Cassie’s Group

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Cassie was blindfolded, stripped then dressed in a thin robe which she guessed was sheer. The slight draft of the room blew through the material, hardening her already aroused nipples and tingling her wetting lips. A collar was loosely wrapped around her neck, the click of the leach telling her it was time. “Ready my little slut?” whispered into her ear. She nodded with apprehension and the slight tug on the leash told her to walk forward. She heard the people talking in the room as she entered, how many she wasn’t sure. The talking softened to whispers and soft moans of approval. After several steps she was told to stop. The leash was unhooked, the tie of her robe loosened.

“Disrobe, slowly,” she was ordered. As she slowly and reluctantly pulled the robe open and down her body, she grazed her nipples, making her pussy jump and tingle. Instinctively, Cassie covered her pussy with her hand and She wasn’t sure who was present or whether there were only men or some females. She was horny enough to take only women if that were the case.

“Now everyone, you may touch first. No kissing, licking, spanking. And Cassie, you may not touch back…”

She stood there as ordered. The first hands grazed her ass cheeks causing her to jump and gasp. The hand cupped her left cheek, then softly rubbed, finishing with a hard squeeze. At the same time, a set of fingernails drug across her right cheek, sliding between her cheeks. One of the fingertips found her tight asshole, first tracing then prodding the puckered opening. She clinched in response, which only brought more caressing. Soon a pair of hands, probably female, cupped her breasts and gently squeezed. Thumb pads twirled her nipples around, before fingernails grazed from underneath. Another pair pinched her nipples, as the first hands kneaded her soft globes. The fingers running up her inner thighs that teasingly stop just short of her wet lips made her gasp. The hands on her ass soon delved deeper, until her puckered and very sensitive rosebud was caressed by a larger, manlier digit. She lost count of time as the hands continued to touch every inch of her body, never penetrating but still driving her close to orgasm. She even heard what side like people sucking her juices off their fingers and moaning in approval. Throughout, none of the hands felt familiar but she had no way of knowing if there were all strangers or friends that had never touched her that way. Cassie was torn between wanting only strangers and desiring a few friends touching her so intimately.

What she heard next made her pussy really tingle. The floor was opened for her to be spanked, by hand or other implement. Only her ass was to be spanked. Before it began, she was offered what seemed like a table to lean and brace herself on. As soon as she bent over slightly, casino siteleri the first hand cracked across her right cheek. Next, a smaller hand connected across the lower curve of her left cheek, almost cupping it. Some hands offered gentle caresses before and after the slap. In return, Cassie offered moans, lip licking and softly moanful requests for more. Suddenly her ass was molested by what felt like a narrow paddle or maybe a ruler. While slightly painful, it only made her pussy drip more. At some point, a finger ran up her inner thigh, collecting her juice. Soon the finger was in her mouth, the spanking resuming only after she sucked her own cream of the unknown finger. By the time it was over, her ass received hands, paddles, a flail and even a gentle whipping. She thanked the crowd in low, guttural tone while wiggling her reddened ass.

“I think it’s time for that naughty little mouth of hers to be put to use…” Cassie licked her lips, as she was ordered to her knees. Her ass was still tingling from the spanking, as her cheeks rested on her heels. As she heard the first person step in front of her, she was told she could use her hands, but only to help. She softly moaned, but gasped inside, as her hands wrapped around the first thick meaty cock. It wasn’t terribly long, but as she wrapped her lips around it, her jaw ached slightly.

Cassie groaned deeply as she sat on his lap, his thick shaft impaling her horny ass. As the base of his cock came to rest against her stretched sphincter, his hand grabbed her tits tightly. As she was bounced on the meaty pole, a womanly tongue began lapping her clit and labia. Soon three fingers began pounding her pussy in rhythm to the cock in her ass. Cassie’s moans grew louder as the anonymous cock pounded her ass hard and steady, while her tits and nipples were squeezed, pinched and tugged. The oral assault on her pussy only fueled the fire, as the tongue lashed at her clit and fingers opened her and stroked her inner walls. She then felt mouths attaching to her nipples and sucking harder, teeth clamping around her tender and aroused nipples. After what felt like an eternity, the cock in her ass began to pulse with the prelude to eruption. Her moans became hotter and anguished in the buildup, spurred on by mouth sucking her tits and her pussy being masterfully fingered and eaten. She imagined the unknown face covered in her juices. The grunt behind her warned, ever so briefly, of the hot load about to be released. Her own orgasm, both anally and vaginal, exploded with the cock in her ass. He continued to fuck her as spurt after spurt shot into her ass. Her pussy clamped hard around the fingers as he scream in deep pleasure. Finally, she was lifted off the flesh rod as her legs would not carry her. Her own juices trickled down her legs, despite slot oyna an anonymous tongue lapping it up. Her raw asshole pulsed, cum leaking down her legs to mingle with her girlcum.

She was then ordered to stand, her legs still slightly loose from the intense cum she just had. She cautiously followed as she was led to some form of bench or table. The cool leather pressed against her skin as cuffs were tightened around her ankles. A hand against her shoulders pushed her slowly down, her tits pressed firmly against the leather. Her hands were fastened as her ankles were. Her head was left free, as she quickly found out why. Again, a hand smacked against her bare ass, making her cheeks and pussy quiver. A warm cock brushed against her left cheek, before the head, oozing precum slid across her lips and tapping on her right. She barely finished licking the sweet juice from her lips before the cock head pressed against her lips, begging entry. As the meaty shaft slid slowly into her mouth, balls tapping her chin and slightly gagging her, fingers pried open her moist labia.

Cassie moaned onto the cock now sliding in and out of her mouth as the second cock was rammed deep into her pussy. She was in heaven, cocks fucking her from both ends in near unison. As she was penetrated front and back, her legs jellied, he body now resting on the leather, breasts tightly pressed under her weight. Her oral shaft kept pistoning in and out, sometimes shallow with the head barely past her teeth, other times his balls slapped against her chin. Her vaginal penetrations alternating between slow, teasing thrusts to hard, almost painful jackhammering. Her hands bound, she could relent to the cock in her mouth, although her hands at times were filled with tactile glimpses of what may be buried her mouth, pussy or even ass. Soon she felt the rod buried in her now very wet pussy start to tense, portending what Cassie wanted most – hot thick cum.

The near-anguished grunt from behind her fired her pussy even more. As that cock began twitching in build up, she tasted the first drops of cum about her erupt in her mouth. She clamped hard around the cock now spurting hot shots into her wet folds, the intense orgasm the reaction of cum filling her. Likewise, she tightened her lips around the slick, musky shaft in her mouth as salty shots landed on her tongue and slid down her throat. Her pussy convulsed from the simultaneous man orgasms filling her. Fulfillment of her deepest sexual urge – being spitroasted, combined with the unseen audience watching and waiting for his, or her, turn, only made her orgasm more intense. She smiled as the last spurts of cum dripped onto her lips, the now limp cock withdrawing from her slightly aching mouth. As she did whenever her husband’s cock withdrew from her pussy, neigh, cunt, she canlı casino siteleri moaned in slight disappointment that her hole was now vacant save the thick cream that dripped slightly from her twitching lips.

Before she could too much despair, a new, longer cock readily buried itself in her cunt. She bit her lower lip as this new rod began a slow hammering, driving deep and long. A guttural “more” quietly escaped her lips, lips which were soon wrapped around a new cock. As it slid down her tongue, she quickly realized it had, just moments before, been filling her pussy. In the heat of this blindfolded orgy, she hungrily suck the cum of his shaft, a mixture of her own juices and the cream now lubricating the new cock in her pussy. After a sufficient cleaning, a new clean cock, thick but shorter fucked her mouth. The long rod into pussy soon sprayed her inner walls with more cum, weakening her knees. Soon cock after cock fucked and filled her pussy with cum, more completely fulfilling her desire to have cum drip from her pussy. She cleaned more slippery cocks of cum cocktails. Her ass was not neglected, as numerous cocks impaled her tight rosebud, filling it with thick manjuice as well. As one spent cock slid into her mouth, she discovered to a shock, a different flavor than man and girl juice. The realization the flesh had just filled her ass brought on both shock and a very deep, perverted grin and pleasure.

Soon, Cassie’s orifices were beyond spent. Her face was glazed with facials, her belly full of many cumloads of various tastes, thickness and amounts. Her ass was just as full of cum, twitching from the repeated poundings. Her pussy, the one place she deeply desired copious shots of cream, was quivering, as were her legs, and leaking both thick white juice and her own. As the loud sloshing sound of the last cock fucking and withdrawing ended, Cassie collapse, as much as she could, on the bench. If not for the bench, she would have been laying on the floor, no limb able to support her. Panting from the intensity of the compounding orgasms, she quietly murmured to herself. She had lost count of how many times she had been filled. She suspected some had given her multiple loads or at least stuffed their meat in her multiple times if for nothing else but to feel each orifice wrapped around them.

As if a form of intermission, she felt tongues, likely female, lapping up cum from all of her holes. She fed cum to some during deep french kisses, others simply tongue fucked her. At one point, two tongues assaulted her ass and pussy at the same time, quickly bringing her to yet another orgasm. Now she felt such a tongue and mouth actively licking her cunt clean and sucking the cum from her hole. She squeezed more cum out for this unknown feaster, plenty of fluid still remaining to appease her inner slut.

After what seemed like an eternity, she was released from her bonds. Carefully lead away from the faceless collection of cocks and tongues, she was unmasked to quietly rest in her cum-drenched dreams.

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