Caribbean Adventure

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Paul and Lauren had looked forward to this vacation for nearly a year. They had chosen a secluded resort that promised beautiful beaches, fabulous food, and the finest of service – and they were not disappointed.

The beach was “clothing optional”, though the swimming pools made careful note of “bathing suits required.” Thongs were commonplace for both men and women, however, and addressed only the form and little of the substance of the bathing suit requirement.

Paul and Lauren had spent the first two days of their vacation unwinding from the grind of their work. Lauren had insisted that no laptops or cell phones accompany them, and Paul had reluctantly complied. He was surprised by how easily he was adapting to being disconnected from the usual tide of business.

Lauren was surprised by the temerity of women who seemed comfortable with going topless or being completely naked. More than a few men chose the “no clothing” option as well. On the afternoon of the second day Paul was surprised but silent when she decided to remove her bikini top. Her very large breasts had always been a source of pleasure for Paul, and he enjoyed watching her show them off.

They had enjoyed sex twice on each of the first two days. Last night, after dinner, they had watched an X-rated movie on cable television. Halfway through the movie Lauren had removed her robe and leaned across Paul’s torso, sucking his cock as she continued to watch the movie. After a few minutes she had looked back over her shoulder at Paul and asked, “Are you going to fuck this hot little cunt or what?”

Paul responded enthusiastically, thrusting his swollen member inside her. Lauren continued to surprise and encourage him with “dirty talk”, and he quickly brought her to three consecutive orgasms – the last one accompanying his own. They had gone to sleep quickly in a tangle of arms and legs.

They awoke early on the third day of a ten-day vacation and shared a light breakfast of cereal and fruit. After a long walk of nearly five miles on the beach, they spent a couple of hours lounging in the late morning sun. Lauren removed her bikini top again, turning to smile at Paul as he raised his eyebrows and smiled his approval. After nearly two hours of sun, they returned to their suite to shower and order lunch.

When Paul stepped out of the shower, Lauren was liberally applying body lotion to her breasts, cupping their heavy globes in both her hands. Paul reached for her nipples and tugged them both as he leered at her.

“Didn’t you order room service, baby?” Lauren asked.

“Yeah, should be here any time.”

“Well, you had better wait on that for a few minutes.”

She no sooner finished her sentence than gaziantep bayan escort a gentle rap on the door announced the arrival of their lunch. Lauren reached for the short terrycloth robe and wrapped it around herself, while Paul grabbed a towel and knotted it at his waist. He took three long strides to answer the door.

“Good afternoon, sir.” It was Ramon, the waiter who had served them drinks at the beach on each of the two preceding days.

“Hey, Ramon! I thought you just worked the beach?”

Ramon closed the door behind him and pushed the service cart into the room.

“I usually work room service during the lunch shift, sir.”

He looked up and smiled to see Lauren sitting on the couch at the far side of the room. She had pulled her legs up beneath her and was leaning back with her arms extended along the back of the couch. Her robe gaped open widely, exposing the inside curves of both breasts.

“Hi, ma’am.”

“Nice to see you, Ramon. Could you just set it up on the table?”


Ramon smiled and began moving dishes from the cart to the dining table. He was above medium height and well-muscled. The tan of his Latin/Mediterranean skin contrasted sharply with white polo shirt and Bermuda shorts.

“You took very good care of us on the beach, Ramon,” Lauren purred.

“It was my pleasure, ma’am.”

Paul looked at Lauren, and she smiled and winked at him.

“You kind of liked seeing me topless on the beach, didn’t you, Ramon?”

“Uhhhh, excuse me, ma’am?” Ramon looked at her with down-turned eyes.

“You liked looking at my tits, Ramon. Admit it.”

“Well . . . they’re very attractive, ma’am.”

“Did they give you a hardon, Ramon?”

“Uhhhh . . . “

“It’s okay, Ramon; they give Paul a hardon, don’t they, Paul?”

“You know they do, babe.”

“Show Ramon your hardon, Paul.”

Paul hesitated briefly, looking at Lauren as she pulled her robe open, exposing her tits. He tugged at the towel and let it drop to the floor. His cock stood out almost three quarters erect.

“Mmmmm, see Ramon. I told you. See how big his cock is getting??


“I bet you have a big cock, too. Don’t you, Ramon?”

Ramon hesitated only briefly, then unbuttoned and dropped his shorts. He was wearing no underwear, and his swollen cock stood out fully erect. Lauren smiled as she took hold of both her nipples, twisting and tugging at them.

“Oh, boys! Such big, handsome cocks! Jerk them off for me!”

Paul smiled as he slipped his right hand around the shaft of his cock, stroking it slowly from base to head. Ramon hesitated only briefly, alternately watching Paul and Lauren as she continued to caress her breasts and stroke her nipples. He pulled the polo shirt up and over his shoulders, then began stroking the shaft of his cock.

“Oh, so nice, guys! Do you love to jack off, Ramon?”


“Then jack that big cock meat for me!”

Lauren moved her right hand to her pussy and began fingering her swollen clit. Her eyes moved back and forth between Paul and Ramon.

“Move closer together, guys. I don’t want to miss a thing!”

Ramon stepped toward Paul until they were standing side by side. His hand didn’t miss a stroke as he continued to jerk off. Lauren was thrusting a finger between the lips of her pussy.

“Ramon has such a nice big cock, doesn’t he, Paul?”

“Yes he does, baby. And he loves to stroke it.”

“Almost as much as you do, Paul,” Lauren said with a grin. “Rub the heads of those big cocks together for me!”

Ramon looked tentatively and turned slightly to his left toward Paul. Paul turned to his right until they almost faced one another. The tips of their cocks were only inches apart.

“Do it, baby! Rub your cockhead against Ramon’s!”

Paul leaned slightly forward, rubbing the head of his cock over the head of Ramon’s cock.

“Oh, wow, baby! That is so fucking hot! Does it feel good?”

Ramon had stepped slightly closer and enthusiastically rubbed the head of his cock up and down over the head of Paul’s cock.

“Yesssss, baby! It feels good.”

“Stroke Ramon’s dick for him, honey!”

Paul let go of his cock and reached for Ramon’s, wrapping his fingers around the swollen shaft and stroking it from base to tip. Ramon followed suit, taking hold of Paul’s cock and stroking it. They both leaned slightly back from the waist, enjoying the touch of an unknown hand on their cocks. Lauren thrust her finger more deeply and rapidly.

“Step closer, guys. I need to suck on Paul’s cock!” Lauren’s voice trembled with excitement.

They both stepped closer to the couch, and Lauren leaned to closer her lips around the head of Paul’s cock. She closed the fingers of her left hand around Ramon’s shaft and began stroking it as her head bobbed up and down the length of Paul’s shaft.

“Oh, fuck, baby! That feels so fucking good! Stroke Ramon’s dick!”

Lauren’s eyes were upturned to meet Paul’s, and she smiled around his shaft as she sucked up and down its length. Her left hand moved rapidly up and down the length of Ramon’s cock. Her very large tits bobbed as her head moved up and down Paul’s shaft. She stopped briefly and gazed into Paul’s eyes.

“Can I have both cockheads in my mouth at once, baby?”

Paul nodded his approval.

“I want you both fucking my mouth, and I want you to cum! I want your spunk spilling out of my mouth and all over my tits!”

The two men moved closer together and watched as Lauren took hold of both their cocks, straining her mouth around the two swollen cockheads. She slid her mouth down over half the length of their shafts, sucking enthusiastically as she rose to the two swollen heads. Paul and Ramon began thrusting their hips almost in unison, fucking their cocks into Lauren’s mouth. She cupped their balls in her hands as she sucked – then suddenly pushed them both away and looked at Ramon:

“Do you want to watch Paul fuck me, Ramon?”

Without waiting for his answer, she sat back on the couch and pulled Paul to his knees. He positioned the head of his cock at her pussy and slid it deep inside her with a single stroke.

“Oh, fuck, baby! That feels so fucking good!”

“Fuck your little cunt, Paul! Have your way with your little bitch!”

Ramon placed one knee on the couch and watched as Paul’s cock repeatedly disappeared into and emerged from Lauren’s pussy.

“Do you like watching him fuck my cunt, Ramon?”

“Yesssss, oh fuck yes!” Ramon groaned.

“Jack off onto my tits, Ramon. You’d love to cum on them, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh, yeah!”

Ramon lifted his second knee onto the seat of the couch and leaned to jerk his cock over Lauren’s massive left tit.

“Fuck your cockhead into that tit flesh, Ramon,” Paul groaned.

“Oh, baby, fuck your little bitch’s cunt! Ram that big cock into me! And Ramon, you fuck my tit! Cum on it!”

Paul hammered his cock into Lauren’s cunt, watching her pussy lips close tight around his shaft as it pounded into her. Ramon repeatedly thrust the head of his dick deep into her fleshy tit. Lauren was close to exploding.

“Ohhhhh, baby! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” Lauren squealed.

Her excitement pushed Ramon over the edge, and he jerked it excitedly as globs of his cum began spurting onto her tit.

“Fuck me! Oh fuck yes! Ramon groaned.

“Oh, baby, look at that cum all over my tit! Fuck your cum into me, baby! Give me your fuck juice! Fuck me!”

Paul’s thrusts became almost violent, as he pushed his cock deep inside Lauren’s cunt.

“Laurennnnnnnnn!” he cried out. “Here it comes, baby!”

The cum burst from his balls and up the length of his shaft, and he thrust hard into her, depositing each burst of cum deep inside her. When he had drained his balls, he collapsed across her torso, kissing her on the neck.

Lauren smiled at Ramon. “Wow! I’ve sure worked up an appetite for that lunch. Maybe we can play again soon Ramon?”

Ramon smiled as he reached for his shorts and polo shirt. He gathered them up and pulled them on as he walked across the room, turning once to smile as he closed the door behind himself.

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