Carla , Jerry: A Girl Story Ch. 02

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Close Up

I got so worked up writing about my new Carla creation and her boy Jerry that I just had to do another story about them. They’re very wicked. If you like it I’ll do more.

After Jerry and mine’s little slutty interlude at the party neither one of us said anything about it for a few days. Finally, one night we were watching TV and kind of kissing around—just being affectionate.

“How come you haven’t said anything about what happened at the party?” I asked him.

He looked at me for a minute before he answered “I was afraid that you’d think I was gay or something if I wanted to talk about it. So I didn’t.”

“Oh baby.” I said as I stroked his face and hair. “I know you aren’t gay and if you happen to like to fool around with some cock while it’s you and me it’s totally ok. I really got off on it.” Well that opened the floodgates so to speak and all of a sudden he was asking me how it felt to have two dicks at once and if it really turned me on to see him suck on a cock. He told me that he liked the cum shooting into his mouth and watching it shoot into mine. All in all he was hot from the experience. “So wouldja want to ever do anything like it again?” I asked.

“Well yeah, I’d go for something like that again in a heartbeat.” He replied. “But I don’t think it’d be too cool with people we know if you know what I mean. Maybe we should go over to Midvale where no one knows us and see what’s around.”

So the next night we drove off in search of action and adventure in Midvale. We got to the town at around 10PM and drove around aimlessly in search of who knows what. I finally told him that this was silly and we should look in the yellow pages for a gay club or something like that. We stole a phone book and settled down in a coffee shop. We couldn’t find anything resembling gay nightclubs (go figure) and started brainstorming for something involving sex. As in sex books, sex movies. Under books we found several listings for XXX bookstores. Neither one of us had ever been in one and had no idea what to expect.

We found the first one in the older semi seedy part of town. Bright neon outside with a blacked out glass door. We went inside to see what we could see and see what we could find.

I should say that I had on slutsville central clothing…a very small cotton top that barely covered the bottoms of my little breasts. Tight. Nipples protruding through the material. Some sort of rayon. My shoes were silver lame pumps with 3 inch heels. All I wore on the bottom was a sarong that wrapped around me and rode low on my hips (skinny hips! Damn) and came down to about six inches above my knees. To cut to the chase I had very little on.

The guy behind the counter gave us (me?) an appraising look as we walked in. The front of the store had magazines and books. We kind of looked over them but most were sealed so we moved into the next room which was video land. Tons of videos in every kind of like from gay to s & m to most anything imaginable in between. There were several guys looking at the titles. Jerry and I kind of separated and I started cock teasing a little bit. I’d go to where there was a couple of guys looking at the boxes and get close to them. Then I’d pick up a title and make comments on it kind of under my breath. Stuff like “geez his cock’s big” or “god I’d suck him for hours” and then I’d wander away.

Jerry came over and pointed out a door that was an entrance to the video arcade. We went to the entrance and started to walk in but the counter guy called out for us to stop. He motioned us up to the counter.

“You a pro miss?” He asked as he looked me up and down.

“A pro? You mean like a hooker or something?” I asked. He nodded. “Nooooo, not me and certainly not him. We just wanted to check it out.”

He said that we had to buy $3 in tokens each to go in. We bought $10. He asked if I was sure I wanted to go back in there.

“Why not?” I replied as I shrugged my shoulders.

“Cause there’s some nasty stuff that happens in there and young stuff like you could get hurt if you aren’t careful.” He said.

“I’ve got him to keep me safe.” I said as I hooked my arm through Jerry’s. The guy arched his eyebrows and we went into the arcade area. It was dark. But with enough light so that we could see an aisle with booths on either side. Lights over the doors indicated occupied or not. There was a few aisles leading off the main one too. On a big easel board there was a listing of all the videos. Like 64. Anything. We looked at it for a few minutes and out of the corner of my eyes I could see guys looking at us. Just hanging around. Old, young, anything in between too. Jerry whispered that we might as well get into a booth and just go through the flicks til we found something we liked.

We went down a çekmeköy escort side aisle and found a booth in between a couple of others and went in. It was pitch black and reeked of sex. Maybe five by five feet. Jerry fumbled around with tokens until he found the coin slot. I told him to just put all of them in so he did. The booth consisted of four walls, a video screen built into the wall covered by a plexiglass shield. The shield was streaked. I wonder what it could have been?!! There was a vinyl covered bench and that was it. We both sat down on the bench and started watching. Jerry had found the channel changer and was scrolling through various sex flicks looking for something we might like. Guy/girl, guy/guy/girl, gang fucks, black, hispanic, asian, guy/guy, girl/guy—-you name it and it was there.

I had him stop at a transvestite film as I’d never seen one before. It was ok but not overly hot. He changed it and stopped (on his own) at a bi sex scene with two guys and a hot looking girl. The guys were blowing each other and the girl was rubbing all over both of them. All in all pretty hot stuff. I looked at Jerry and his eyes were glued to the scene. I put my hand into his crotch and started rubbing his already hard cock. “Does that make you hot baby? Make you want to do it?”

“Yeah.” Was all he said.

While all this was pretty cool it was still just watching a video which we could have done at his place. All of a sudden a glimpse of light caught my eye. I looked over to my left and there was a hole in the wall that light from the next booth was coming through. The hole was maybe three or four inches across. I bent over to look into the next booth but couldn’t see much of anything. Anything that is except the big cock head that came through the hole. Scared the shit out of me! I’m looking and it just rockets into the booth Jerry and I are in. I straightened up and nudged Jerry. He looked and we looked and we looked at each other and started to giggle.

I mean it was kind of funny under the circumstances. I looked on Jerry’s side of the booth and there was another hole there but nothing poking through it. I was reaching out to just kind of touch the one through the wall when it went back in. Jerry and I looked at each other and then I bent over to look again. I got close to the hole but still couldn’t see who was on the other side. I started to straighten back up when the cock came back through. There was a good six inches on our side. Thick. Cut. Veiny. I reached out and put my small hand around it and squeezed a couple of times. The cock twitched. I looked at Jerry and he looked back at me and nodded. That was all I needed.

I bent forward and took the head of the cock into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around it. Neutral taste and a nice spongy head. I slid my lips over the shaft and took it all the way into my mouth until I was pressed up against the wood surrounding the hole. He was into my throat and I started swallowing, making my muscles squeeze the head. Leaning over was awkward so I got onto my knees on the floor without missing a beat. The floor was slimy and slick with what I supposed to be cum. I was sucking this stranger’s cock, not using my hands at all. Just sliding my mouth up and down his dick and paying particular attention to the head. I had one hand supporting me and with the other I was under my sarong playing with my pussy.

I felt Jerry push my hand away and it was replaced by his. I was sucking the guy through the hole like crazy and Jerry was fingering me. I was so fucking wet and hot I felt like I was flowing. The cock in my mouth swelled up and started to pound in and out. I sucked as hard as I could and he shot off in my mouth. Rope after rope of cum. I was afraid to swallow (cause I didn’t know the guy? How lame is that!) So I let it flow around his cock and slide down my chin. Some of it dripped onto the floor but as I straightened up off his dick a lot of it drooled down onto my chest. I was panting from the excitement and effort. I turned around to Jerry and kissed him hard on the mouth. He could taste the guy’s cum. Jerry had his nice cock out and it was so fucking hard! I asked if he wanted to stay longer and he nodded yes. I told him to at least get his shirt off and pull his pants down. I took off my top but left the sarong on (modesty?). We went back to watching the movie just at the time when one of the guys in it blew a wad of cum into the face of the other guy. The girl licked it off. Made us both hot to see it.

We both sensed movement on Jerry’s side of the booth and tried to look into the other side. We couldn’t see much but a finger came through the hole and kind of wagged itself. Neither one of us knew what that meant. The finger curled cevizli escort around the rim of the hole and wagged at us some more. Jerry whispered that he was going to stick his dick through to see what happened. He stood up and poked his through and I could tell that he was rewarded with a hot mouth. He pushed right up against the wall and held himself there. I was sitting back on the bench with one leg out and a foot on the bench so that my cunt was wide for me to play with. Jerry was fucking in and out of the mouth on the other side. I got behind him and reached around to play with his nipples; pinching them to make him hotter.

I guess the other guy stopped sucking because Jerry pulled back from the hole. When he did the other guy stuck his dick through. As in reciprocal action? It was a really big dick. Maybe in the nine inch range and gorgeously thick and cut. I whispered to Jerry “Come on baby. Suck it for me. I want to see you eat that big cock. Do it for me lover.” I had his dick in my hand as I said it. Jerry dropped to his virgin knees and just went for it. He had that big dick in his mouth faster than I could think. Once in his hot mouth he really went to town on the guy sucking and sliding his mouth all over it. It was big enough for him to get a hand around it and jerk on it as he sucked on the head. I was out of my mind with hots and pussy juice was literally running down my white thighs. I pulled Jerry’s dick back between his legs and was rubbing the head using my own cum juice to make it wet. He was leaking pre cum and moaning around the head of the guy’s dick.

The guy pulled out and stuck a little bottle through the hole. Neither of us knew what it was but Jerry took off the cap and sniffed. I could smell the stuff a couple of feet away. Jerry kind of gasped and handed it to me. I took a big whiff. The rush was so fucking intense. I didn’t know it at the time but it was some sort of amyl nitrate. Made me high as a kite and so ready to do anything. We were both looking through the hole and could now see the guy jerking on his big hot dick. He was speeding up and I knew he was close to cumming. “Give it to us! Don’t waste it!” I said as the guy stuck the head through to our side and started shooting cum. One huge spurt and then a flow. Jerry just kind of slid forward and took the cumming cock into his mouth and sucked the cum out of it. God fuck it was hot to see my baby sucking on a dick and eating the cum. He held it in his mouth for what seemed like forever and then it popped out and went back into the other booth. We kissed and passed the cum back and forth between us. This time we were both so hot we swallowed.

Jerry was now watching the screen as he browsed films finally stopping on a totally gay one. A bunch of guys all fucking and doing this one little fem looking guy. Blasting his hole and his mouth and shooting cum all over him. I heard someone fumbling around in the booth on my side and looked down at the hole. I saw a mouth and it was talking to me. “Two little baby sluts huh. Open the fucking door bitch. I’ll fuck both of you til you cum buckets. Do it. Open the fucking door!” I looked at Jerry and he just shrugged so I opened the latch on the door and waited. In seconds the door had opened and this guy was standing there in front of us. He was maybe 5’10” and thin. Had knit shorts on and a tank top. “Wanna see it cocksuckers?” He said. We both just dumbly nodded our heads. The guy pulled down the front of his shorts and this big seven or eight inch cock pops out all red and veiny and hot looking. Thick. About like a coke bottle but it tapered from narrow at the base to thick and huge at the head. There was pre cum leaking out of the head. Jerry just reached out and wiped it off and then stuck his finger in my mouth. “Oh yeah, you sluts are ready for anything aren’tcha.”

He had me kneeling in the cummy floor while Jerry sat on the bench. He went from one of us to the other feeding us his pretty cock. He had both of us try to get it into our mouths at once. He held our heads and fucked both of us like the sluts we are. He pulled away from us. “I wanna see you eat his ass bitch.” Jerry was on his hands and knees on the bench while I knelt on the floor. I had my tongue and face into his hot ass sucking his hole and trying to get my tongue into his intestines. “Oh yeah. Eat his asscunt bitch. Suck him. Now stick your fingers up in there and fuck him a little bit.”

I’d finger fucked Jerry lots of times sometimes putting two fingers into him. So this wasn’t something new but it was so fucking hot. I had two fingers going in and out of him. “Stick some more in there you fucking slut. Get at least another two up there. Get his ass hot and big you little cocksucker.” I erenköy escort had three and then four fingers up in Jerry’s ass fucking in and out of him while the guy egged us on. “Fuck him and suck him. Do it you whore!” Jerry’s cock was raging hard and leaking onto the vinyl bench. The guy made him get on his knees on the floor and had me spread his cheeks for him. “Gonna fuck you baby! Gonna fuck that hot ass!” He said as he positioned the head of his big dick at Jerry’s opening. “He ever had a cock before?” He asked me.

I just shook my head no as he started to push in. I still had the bottle of nitrate stuff so I uncapped it and stuck it under Jerry’s nose. He inhaled as the guy slid his cock all the way into his virgin asspussy. Jerry moaned and shuddered as the cock fucked him. I stuck the bottle under his nose again and he inhaled once more as the guy started fucking in and out of him. As he was doing Jerry’s ass another cock appeared in front of his face. Not overly big but very hot and wet looking. “Suck that one baby.” I said. “Suck it while he fucks you. Be my cumslut.” I whispered as Jerry’s mouth closed over the new dick. He was getting fucked to hard to pay attention to really giving the guy a blow job. The guy was pounding in and out of Jerry’s mouth and his body was hitting the wooden wall. The guy fucking his ass pulled out and told me to suck on his cock a little bit. I blew his dick and licked Jerry off of him sucking him wanting his cum so badly.

He plopped it out of my mouth and shoved it back into Jerry. “You’re a couple of real pig sluts.” He said as he tried to shove it back into my mouth. In trying to get to his dick I slid on the cum stained floor. “What a pig. Sliding around in cum. Cmon bitch. Get down there and lick it up off the floor.” He hissed as he shoved my head down to the floor. He had his boot on my head holding me there. “Lick it up bitch. Get a mouthful before you come back up for air!” I tentatively stuck my tongue out and tasted the cold cum on the floor. I licked at it and got some in my mouth. Licked up some more til I had close to a mouthful. He let me up and made me show him my mouth was full.

“Good job cum licker. Now give it to your boyfriend. Kiss him and shove it into his mouth!” I frenched Jerry and shoved the nasty cum into his mouth. He swallowed and went back to sucking the guy’s dick. “Hey slut. Look at your wall.” I looked and there was a good sized black cock sticking through the wall. Just sticking there twitching. “Back up onto it bitch. Stick it into your nasty cunt. Do it!”

I was so crazed to get off I would have fucked anything or anybody at that point. I turned my ass to the wall and reached behind me to grab the big cock. I guided my pussy onto it and just leaned back into it until it was buried in me. The stud in our booth was fucking Jerry’s ass as the black cock fucked my pussy. My mouth was open and I was gasping for breath as the big dick plowed in and out of me. The guy turned Jerry around and told Jerry to get to where he could get his cock into my mouth. Because of the cock in his boy ass he couldn’t get close in enough to me for me to be able to get his whole dick into my face. But I could get the head and about half the shaft into me. It was so fucking hot in the booth sweat was rolling off of me. My sarong had come off and was on the filthy floor as was my top. I was mouthing Jerry’s dick as the guy fucked his tight little ass. The guy fucking me slipped out and as I tried to re insert him his dick slid up and into my asshole. I’ve been fucked there but not with anything this big.

He slammed it all the way into me and I screamed out over Jerry’s dick. The guy fucking Jerry said he was going to cum. As he said it he pulled out of Jerry’s ass and moved so that he could shoot his load all over us. He must have been holding out for awhile because his load was huge. Lots of shots all over us. And as he got off the black guy pulled out of my ass. I turned around and was greeted by a nice shot of cum in my face followed by some less powerful ones. Jerry had his fat dick in his hand and was furiously jerking it wanting to cum so badly. I was sitting on the floor frantically jacking my clit using cum to lube it wet. Jerry pointed his dick at me and shot off stream after stream of hot cum. It hit me in the tits and all over my face. The hot cum made me shoot off myself. Racked me with a big one. I cried out as I did it. Fuck it was hot!

The guy in the booth with us still had his dick out. He was laughing at us calling us names. “What a couple of cock lickers. You’re covered in cum. I’ll wash it off for you.” And with that he let loose with a stream of hot piss. He peed on both of us and grabbed my chin with two fingers forcing my mouth open so that his piss could go into my mouth. When he was done he just buttoned up and walked out without another word.

It was so fucking hot. The only bad part was having to walk out of the store to our car looking like—well looking like we’d both been gang fucked.

Maybe we’ll do it again—or maybe something more dangerous. What do YOU think? Tell me and maybe I’ll do it for you.


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