Carpe Diem – Epilogue

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After about three months of phone sex and weekend trysts every two to three weeks, my grey-eyed man finally came back to town. He’s been here for six months now and, bizarrely, we still can’t get enough of each other. We have to program time to see our friends and take our respective classes, or else we’d spend all our time shagging.

Take Saturday last for instance. I was back at my place doing some housework, while he was shooting hoops at the Y. I’d just finished doing the kitchen floor when he rang the bell. The buzz-in’s been sticking lately, so I had to go down and open the front door. I was still wearing my rubber gloves, sweatpants and a t-shirt, with my hair up in a messy bun and sticking to my forehead where I’d worked up a bit of a sweat. Not at all sexy. At least I didn’t think so.

As soon as I opened the door, he dropped his bag inside, grabbed me round the ass, and started to kiss me hard. Before I knew it, he’d set me down on the stair and was removing my clothes as quick as he could. (I debated keeping the gloves on, but decided some product residue might cause a nasty irritation.) The edge of the step above was digging into my back, as he sucked my tit and I tried to pull his t-shirt off. I had to pull his head away so I could actually get his cock out of his clothes. Fucking on the stairs was not comfortable on my knees, and it took some trial and error to work out which step he should stand on, which one I should kneel on, and which one I should put my elbows on. But once we got it right, the sensations were so electrifying that we both came really quickly, and so loudly that the neighbours must have heard (the stairwell is right next door to their living room).

But that wasn’t all. I’d made some lunch, so we ate it and then screwed on the kitchen table; my ass balanced precariously on the edge, hardly touching each other, both of us watching his cock plunge in and out of me, like in some porn film. Keeping with the theme, just as I came he pulled out of me and shot his load all over my stomach and tits, not to mention my bağdat caddesi şişman escort already messy hair and the kitchen floor. (So much for housework.)

Of course, then we had to take a shower, and off we went again, with me clinging to the edge of the window frame, him with his hands on my tits and his balls slapping up to my ass. And that’s not including over the back of the sofa, the blowjob I gave him before supper (or was it after?), and him eating me while we were supposed to be watching a movie on TV. By the time we went to bed, I think we were ready just to sleep.

It sounds like we do nothing but fuck, but that’s not true. You should hear us discussing the finer philosophical points of a novel, or the socio-psychological implications of a film, or the political situation of the day. He makes me laugh. I make him laugh. We both love history, architecture and psychology. We’ve met each other’s families and actually liked them. But he just makes me feel so, so naughty. And apparently, I have the same effect on him.

So yesterday, after we ate a dessert of fresh fruit and whipped cream off and out of each other’s bodies, we seriously talked about our obsessive tendency. I mean, most relationships tend to calm down after a few months. By this stage, couples aren’t fucking several times a day anymore. Even in the week, when we both have to work, we’re talking before breakfast, after work, after supper, at bedtime, often in the middle of the night, and sometimes at lunchtime when I run over and meet him at his house. We were starting to get worried that there wouldn’t be much to our relationship without the sex. So we’ve decided to take a break. Five whole days of abstinence: Sunday to Friday. Seeing each other, yes. Sleeping in the same bed, yes. Holding each other, yes. Kissing, yes. But no sex. No touching of genitals of any sort.

Day 3 — and it’s pretty difficult. Every time I think of him I get wet, and I have to go to the bathroom and masturbate most days. On the evenings we see bağdat caddesi ucuz escort each other, which is 5 out of 7, we’ve had to seriously control ourselves. I don’t think we’ve been getting much sleep — it’s not easy to relax when your pussy is aching and his hard-on is sticking into your back. On the plus side, we’ve spent time working on finding him a job here so he can stay in my city, and we’ve shared more stories about our childhoods and aspirations, so it’s been nice. Really. No, really.

The week is up. It’s Friday night. He’s waiting for me at his apartment as usual and I am on my way round there now. I’m soaking wet just thinking about it. I am ready to jump him as soon as I get through the door. I’m here, pressing the buzzer: “It’s me.” The main door opens and I go into the hall, already letting my bag drop from my shoulders so I can just fling it somewhere as soon as I get into his apartment. His front door opens and I step in, shutting it behind me and dropping my bag. He’s opening his mouth to say something, but I don’t want to talk. My finger flies to his lips, “Shhh!” I pull him by the shoulders towards me, backing up against the door, taking his face in my hands and kissing him hard and deep.

His hands are pulling my skirt up, pushing down the back of my panties, squeezing my ass-cheeks. My chest is heaving. I can feel he is rock-hard already and I so want to feel him inside me RIGHT NOW!

Ugh! He’s slipped his finger into my pussy. I am so wet. I push him away with both hands on his chest; not too far. I pull his t-shirt out of his pants and over his head, and stand back, defying him with my eyes. He grabs my top at the neck and… Oh My God! He just ripped it right off me! Straight down the front! Fuck! That is hot!

My turn now. I grab the waistband of his jeans and pull. Old, well-worn 501s just come undone so easily. And he’s not wearing underwear! Talk about eager. A little push and there they are falling down around his ankles. He kicks them aside. He is stark bollock-naked, bağdat caddesi yabancı escort as they say where I come from; his cock standing to attention and the crown glistening with pre-cum. Good enough to eat. But I’m not going to eat him yet. First I want him to fuck me hard. And he knows it.

Ugh! He’s slammed me against the door with his body, lifting me up with his hands under my thighs. I yank my skirt out from between our bodies, and I can feel his prick pushing on my panties. If I can just get my hand down there and pull them aside…. Ugh! That’s it, I can feel the head of his cock sliding over my clit and inner lips as he lifts me just a little higher and… Ohhh! God! Yes! Oh God! I’ve missed that so much!

He’s carrying me over to the dining table, setting me down, lifting my legs up to his shoulders as I prop myself on my elbows. I make the most of it to hike my skirt up further and my knickers over a bit more. He’s pushing my bra over my tits and tweaking my nipples, making me convulse around his cock. I stare him in the eyes hard. He knows what I want him to do, and he puts his hands on my waist and draws his hips back so, so, so slowly, almost all the way. My stomach muscles are tensing as I feel and see him slide out, waiting for it. And then, Aaaaoooh! He’s rammed into me and my head is thrown back. Fuck! That felt good! He feels SO good — long, hard strokes, and now shorter already and harder, harder, harder, harder. Oh Christ! I am gonna cum real soon! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! He’s let my legs fall and is half lying on me, his hand under my shoulder, pulling me towards him, his other hand on the table under my half-raised leg, as he bends to kiss me hard, still pounding into me, making my ass rock on the surface of the table. Oh God!, Oh Jesus fucking Christ! I can feel my walls expanding and him thrusting more quickly. This is it! The wave is spreading up through my body and down at the same time, and nnnNNN! Aaaoooh! Aaaaaoooooh! As he grunts and groans himself, pressing into me and pumping his hot cum deep inside my pussy.

I drop my back onto the table, panting, and he collapses on top of me, moaning. “Man, that was intense,” he says, and I have to agree as I wrap my legs and arms around him and kiss his shoulder and neck. Worth it? I don’t know. What I do know is that even if this relationship doesn’t go anywhere, I will be able to say that I had the fucking time of my life!

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