Carnival of Delights Pt. 05: Ezra

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There wasn’t much in Ezra’s life that hadn’t gone his way. A comfortable upbringing had erased any unease that often led to dangerous habits. Confidence was never foreign to him and as he grew did it revert to cockiness. His looks akin to a god while his mind had him able to control his peers with relative ease. In short he was a king and he was used to life treating him as such. After a certain point it had become expected.

There was nothing kingly about his current predicament. Nothing about his life hinted he would ever endure such heartless abuse. But there he stood, shirtless, in tight briefs and shackled in a room awaiting his punishment. Despite his folly Ezra had never been stupid. Yes, he was foolish but he had the brains to pick up his surroundings and put the pieces of the puzzle together. He knew whatever hell that was coming his would be a grand display.

Ezra had in fact been waiting over eight hours for his demise. Like the others he was ushered off into his cruel confinement. Unlike the others he had roughly six men escorting him. Their strength had outweighed his own but there was still some pride knowing he had invoked enough unease to be corralled by a mass group. Given he was holding a special purpose he had been expecting special treatment. He was brought along the outskirts of the fair to an area the employees were gathered. From there he was dragged towards a portable before being stripped down and forced into the shower. The shower was where the group showed their purpose. The men held him down to give him a thorough washing before shaving his virgin pud. Once he was clean it was time to dress him. An impressive leather collar was locked around his neck with matching cuffs for each limb. The underwear they gave a soft cotton and tighter than he was used to. They squeezed his ass and cupped his crotch enticing comments from others. After he was dressed they covered him in moisturizer and cologne before styling his hair. He was then brought to his final destination which lay in a wooden cabin within earshot of the hustle and bustle.

Now Ezra stood, silently waiting for whatever hell was headed his way. The room he was in could only play on his imagination and leave him pondering what would be done to him. A bedroom would be the closest term he would choose given the four-poster bed. The barred windows gave feel to a much colder atmosphere instead of a homey room. The nightstand with bottles of lubricant made his stomach shift uneasily while the cuffs on his limbs robbed him of self defense. The other thing that added to his unease was the lack of dildos or plugs anywhere. How loud could a king scream if someone went in with minimal prep and care? He heard enough girls squeal and felt enough asses clench to know comfort was far from his grasp. Ezra swallowed the nausea and shifted on his feet.

The jock found his body flexing trying to show off his figure menacingly as the scrape of a lock could be heard and the door swung open. What could be construed as low growl was heard from him and he pulled at his bonds hoping to rip them away. Laughter sounded the room next as the man in glittery outfit, top hat, and cane walked in.

“None of your other boys managed to bite your tongue off?” Ezra sneered not moving his blue eyes from the carny.

“Nice to see you haven’t lost that fight.” The man chuckled pausing three feet from the angered jock.

Ezra’s chest heaved as he stared down his captor, almost urging him to get started with the twisted games. His cold expression was met with a smile and the carny pulled out a water bottle and straw.

“I think you’ll be happy to know your wait is finally over. Some lucky guy has finally won the raffle. He’ll be heading over within fifteen minutes to claim his prize.”

The carny slapped Ezra on the ass and moved away just as the kid lunged at him. A slew of curses and shouts escaped the angered young man giving an image that looked like a rabid beast instead of well raised stud. Once the yells ended the carny brought the drink close to the enraged face.

“Trust me you’ll need some. Think I even feel bad after seeing the man who ended up with you.”

Mocking pity was not what Ezra was in the mood for. Once again he lunged for the man having the water spill on the floor.

“Get the fuck out of here,” he snarled.

“Alright kid, I tried. But if you want to walk out of here then I suggest listening to the man. Good luck stud.”

With that last statement the carny left. Ezra remained still, eyes glued to his only escape. Once again the door was locked. He knew the only way to get out was to take down the freak set to see him. He was strong and the chains that held him wouldn’t break, if he could get them around the man’s neck then he stood a better chance. Equipped with a plan Ezra waited.

Damien Black moved through the carnival. A day of fun games, fatty foods and infectious smiles from his partner had his energy raised to a high. Winning the raffle was simply the cherry on top. A beautiful Maltepe Escort young virgin never failed to be the prize but once he gotten the pictures of the one promised to him his mind began to race with twisted desires. Cracking the stud’s jaw open and watching him gag on his oversized meat would surely be a delicious way to get the fun started. Tossing him onto the bed and sticking him before he could fathom what had just happened was another idea to break away the jock’s ego. He felt his cock throb in excitement as he moved towards the cabin.

“He sure looks strong daddy.”

Damien looked to Reid who now had the young stud’s picture in hand. Damien knew Reid would never share hesitation in breaking a young man with his daddy, but he could still always see unease on the young man.

“And it’s all for show. Bet a man like that has never had to use those muscles for anything important. Throwing a ball and catching pussy is all he’s used to. He’ll be crying like a bitch in your daddy’s arms,” Damien said.

Damien placed an arm around his partner pulling him in. He kissed the young man on the cheek before adding another bit, “Seem to remember another young man full of vigor.”

Now Reid was smiling. He paused with his daddy looking over the cabin. He eyed the wooden confinement paired with the bars on the windows and guard near the door.

“Another reason to worry,” Reid said with a playful smirk. “You like him too much I might need to share my daddy more than I prefer.”

“That is never something you’ll need to worry about.” Damien growled, slapping Reid’s oh so tight ass. “I had the men set you up in an adjacent cabin. You’ll have a TV to watch your daddy play and some toys to enjoy for yourself. See you soon.”

Reid gave his daddy one last kiss before heading towards his own designated spot. Once the young man disappeared inside the building Damien turned his attention to the cabin. He licked his lips running a hand over his growing bulge. He had been enjoying the attractions all day but was ready for a challenge. Yearning to break in a young stallion he moved forward. Once the cruel man disappeared into the cabin he nearly collapsed at the beauty gifted to him.

Breathing had been lost on both as they gazed at each other. For the two men such a sight to be seen was considered rare. Neither had the words to express but both found themselves in deep admiration of what was looking back.

The minute of silence finally ended with a rattle of the chains caused by Ezra taking a step back. The retreat in turn was caused by Damien’s smile. Understanding he had just presented more submissive than he wanted to Ezra snapped at the large figure.

“So, you’re the fag who’s going to try and rape me?”

“Yep, I’m the fag who’s going to rape you.”

The voice that left the man could be compared to a beastly growl. Ezra forced himself not to flinch away from the looming man. He watched the psycho’s dark eyes move over him and the corner of the lip curve upward. And finally, Ezra felt a cold chill shoot through him and his stomach quickly dropping to his feet. He wasn’t sure if this was a fight he could win.

Damien turned away from the jock and moved towards the bed. He reached for the nightstand looking over the large bottle of lubricant. He smiled and popped open the package breaking the seal. After the lubricant was time for the bed. The grey sheets were nice but they wouldn’t leave the humiliation he wanted. He quickly stripped the bed before reaching for the drawer to the nightstand rifling through the different choices. The white ones embroidered with flower petals was what he chose. He silently dressed the bed before setting up the pillows in a welcoming fashion. With each movement he took he noticed the rattling of chains. He couldn’t help but smile to himself about the jock shaking in his boots.

Ezra swallowed the lump in his throat forcing the tears back down. The large man brought his hand down to finish smoothing the sheets. A shaky breath escaped him as the lubricant bottle was turned to face the bed and the crude label of fuck water clear as day. To add more horror to his situation the bed squeaked as the man stood up from it. He locked his blue eyes on the cruel attacker as the man stepped forward.

“Your pictures don’t do you justice. You really are a sight for sore eyes.” Damien sighed.

The moment to question the pictures washed away as Ezra felt a hand move over his cheek. It stroked him lovingly before moving to his lips. Now a meaty finger was running along the outline. His anger boiled to the surface and he lunged for the large man hoping to wrap the chains around his meaty neck.

Avoiding the oncoming attack was easy. Damien chuckled to himself as the young man shrieked at him. He smiled at the homophobic comments waiting for his time to speak. As he looked at the young man he couldn’t hold back the sigh. This really was a beautiful specimen. The way the muscles strained with each yell and the chest Anadolu Yakası Escort heaved with each breath threatened drool to escape his lips. Before he could continue he would need to regain his composure. They both would.

Ezra’s rant continued for roughly five minutes. To his frustration his shrieks, lunges, spitting, and torments were all received with a smile. Once a moment of quiet hit and he was panting in his chains did the man finally speak.

“Are you done?”

Yelling was only wasting valuable energy but resorting to submissive silence wasn’t his way either.

“Going to take these chains off me and face me like a man? Or are we too scared to play without some protection?” He snarled.

“I’m surprised you’ve moved on from the pictures so quickly. All the men I’ve met here haven’t been able to let go of the fact they’re on camera.” As Damien spoke he kept his eyes on the young man. Longing to see the emotion of knowing his rape would be on display for many. The young man did flinch slightly but remained his ground. He took a step forward not stopping eye contact. Damien couldn’t withhold from the next comment, “I can tell you’re going to be a fun one. Be sure to keep that attitude for when I get in there. Screaming virgins are always a favorite.”

“Go fuck yourself you dumb fucking faggot!” Ezra yelled. “Is this the only way you can get your kicks? No one wants a sad, lonely, old man?!”

It was now had Damien taken a step towards the young man leaning towards him. He planted his lips by the jock’s ear whispering into it. “The funny thing is before this is all over you’ll be begging for my cock. Save your energy stud, it’s time to play.”

Ezra was expecting a hand to shoot for his throat or ass but instead the man took a step behind him. A key was brought out and he felt his left arm being unshackled. Both men took a breath waiting; both getting ready for the fight that was inevitable. Ezra took a calm breath setting himself straight. Now was not the time to fall into the fear of what could happen. The only thing that would happen was his escape. He had been here long enough and it was time to leave. In no way was some twisted fuck getting him on his stomach. His second arm was finally freed and he reacted like a bullet out of a gun.

Damien was more than ready, his entire life was built around survival. It was fair to say he had stopped playing for survival years ago but it never stopped him from seeing his victim’s perspective. As much as a game this was to him everything the young man held sacred was threatened to be shattered. Once he got the stud onto the bed he could claim victory but until then he needed to heed caution as he corralled this raging bull.

It was if the room was heating up from the battle going on. Words were now replaced with grunts, growls and the occasional curse. Heavy thuds echoed throughout the cabin as the two men wrestled and collided for control. The testosterone fuelled grapple was quickly pulling at both men’s sanity. Human thought was washed away and replaced with a primal urge for conquer and defence. Howls and shrieks now sounded the cabin as Damien got a good grasp on his young toy and began hauling it to the bed.

He was staring out red eyes near foaming at the mouth. This beautiful young thing was now helplessly clawing at the hands that held him. Its lovely blue eyes stricken with sheer panic and screams for help and murder ran from its soft lips. Damien’s reaction was a deep growl. He was ready, he was more than ready. This lovely toy needed to feel his cock. This beautiful young thing needed to know who it belonged to, who the one in control really was. In his grip he may have a king but at the moment he knew he was a god.

Ezra was stuck between fighting to keep away from the bed and remove the hand from his throat. His eyes bulged out and he sputtered trying to stop the room from spinning. When he finally choked in a greedy breath he realized he was lying on the bed. His attacker moved swiftly. The hand that was on his throat now secured to his jaw wrenching it open. His legs kicked and he arched his back as he heard the belt buckle. This man was quick. Soon enough a heavy weight was straddling his chest and a fast hand fisting into its underwear. Ezra’s eyes widened in shock as the underwear was lowered and a ripe cock was pulled out.

Tears pricked to his eyes immediately. There was no way it was going to fit. His attacker seem to sense his doubt as he felt his mouth being widened. He locked eyes with his rapist glaring up at the man. A smile came upon the heavily muscled attacker then the head slipped past his plump lips.

The previous notion of biting was thwarted as the muscular hand kept his mouth from closing. Now that his only form of defense was ripped away he began to sink into the humiliation of his situation. He was this man’s fucktoy. The water works started and he began to beg like a princess over the massive tool.

Damien let out a deep sigh as İstanbul Escort he eased his cock into the stud’s warm throat. He was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the begging started. Currently gagged pleas were causing a deep vibration around his member.

“Fuck you have a good throat boy. You eat cock so well, that’s it take it in.”

Ezra continued to kick, sputter and beg over the oversized member. How could this be happening? This wasn’t him. He commanded respect, dignity… now he was on his back with some man humping his face like a useless pussy. His cries increased and he beat his fists upon the man’s thighs.

Damien was in heaven. His eyes rolled into his head as the cabin was sounded with messy slurping. Drool would build up in the puffed up cheeks and on occasion Damien would wipe it. When he sensed the stud understood his purpose he removed his hand from the jaw and took two fistfuls of black hair. He couldn’t retain the smile as the young man continued to bob and slurp over his throbbing cock.

Ezra’s tears continued to flow, the humiliation burned but there was nothing he did to stop the onslaught. It was easier to convince himself and say he was trying to save his ass with the best blowjob known to man.

“Fuck yeah baby, you’re taking it so well. How about we pick up the pace.”

Ezra’s eyes widened in horror a two fingers slowly came over pinching his nose. His breathing automatically came to a halt as the fat sausage remained lodged in his pipe.

“Yes! That’s it. Gag on it,” Damien growled rotating his hips.

Ezra’s gagging was now paired with kicking. His feet drummed on the bed as he helplessly pushed on the man’s muscular thighs. thirty seconds and the desperation hit. He began rolling side to side, twitching near convulsions, scratching at the hairy thighs… anything to stop the pain.

“Relax sweetheart, I ain’t going to kill you.”

Air, glorious air. Ezra lurched backwards about a foot curling towards the side hacking and choking over the beautiful clean air. He set out a shaky hand trying to steady his spinning world. It hadn’t even been twenty minutes and he felt like he just ran a marathon. His tear-filled eyes then moved up to his attacker and the swinging weapon between his legs. His head shook as the tears fell.

“Please, I’m sorry. Please for whatever in hell got me here just don’t let this man hurt me. Please God, I don’t want him to rape me.”

A shiver of excitement shot up Damien’s spine as the young man prayed for his virginity. His reaction was to promptly kick off the rest of his clothes and place a hand on the shaking jock’s waist. He smiled down at his prey licking his lips. He knew his added comment was cruel but fear is such a turn on.

“Don’t forget to smile for the cameras.”

A minuscule amount of fight hit Ezra. Not enough to overthrow his attacker but enough to add another round of excitement for all watching. He squealed, kicked backwards and shot forwards. Damien couldn’t help but giggle as he lunged forward towards his desperate prize.

Ezra heard another growl as he was slammed hard onto the bed. He was promptly rolled to his stomach before the man climbed on top of him. Once again Ezra began mewling and screeching for an end to the shame.

Damien had one hand on the jock’s scruff holding him in place and the other was tracing the fabric to the underwear. Unwrapping gifts was always preferred. With a gleeful smile he ripped the jock’s briefs off aiming his hardon for that sweet crack. Damien now ground against the muscular stud, sucking on his earlobe and promising the sweetest pain. Ezra’s reaction was to promise a blowjob if his ass was spared.

“Really want to save your ass?” Damien cooed in the distressed jock’s ear.

“Yes! Anything, please.”

“Alright then, suck these.”

Two fingers placed themselves by Ezra’s mouth and he obediently opened. He had never done this before but had many girls suck on his own. Hoping to save himself he began to eagerly suckle on the salty fingers.

“Get them nice and went. And I want you to moan as you do it, you know like a real bitch does.”

Ezra was in a frenzy, his eyes closed and he let out a feminine moan slurping on the thick fingers. He was sure to run his tongue over them coating them in thick globs of his saliva. The fingers began to slow move back and forth and amped up the suction to draw them deeper.

“Good boy, now the third.”

Ezra obliged. He allowed the third finger to slip inside and began going down on it like the cock that was just in his mouth. Hoping to bring the man closer he thrust his ass back pushing against the strong form. Feeling the cock twitch and hearing a long moan informed him he was doing well. It was close to another minute of rutting before the fingers withdrew and ventured south.

“Wait, what-“

Ezra was brutally interrupted by a cold comment and two slimy fingers circling his virgin pud, “You’re such a fucking idiot.”

It was a gasp he let out and a chuckle Damien gave. With a rough shove the two lubricated fingers passed his enclosed entrance and began to stretch him out. His entire body tensed giving his attacker the time to position himself. His legs were promptly kicked apart while the heavy body pinned him onto the bed.

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