Carrie’s Morning Wake Up

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Carrie stirred, stretching like a cat as she pushed the fog of slumber away. She turned to her side and reached across the bedding. Sighing when she found the cold spot of where her lover had lain, just so recently, she glumly sat up and started toward the bathroom. Her spirits lifted when she heard the shower running. She looked at the clock and saw that it was still before 6 am. She had time.

Brightly she opened the ensuite door. She looked in and saw his reflection in the mirror. The glass doors of the shower were only slightly spotted with water droplets, giving Carrie a clear view of her man. He stood under the stream of water, rinsing his hair. She could see his semi-hard cock bounce as the water flowed off the tip. His hands moved down his ripped body and stopped to stroke himself a couple of times. She moaned involuntarily as she saw him grow.

She heard him chuckle, “Come on in, Baby, I know you’re watching.”

“I thought you’d never ask! You know I need my morning wake up.” Her low, sexy voice muffled against his chest as he took her in his arms. She moved her mouth across his pec to his nipple, flicking her tongue across it, finding the tiny tip with göztepe genç escort her teeth, tugging it into her lips and sucking, the water flowing around her mouth. She licked some of it from his skin, moistening her palate and rinsing the night taste away.

She raised her eyes up to him and watched his face through the spray as her hand circled his hard cock. “Better than coffee..” she whispered. “I want some.” He caught her chin in his hand as he lowered his lips to hers.

“Okay, Carrie, as you say -” his words trailed off as he kissed her good morning.

She backed up, smiling, then slowly spiraled her tongue down along his body as she squatted, finally sitting on her heels with her lips just below the heavy weight of his pulsing hard on. The water sluiced off his body and Steve reached up to point the shower away from his shoulders soaking the cold wall with the hot stream.

She reached up and took him in her hand, guiding the velvet textured cock head over her lips. She licked and tasted the salty slipperiness of his precum on her mouth from inside the tiny opening. Steve thrust his hips at her suggestively and she smiled. göztepe olgun escort “Want. Me. To. Suck. It?” she asked, enunciating each word between slurps on his luscious cock.

“Oh fuck, Carrie. You’re a pure tease!”

“Nuh uh, Babe. Would a tease do this?” she moved her mouth over his cock, adjusting her head position and swallowing him as his cock slipped into the tight tube of her throat. She moved on and off his generous prick again and again. Sometimes letting him stay buried in her and others, sucking and twirling her tongue around his cock. Her hand strayed down to tug at her hard clit.

All too soon he held her head away from him. “I need to taste you now!” he rasped. Carrie rose to her feet and, with the water streaming over her and the wall, rested against the tiles. Steve knelt and lifted her leg up, her labia pouting and swollen, deep rose against the hot pink of her, inside. He twisted his tongue into her tight opening and then lapped along her slit to the hard nub of her clit. He felt her knees buckling with each swipe over that sensitive glans.

Relentlessly, he nibbled the pulsing nub with his lips, finally göztepe şişman escort sucking it into his mouth. He gripped it, carefully, in his teeth, as he kept the suction on her, his tongue massaging the gem he held so lovingly. He felt her nails in his scalp as she ground her pussy against his face. Her orgasm shook through her just as he slipped his finger into her tightness. “Fuck me!” she gasped as she convulsed in response and her strong muscles massaged his questing finger.

“Carrie, baby!” he stood and gripped her hips. Leaning back against the wall he raised her up. She grabbed the top of the shower doors and the holder for the shower head. Steve sucked her nipple in as her pussy sucked his cock up inside. He pulled her forcefully onto him and she cried out as he bumped into her, finding the limit of her vagina.

His cock slid over her gspot, massaging that secret place so sweetly. His thrusts excited every nerve of her pussy. Steve guided her body up and down his shaft while Carrie mindlessly cooed encouragement, goading him on in his fucking. Too soon, she was so close to the peak of feeling. She begged him to keep going, not to stop and in short glorious moments she came.

As he held his erection inside her powerful, orgasmic contractions gripped his cock. Steve felt the answering boil rising through him. Thrusting as she spasmed, her sheath seeming to suck him up tighter, against her womb, he grunted and released Carrie’s morning wake up high inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32