Carmen Ch. 03: The Stairs

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Walking up the stairs was harder to do than I thought it would be. The vodka shots were making me a bit fuzzy. Close to half way up I was beginning to crawl on my hands and knees and had a case of the giggles. I was not the only one. Carmen was also giggling, at me, or not I had no idea. She was swatting at my hands and I started swatting back. She was a step behind and on my side. I plopped down on the steps and started to just laugh. The carpet felt soft and warm under my hands.

Carmen joined me on the same step. We kept laughing. “What the hell?!” was all I could blurt out before the giggles pounced me again.

“Oh my god, no, No. My sides are killing me!” Carmen stated, close to a yell. Of course that made it worse and I laughed even harder. Such a vicious cycle we were caught in.

I couldn’t take any more. I threw myself at her in a desperate act. I heard a slight gasp and then I tasted her again. I kissed her, she pulled me closer.

Laughter finally stopped.

All I could hear was the quiet moans we both made as we enjoyed each other on the steps.

I would kiss her she would kiss me harder and begin to advance, only to make me do the same. I wanted her to lead, but I also pursued her. There was no fight, an understanding was made. We both wanted more.

I felt her moving closer on the step. She quickly positioned her right leg over my own, forcing me to readjust my position. My right side was against the step. I now twisted my hips farther and pushed up slightly, arching my back to rest my ass on the step. Our lips didn’t part, her tongue continued to flick across my own.

Carmen then brought up her right arm across my chest, up my arm to my left wrist. She took it firmly in her warm hand and held it against the rug at the top of the stairs. She straddled my body, my left hand still immobile. My right hand however was not. I could feel Carmen pushing her hips against my thighs slowly, still being surprisingly gentile.

I quickly took hold of her hip. She tilted forward again, only this time I pulled her closer. It was a quick playful jerk, Burdur Escort and now she was straddling my own hips. She released my wrist.

She looked down at me and smiled. I could see her cheeks were nice and pink, and mine were on fire. She slowly leaned forward, teasing me with her soft lips. Her tongue would lick my lips and then she would quickly pull away. She kissed me deeply. I held her against me, my hands gripping her ass. I could feel her smile as my hands traveled under her jeans, finding bare skin. She pulled away gently, “Told you I couldn’t behave around you. No panties.” Carmen stated, a sly smile gracing her lips. Carmen leaned forward only this time my hands traveled to the front of her jeans, pulling her shirt free of them.

“You are so bad!” I exclaimed, as I tugged at her shirt buttons. I felt her press her hips against mine, fueling my desire to reach bare skin again. She moved backwards a bit more allowing me to pull her shirt completely free. I felt her tense her muscles again, drawing herself upright, sitting across my lap. She looked down at me as I unbuttoned her entire shirt and pulled it open. She began to twist her body slowly so I could take it off, pulling it off her shoulders, then down her arms to her wrists. I left it there.

I was teasing her. With the shirt at her wrists, she couldn’t touch me as well. She was well balanced and watched me as I then began to run my fingers across her stomach and below her soft bra. She moaned and slowly closed her eyes as I cupped her breast gently. She let out a soft gasp as I made circles around her nipples and squeezed them in turn. She began to arch her back as I pushed her bra up and over her breasts, freeing them from their lacey prison.

I unhooked her strapless bra and dropped it upon the step. I moved one hand behind her and used the other to push myself forward. I shifted slightly so I had better purchase on the stair. I smiled a wicked grin as I pulled her shirt tighter and bunched it up behind her and held it in one hand. I watched Carmen as I did so, and received a naughty Burdur Escort Bayan grin in return.

Once her shirt was secure enough to my liking I leaned forward and licked her nipple, making it even harder and causing another soft sigh to escape her lips. Carmen whispered, “Damn it Sam, I want…” I sucked her tit into my mouth and sucked, causing a quick gasp and moan before she could finish her sentence. I could feel her slowly rocking her hips against me as I teased her nipples and played with her breasts.

I quickly tugged off her shirt, allowing her hands to be free again. I made circles around her nipple with my tongue and gently nipped at it with my teeth, playfully biting and licking her. My teasing caused her to wrap her arms around me and grip me tight. Moans and sighs flowed from her lips.

“Sorry, what were you saying?” I mumbled as I nibbled a nipple and groped her ass again.

“Sam, it’s your turn. Shirt… must… come off” Carmen moaned as my tongue flicked her tit and again sucked it into my mouth. I giggled and continued to tease her nipples, both hard as little stones atop her beautiful breasts.

She pulled away enough to reach down to fiddle with my shirt buttons. Mine were harder to unbutton, due to the added teasing I was doing.

With a loud sigh Carmen finally unbuttoned my last stubborn shirt button. She looked down at me, satisfaction evident in her smile, which was from ear to ear.

“Move up to the top step.” Carmen stated as she quickly let go of my shirt and slid off my lap back onto the steps. “Please.” she added with a sly smile.

I cocked an eyebrow and slowly pushed myself up and away from the steps. I arched my back gently stretching out my muscles. I wondered how long we had been on the stairs already. I felt a hand playfully swat at me again and I hurried to the top step, keeping a close eye on Carmen. As I moved up a step she moved up one as well, keeping pace until I reached close to the top.

I reached the top and slid back enough to allow Carmen to join me, but then I realized she Escort Burdur was two steps behind me. She wiggled her finger at me beckoning me forward. “Come here Sam.” Carmen said as she tapped her finger on the edge of the top step. “I want you right here.”

I moved forward slowly. As I reached the edge Carmen took hold of my knees and pushed them aside. She came to rest between them, kneeling on the step below my own. “Sweetie, I’ve been waiting to do this all evening.” Carmen stated as she quickly pulled my shirt off. I grinned at her as she threw it behind me, out of the way.

Carmen then gave me a sly smile and unhooked my bra very slow. I sat very still knowing what was coming, and I tried to conceal my excitement. She allowed the bra straps to slide off my shoulders, and gently pulled it off as I caressed her back with my fingertips.

“Whaalaa!” Carmen exclaimed, causing me to stifle a giggle as my bra was thrown down the stairs close to her shirt. “Now those were achin’ to be free of that bra!” she giggled.

I smiled but didn’t have the time to reply, as my own nipple disappeared into Carmen’s warm mouth. The other was cupped in her hand. I heard myself sigh in pleasure, my head dropped backwards, and I arched my back again. “That feels so good.” I moaned as a whisper.

My grip on Carmen became tighter as she bit my nipple ring and tugged gently, again causing me to moan, this time more audible. She tongued one nipple and cupped and squeezed the other. As she teased me I noticed my legs were wrapped around her own, holding her close.

Carmen finally released my breasts and said, “Sam, hand me your shirt me please, I want to slip it under my knees.”

I replied, “I think we should head into my bedroom instead. That would help your knees and …” I didn’t get to finish. Carmen again had my nipple ring between her teeth, distracting me from anything else and it caused me to pull her closer to me.

I felt Carmen smiling as I smoothed out her long hair. “I really think you should get up and jump into bed with me.” Carmen stated.

My reply came quickly to my lips, “I think you’re right. My big soft bed will be much more comfortable for both of us.”

Carmen and I both got up, stretched, and she followed me through my bedroom door.


Part IV coming soon. Thank you all for your support!

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