, which I replied “Sindy, with an S”. He asked me my age and I told him I was 18. He had already seen my ID so he believed that I was 18. Then he asked me what I was doing in the life. Yes, he said in the life. I told him I was a student. He wanted to know what I was studying and I explained that I had just finished High School and was unsure of what I was going to do next.

He then asked me if I knew what he did and I told him that I did know what business he was in, but wasn’t sure what it entailed. He explained that he was a photographer and asked if I was interested in making erotic videos. I told him I wasn’t sure and that I was nervous. I told him that I had some experience sexually, but not a lot, and was curious as to what kind of things I would be required to do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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