Carving Her Initials Ch. 01

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My head hurt as I gradually woke up in my own bed, flat on my back. I tried to roll over only to discover that my hands and feet were tied to the bedposts. Still half asleep I shouted for my wife.

“Hey Dianne, what the hell is this?”

Dianne came into the room wearing a see-through baby doll nightie and an evil grin. “Next time you have a night out with the boys don’t get so sauced. Bill and Hank could barely carry you in before they fell over themselves.”

I chuckled but it made my head hurt more. Then I realized that I was not only tied up but completely naked. “Baby, were you dressed like that when they brought me home?”

“Yes, but so were Sue and Angie. The cab driver enjoyed the show so much he turned down his tip.” Sue was Hank’s wife, Angie was Bill’s. We partied together a lot since we became neighbors, but no swapping or swinging: Everyone was faithful to our own partners. Then the thought of three drop-dead gorgeous wives in Victoria’s Secret lingerie herding three drunken husbands to the right houses must have been something.

“I’ll be right back” Di said and turned back into the hallway.

I thought I’d go back to sleep, but my head hurt too much. I opened my eyes to see Dianne offering me a glass of tomato juice with a straw.

As I sipped I noticed she had put some towels on the bed next to me and what looked like tools on top of the towels. She noticed me looking and Muğla Escort giggled.

“Remember that National Geographic show we watched at Bill and Angie’s last week, Sweet Heart?”

Oh, shit, I thought.

“Remember how those African people were initiated? How they had all those cuts on their bodies to produce scars? Well, I thought it would be a good morning to initiate you, before your self administered anesthetic wore off.”

“Dianne, please don’t do something we’ll both regret” I begged. I had said I thought it was exciting, Hank had agreed and Bill said something, but I didn’t know the girls had overheard us.

“Oh, I won’t regret it at all” she said through her grin. “In fact I just know I’m going to be so proud of you. On the show they said the young men are not supposed to show any sign of fear while they’re being cut. My big brave hubby isn’t going to scream when I carve my initials in his chest.”

Oh shit, double shit I thought as she dragged a dry razor with a dull blade across my chest over my left nipple.

She picked up the knife and what looked like a hook and sat on the bed next to me. She planted a kiss on my cheek and whispered “You might want to look the other way” then shoved a washcloth into my mouth. I turned my head to the right and realized my headache was gone.

The first prick of the hook made me wince as she dug it into my skin and sliced Muğla Escort Bayan off a piece. “Nnngh!” Was all I could muster through the cloth in my mouth. She hooked and cut and occasionally she blotted the blood with the other towel. When she finished cutting she shook a can of talcum powder over the wound. “This should make it scar up nicely” she whispered as she took the cloth out of my mouth,

I tried to look down at my chest but I couldn’t make out anything but the last letter. Thank God it was the “A” from my last name, not the “K” of her maiden name.

She set the tools on the nightstand and turned back to me, planting a kiss on my lips and forcing her tongue into my mouth like she wanted to lick my eyeballs from the inside. Her right hand ran through my hair while with her left she fondled my balls and coaxed my limp penis to attention.

She pulled away and stood up to remove her panties which she pushed into my mouth, wet crotch first. Giggling like a school girl she climbed onto the bed to straddle me, positioning her cunt over my erection and lowered herself onto it. I don’t remember her box feeling so warm, wet and tight all at the same time.

If my hands had been free I would have fondled her breasts under the nightie, but as she rocked back and forth she did a fair job of fondling them herself. Gradually her right hand dropped down to her pubes to pull her clit Escort Muğla hood back so the clit made better contact with me as she moved. “Oh, God! Oh, God!” signaled her first orgasm, and a loud “Ooooo” signaled the second. Leaning forward she pulled the panties out of my mouth and replaced them with the tongue again.

She broke the kiss and my dick sprung out of her as she moved to position herself between my tied ankles. She lowered her mouth to my dick and began licking her own juice off of it before taking it into her lips, teasing me for every inch. It was my turn to yell “Oh God!” as my load exploded into her mouth.

She pulled herself up next to me and planted a kiss full of my jizz right into my mouth.

Then she leaned back on her elbow and with the other hand delicately touched my freshly wounded chest.

“When this scars up I’m going to run my fingers over it every time we make love” she whispered. “It will remind me of how much my brave husband loves me.”

I was about to say something, I don’t know what, when the phone rang. Di rolled over to reach it.

“Hello…Oh, hi Sue…Yes, It was magnificent!…Oh,..” She grabbed her panties and pushed them back into my mouth. “If I gave him a chance he’d tell you it was worth the pain. How’s Hank?…Oh…No, no, don’t start cutting until he wakes up.”

Oh shit, shit and triple shit I thought. The wives were carving their initials in all of us. They had this whole thing plotted out.

“Yeah, he needs to be awake to appreciate it. Hey, while you’re waiting why don’t you come over and see my work” she looked back at me. “No, I’m sure he won’t say anything.”

I wondered how Bill was doing with Angie.

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