Carlos and Sasha

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Anticipation and lust drove Carlos to stride purposefully through the luxurious rooms of his palatial villa. He didn’t pause to enjoy the expansive views of the ocean and islands beyond. He’d been at work since early light and left after a frustrating board meeting had consumed most of the day. He had more meetings scheduled for the afternoon and had fled the office to clear his head.

He stopped outside the closed door of the bedroom he shared with his wife of three months, held his breath and listened. There was nothing but silence and he assumed she was still taking a siesta. As silently as possible he pushed open the door his gaze falling upon the king size bed in the middle of the room. He inhaled sharply, his heart thudding heavily, a light sweat breaking over his body.

Sasha was sprawled across their vast bed, the sheet thrown off her. Against the stark white sheets her fiery copper hair was a blaze of colour, her long limbs stretched out in loose abandon. She wore a lilac coloured silk chemise that was cut low, exposing the soft swell of her breasts. Her long shapely legs were seductively spread and he caught a glimpse of the dark shadow at the top of her thighs.

He strode over to the bed and stopped short, her nipples were hardening in the breeze from the open window and he instinctively licked his lips. Taking one of her rose-coloured buds into his mouth was a pleasure he would never take for granted. Being married only a short time they were still discovering each other, finding their boundaries and determining their levels of pleasure. He reached out for her and at that moment she woke.

Carlos froze and as Sasha dreamily realised it was her husband, she smiled and reached her arms up for him.

“Good afternoon my darling,” he whispered, his voice cracking with passion.

“Mm, why are you home?” Sasha yawned.

Carlos sat on the side of the bed next to her, he cupped both her full breasts through the silk fabric and rubbed his thumbs harshly back and forth across her puckered peaks, squeezing and kneading the soft yielding flesh with his long fingers.

“Crap morning at work. I needed to see you.”

Sasha smiled indulgently at the unexpected pleasuring and leaned back into the pillows beneath her, arching her back and throwing her hands behind her to hold onto the iron bed head. Her chemise slid a little higher, revealing an expanse of soft creamy thigh.

Carlos’s lust for her was insatiable, his need for her constant. He stopped his assault on her breasts and grabbed her behind the neck, holding her firmly with one strong hand and tangling the other in her soft fragrant hair. He lowered his mouth onto hers and ground his full lips on her soft yielding ones. He thrust his tongue into her, tasting her sweetness and probing her intently. Sasha’s fingers found their way to his own thick dark hair and she matched him with equal force and passion.

Finally they pulled apart, each gasping for air. Sasha’s tender mouth was reddening and her already full lips swelled with desire. Hungrily she reached for her lover, spreading her legs to entice him to her.

“Need some cheering up?” She asked huskily.

Carlo used all his power to restrain himself from ravaging her, from sating himself within her, plundering her warm moist depths. He ran his hands over her feeling the firm well-toned body beneath the flimsy nightgown.

He grunted, “God yes.”

“Stand up for me.”

Sasha knelt on the edge of the bed, reaching for him, pulling him toward her. She tipped her head and brought his mouth to hers. Her kiss was gentle, her tongue circling and exploring his mouth. Sasha carefully nipped his bottom lip and planted soft little kisses over his neck and throat, her hands running lightly over his wide chest. Her nimble fingers quickly dispensed with his shirt exposing his tanned muscled chest. She dropped her mouth to his nipples, licking and sucking on them softly, the hair on his chest tickling her nose. He gripped her head in his hands, twining his fingers in her coppery locks. It was delicious torture having her mouth on him and he never tired of mersin escort it.

“You taste so good, baby.” She murmured.

Sasha licked a hot trail down the centre of Carlos’s belly, the dark curling hair, thinning as she neared his waist. She leant back to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. She looked up, holding his gaze with hers, while she undressed him. She licked her lips seductively and shrugged a strap off her shoulder so the chemise slid down, the flimsy material hanging from the hard nipple he had been playing with. Carlos reached down to pull it off but she caught his hand in hers, planting a kiss on his palm and shook her head.

“You’ll get your turn,” she said.

He grumbled but closed his eyes as she pushed his pants to the floor, his cock now free, pulsing in the air, searching for her. Sasha sat back and grasped her husband’s now familiar cock in her hand, circling her fingers slowly around the thickness of him. She cupped his balls with the other hand, rolling them in her palm. She glanced up at him and caught him looking at her with dark eyes filled with desire.

Teasing him she slicked her lips wet, extended her tongue and took him into her hot moist mouth. She slid her lips to the base of his penis, her tongue pressing hard against his rod of passion, circling his width and squeezing him as only she could. He could feel the muscles of her throat circle the head of his stiffening cock, milking him. He was always caught unawares by her expertise and unconsciously he grabbed a tighter hold of her hair, pulling her face hard against his belly. He moaned, his knees buckling as she expertly sucked and swallowed. Finally she pulled back slowly until just the engorged head of his cock was left in her mouth and she sucked on it while pumping her hand up and down the shaft of his now dripping cock. He intuitively thrust his hips gently to meet her rhythm.

Sasha was in heaven. There was nothing like the feeling of Carlos’s cock in her mouth and she loved the taste and size of him. She continued to fuck him with her hand and occasionally ran her tongue up and down the underside of his cock. She pursed her lips and sucked around the head of his penis, blowing softly on the hole and tonguing it gently open, prising out the jism that was dripping from him.

Carlos felt the pent up anxiety of the morning rise up within him and before he could try to hold it back, Sasha’s skill at sucking his cock, had him climaxing hard and fast. He held her head in his hands and thrust his cock all the way, slamming into the back of her throat. Her hands grasped onto his ass cheeks and as his hot cum spurted into her mouth, she swallowed as quickly as she could, making sure that she got every drop.

Shuddering with the aftershocks of his climax, Carlos reached down to stroke the hair of his clever lover. She was lapping gently at his still firm cock, making sure that she got every last drop off him. He pulled away from her, tipping her head to look up at him.

“Beautiful,’ he murmured huskily.

Sasha grinned up at him and leaned back onto the bed.

“It’s your turn now.”

Carlos collapsed next to her, his lustful eyes raking over his gorgeous wife. Reaching down for the hem of the chemise that still covered her, he slid his hand up the front of her thigh, stroking her with long confident fingers. She spread her legs, as he knew she would and he slid his hand up to her delicious mound, probing his finger into her cleft, seeking out her clit.

Sasha threw her arms over her head, her breasts thrusting towards Carlos as she gave herself over to her husband. Carlos took one of her breasts in his mouth, his saliva dampening the silk. He felt her nipple harden and he nipped it with his teeth. Sasha yelped and jumped, her arms coming around Carlos, her hands ruffling his hair.

“This has to come off baby,” he growled, moving to sit astride her.

Sasha lay meekly under him, a sexy smile on her gorgeous face. He couldn’t resist stroking her again, up and down her belly, her breasts. The feel of the silk under his hands was no match for her soft fragrant skin and he’d had enough of it. He pulled up the hem of her chemise and clenching it tightly, tore it in half so she lay naked and exposed with the tattered remnants of silk in shreds beside her.

Sasha gasped, “My God Carlos!”

“I’ll buy you another. I’ll buy you a hundred. I don’t care.”

Carlos could feel himself growing hard again, his cock brushing the neatly trimmed mound under him. There was so much of her he wanted to taste, to suck, to fuck and he was momentarily confused about where to start. Sasha reached down and stroked his hardening cock and it jolted him out of his indecision. He slid off her, spreading her legs wide.

He lay between her legs, his face just inches from her fragrant wet pussy. He grasped her round firm bottom in his hands, his thumbs resting on either side of her pussy, pulling apart her lips so he could see her moist dark hole. He dragged his gaze from her pussy and saw her looking down at him expectantly. He locked his eyes on hers and slid his tongue between her damp full lips and into her sweet hole. Sasha sighed. He reluctantly moved from her warm hole to feast on the ruby nub of her clit, sucking and licking it frantically. His only thought was to get into her aromatic pussy and fuck her with his tongue until she came on his face.

Carlos continued to lick her, alternately jabbing his stiffened tongue into her then pulling out again to suck on her clit. Sasha pulled her knees back, holding her thighs wide, her ass cheeks spreading. Unable to resist the sweet scent of her, Carlos licked her rosy ass hole, circling it with his tongue and then rubbing his finger back and forth before again sucking on her clit. Sasha pushed her head back into the bed desperately holding back the orgasm that threatened to overwhelm her.

Carlos slipped a finger into her wet cavern, pushing it in deeply, probing inside the moist slot while she rocked her hips. He kept up the momentum on her clit with his mouth, sucking on it and pushing the hood back with his tongue. He fucked her hard with his finger so that his palm slammed into her full lips. He thrust another finger into her hot snatch as the tight muscles within her squeezed against him and she cried out as her climax engulfed her.

Carlos placed light kisses on her thighs, and the curve of her groin where her hips bones jutted out from her flat stomach. He dipped his tongue into her belly button, placed soft kisses on her creamy smooth skin, lapped at the sheen of perspiration that lay between her breasts. He tweaked her sensitive nipples, using his long fingers to squeeze her full soft breasts. Sasha reached between her legs and grasped his engorged cock, rubbing him up and down her warm wet hole and over her swollen sensitive clit. Carlos moaned and gritted his teeth fighting the urge to cum all over her. She then pushed the head of his cock into her opening, her pussy stretching to engulf the length and width of him.

Sasha savoured the fullness of him inside of her, his girth stretching her pussy lips, the head of his cock buried deep inside her. Carlos grabbed her by the hips pulling her ass up off the bed as she wound her legs around his waist. He thrust himself into her then, slowly at first, getting his rhythm and then faster and harder. He watched her breasts moving back in forth in time to the pounding he was giving her, her nipples hardening crying out for attention. He watched the flush of passion stain her face, her mouth open, moaning in pleasure, her brow creased and her eyes closed. He watched his cock disappearing into her tight juicy hole. He was going to come.

“Oh Carlos. Yes. Yes. Yes.”

Sasha was crushing her breasts, kneading them in desperation, squeezing, pinching and pulling on her rosy hard nipples. She opened her eyes and smiled seductively at him. She slid a hand slowly, lightly down her belly and rubbed her swelling juicy clit, her other hand still pinching her nipples as hard as she could.

“Your cock looks so good baby. Oh fuck, baby, I’m cumming.”

Sasha climaxed again, throwing her head back, her hair in a mess around her. Her pussy squeezing against his cock was all it took for him to lose it. He thrust himself into her, his thighs grinding against the soft skin of her lush round ass. He shuddered and pumped his cum deep into her, his fingers would leave bruises on her hips where he gripped her too tightly. He’d kiss them later and would do it all again. Their eyes met, both glazed and their breathing ragged.

“Carlos, does this make your day better?”

Carlos slipped his soft wet cock from inside her, dripping their combined juices onto her thigh and lay next to her. He trailed his hand up her body for the hundredth time, palming her breast.

“Baby, every day with you, fucking you, loving you, is a better day.”

He got up then and Sasha frowned.

“Where are you going?”

“Work baby. I have to get back.”

Sasha groaned. “Stay and fuck me again baby. Come on, just one more time.”

Carlos was getting some clean clothes from the closet when he turned back to her. He felt faint as the blood rushed to his wilted cock stirring it again. She’d flipped over onto her hands and knees and was laying prone with her breasts pressed into the bed, the slope of her back led up to her full round ass that was hovering near the end of the bed, her legs and feet spread waiting for him. Her ass was lush like a ripe peach and he could see the full lips of her pussy glistening with the juice from their lovemaking.

“Baby, don’t make it hard for me,” he growled.

“Baby,” murmured Sasha, “that’s the point. I am trying to make you hard.”

“Fuck you’re a witch.”

He stood behind her then, grabbed her hips and pushed semi-hard his cock between her soft thighs, her now smooth wet cleft sliding over his length, urging him back to fullness. She squeezed her legs together and pushed back against him, the ridged head of his cock brushing against her clit, the soft hair of his belly tickling her cheeks and pussy lips.

“Mm that’s it. That feels so good,” she murmured rocking softly back and forth stroking herself against his cock.

Carlos kept hold of her hips and gently stroked her ass and back. She spread herself wider still, her ass cheeks opening, exposing her. Her flaming hair was all around her in a halo and the long slope of her back showed off her trim waist.

He licked his lips, “That looks good too.”

He could see her pussy, wet and plump, the fleshy folds opening exposing her dark moist hole. He rubbed the head of his throbbing member against the slippery entrance to her cunt and pushed his sticky cock into her, easing it in slowly while she moaned at being filled again. He wet his thumb and brushed it lightly over her asshole and she bucked against him, whispering, yes, yes, squeezing her pussy against the rigidity of his cock. He needed little encouragement, so he thumbed her hole harder and she moaned calling out his name, her hands were clutching desperately at the bed sheets. He could feel she was close to coming again.

“Rub your clit baby, come on,” he said breathlessly.

“Fuck me hard Carlos. I want you to fuck me hard.”

Carlos grunted at her command and gripped her tender ass cheeks, digging his fingers into the soft flesh as Sasha cried out with the sheer beautiful agony of having him fill her again. He pulled back from her musky pussy, his cock slick with her juice and thrust himself into her, his balls smacking against her pussy and thighs. “Oh God! Carlos, yes, yes…don’t stop baby…yes.”

He plunged his hard cock into her tight snatch over and over, his cock straining as he neared his own climax. He could see her full breasts rubbing against the bed sheets, making his mouth water for the taste of them. She was panting hard, one hand gripping the bed and the other thrashing her over-stimulated clit.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

Carlos felt his climax build in the depth of his balls. Powerless now his hot cum filled her deep cavern. He continued to gently move in and out of her, milking his cock in her moist tight chamber. He groaned as their combined juices spilled out of her wet pussy, filling the room with the aroma of sex.

Spent, they both collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily.

“Now you can go back to work,” puffed Sasha.

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