Caravan Lust

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Big Tits

The family used to go on camping and caravan holidays regularly when the kids were small, but since all three had gone to University, Dave and Maggie had taken the opportunity to see a bit more of the world. Spain and the Med, Italy, France and further afield – California and Florida.

Now though, as the eldest, Tom, was nearing graduation there was a rare chance for all three to spend a week away again with Mum and Dad. A caravan had been booked on the coast for Dave and Maggie to share, while Tom and Peter, the youngest, would share one tent and Lucy would sleep in another.

At the last minute Lucy had a hitch in her travel plans from the North-West, so Dave and Peter drove up to collect her, while Maggie and Tom set off for the caravan park where they would spend the first night setting things up and getting ready for the others to arrive.

It was late afternoon when they got there and while Maggie busied herself tidying up the caravan and making them both beans on toast, Tom managed to put up the tent he and Peter would be spending the rest of the week in.

“I’ll sleep out here tonight Mum, give you some privacy,” declared.

“You don’t have to dear,” replied Maggie, “there’s plenty of room in here till your Dad arrives.”

“No, it’s OK, I’ll let you relax, while I warm up the sleeping bags!”

They took a stroll round the campsite after supper and Tom pecked his Mum dutifully on the cheek before settling into his canvas domain.

They both fell asleep very quickly and both slept soundly until Tom woke at around half-past three in the morning, desperately needing to pee.

He rubbed his eyes and cursed under his breath that he had to leave the warmth of his sleeping bag. Stepping out of the tent, he realised that he was not sure of his bearings and didn’t know where the campsite toilet block was.

Anxious about waking his mother, he fumbled in his tent for the spare caravan key she had given him and trying to make as little noise as possible, left his tent, zipping it up behind him and opened the caravan door. As he went through that process he recalled with a wince just how loud tent zips sounded across a campsite at night.

Inside the caravan loo, he emptied his bladder into the chemical toilet and flushed it. Fortunately, that was an almost silent action, but as he went to open the caravan door and step out into the chill night air again, his mother spoke.

“Hey, since you’ve woken me, you might as well stay. It must be freezing out there,” she said, turning on a small light by the side of her bed.

“Actually, Escort Bayan Gaziantep it’s not too bad once you’re in the sleeping bag,” he replied, “but it is pretty chilly outside just now.”

She looked up and squinted at him through the dim light. She lifted the quilt and smiled at him.

“Come on,” she said, “it will be just like old times – you and your Mum. But don’t tell the others, they’ll be jealous.”

Both of them chuckled as Tom climbed in alongside his mother, kissed her forehead and turned off the light. They snuggled down, back to back and were again both asleep in minutes.

An hour had passed when Tom woke again. As his brain got to grips with where he was and who he was with he realised that his mother had shifted position in her sleep and it had woken him.

She still had her back to him, only now her ass was pushed hard against his groin, so that his cock lay directly between her ass cheeks.

He realised with shock and consternation that he was in the early stages of an erection, and it would take seconds for him to be fully hard. Did he move her away from him, risk waking her and have to face the embarrassment of both of them knowing that her body had given him a hard-on?

He decided to lie still and hope that he would fall asleep again and his cock would settle down.

No such luck. As if in response to his hardening member, Maggie’s ass pressed further against it, so that it was now firmly placed between her ass cheeks with his knob end somewhere near her pussy.

Although she wore a T-shirt style nightie, Maggie wore no panties in bed, the softness of her flesh adding to Tom’s growing discomfort. At least he was wearing boxers so that there was a modicum of decency between them, if you could call it that.

As he lay there wondering what the hell to do, Maggie stirred and, although Tom did not realise, she too woke feeling the wonderful sensation of a ramrod hard cock against her body.

For a moment she smiled and thought how Dave had suddenly regained his old youthful endeavour, but then she regained her sense of time and place and knew it was not her husband but her son who had become so aroused by sleeping with her.

She shifted slightly, trying to release the tension between them, still not letting him know that she was awake, but all that appeared to do was excite his cock even more. Maggie’s confused feelings of shock, anxiety and anger at herself for allowing this to happen, was suddenly mixed with the realisation that her pussy was getting wet and that her body was being turned on by this.

She felt her nipples harden and she knew that, physically, she wanted this beautifully hard prick to slip inside her and fuck her senseless. The fact that it was her son left her frustrated and confused and she felt herself break into a cold sweat.

Once again, she tried to shift forward and away from him, but it seemed that his cock was lodged between the tops of her thighs so that it moved with her. God, he was a big boy – bigger – much bigger, than his father.

She felt her pussy moisten still more and get very hot, she slowly reached for it with her hand, touched it lightly with her finger and immediately pulled away realising that the slightest touch might make her cum.

There was nothing for it, she would have to let him know that she was awake, they would uncouple and try and forget it ever happened.

He felt her stir and twist her body from his. Lying on her back now, she looked up at him as he turned on the light. Her face was red and flustered and she bit her lip like a naughty schoolgirl as he looked down at her. God, he was handsome, she thought and she instinctively reached her hand up to his forehead and stroked his hair.

Without thinking, he took that as a cue, and even though it was not the response she was looking for, she returned his passionate kiss and pulled him to her as he reached under her top and found her nipples.

They broke from their kiss, and she hurriedly ripped off her top. Now she lay naked beneath him and she watched mesmerised as her son slipped off his shorts.

She reached for his cock and took it in her hand, gasping at the size of it. Not just long but thick and oh, so very hard. Her thumb played over his knob end as wiped off a drop of pre-cum.

They kissed again and he moved his weight onto her. She opened her legs and reached to find him again and guide him into her wet and willing cunt.

As she did she looked up at him and gasped “no condom!” He didn’t know what to do. His packet of three were in the tent and he had no idea is his parents had taken any to the caravan.

She seemed to dismiss the concern within seconds however as she kissed him again and pulled him to her. As he entered her, she felt her pussy walls stretch to accommodate him and, after a moment’s slight adjustment she had him just where she wanted, with the base of his cock rubbing her spot on the crest of her mound.

He fucked her gently but firmly with all the assurance of a lover way older than his 21years, pushing deeper into her with each firm stroke.

She felt her tummy tightening and knew that she was going to cum. She exploded her juices round his cock, yelling, “wow – oh fucking wow!” as she did. He felt her convulse for at least a minute as he continued to fuck, not ready to shoot his own load yet. Less then 30 seconds later, her body shook a second time, and then a third and she kissed him with a passion and intensity that he had never experienced before and that she could never remember feeling previously, either.

She looked him in the eyes, scared and unbelieving at what she had done and at what she was letting him do. But now was the moment when she wanted him to fill her. Having gone this far, she wanted her son to cum inside her.

She flexed her pussy walls round his cock in rhythm with his movement and, effectively, wanked him with her cunt while he fucked her.

“Fuck me Tom,” she whispered in his ear. “Fuck me, my beautiful boy”.

As she spoke his name, he felt it welling up from his balls until he could hold it no longer. He pumped and pumped creamy hot spunk into his mother and she thought he would never stop.

When he was spent, he lay on her, hot, heavy, sweating and panting. After a minute, he rolled off her and they lay in each other’s arms, not speaking, just occasionally pecking the other’s cheek or nuzzling an ear.

When they woke the following morning, both showered hurriedly, uncertain precisely when the others would arrive. Neither said anything and Maggie stripped her bed and laid a new undersheet.

Tom went for a walk and returned to the smell of eggs, bacon and coffee. He went into the caravan, where his mother was cooking and slipped his arm round her waist. It just seemed a natural thing to do.

She looked up at him and kissed him, full on the lips and they lingered there for a moment before she returned to her grill pan.

“When we are back home,” she said after awhile, “and alone – totally alone, like last night. IF you want to, I would like to sleep with you again.”

She gave him no chance to answer, but continued.

“What we did was illegal and wrong,” she said, but then looked at him again and added, “but it was also wonderful. It must always be our secret. You MUST promise me that. No one must EVER know. But I know that I must have you again – if you want me too.”

“IF I want you…” Tom laughed, “you know I do.”

“Then – a secret for ever? Our dreadful secret?”

“Of course”

“Good. Now come and have your eggs before the rest of them arrive.”

It turned out to be a lovely holiday for everyone, and Dave felt very content that all his family were together again – and all got on so well with each other. He was pleased that they were all so close.

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