Carrin Gets Lost

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Carrin swore again as she realized that she was hopelessly lost.

She pulled her hoverbil down to land to the side of the flyway, musing that at least there was still gravel on this one. Perhaps flying alone through the Kri’enden badlands hadn’t been such a great idea. At least she had plenty of water. And a map. The old-fashioned kind, one made of actual paper, rather than digital flyppaper that was used these days. Mrs. Welland didn’t keep flyppaper around and certainly no recent maps! She’d not gone anywhere in a long time, Carrin realized.

She looked at it again and wondered where she had gone wrong.

She heard a chuckling sound and put down the map to see a dark-skinned man grinning at her. It was Hellim Haver, who lived on the floor above her. He’d always looked at her like a man hungry, but she was grateful to see a friendly face now.

“Lost?” he asked needlessly.

“No, I’m standing here for the sun!” she quipped.

“Beautiful woman should not be sarcastic to the man who loves her.”

Carrin wondered about the bold statement, but felt it better to ignore it. “Mrs. Welland’s map is outdated.”

“No more than she is. I have to wonder if she’s ever used flyppaper for anything!” Hellim said. “Let me look at that.”

Carrin let him take the map from her. He looked it over and shook his head. “Most of these roads no longer exist, or are in poor condition. This flyway is this road here,” he pointed to the line. “It was never a major road until we started using hoverbils.”

“No gaziantep escort wonder I’m lost! But why are you here now?”

“Mrs. Welland wanted me to follow you, just in case.”

“She did?” Carrin asked, wondering what else the old woman was getting up to.

“Well, after I asked her anyway.”

Carrin met Hellim’s eyes. She had lived in Kri’enden for three years now. She came for school, but then got her first job in Joton, so she ended up staying. Her pale Towani skin made her stand out, but she often felt like she was half-Kri’enden by nature. Sure, she found the dark Kri’enden skin attractive, but she’d never considered anything more. The man looking at her now definitely wanted more! She blushed under his gaze.

His hand cupped the back of her head a split second before he pressed his lips to hers.

Carrin was surprised at how right it felt to kiss him. How tender his lips were, and how hungry. She felt as if a fire had started inside her. A hand stroked down her back and cupped her buttocks, holding her to him. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this… I will drive you crazy, then I will satisfy your deepest longing!” he promised.

Carrin wasn’t sure what he was hinting, but she didn’t want to spoil the moment. Her lips parted as his tongue demanded entry. She felt his hand brush the crotch of her jeans the moment before he pushed her against the hood of the hoverbil as he kissed her more deeply. She was surprised the she liked his flavor, the last guy who had given her the tongue had tasted stale and boring. Hellim was exciting!

He crushed her under his weight. She felt the bulge against her tenderest areas and had no doubt about what he wanted.

“We shouldn’t,” she protested as he let her breathe.

“Shouldn’t what?” he asked. “Shouldn’t kiss? Of course we should kiss!”

His mouth covered hers again and caressed her curves, pressing between her legs with his hand, then running back up under her shirt to the mounds on her chest. Carrin almost protested, but the moan that almost escaped her mouth would have proclaimed the liar she was.

Hellim lifted her shirt off her breasts and began to kiss one while fingering the other. He nipped her nipple just enough to make it firm. He ran his tongue around it. “Every day when I see you in the hall, I dream of giving you this pleasure!” he murmured, then put his mouth to the other cushion, toying with her nipple with his tongue. He sucked on it, pulling the whimper from her mouth that she had tried to hold back. “Beautiful ivory skin,” he murmured, as he kissed down her belly, stopping only to unbutton her jeans. He unzipped them and slid them down her hips. Then he resumed kissing.

His lips seared a line down her, until he reached the unruly hair which guarded her tender areas. Using his hands to move the hair aside, he continued burning her with the fire of his tongue.

Carrin cried out with pleasure when he reached her little pearl and flicked it with his tongue. He dove around it, caressing every nook and cranny of her pleasure center. She cried out again.

Hellim stood and lowered his pants off his hips, exposing his large, eagerness.

Carrin didn’t even try to stop him, but waited eagerly as he shoved it deep inside her. She cried out again.

“You feel so good!” he growled as he pounded into her.

Carrin cried out in desperate need and longing. She hadn’t had a man inside her since her first boyfriend before she left Towani, the one her mother didn’t like… the reason Carrin had been sent to Kri’enden in the first place, still underage at the time.

Hellim thrust deeper and faster, grunting and groaning with his own pleasure. He held her hips firmly as he pounded into her, skin slapping loudly. He grunted once more and Carrin felt him push all the way in as well as the twitch deep inside her that she knew was his release. And there was no condom, she remembered too late. Her body was already thanking her for the lapse of attention.

“You know that in Kri’enden, no man would marry a woman who was not pregnant with his child, right?” he asked.

Carrin shook her head. That was not one of the customs she was aware of – nor had she been aware of Hellim’s leya-sensitivity – though that wasn’t uncommon in Kri’enden.

“I will make you mine in the flesh,” Hellim informed. “Then I will make you mine on flyppaper too.”

Carrin grinned stupidly, his seed leaking slowly from her body.

He claimed her mouth with his tongue. She knew he was right… he had claimed her, she had let him… and she had loved every moment of it. She wouldn’t be returning to Towani any time soon.


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