Carmilla’s Perfume

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Molly was a typical housewife who lived in a “white picket fence” life. She was a mother, cook, gardener, and a wife to a respectable businessman name George. The only problem with Molly’s perfect world was her marriage. Despite his busy schedule, George didn’t seem to be intimate with Molly like he use to.

One day, a friend of Molly’s came over to her house for coffee and treats. They started to get into the conversation about sex. Molly’s friend bragged about her how great her sex life was while Molly gazed down at her coffee.

“Molly, when was the last time you and George had sex?” her friend asked.

“In a very long time,” Molly answered. Her friend had an idea and dug her hand in her purse. She pulled out a beautiful black bottle with a red ribbon around it.

“It is called ‘Carmilla’s Perfume’. I brought it a week ago. It has a sweet scent to it that makes you feel so naughty,” she said. She pushed the bottle towards Molly.

“Try it and see what George thinks,” her friend said. After her friend’s visit, Molly went to go take a bath. As she lied in the tub, she stared at the perfume bottle and began to put a little bit on herself. She smiled while she daydream about George. Her hands traveled down her body. Before she knew it, one of her fingers gebze escort made its way inside of her. She moan as she opened her legs wide. Molly didn’t know why she was doing it, but she liked it. She gazed at the perfume bottle and began to slow down. She had to have George soon. When she got out of the tub, Molly called her husband and beg him to come home right after he got out of work.

Molly went back to her daily routines and then went shopping. That night, Molly put on her a lace corset with fishnet shockings. She positioned herself as George entered the house. He sat his briefcase down and called out for Molly. She answered him from his home office room. There he spoted her sitting on his desk. He had a grin on his face as he went closer to her.

“So where are everyone?” he asked.

“The kids are with their babysitter so it is just you and me,” she answered.

“So what is the occasion?” he questioned her. Molly smiled.

“George, you know you are the man of my life, but lately I haven’t really show you,” she began to explain.

“I love what you are showing me right now,” he responded, letting his hands roam around her breast, smelling her neck.

“I want us to do more göztepe escort together if you know what I mean,” Molly said while one of her hands started to play with his dick through his pants.

“And I know how to start doing that,” he responded. George picked Molly up and carried her to his big chair. He kneeled down and pressed his face between her legs. His teeth grabbed whole of the side of her thong. He took her corset off of her and ripped the thong off of her with his own bare hands. She ripped the shirt and tie off of him. He grabbed her face to kiss her. Putting her back in his chair, Molly spread her legs letting George play with her pussy with his tongue. She threw herself back while he ate her out like an animal. He, soon, began to finger her. She moan and cried with excitement. She stroked his head. When he put out his wet finger from her, he gave it to his wife to lick. His tongue started to work its way up to Molly’s lips. She made her husband stand up and drop his pants. Molly was no longer an ordinary housewife. She became a sex monster. She let her tongue play with the head of George’s big dick and worked it into her mouth. She grabbed whole of his ass while she continue to stroke him.

George halkalı escort wanted more. He placed her on top of the desk and kissed her lips and breast.

“I want it, George. I want it now!” she cried. He teased her with his dick and then slide it inside of her. She watched her husband hold her legs apart while he fucked her. George was just in much sexual heat as Molly. He pick her back up while keeping himself inside her. Molly cried with passion as she started to bounce on it. George never seen his wife that way for all the time they were married, but he didn’t complaint. They kissed to slow the hot tension between them but it was too late. Molly bend over at a window, letting George taste her from behind.

“Honey, I don’t know if it is your perfume or the thing you just did to me. I can’t get enough of you,” he said, sliding himself back inside her.

“Slap my ass, George! I am such a whore!” she shouted. He did just that.

“You are a sexy whore,” he responded. Molly’s breast were pressed against the glass. Sure anybody could see them in plain sight but the couple didn’t care. George’s dick then became a ticking time bomb. Molly and George fell to the floor. She got on top of him to make the big finish. As she made her ass slam up and down on his cock, she let out a scream. Their lust exploded into the hot air, leaving them soak and worn out. They gazed into each other’s eyes again just like any married couple. From then on, the more Molly use the perfume, the more sex she got from George. Whither she was influenced or found comfidence, Molly’s friend never saw perfume bottle again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32