Casting Call with Mom

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Jenny beamed the moment her son came home from his college class. There was a giddiness in her demeanor and she told him to sit down after removing his shoes.

“This must be something interesting,” Robert said, sensing mom’s excitement.

She smiled, “I’m attending a casting call for a new tv show. It’s for a brief, yet major scene. They need a few female extras around my age.”

This was Jenny’s big chance. She loved her career as a stage actress. The schedules were always tough and the pay was often low, but she loved everything about acting. From the stage to the crowds, she found it all exhilarating.

In all her years in the industry, she’d never had a chance to be on film. That was a big fantasy for her, but competition to appear on the screen was fierce, and being in her mid-40’s, it was difficult to land a proper gig.

Until now…

“Wow,” Robert’s eyes lit up. “What kind of show is it?”

Jenny did her best to temper expectations. “Well, it’s a small non-speaking role. My agent sent me the last minute announcement and there’s a lot of buzz around this show. Exciting, isn’t it?”

“Very. This sounds so cool. You’ll finally get to be on tv!”

Jenny felt the giddiness return. “I know. The best part is, there’s plenty of these small parts to go around. So there’s a good chance I’ll land the gig.”

“Awesome. You still haven’t said what kind of show this is.”

“Sci-fi and fantasy. Think of Game of Thrones. It’s that sort of thing. The overall plot is being kept under wraps. I’m auditioning to play a tribal character who’s involved with sorcery and magic. So it’s basically a performance art thing that I’ll be doing. I’ll be using my body and physical reactions for the scene. A very important scene, I might add.”

Robert’s eyes lit up, ” Sounds amazing. It’s going to be exciting to see you on tv, finally. you deserve this.”

Despite the joyful moment, Jenny felt herself tensing. There was more to the news. Information she dreaded to tell him. She fought hard to relax and breathe deeply, to calm herself down. Might as well get this over with.

“There’s something else,” she said. “I’ve always been very expressive in my career as a stage actress, and all the things I’ve done with art. I believe that the human body, and its expression, is the highest form of beauty. Do you know where I’m going with this?”

Robert gave an awkward look, “I think so. It’s okay.”

She straightened her posture, asserting herself. She wanted to show confidence in her decision. This was her body and she was a grown woman.

“I’m going to do a nude scene,” she finally said in a staunch tone. “That’s what the casting call is for. Women my age who will appear nude for a period of time. It’s something like an ancient ritual scene. Are we clear?”

He nodded. “Yes.”

Jenny held her chin high and kept her shoulders open. She was still determined to defend her actions.

“It’s my body, I’m an independent woman, and I choose to do this because I enjoy artistic expression. I’m certainly not asking your permission for this. I don’t need it. I find this to be empowering.”

“Mom, no one is arguing with you,” Robert said calmly.

Jenny paused and finally relaxed. “You’re right. Sorry about that. I guess I got a little carried away. I had no idea how you’d react to this, that’s all.”

“Honestly, it’ll be a little awkward knowing that my mom is naked on tv.”

“I’ll worry about getting the part first. Speaking of which, can you give me a ride to the beach this Saturday? If you’re driving, I can focus on getting into character.”

He smiled, “Sounds like fun. I’d love to go.”

“Wonderful. The casting and camera tests are on Saturday. If I get the part, we’ll have to go back next week for the actual filming.”

He quickly nodded. “Sure, I’m free anytime.”

“You seem a little too happy about this,” she said, playfully squinting her eyes at her son.

“Of course I’m happy about it. I get to go on a film set. Plus, there’s going to be other naked women, won’t there? I’m only kidding, mom.”

Now the excitement belonged to Robert, who fully expected to see mature breasts on the beach. His gleeful expression almost caused Jenny to regret asking for his help. She hadn’t had time to consider the potential ramifications.

“I’m assuming you want to stay on set while we film the casting process,” she said in a rhetorical matter. “I guess that’s fair. The casting call is going to last a few hours, and I don’t want you to be bored.”

“Thanks,” he smiled.

Jenny raised an eyebrow. “But that means you’ll be seeing me naked, since I’ll be auditioning nude.”

“I know…um…I mean, really? Oh, yikes. That’s going to be pretty awkward. What should we do?”

It was obvious by the tone in Robert’s voice that he had zero intention of removing himself from the equation. He definitely wanted to be there. Jenny had already invited him to the set and she didn’t have the heart to pull him away. Especially since he was Isparta Escort such an avid fan of film. He always enjoyed the behind-the-scenes process and it would have been cruel to deny him this opportunity.

“We can be mature about this,” she said, holding back a sigh. “But only if you promise to be respectful and not ogle at the other women. And I especially don’t want you ogling over me.”

When Jenny said this, she was deadly seriously.

“Deal. I never thought I’d actually get to visit a place where they’re filming a big tv show. Do you know if there are going to be any famous actors there?”

Robert’s enthusiasm was now palpable, and there was no way Jenny could take this opportunity away. The deal was already done, as far as he was concerned.

“No one famous,” she replied. “But the director is someone I truly admire. I really want to be part of this, no matter how small the role is, or what I have to do.”

“There’s no way they’ll turn you down. You’re too talented. You have so much experience. You’re an amazing actress. They’ll be blown away by whatever you do.”

The extra boost of confidence from her son immediately worked, and it made her blush.

“You’re sweet,” she smiled. “Maybe there’s another reason why you should come along. Your pep talks are always helpful. Nude scenes can often be daunting, and I’ve never done it on film before.”

Robert raised his hand. “Pep talks it is. Whatever I can do to help.”

They gave each other a high-five.

“You’re the best,” she said in appreciation.

But by the look on Robert’s face, the appreciation was all his.


On the morning of the casting, while Jenny was taking a shower, she mentally scolded herself for asking her son to drive her. She should have known that he’d be exposed to all sorts of nudity, including her own. It was a mental oversight.

But on the other hand, Robert had always been good at giving her pep talks and boosting her confidence. He was such a positive young man. That was a great quality, especially in circumstances like these.

In a strange way, this was the least she could do for her son, Jenny thought. It would be a nice little treat for him. Robert was always a respectful young man and took care of the household, since she often had to work long hours at night with theater productions.

The problem was, she had to eventually show her naked body to him on the film set. Sure, Jenny had done plenty of nude modeling in her youth, especially in her college days. She was a nude model for art classes. The extra money and experience was nice, plus, if she was honest with herself, it was also exciting. She had also done plenty of nude scenes on stage, with hundreds of strangers staring at her bare figure.

But those people were all strangers or colleagues, fellow artists, or fellow students. Could she really do this in front of her own son?

A flurry of thoughts came to mind: Would Robert be traumatized for life seeing his mother’s tits, pussy, and butt? Or would Robert be aroused? Would this affect their relationship for the better or worse?

Jenny had no answers.

She only knew two things: First, that Robert would never ever forget this. Second, that he’d be seeing her totally bare in a matter of hours.

Those were the two truths that Jenny had come to accept.

When the shower finished, Jenny dried herself with a towel and examined her makeup-free face in the mirror. She looked good for her age. There were lines around her eyes and laugh lines around her mouth. Her breasts had begun to sag years ago. She was a little rounder around the midsection. But she tried her hardest to stay in shape and keep her face youthful; all part of the rigors of being a stage actress.

It was time to break the ice. Jenny had come up with an impromptu plan to make things ‘less awkward’ with her son ahead of the nude scene. She put on a bathrobe, her hair wet and slicked back, and proceeded to the hallway. She knew Robert would be awake by now, preparing for the trip.

When she found him, he was in the kitchen eating cereal, without a single clue of what she was doing there, or why she was staring at him without saying a word.

“Yes?” he asked, slightly dumbfounded by his mother’s strange behavior.

Without a shred of warning, Jenny opened her bathrobe, holding it wide open to reveal everything. Her exposed naked tits and pussy were merely a few feet away from Robert. She noticed his eyes widen and gape over every inch of her impressive nude body, from head to toe.

It gave Jenny an uncomfortable feeling doing this to her son. But it was a necessary thing, in her calculation. Better to get this over with now, than later.

“Have a good look?” she asked, shaking her hips.

He nodded slowly. “Uh huh.”

That’s when Jenny closed her robe and tied the knot in the middle, permanently ending the show.

“Good, because I wanted that out of your system. So when I’m exposed during the audition, I don’t Isparta Escort Bayan want you staring at me in a strange manner. Understood?”

“Yes, mom,” he said, still dazed by his mom’s tits.

“We’ll leave in half an hour. Thank you.”

Jenny marched back to her bedroom. This time there was a pep in her step. She couldn’t admit it to herself, but seeing Robert’s unfiltered reaction was humorous, and it also made her pussy kind of wet.


The film set was everything they hoped it would be. It was alongside a beautiful beach on a sunny day. The beach was closed to the public and there was a film crew of about 30 people.

For Jenny, this was all business. A make-up artist had given her a sort of medieval look, thanks to elaborate hairstyling and make-up. She looked the part, as did the other eight women who showed up for the casting call. Jenny was in complete work-mode as she dropped her robe and posed naked on the beach, along with the other women — her competitors.

The women posed and followed the orders of the director and show producers, who had a specific vision for the show. They had the women form strange, ritualistic poses and perform mythical chanting, all while completely naked.

Robert could not have been more pleased. He watched from a short distance as the naked women did their thing on camera. No matter how beautiful the other women were, Robert’s eyes kept involuntarily falling back to his mother.

After an hour of beach nudity, the director yelled ‘cut’, and the women were given robes. They huddled and the director spoke to them privately for several minutes.

When the conversation was over, Jenny went to her son and they took a stroll on the beach so they could have a moment of privacy. She didn’t look as comfortable as she had before. The calmness and relaxation was gone. She looked as though she had become rigid and uptight. Like there was now a massive weight on her chest.

“You did great mom,” he said with affirmation. “You really looked the part. The director seemed impressed with you.”

Jenny blushed awkwardly, “Thanks, but that’s not something you ever should have seen.”

“Oh, right. I thought we were passed that though. Sorry.”

Robert tempered his enthusiasm as he tried to appear more respectful towards his mother.

She cleared her throat. “Don’t be sorry. I may need another favor. An even bigger favor.”

“Sure, no problem. What is it?”

“I mean it, it’s the biggest favor I could ever ask. I feel horrible asking you this. I regret it already.”

Robert gave a soft laugh to break the tension. “Let me guess, you got the part, it’s a big offer, and now I have to do the dishes and laundry for the next few weeks. Is that it?”

“Not exactly,” she sighed. “The director is French.”

Robert looked puzzled. “Yeah, I’ve noticed.”

The frustration was building and all Jenny could do was shake her head.

“What I’m saying is, French directors are different from American directors. They expect to see more. Their boundaries are different.”

He slowly nodded, catching the drift. “I think I know where you’re going with this.”

“The good news is that the director is willing to cast all of us because he’s so impressed. But we still have to earn particular parts. The audition is not over.”

“And the bad news?” he asked cautiously.

She took a deep breath. “The bad news is that the director wants to test a simulated sex scene in a few minutes, for all of us. It’s a last minute addition that the director wants to include in the scene.”

Robert shook his head in disbelief at the French director’s audacity. “That’s pretty unbelievable. The nerve of that guy.”

“I know, but that’s show business. Things change all the time. Art shouldn’t be limited, ever.”

“So what are you going to do?”

Jenny showed her determination. “I want this part. I’m doing it. But there aren’t enough male extras today, so the director said it was okay for us to work with anyone we chose.”

“Oh…” Robert replied simply, clenching up in the process, knowing what was coming next.

“Are you willing to help?”

“Do I have to be naked or anything? Is this going to be recorded?”

There was genuine concern on Robert’s face, which was perfectly understandable to Jenny. Her son wasn’t the type of person that was comfortable being the center of attention. This line of work wasn’t for everyone.

“You won’t have to be naked,” she reassured. “The simulated sex scene will be in the ocean, with the water up to our waist. And this will only be a camera test to see how it looks on film.”

“Do they know I’m your son?”

She shook her head. “Gosh no, and frankly, that’s none of their business. Besides, we’ve all signed non-disclosure agreements. No one can reveal anything. It’s just a simple screen test.”

A powerful awkwardness lingered between them. Jenny felt horrible asking this favor from her son. Robert felt embarrassed at the Escort Isparta concept of doing this with a bunch of strangers watching.

In a final desperate burst, Jenny further explained why it was so vital that her son does it, and not any else who was willing to lend a hand. She’d never done a simulated sex scene before, so she believed that if her son was her partner, she’d be more natural and relaxed, resulting in a better chance of earning the part.

“I’ll do it,” Robert said, with slight reluctance. “Only because it’ll help you. You deserve this, mom.”

There was a sparkle in Jenny’s eye. “That’s so sweet. Thank you. I’ll owe you for this.”

While they continued walking on the beach, she stopped him and planted a big kiss on the side of his cheek. It was a much harder kiss than she’d normally give him, but it was well deserved.

“You’re welcome,” he replied, awestruck by the kiss.

“It won’t be difficult. You’ll stand in the water with your face away from the camera. I’ll wrap my legs around you while you hold me. And the camera will zoom in on my face.”

“Zoom in on your face? Why?”

Jenny looked embarrassed. “The scene isn’t about normal sex. It’s about a group of women in ancient times who fall under a spell. They’re strong believers of their god. Think of it like Game of Thrones or something. It’s that kind of show.”

“Oh, okay. I’m sure it’ll be great.”

“You’re going to do great also,” she said, trying to put a positive spin on it. “This is your first real experience in the acting world, and I have complete faith in you. I’ll make sure you have a good time. I promise.”

She pinched her son’s cheek and gave him another big, wet kiss. It was the least she could do for his troubles.


When the short break was over, Robert was given a pair of swimming trunks to wear for the scene.

Jenny was thankful that this was all going smoothly. They went towards the ocean. Most of the other women were already naked and with their male partners in the water. Robert went to the shore and into the water with everyone else. It was Jenny’s turn to disrobe, getting completely naked once again, then handed her robe to an assistant who whisked it away.

When Robert turned to look at his mom, he saw her bare physique again, this time up close and under the bright sunlight. Jenny felt uncomfortable, yet the situation was causing a strange tingly feeling between her legs. The taboo was surreal and unusual. But this was art. And Jenny was an artist who took her craft seriously.

“Get into the proper position,” the French director said through a microphone, his accent thick and voice calm. “We are almost ready to begin.”

They went into the ocean until the waves reached their waists. Then they turned to face each other. Jenny’s brown nipples had turned rock hard. Completely stiff from the coolness of the ocean water and slight breeze. She noticed her son marveling at her tits and stiff nipples, and she jokingly pinched his chin and guided his head upwards.

“I’m up here,” she smiled at him.

He blushed, “Sorry.”

“No need to apologize; they’re tits. At your age, you’re supposed to be checking them out. Just not mine.”

“Tits are tits, mom,” he smiled.

Jenny clenched from uncomfortableness. “Remember what we’ve talked about, okay? All you have to do is stand here. I’ll do all the work.”

“Got it. This is easy.”

“Easy for you,” she pointed out. “I still feel terrible about dragging you into this. For making you help me…you know…perform a scene like this.”

“It’s not like I’ve never seen sex before, or had it. I know what it looks like. The important thing is that you focus on your acting. I want you to nail this scene.”

“You want me to nail this scene?” she asked, eyebrow arched. “Was that a bad pun?”

“An accidental pun,” he shrugged.

“Performers, get ready,” the director said. “Get into position. We will begin when ready.”

Jenny looked her son deeply in the eyes. “Are you ready?”

“I was ready for this a long time ago.”

She shot a look of disbelief. “Really?”

Robert suddenly clenched with embarrassment. “Umm…not like years ago. I meant that I was ready a few minutes ago.”

She sighed, “When this is over, we’re going to have a long conversation. Until then, it’s time to work.”

That was when she approached her son. There was no apprehension. This was all business. She approached him until her bare tits squeezed against her son’s chest. She wrapped her arms tightly around him. Then she threw both of her legs around his lower back. Then she arched herself backwards, so it looked like they were fucking in the water, while still holding him with her arms.

For a moment, there was a painfully awkward pause. The director waited for the other women to get ready. Meanwhile, Jenny was in a sexual position with her son, and she noticed that he had begun to ogle at her tits again.

“Now we begin,” the director said in his heavy French accent. “Gyrate. Look like you’re fucking. Show me the passion!”

With Jenny’s eyes locked on Robert’s, and her arms still wrapped around his neck, she began to rock her hips so it looked like they were having sex in the ocean. Her hips gyrated in the water, grinding on her son’s crotch.

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