Carnal Coworkers

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Diane and Steve had grown very close…not only did they work together, but they spent many lunch hours together. They even took trips together with their spouses. And while they had shared a hug or kiss as friends, their relationship was purely platonic. They were vice-presidents of a fortune 500 company and they were working late on a multi-million dollar sales presentation.

They were in Steve’s office…a spacious suite with a large oak desk, an antique given to him by his grandfather. Thick lush carpeting covered the floor and 2 overstuffed couches were against the walls…an area where people gathered to discuss company strategies. Diane was sitting on one of the couches reviewing some documents…the grandfather clock in the corner chimed 8 times…she kicked off her shoes and swung her long legs up onto the cushions.

Steve was at his desk…he glanced over at Diane and admired her beauty. She looked so alluring on the couch…her skirt pushed up to reveal just a glimpse of her thigh…her breasts filling out her blouse…her hair, normally worn tight to her head, was now cascading down over her shoulders. She put down the papers and stretched out her body…a big yawn escaped as she raised her arms above her head. Her breasts rising and falling.

Steve’s mind wandered to a trip the two couples took to Cancun. The wives had enjoyed a few margaritas and decided to entertain the boys with a trip to a topless beach. Steve still remembered the moment Diane removed her bikini top and cupped her luscious breasts…so firm and full…without any inhibition she spent the afternoon running around the beach, breasts bobbing…nipples hardening like pencil erasures when she jumped in the water…he even felt her breasts against his bare back once as she grabbed for a frisbee he was ready to throw. He was feeling as aroused now as he did then.

Diane flashed a big, beautiful smile in Steve’s direction asking him how the presentation was coming together. She got off the couch and walked towards him saying she needed to take a break. Diane stood behind him and massaged his shoulders…something they often did for each other to help relieve the tension. He could smell her perfume…her breasts occasionally rubbed across the back of his head as she worked the tightness out of the muscles. His moans told her she was hitting the right spots.

He offered to return the favor. Diane untucked her blouse and Travesti laid down on the couch. Steve’s big, firm hands began to work up and down her back…massaging her shoulders and the tight muscles along her spine. She said her lower back was particularly tight. Steve slipped up the bottom of her blouse…his warm hands touching her bare skin…squeezing and kneading her aching muscles. He worked his way up to her bra and back down…slid around to her sides letting his fingertips glide gently down to the top of her skirt…he leaned over and kissed the back of her neck, his growing lust clouding his judgment.

Diane moaned and giggled at the same time…she was so relaxed…so sexy. Her skirt had worked its way up to her ass cheeks giving Steve a good look at her firm, trim thighs. He moved down to her feet and started massaging them…as his fingers worked on the bottom of her feet he could look up and see her crotch…her panties stretched tight over the lips of her cunt…he worked his way up her legs…past her calves and to her thighs. Diane spread her legs apart wider as he got closer and closer…he could feel the heat…his mind was racing thinking that his hands were separated from her pussy by only the thin material of her lacy panties.

Diane raised her head and looked over her shoulder at him. Steven, you have gotten me so worked up…I was just laying here fantasizing about getting fucked…it was so incredible…it was as if I could feel a thick cock slipping in and out of me…the warm, wet lips of a man sucking on my breasts as his big hands squeezed my ass cheeks.

Steve crawled up to Diane and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. There was no resistance…quite the contrary…Diane was feverish. She pulled him close her hand sliding to his crotch stroking his swollen member through his slacks…This is what I want she moaned…I want to suck and fuck your cock.

Things started to happen fast then…they both slipped out of their clothes. Steve paused to watch as Diane released her captive breasts from her bra…she stepped towards him allowing him to kiss each nipple. Then she stepped back and turned around bending over as she removed her panties…the view was incredible…first her luscious ass came in full view…then her puffy pussy lips framed between her gorgeous thighs. She slip a finger up and down her slit…then pulled the lips apart . Steve could already see the izmir Travesti dampness as her pinkness glistened in the light.

Diane stood up and walked over to Steve…she pulled his underwear down to his ankles…his thick cock springing free. She was on her knees in nothing flat…licking the full length of his throbbing dick…her tongue flicking around the tip as her small hand stroked the shaft. Her tongue dabbed a drip of precum from his slit…Diane pulled back and looked up at Steve…the cum stringing from his dick to her mouth…she smiled and licked her lips.

Steve was feeling his passion turn to lust. He picked up Diane in his arms and they kissed…tongues entangled…her breasts pressed tightly against his chest. He carried her to the desk…pushed everything to the floor and lay her down on her back. He lay on top of her for awhile as they kissed some more…Diane grinding her wet pussy against his swollen cock. Then he started moving down to her neck…light kisses…his tongue leaving a trail of saliva as he worked towards her breasts. Diane started fingering her pussy as Steve sucked on first one nipple and then the other…his tongue flicking around the hardening buds and Diane’s moans became louder and more impatient…she wanted to feel his tongue and lips on her juice drenched pussy.

He kissed across her stomach watching as Diane’s fingers worked on her clit…then slid in deep..over and over she did this…her juices running down her ass…coating the inside of her thighs. She felt his warm breath…then the tip of his tongue as it ran up one lip and down the other. Diane grabbed his head savagely and pulled him tight to her cunt…his tongue plowed deep like a small cock fucking her wanton hole. She was bucking against his face…rubbing her pussy juices everywhere…his nose smashed against her clit providing even more stimulation. He reached up and twisted her nipples as he sucked her clit between his lips…suddenly, Diane tensed…the muscles in her stomach started to quake and ripple…wave after wave of orgasm overpowered her body…Steve kept on sucking on her clit and Diane kept on cumming and cumming…her body drenched in a hot sweat…little mewing sounds coming from her mouth…she spasmed again…then her body relaxed.

Steve crawled over her and kissed her…her breathing still staggered…her tongue savoring her pussy juices from his face. She smiled Konya Travesti at him and said you still haven’t fucked me…I want to fill full of cock. Steve was more than ready.

He rolled Diane over then bent her over the edge of the desk…her soaked ass and pussy stuck up in the air…he grabbed his rigid pole and slowly rubbed it up and down Diane’s swollen lips…he could hear the juiciness as the head rubbed against her…she pressed back against him…the head penetrating her cunt. He grabbed hold of her hips and then slipped the head in and out several times. Give me your fucking cock…screamed Diane…I need to be fucked…ram me deep and hard.

Steve flexed his hips…in one powerful thrust he was buried deep in her cunt…she gasped as the bulbous head of his dick plowed through her cunt…by now he was like an animal…ramming her harder and deeper with each piston like motion…the sounds of their skin slapping together filled the room…his balls keeping a cadence on her cum drenched thighs. Diane got up on her arms…pushing back trying to devour more of Steve’s vieny pole…grinding hard each time the head bottomed out deep in her womb.

Her breasts were swinging freely from the impact of the fucking she was receiving…Steve reached around and twisted and squeezed her nipples…he could feel her cunt tighten and spasm…then her body quivered as a scream escaped Diane’s lips…she was cumming again…he could feel her juices running down his balls…she was nearly incoherent as she kept begging for him to keep ramming her…to make her cum more and more…

Steve pulled out and rolled Diane over…he crawled on top of her…his body resting on hers. He re-entered her juicy cunt…holding her hands above her head he kissed her deeply as he jackhammered his cock deep in her hole…he knew his orgasm was near…Diane wrapped her legs around his waist…almost spurring him on as he fucked her. Then it happened…Diane knew Steve was about to cum as his body tensed…his cock swelled inside her hot sheath and he pounded her harder than he had all night. He groaned as his cock emptied his cum deep in her pussy…one geyser after another until he was spent.

The two slid to the floor…the soft cushioning of the carpet caressing their bodies and they kissed in the afterglow of a moment both had long fantasized about. Steve could feel his cum dripping from Diane’s cunt as she straddled him…kissing him deeply.

The night didn’t end there…the project never got finished…Steve and Diane had lost time to make up for so they immersed themselves in an ocean of passion and lust…unleashing those years of desire and fantasies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32