Casanova Falls in Love

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This was too easy Tom thought as he led Charlotte to his bedroom. He had a natural flare with the women. Tom could attract the ladies easily just by flashing his best smile. At 35, 6 foot 2 with tightly cropped black hair and the brightest of blue eyes he was classically good looking. Three nights a week at the gym left his physique tones and he was in good proportions.

Tom had picked up Charlotte from a local bar. She had been out with a group of her friends laughing and giggling each time he turned around. She was a pretty thing just 21 years old. She was slim with blonde hair tied back in a chignon, which he undid so that her hair fell neatly beyond her shoulders framing her near perfect face. He’d kissed her soft lips over and over in the taxi to his flat whilst running his hands over her svelte body.

Back at his flat he had followed the kisses down her neck and moved his hands to her small breasts. Tom had expertly brought her nipples to attention through the fabric of her flimsy red dress. Charlotte had stood and unhooked her dress and let it fall to the floor before stepping out of it. She had an amazing body firm in all the right places. She was wearing a lacy red bra and matching panties and a small red and black suspender belt with black stockings. As she stepped out of her high heels she could nuzzle into Tom’s neck.

Now as Tom led Charlotte by her hand with perfectly manicured nails to his boudoir he was already bored. He should be on top of the world but he knew exactly what would lie ahead of her. She would feel like all the other women he slept with but there would be no mental connection, no spark for him. He would just be going through the motions, ticking off a mental checklist.

Tom closed his bedroom door and started kissing Charlotte soft at first but soon became faster and more urgent. He reached around her and unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. He kissed her slowly down her body to her panties and removed them down her long stockinged feet. Charlotte quickly undid his buttons on his white shirt and he let it fall off. She sat down on his bed as he undid his buckle slowly before unbuttoning his flies and in one swift movement kicked off his shoes; whilst removing his trousers.

Charlotte moaned and lay back onto the bed. Tom knelt between her legs and continued kissing her letting her touch his naked body for the first time. “Want me to lick you?” Tom asked and Charlotte nodded frantically. Tom kissed his way down to her body as Charlotte put her feet on the bed opening her vagina completely. Her pubic hair was trimmed into a Brazilian and everything was so very neat. Her vagina lips were moist with her juices and it was obvious that she was enjoying herself.

Tom started by kissing around her vagina smelling her juices, which smelt good. He kissed the outer lips then started using his tongue to explore her vagina. He licked using the flat of his tongue to get every bit of her sweet juices. Tom then rolled his tongue and made it rigid before pushing it deep inside her. Charlotte started arching her back enjoying every moment of this. Tom used his fingers to pull her lips apart so he could place his tongue further inside her.

Soon Charlotte was thrashing around on the bed moaning and swearing in her polite voice. When Tom thought Charlotte could take no more he quickly slipped a condom on and slid deep inside her just as she came for the first time. He moved slow at first but built up into a mad frenzy until Charlotte came a second and third time just as Tom filled the condom with his juices.

Tom removed his condom using tissues on the side of his bed and wrapped it and put it in the waste bin. Charlotte made her polite excuses and soon got dressed and left into the night air. “There had to be more than this” Tom sighed as he got beneath his duvet ready for sleep.

Tom had his slumber cut short by his phone ringing with an unknown number. He answered it groggily. “Hello Tom speaking!”

“Hi Tom this is Tina. You might not remember me but you’re sister gave me your number. I went to school with you. I am organising a class reunion and would love if you could come. We did send out a letter to your old address but the letter was returned as you’ve moved and not updated your mailing address. I know its short notice but you are the missing piece as everyone else has agreed to come.”

“When is it? I’ll have to check my diary as its pretty busy this time of year!” Tom said giving himself a way out whilst trying to rack his brain who Tina was. She must have been in his year at school. Tom mentally cursed his sister for handing out his number why would he want to go to meet people he went to school with all of whom would be married and successful wishing to gloat on their successes. This Tina’s voice was sensual and inviting and before long Tom found himself saying that he would love to attend and passing her his email address where he could be contacted with ease.

Later in the day Tom checked his emails and received almanbahis one from Tina. It gave him more details of the reunion. There was also a link to a website which had lots of photographs of ex pupils of his school and he spent his whole lunch giggling and reminiscing over photographs from the late 1970s.

Tom recognised himself in a few of the photos. He’s been a chubby youngster before he had learned the joys of attending a gym. Tom scanned the group photos of his class and year groups trying to find the illusive Tina. He saw a few old friends, his mate Roger who he had practically been brothers with for years.

There was another photo of Roger with a girl that Tom had always fancied. Then it hit him he was sure her name was Christina surely it couldn’t have been the Tina who phoned him. His heart jumped slightly at the thought. Christina had been one of his gang for the whole of school but then they had lost touch as you often do when you go to college. She had dated his friend Roger and it had killed him. She was beautiful, intelligent and such a wonderful person. Suddenly Tom got excited at the thought of meeting up with her again after all these years. He imagined how she might have turned out, was she now married to Roger? Did she have kids? Tom’s mind swam with ideas and questions.

Tom emailed Tina confirming that he would be attending and he found himself telling her that she should feel free to contact him at any time. He also told her that he hoped that Roger was fine and well. Tom assumed that he was with her she was too much of a catch for his mate to let slip through his fingers.

It wasn’t that long ’til Tina had responded to his email. She was surprised that Tom had recognised her and to his sheer joy Tina informed him that she wasn’t with Roger. They had broken up soon after school and since then she hadn’t had that many relationships. Tina also said that she wasn’t looking forward to going to the reunion for the same reasons as Tom.

Suddenly an IM screen popped up on Tom’s computer, it was Tina. “Hi sorry for the interruption but saw you online and thought this might be quicker.”

“Hi Tina or Christina as I remember you. How are you doing?”

There was a distinct awkwardness in their exchange but soon it was flowing. They were chatting like they always were back at school. Tom found himself laughing and smiling more than he had done in a long while. These were genuine too no forced smiles to get anyone into bed this time. Tom and Tina talked for ages and work seemed to fly by. It was soon 5 o’clock and he regretted telling her that he had to sign off to go home.

“Would you mind if I called you later?” Tina asked.

“How about a drink instead?” Tom ventured hoping with all his being that she would say yes. Her IM box simply stated that she had gone offline. Tom sighed he had blown it. He typed his mobile number and his house address into the IM box to send an offline message and shut down his computer.

All the way home Tom wished he hadn’t asked her for a drink. His mind was full of thoughts of their conversations in IM and all they had discussed. This woman intrigued him. She was so fascinating Tom could talk to her for hours and hours. When he got home Tom went to get changed out of his work clothes. He hung his suit up on it hanger but as he took his trousers off he realised that Tina had had more of an affect on him than he realised. He had been too busy smiling to realise that his cock was now hard and straining against his pants. If he didn’t masturbate soon it was going to become painful.

Tom lay down on the bed after he had taken his pants off. His hand found his cock easily. Tom started playing with it closing his eyes imagining it was Tina. He could almost hear her soft voice in his ear. Images of what she might look like swam through his head and Tom was close to coming. Normally it took ages of masturbating for Tom to cum as he was normally having sex with random strangers instead of having to masturbate himself.

Tom exploded onto his belly and he felt rather guilty at using Tina to make himself cum. He rubbed the sticky liquid into his stomach; he would need a shower but needed to Tom felt the satisfying glow of just rubbing his spunk into his skin. This was the first night in a long while Tom had nowhere to go no date to go on. This was a luxury a ‘night off’. Tom’s thoughts were elsewhere however; he wanted to be chatting to Tina.

There was no point lying there like a teenage girl dreaming of her crush. Tom got up and went for a shower. As he stood there washing his body and letting the water run through his hair and down his lean body Tom heard the doorbell go. “Damn! Always when you are in the shower. Why can’t anyone ever arrive at your door when you are sitting watching a boring stuff on the television?” Tom wrapped a towel around his hips and padded down to the front door.

Standing before him was Tina. He was sure it was her “Tina is that you?”

“Sorry you were busy I’ll almanbahis giriş come back!”

“No please stay. I’ll go get changed it won’t take me two minutes. Come in and wait!” Tom said rather insistently edging back leaving her have room to get inside the house. Tom showed her to the front room and ran up the stairs two at a time. He quickly put on a shirt and a pair of gym trousers. Not the most stylish of clothes but they were the closest to hand. Tom didn’t want to leave Tina downstairs alone too long incase she left. As he rubbed gel into his hair he looked into the mirror. The butterflies in his stomach told him that he was nervous.

Time had been good to her. She had weathered well. Tina had filled out a bit; she had been too skinny at school. Tom secretly loved a big of flesh on the bone. Everyone assumed he would like svelte women, but there was something special about a bigger woman. Tom loved the jiggle as they rode him. The bigger the girl the more there was to kiss and touch.

“Hi am back would you like a drink or something? Sorry you caught me mid shower after work.”

“A coffee would be great. Thank you for today that was such a long conversation. My computer died hence me going offline so quickly. When I got back online I saw you had invited me for a drink and left your real address. Temptation got the better of me and thought I would come see you face to face. I can always go and come back some time, which is convenient to you. Sorry I am going on” Tina said as her face started to go a deep crimson as she saw Tom smiling a broad grin at her.

Tom went to get them both a coffee and he sat down in the seat opposite her. That way he could watch her. Tom had much experience of watching women but normally he was just working them to try to get them into bed. This was different Tom was catching up with a very dear friend. He listened intently as she talked about what she had done in the last 15 years. Tom couldn’t help look at her sitting there looking a little shy and bewildered in her knee length grey skirt and her pale blue shirt. She looked amazing. She looked so elegant just like he remembered all those years ago. Tom was hooked on every word she said and soon they were chatting like she was ‘one of the guys’.

Tom asked Tina if she would like some food as time was moving on and she agreed. Tom led her out to the kitchen and ran through a list that was available and they settled on a chicken salad. They continued talking as he washed and prepared the salad and cooked the chicken. Soon they were sitting down and eating their meal. ” I have to tell you that you were always such a catch at school.” Tina started ” You had a big fan club if I remembered correctly. I even… better not go down that road!” She cut off mid sentence.

“What were you going to say?” Tom questioned Tina.

“Oh its just something silly from when we were at school!” she said

“Enough water has passed under the bridge since we last met so I am sure you could tell me!” Tom said.

“Well I was always a big fan of you. I even dated Roger just to get close to you!” Tina said her face filling with colour as she sipped her glass of water. This really shocked Tom Tina and Roger had always seemed such a well-matched couple. He had always liked Tina her personality was nothing like any girl he had ever known, however he always left a respectable distance due to her relationship with Roger.

They continued talking long after the meal had finished. Tom had never felt so comfortable, words came easy and he had no pretence being around Tina. They put their plates in the dishwasher before making a coffee and then moving to seats in the front room. Tina sat on the sofa and to keep the evening polite Tom sat on the chair so that they could keep an easy eye contact. He could hardly believe he had this vision of a million teenage dreams sitting on his plush sofa.

“I forget my manners would you like a drink Tina?” Tom asked standing up from his seat trying to be polite. Tina declined and then natural as you like Tom sat down next to Tina on the sofa. He could smell her perfume and he couldn’t take his eyes off her. To him Tina was beautiful both inside and out. He could have easily wrapped her in his arms and stayed there for hours but Tom didn’t think Tina would have appreciated it she had moved on with her life and seemed happy with her lot. Now he was eager to go to the school reunion, as it would mean meeting Tina again. He smiled inwardly as he realised he was thinking how much he had enjoyed tonight.

“What?” Tina asked she must have seen his smile.

“I was just thinking how much I was enjoying talking to you tonight. It’s been a pleasure!” Tom said.

“Sorry it is getting late you must be tired?” Tina said as she stood up.

“Do you have to go just yet?” Tom asked he didn’t want this moment to end.

“I thought you were saying you were tired I didn’t want to outstay my welcome”.

“You could never do that Tina. I am just thankful almanbahis yeni giriş you phoned me up to be honest. I’ve missed your company since leaving school. I am sorry we didn’t stay in touch as you always made me smile.” Tom said watching Tina’s face start to crimson again. He found himself leaning forward and kissing her on her cheek.

Tina put her arms around his back and hugged him like she had always wanted to whilst she was at school. She surprised her self at how forward she was being. Tom had made her feel so at ease today that she forgot all her insecurities and moved to return the kiss. Surely he would turn away Tom was gorgeous and she was just a middle aged frump. However he didn’t he found himself kissing her back.

Soon they were wrapped in each other’s arms slowly kissing each other. Hands exploring each other. Tom found Tina’s body define so many bumps and bulges to explore. His mouth kissed her cheek and lower to her throat. She tasted so good. Tina’s hands explored his hair as he sucked on the flesh of her throat. She moaned slightly sending vibrations to Tom’s lips. His hands moved to her breasts moulding each of them in turn and Tom moved back to watch the show. As he looked up he saw Tina smiling down at him her face a mixture of confusion and excitement.

“Do you want me to stop?” Tom inquired hoping that she didn’t.

“No please don’t I was just getting into that!” she replied with the broadest of grins on her face.

“Come let’s go upstairs and get a bit more comfortable!” Tom suggested. Leading her by the hand Tom slowly lead her up the stairs to his bedroom, like he had done many times before although this time his stomach had a million butterflies in there dancing around. This wasn’t a woman he’d picked up in a bar to satisfy his needs this was a beautiful woman he had thought the world of at school and just wanted to fulfil the fantasy of a lifetime.

As they stood in the bedroom Tom realised how beautiful she really was, she had filled out in all the right places. He started to undress Tina slowly taking in everything with his eager eyes. He hadn’t even noticed her clothes until now he had been too fixated on her as a person. Tom undid the buttons on her black blouse and let it fall to the floor. He gasped at the sight of her pale blue bra holding up her ample bosoms. Tom hadn’t dated a woman with breasts like that before.

Tina reached around and undid her bra letting the straps fall from her shoulder before revealing her naked breasts. Tina’s nipples were the biggest Tom had ever seen and he felt the need to suck them. Tina manoeuvred tom so that he was sitting on the bed with his mouth firmly planted on alternating breasts. He started to undo his shirt with his hands, although he struggled somewhat as his hands wanted to return to Tina’s breasts. Tom could feel Tina pushing him gently back onto the bed so that he was virtually lying down the breasts dangling just above his eager mouth. Tina straddled him and began working on undoing the cord on his trousers.

“Who’s been a naughty boy then? Not wearing any pants when you have a female guest in the house. Tut tut but what a big boy you are Tom!” Tina said as she peeled his gym trousers back to reveal a now very hard cock. She stood up watching Tom lying there semi naked with a huge erection. Tina slowly undid her long skirt and let it fall to the ground. She was wearing matching blue panties and black stockings. Tom moaned and his hands moved to his cock where he stared masturbating looking at her. Tina’s hands moved across her body, her eyes fixated on the sight before her. She cupped her breasts in her hands and squeezed them before putting her nipples between her thumb and forefinger and pulling them away from her body.

Tina got onto the bed next to Tom and bent over and started to suck his cock. She angled herself so that Tom could view her body and reach down to grab her breast. His cock felt good in her mouth. Tom loved the way that Tina was taking control of him. Most of the women he had sex with just wanted to lie there and have him satisfy them. It appeared to Tom that Tina was just out to satisfy him and it wasn’t going to take long as he was so aroused. He tried to think of ‘other’ things to delay his eruption. Watching her body as her head bobbed up and down and her mouth expertly sucked and licked at his cock her elegant fingers caressing his balls and probing towards his arse was going to be too much for him tonight. As Tina’s tongue flicked across his eye his balls released their seed and sprayed the back of her mouth.

“Mmm very tasty seems like you needed that!” Tina said as she turned to face him. He suddenly felt very guilty that he hadn’t satisfied her but looking at her in her stockings and pale blue panties it wasn’t going to be long ’til he did.

“Come here!” Tom said smiling. He wanted to kiss her and hold her like he had dreamed of so many times. They moved up the bed resting their heads on the pillow and Tom snuggled in behind Tina he let his hands explore her touching her gently like she was a piece of prized art. She felt so good; her skin was so soft under his hands. Tom started kissing her neck and hugging into her so tightly. Her perfume smelt so good mixed with the aroma of his musky smells.

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